Servant – Rockin’ Revival – 1981

Servant turned it up a notch for their second album Rockin Revival. Bob Rock returned to engineer the second album and gave it a much more refined sound.

The album again bounced around with a few different styles, but they all came together and were placed in a logical order on the album.

The album finished off with what I believe would have been the single (if Christian albums had singles), I’m Gonna Live.

Point of trivia is that the song, Jealousies, was a cover of an Eddie Money song and he is credited.

Track Listing:
1 – Babylon 4:03
2 – Rockin Reival 4:18
3 – Isolated 4:13
4 – Heidleburg Blues 3:00
5 – Listen 3:00
6 – Jealousies 3:47
7 – Suburban Josephine 3:53
8 – Ad Man 3:33
9 – I’m Gonna Live 5:33

Owen Brock – Songwriter, Rhythm Guitar, Background Vocals
Sandie Brock – Songwriter, Percussion, Lead Vocals
Bob Brooks – Producer
Mike Fraser – Assistant Engineer
Bob Hardy – Percussion, Lead Vocals
David Holmes – Songwriter, Drums, Background Vocals
J. Lyon – Songwriter
Rob Martens – Bass, Background Vocals
Eddie Money – Songwriter
Rex Off – Songwriter
Doug Pinnick – Songwriter
Bob Rock – Engineer
Matt Spransy – Polymoog, Prophet 5, Oberheim Synthesizers, Piano, Hammond Organ
Bruce Wright – Songwriter, Lead Guitar, Talk Box

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