Lifters – (self titled) – 1983

The Lifters were a rockabilly/50’s style band that showed up with this self titled EP in 1983.

In an era where the Stray Cats were popular this album filled a gap in Christian music.

With only 3 members this band put out a legitimate rockabilly sound. Too many musicians always seem to ruin this style of music.

Point of trivia on this album is that Darrell Mansfield supplied the harmonica tracks for the album.

Track Listing:
1 – Living Water
2 – Baby Left Me
3 – Bucket of Blues
4 – Eternity Bop
5 – I’m Yours
6 – He’s My Lord

Antwan Adams – Horns
Chris Brigandi – Songwriter, Guitars, Lead Vocals
Eddie Espinosa – Songwriter, Guitars
Dave Hackbarth – Horns
Kass – Bass Fiddle, Electric Bass, Background Vocals
Mark Kirschak – Songwriter
Michael Knott – Songwriter
Darrell Mansfield – Harmonica
Brian Ray – Songwriter, Drums, Percussion, Background Vocals
Ojo Taylor – Songwriter, Piano
Bill Walden – Horns
Dan Willard – Producer

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