Real 80s CCM Podcast #2 Stonehill, Lifters, Larry

Episode #2 Featuring

  • Randy Stonehill
  • The Lifters
  • Larry Norman
  • Scott and Ray talking about old music
  • Another guest appearance by Gena the dog

To view this episode with its original live video, see it here on Youtube:

Listen to just the audio below, or Right Click Here To Download


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4 thoughts on “Real 80s CCM Podcast #2 Stonehill, Lifters, Larry”

  1. I don’t remember the words something to the effect of “Hey Mr somebody I don’t want to be missing in action when you come for me” DO you know the song or the man I had the album bought it at a used record store years ago it’s long been gone. I would like to find it

    1. If you’re on Facebook join one of the 80s Christian music groups and ask there. I guarantee someone will have the answer

  2. Operator was a good song by the Lifters was good but I wasn’t sure if you realized that was a cover and in my opinion The Manhattan Transfer versions of that song whether live or studio produced are far superior to the Lifter’s version. That’s not to demean the Lifter’s version which is very good and The Manhattan Transfer could never handle a tune like Be Like You. Great Podcast!

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