Donn Thomas – You’re The One – 1981

Donn is one of my favourite soul artists at this point and I’m not a big soul music guy. This is his second album on Myrrh produced by David Diggs which was a recipe for success. This album had a CCM single with “The Keeper Of My Love” making it to #7. After this album David Diggs tried to get Donn onto a secular label with a secular release but unfortunately this didn’t work out so we didn’t hear from Donn again until 1992. He probably should have continued his Christian format as he was very good and you can hear that he was getting better every album.

1 – Believe – 3:44
2 – You’re The One – 4:25
3 – The Keeper Of My Love – 3:37
4 – Where Are You Going? – 3:59
5 – Something’ ‘Bout The Things You Do – 2:54
6 – How Can I Help But Love You – 3:02
7 – When He Comes – 4:02
8 – Any Other Love – 3:58
9 – You Are My Light – 3:27
10 – Don’t Lose Your Dream – 3:20

Arranged By [Strings], Arranged By [Horns], Arranged By [Track], Arranged By [Vocals] – David Diggs
Bass – Leon Gaer, Louis Johnson
Drums – Ed Greene
Electric Piano [Rhodes], Synthesizer [Prophet] – David Diggs
Flugelhorn, Soloist – Larry Hall
Guitar – Paul Jackson Jr.
Lead Vocals – Donn Thomas, Edie Lehmann
Piano – Charles Williams

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Phonographic Copyright ℗ – Word, Inc.
Distributed By – Word Records Australia
Copyright © – Word, Inc.

Danny Daniels – Sons Of Thunder – 1982

This is Danny’s first solo album. Previously he was in Bethlehem and they had released a single album on Maranatha! Music in 1978. This album is pretty easy listening and you can hear that 70’s influence wandering in and out of several tracks. I wouldn’t say the album has a Rock feel but you can hear some pretty good rock influences especially on “Victims Of Pride” Strangely after this album Danny took a hiatus from making albums instead writing and working in the studio for other artists. Interestingly he wrote several excellent soul tracks performed by soul artists. Anyway he did eventually put out more album, and lots of them, when he returned to the studio in 1991. Bit of trivia for the album is that Rob Watson did some of the keyboard work and Jerry Chamberlain did some backing vocals for the album. Both of them from Daniel Amos of course.

1 – She’s A Dreamer – 2:53
2 – Snow – 4:07
3 – Flyer – 3:44
4 – Morning Sun – 4:03
5 – Victims Of Pride – 4:50
6 – Rainbow – 5:40
7 – Standing Together – 4:21
8 – It’s Your Love – 4:35
9 – Sailing On Silver – 3:42

Danny Daniels – Vocal, Produced & Arranged
Randy Rigby – Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Lead Guitar, Fender Rhodes, Hammond B3, Produced & Arranged
Jim Fletcher – Bass
Dave Spurr – Drums
Rob Watson – Grand Piano, Fender Rhodes, Propher 5 & Hammond B3
Enrique Cabasa – Percussion
Sherry Heath, Jerry Chamberlain, Jim Fletcher – Background vocals
Jack Little – Rice Can
Thom Roy – Engineer

Companies, etc.
Recorded at Whitefield Studios, Santa Ana, California

Ken Gaub – A Different Kind Of Comedy I Wonder

Most of us know of Ken from Eternity Express but there’s much more to the story. In 1957 Ken and his family hit the road as a travelling tent ministry. When Ken would appear in a town his revival meetings would feature the Ken Gaub Family Singers but in the afternoons Eternity Express would hit the high schools at lunch and play their brand of Christian rock. This album however is a few moments of his ministry preaching. It is very strong on the humour and shows us that Ken had a great ministry voice. Unfortunately Ken passed away in 2023 so thankfully were left with this album so we can listen to his speaking talent. This album was released on a Canadian label so many of you may not have heard it before.

The Reps – Bad Boy At School – 1983

There is very little info on this album out there but I have put together a few things. The band included husband and wife team John & Sue Ritter. They went on to record another album in 1994 that included a couple tracks from this album. Unfortunately it is even more obscure than this album. Sue was a prolific writer in the 80’s and 90’s having written several Christian books. As for the album it’s kind of a mix of styles including some Ska and some new wave. I hear a lot of talent here and I wish they would have recorded another album which this lineup. The album was produced by Mark Williamson (Mark Williamson Band/Lyrix) but this was relatively early in his career and I don’t think he was a strong producer at this point. Maybe a more experienced producer could have lead this band to a more consistent album. That aside I actually really like this album for some reason. I definitely hear some things I like here.

1 – Laugh – 2:33
2 – Someone’s Hero – 3:41
3 – Face To Face – 3:01
4 – One Way Love – 3:47
5 – Bad Boy At School – 3:24
6 – Second Time Around – 3:10
7 – Shadows Falling – 3:13
8 – Rebel – 3:03
9 – The Moon Shines Red – 3:50
10 – Movin’ On – 2:17

John Ritter = Lead Vocals, Guitar, Writter
Sue Ritter = Lead Vocals, Keyboard, Writter
Andy Clark = Guitar, Vocals.
Paul Raper = Bass, Vocals.
Jo Stephens = Drums, Vocals.
Mark Williamson – Produce, Engineer
Vladimir Vanazzawith & Max Waxahotti – Mix
Wesley Mahan & Quest Graphics – Album Art

Companies, etc.
All songs published through Thankyou Music.
Kingsway Music record company

Billy Sprague – Serious Fun – 1986

This is the second album from Billy. It is a little more pop oriented than his first album and while not as successful it is a better album. While it had 2 CCM charting singles Out Of The Blue only made it to #31 but A Heart Like Mine made it to #3. Strangely the two tracks are almost identical and I really question what Billy was thinking as he is a fantastic song writer. Did he not hear how close these 2 songs are? Anyway those aren’t the best tracks on the album anyway, just the 2 that CCM charts liked and really they had no idea about music. Most of the rest of the album is good quality Pop songs but my favourite track is Invisible Hand in which I can almost hear David Edwards, such a great song.

1 – Rock the Planet – 3:30
2 – Love Has No Eyes – 4:38
3 – YMISIM – 4:51
4 – A Heart Like Mine – 3:44
5 – Invisible Hand – 4:13
6 – Phantom Living – 4:36
7 – Out of the Blue – 3:47
8 – Centered on You – 4:07
9 – Better Days – 4:52

Fred Rerun Berry – Always On Time – 1991

The story of Fred Rerun Berry is actually quite interesting. Born Fred Allen Berry Fred actually officially changed his name to Fred Rerun Berry. This is because he was well known for his appearance as a supporting cast member on the TV show “What’s Happening!!”. He actually had a career before the show having appeared on both Saturday Night Live and Soul Train as a dancer with the Los Angeles–based dance troupe The Lockers. Unfortunately Fred struggled with alcohol and drug addiction throughout the late 80’s but in 1991 had an awakening and embraced Christianity in fact becoming a Baptist minister. He took time the same year to actually record an album. The album is a great Soul Pop album and I was actually quite surprised how good it was considering Fred wasn’t previously known as a singer. Unfortunately Fred passed away in 2003 and this was the only album we ever got from him. Interesting piece of trivia form the album is that Rex Carroll (Whitecross) played guitar on the album. Certainly a departure from his usually hard rock sound. I fully suggest giving this one a listen, it’s a nice piece of little known CCM history.

1 – Surrender – 3:42
2 – The Lord Is My Rock – 3:38
3 – Always On Time – 3:12
4 – Pray On It – 4:57
5 – Let God Save The City – 5:49
6 – I’ve Got The Victory – 3:03
7 – Lay Your Hands On Me Lord – 3:55
8 – Stop This World – 2:41
9 – Tough Love – 4:06
10 – Forever – 4:58
11 – Always On Time (Reprise) – 0:48

Arranged By [Horn] – Dave Kneupper
Arranged By [Percussion] – Dave Kneupper
Drum Programming [Additional] – John Miceli
Drums, Drum Programming, Guitar, Backing Vocals – Tony Miceli
Executive-Producer – Kevin J. Wessner, Rick Brockner
Guitar – Rex Carroll
Lead Vocals – Fred Rerun Berry*
Mixed By – John Miceli, Tony Miceli
Producer – Tony Miceli
Programmed By [Synclavier] – Dave Kneupper, John Miceli, Tony Miceli
Saxophone, Flute – John Amato

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Distributed By – Spectra, Inc.
Distributed By – Christian Marketing Canada, Ltd.
Made By – U.S. Optical Disc
Recorded At – Starke Lake Studios

Barebones – Barebones – 1995

After the split of Barren Cross in 1994 Mike Lee got together with Kai Reiss. I can’t find any work by Kai before this project but I suspect he was involved in the technical side of the industry at the time. On the CD cover bass and drums were credited to fake names with images of a dog. The album has several dog references both in the artwork and in the music. It doesn’t really come off that good but I have always hated albums with gimmicks. The album sound has a hard rock 90’s feel without getting to close to grunge (thank god) and Mike’s vocals are on full display. He really is a great vocalist. Anyway this would be a one off project which is too bad because it’s pretty good and I would have liked to have heard more.

1 – Ugly – 4:21
2 – Wanna-maker – 3:04
3 – I Got My Head Stuck In The Cupboard – 3:37
4 – Row Your Boat – 4:03
5 – Fleas Of A Thousand Camels – 3:06
6 – To Die For – 3:42
7 – Turn Back Time – 4:23
8 – Home On The Rage – 3:28
9 – Slow Melt – 5:15
10 – Icebone – 4:40
11 – Andre’s Song – 5:20
12 – Wingless Plane – 2:47
13 – Untitled Bonus Track – 2:13

Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Drums, Bass, Keyboards – Kai Reiss
Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar – Mike Lee
Bass [Additional] – Mark Williams
Design Concept [Cover Concept] – Mike Lee
Engineer [Assistant] – David Reiss, Jason S. Schusster*, Mike Lee
Graphics, Design – T Vasabhuti
Illustration – Carolyn Kunkel
Mastered By – Doug Doyle
Photography By – Darleen Dils
Producer [Produced By], Engineer [Engineered By] – Kai Reiss

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Phonographic Copyright ℗ – Michel-Andre Music
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Recorded At – Kashner Carpet Studios
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Mastered At – Digital Brothers
Glass Mastered At – Technicolor, Camarillo, CA – 104154