Glenn Kaiser – You Made The Difference In Me – 1998

Though this was Glenn’s 4th solo album it is one of the most important. At this point Resurrection Band was done creating new music so Glenn was free to dedicate more time on his solo work. This album almost has a 70’s big band feel and is very heavy on horns. You would swear you’re hearing the Tower Of Power but we don’t really know who the horn section was as they went uncredited. Come on Glenn, let’s support your supporting artists by making sure they’re on the credits list. Anyway, I quite liked this album. It’s certainly not the hard rock sound we’re perhaps expecting from Glenn but instead it’s fun late 70’s feel pop album.

1 – More And More – 3:22
2 – Diggin’ My Own Grave – 5:16
3 – Evidence – 3:26
4 – Faith, Hope, And Love – 4:41
5 – Troubled World – 4:29
6 – Self-Control – 3:59
7 – Wind Me Up – 3:46
8 – Marry Me – 4:49
9 – Nothin’ But Love – 3:47
10 – I Would Choose You – 3:49
11 – You Make Me Happy – 4:56
12 – It’s A Beautiful Thing – 4:16

Art Direction, Layout, Design – Noah Benjamin Krogh
Bass – Steve Huff
Drums – Oscar Seaton
Electric Guitar – Stu Heiss
Engineer – Roger Heiss
Guitar – Keith Henderson
Organ – Richard Gibbs
Photography – Terry Wheeler
Piano, Clavinet – Chris Cameron
Producer – Tom Cameron
Producer, Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica – Glenn Kaiser
Written-By – Glenn Kaiser

Companies, etc.
Phonographic Copyright ℗ – Grrr Records
Copyright © – Grrr Records
Distributed By – Diamante Music Group
Recorded At – Tone Zone Recording

Larry Howard ‎– Larry Howard’s Cornerstone Blues Jam – 1992

Larry Howard was joined on stage by several other performers at the Cornerstone Festival in 1992 for this fantastic blues session. The album is actually credited to Larry but really this is a various artists album. The last 6 tracks are credited as “Tribute To Mahalia Jackson”. If your a fan of the blues this is a must listen to. I had not heard this one before we recently received it and it was an excellent addition to our collection.

1 – Larry Howard – Good News Blues – 3:38
2 – Larry Howard – Love Will Make You Change Your Ways – 3:35
3 – Margaret Becker – Lean On Me – 4:19
4 – Larry Howard and Darrell Mansfield – Evangelistic Blues – 5:02
5 – Larry Howard & Glenn Kaiser & Darrell Mansfield – Presence Of The Lord – 4:36
6 – Guardian – Take Up Your Cross – 4:59
7 – Mark Farner – Judgement Day Blues – 4:55
8 – Larry Howard – Trouble No More – 3:49
9 – Eddie DeGarmo & Larry Howard – Here Am I – 3:49
10 – Mark Farner & Margaret Becker – Some Kind Of Wonderful – 4:42
11 – Jessy Dixon – Operator – 5:32
12 – Elsa Harris – If We Ever Needed The Lord Before, We Sure Do Need Him Now – 2:13
13 – Jessy Dixon & Elsa Harris – Keep Your Hand On The Plow – 2:39
14 – Margaret Becker – Walk Over God’s Heaven – 1:56
15 – Mark Farner – Search Me Lord – 3:13
16 – Elsa Harris & Vernessa Mitchell – Precious Lord – 4:22
17 – Larry Howard – Nobody But You – 4:19

A&R [A&R Manager] – Lisa Stutts
Backing Vocals – Clare Ford, Phyllis Duncan
Bass Guitar – Slim Powell
Design – Franke Design Co.
Drums – Willie Smith
Engineer – Malcolm Harper, Roger Heiss
Engineer [Dyaxis Engineer] – Pat Scholes
Engineer [Live Engineer], Technician [Technical Advisor] – Doug Jones
Engineer [Monitor Engineer] – Chris Michaelessi
Engineer [Sound Production] – Phil Zeo & Zeo Brothers
Engineer [System Engineer] – Tom Wilson
Guitar – Roscoe Meek
Illustration [Cover Illustration] – Susan DeGarmo
Keyboards – Lester Snell
Mixed By – Greg Morrow
Mixed By [Assistant] – Dave Perkins, Russ Weaver
Other [Custom Tailoring] – Jane Cowan
Other [Light Contractor] – Tone Zone
Producer, Executive-Producer – Eddie DeGarmo
Saxophone – Mark Townsend
Stage Manager – Denny Keitzman
Technician [Crew Chief & Stage Technician] – Tony Capacchione
Technician [Larry’s Guitar Tech] – Tory Torstenson

Companies, etc.
Phonographic Copyright (p) – The ForeFront Communications Group, Inc.
Copyright (c) – The ForeFront Communications Group, Inc.
Distributed By – Star Song Communications
Recorded At – Cornerstone Festival

In-3D – No Glasses Needed – 1985

This is the first of two albums from IN 3D. If I had to describe the style of this album I would say it’s the Police with a little heavier guitar presence. That said, this band definitely had their own style. Really this band should have had more success than they did as the lyrics and music are extremely well done. David Lowman on his comprehensive website “CCM’s 500 Best Albums Of All Time” ranks this album as #219 and says that In-3D might be the only band that only recorded 2 albums and both were included in his list. I probably would have ranked it a little higher but not everyone has exactly the same taste and #219 is a very respectable showing. If you only have time to listen to one song from this album I would suggest “Under My Umbrella”. Point of trivia about this album is that Glen Kaiser (of Rez Band) contributed some of the guitar tracks and you can pick it out on some tracks.

Track Listing:
1 – Livin’ In The Real World – 3:47
2 – Neurotica – 0:24
3 – Just One Question – 3:03
4 – Can’t Stop – 3:13
5 – Please No – 4:25
6 – Lookin’ To You – 3:40
7 – Under My Umbrella – 3:54
8 – It’s Up To You – 2:37
9 – Memories Of A Man (Playin’ The Game) – 3:19
10 – Never Again – 3:56
11 – Goin’ On (Separate Planes) – 4:01
12 – Exit 47 – 1:00

Jon de Fincher – Songwriter, Guitar, Vocals
Larry Duttmer – Drums
Glenn Kaiser – Guitar
Mike Kroell – Drums
Todd Moriarty – Drums
Nail – Songwriter, Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals
James Neave – Songwriter, Bass, Lead Vocals
Jeff Pollard – Background Vocals

Kaiser Mansfield – Trimmed and Burnin’ – 1990

Without a doubt this is the best Christian blues album of all time. We all knew Mansfield’s blues abilities but I for one was impressed with Kaiser’s abilities. Kaiser’s voice is absolutely perfect for blues. Most of the album is cover tunes from Rev. Gary Davis, Blind Willie Johnson, Rev. Gary Davis, and James B. Vaughan. Kaiser however did write 6 tracks for the album and they fit in perfectly. If one knew nothing about the blues you would have a difficult if not impossible pick out the Kaiser written tunes. The album is an acoustic effort only featuring Guitar, Dobro, Harp, and Standing Bass. This album should be required listening for any Christian rock fan.

1 – Great Change Since I’ve Been Born – 3:12
2 – Keep Your Lamp Trimmed And Burnin’ – 2:53
3 – Shaky Ground – 4:22
4 – Nobody’s Fault But Mine – 3:08
5 – Go Tell Pharaoh – 1:53
6 – You Got To Move – 2:18
7 – In The Light Of The Morningstar – 2:45
8 – Celestial Shore – 4:50
9 – Jesus Is Comin’ Soon – 3:20
10 – God Don’t Never Change – 2:35
11 – What You Did – 5:11
12 – I Belong To The Band – 3:10
13 – You Got To Die – 4:41
14 – Cornerstone – 1:33
15 – We Shall See The King – 3:58

Design [Cover Design] – Cornerstone Graphics, Janet Cameron
Dobro, Guitar – Rob Glickman
Engineer – Ed Bialach, Roger Heiss, Roy Montroy
Mixed By – Roger Heiss
Photography By – Mike Tabor, Terry Wheeler
Vocals, Guitar, Dobro, Dulcimer, Blues Harp [Very Little Harp] – Glenn Kaiser
Vocals, Handclaps [Clapped, Stomped], Blues Harp [Blew Serious Harp] – Darrell Mansfield

Companies, etc.
Phonographic Copyright (p) – Grrr Records
Copyright (c) – Grrr Records
Manufactured By – Word, Inc.
Distributed By – Word, Inc.
Pressed By – Disctronics USA – 112929
Published By – Grrr Music
Published By – EMI Robbins Catalog Inc.
Published By – Chandos Music Inc.
Published By – Tradition Music

Resurrection Band – DMZ – 1982

All of the early Rez ablums were groundbreaking.

This was their fifth release, and their third and final for Light Records. D.M.Z. was the hardest rock that they had given us yet, and it fit the early 80s metal age perfectly.

Opening with a high energy track, Military Man, and pulling out a relentless guitar solo intro on White Noise, they sounded exactly like rock was supposed to in 1982.

The CCM industry at the time couldn’t figure this out but Resurrection band could.


== 1 ==
Military Man
Military Man was the opening track and it became a signature piece for their live shows and a central part of their ceatalogue. The era was still post-Viet Nam. The movie First Blood came out in 1982, Missing in Action in 1984, and Rambo in 1985. Sympathy for soldiers was strong and Glenn’s writing reflected that. A call for pacifism was not the mainstream, but that’s what was different about the CCM world.

== 2 ==
Wendi takes the lead on this song, as she does with three of the ten tracks on this album. She brought energy to the band that Glenn’s vocals, for all their intensity, could not. There were a few critics of Wendi’s vocal style, but there is no doubt she was an integral part of Rez.

== 3 ==
Typical Rez fashion was a hard sound like this paired with Glenn’s lyrics about human suffering. In Bablyon his desire to reach lost souls comes through again. The band had a ministry that always returned to the needs of the people, and the desire to share the gospel. At the same time, this is another great rock song from the earliest, hardest Christian rock band of substance.

== 4 ==
I Need Your Love
A rough voice streaming out smooth vocals over a guitar ringing with a mean-streets tone is exactly what we expect from Rez Band. There is energy in the playing, the singing and the writing. This didn’t become one of their most popular tracks but it is just as strong, and a great part of the structure of this album.

== 5 ==
Area 312
Area 312 is the area code for Chicago’s core, in case you didn’t know. Kids that are born there, grow up there, and need to find hope there are what Rez was about. JPUSA was the birthplace of Rez, and JPUSA was essentially a commune in a needy part of Chicago.

== 6 ==
No Alibi
Almost a hymn of confession, this connects with yet another part of the faith they professed. The process of confession is central to the Christian faith, and whether it is a formal part of your church service or not, here it is, right on your record player ready to bring you into it. Every Rez concert had an altar call where people came forward and members of the band would preach and pray with the people in small groups. This fits perfectly with their message.

== 7 ==
White Noise is a CCM guitar classic. I remember I was listenting to it and someone asked me, “Is this AC/DC?” I answered that no, it was Rez. “Reall? This isn’t Rez. This is For Those About To Rock.”

It wasn’t AC/DC, and I don’t think a music fan should be able to mix the two songs up, but you get the idea of what kind of music this is. It’s hard rock. It’s what the kids were doing in the 80s. Rez gave us an alternative to following the weird path of Ozzy Osborne, Iron Maiden, Motley Crue, all the way to Twisted Sister. We were proud of the music we listened to because it was different, it was ours, and it was better.

== 8 ==
Lonely Hearts
Loneliness is part of living in a city of 2 million people. It’s a different kind of loneliness, where people are surrounded and alone. Once again bringing the inner city message, this song connects.

Looking back at it from 2018, we look at this as a Tinder attempt to connect with people and finding everything hollow. Emotions stay relevant forever regardless of technology.

== 9 ==
The Prisoner
Rez did a lot of “cause” songs. This one is written from the perspective of a wheelchair bound human being, struggling to be seen as such. I don’t know the back story but it seems clear there is one, and Glenn connected with it. Rez made a big effort to humanize marginalized people, whether it was the poor, the Black South Africans, or the wheelchair-bound.

== 10 ==
So In Love With You
In with everything else, Resurrection Band also wrote praise songs. The Psalms are more blues (lament) than praise, but the praise is there and they never forgot to incldue some of that on their albums. This is a joyful sound, created in the style of Rez.

1 – Military Man – 3:39
2 – Reluctance – 2:14
3 – Babylon – 2:36
4 – I Need Your Love – 3:24
5 – Area 312 – 3:56
6 – No Alibi – 4:39
7 – White Noise – 3:41
8 – Lonely Hearts – 3:00
9 – The Prisoner – 2:54
10 – So In Love With You – 3:38

Artwork By [Other Art & Layout] – JPUSA Graphics
Artwork, Cover – Dick Randall
Bass [Fretless Bass], Synthesizer, Backing Vocals – Jim Denton
Drums – John Herrin
Engineer – Roger Heiss
Guitar, Keyboards – Stu Heiss
Mastered By – Steve Hall
Photography By – Denise Omernick, Linda Dillon (2), Pat Peterson (2)
Producer – Resurrection Band
Saxophone – Steve Eisen
Vocals – Wendi Kaiser
Vocals, Guitar – Glenn Kaiser

Companies, etc.
Manufactured By – Word Records Limited

Rez Band (Resurrection Band) – Silence Screams – 1988

Resurrection Band billed themselves as “Rez” during this phase of their highly influential career in Christian Rock. They were one of the first out of the gate to define the hard rock genre within CCM.

1988’s Silence Screams introduces a new band member, Roy Montroy on bass, replacing original member Jim Denton. Roy gets writing credits for the music on six of the ten tracks on the album, paired with Glenn’s lyrics. He obviously fit right in, easily making this band his home.

One of the things that always set Rez Band apart was the lyrical depth. Eight of the ten songs on this album were written by an Glenn Kaiser, an ordained minister with a heart for social issues. Lyrics and messages were never an afterthought for this band, and they never skimped on the content there.

This record started a new tradition that carried on for the next three studio albums. Namely, they started doing mainstream cover songs. Eric Clapton’s “Presence of the Lord” gets the Rez treatment here, which is their typical hard edged Chicago blues rock. This is probably my favourite version of this song.


1 – Silence Screams – 4:11
2 – You Got Me Rockin’ – 3:13
3 – Someone Sleeps – 5:18
4 – Waitin’ On Sundown – 4:04
5 – Presence Of The Lord – 4:33
6 – Light / Light – 3:43
7 – Rain Dance – 5:03
8 – Every Waking Hour – 4:05
9 – Three Seconds – 4:36
10 – You Get What You Choose – 4:30

Artwork [Cover Art By] – Dick Randall
Band [REZ Is], Bass, Keyboards – Roy Montroy
Band [REZ Is], Drums – John Herrin
Band [REZ Is], Guitar, Vocals – Glenn Kaiser
Band [REZ Is], Lead Guitar, Keyboards – Stu Heiss
Band [REZ Is], Vocals – Wendi Kaiser
Design [Cover Design], Photography By – Cornerstone Graphics
Engineer [Engineered By] – Ed Bialach, Roger Heiss, Roy Montroy
Guest, Keyboards – Percy Bady (tracks: 1, 2, 3, 5, 6)
Mastered By – Steve Hall
Producer [Produced By] – REZ*, Tom Cameron

Companies, etc.
Phonographic Copyright (p) – Grrr Records
Copyright (c) – Grrr Records
Manufactured By – Word, Inc.
Distributed By – Word, Inc.
Engineered At – Tone Zone Recording
Mastered At – Future Disc
Published By – Rez Band Music
Published By – Unichappell Music, Inc.

Rez Band (Resurrection Band) – Bootleg – 1984

1984’s offering from Rez Band is a collection from their songs on Sparrow Records, recorded live in Chicago, the band’s hometown. There are three previously unreleased tracks on this album. Gameroom and Playground were new offerings intended to engage with 1980s teen culture.

Quite Enough is a solid blues piece like we had rarely heard from Rez up to this point, but it is clear that the band knows how to put this together and that Glenn Kaiser knows the blues inside and out. The song was on the band’s original demo tape, which was never formally released, and also showed up in a 3 CD compilation released in 1998.

The record is some 42 minutes long, with 6 1/2 minutes of message. Wendi does a ‘rap’ on side one and Glenn closes out side two with his ‘rap’. This seems like a gutsy move for a band that always had closed out their albums with memorable rock songs. Glenn, an ordained minister at JPUSA always made sure to include the gospel in every show, so this should come as no surprise.

There is a blistering live version of White Noise, from D.M.Z. which came out just prior to this release. The live version of Lovin’ You adds extra energy that wasn’t in the studio version, replacing some of the synth sound with a steady bass line.

This is the only official live release other than XX Years Live, which came out in 1992.

1 – Military Man – 4:50
2 – Gameroom – 4:19
3 – Wendi’s Rap – 2:00
4 – Playground – 4:00
5 – Medley – (6:20)
5a Waves
5b Awaiting Your Reply
5c Broken Promises
5d Autograph
5e City Streets
6 – White Noise – 3:57
7 – Quite Enough – 5:03
8 – Area 312 – 3:56
9 – Can’t Stop Lovin’ You – 3:34
10 – Glenn’s Rap – 4:24

Artwork [Back And Inside Artwork] – Cornerstone Graphics, Dick Randall
Artwork [Front Cover Concept And Art] – Janet Cameron
Bass – Jim Denton
Drums – John Herrin
Engineer – Phil Bonanno, Roger Heiss
Guitar, Keyboards – Stu Heiss
Mastered By – Steve Hail
Photography By – Dick Randall, Pat Peterson, Tom Wray
Producer – Resurrection Band
Synthesizer, Guitar – Jim Denton (tracks: A4)
Vocals – Wendi Kaiser
Vocals, Guitar [Solo] – Glenn Kaiser

Companies, etc.
Record Company – Sparrow Records, Inc.
Phonographic Copyright (p) – The Sparrow Corporation
Published By – Luminar Music
Published By – Rez Band Music
Mixed At – Hedden West Studios
Mixed At – Solid Sound Studios, Hoffman Estates, IL
Mastered At – Future Disc
Recorded LIVE at the Odeum, Chicago, Octorber 21 and 22, 1983

Resurrection Band – Mommy Don’t Love Daddy Anymore – 1981

The 4th studio album from Resurrection Band picked up where Colours left off.

It continues their trademark hard rock sound utilizing new wave keyboard styling. The albums continue their social commentary with songs about materialism (Elavator Muzik), disabilities (The Chair), and divorce (Mommy Don’t Love Daddy Anymore).

As usual Resurrection Band bucked the Christian music trends by doing their own thing.

Track Listing:
1 – Stark/Spare – 3:42
2 – Elevator Muzik – 1:55
3 – Alienated – 2:02
4 – Can’t Get You Outta My Mind – 2:52
5 – The Chair – 5:06
6 – Can’t Do It On My Own – 2:50
7 – First Degree Apathy – 3:03
8 – Mommy Don’t Love Daddy Anymore – 4:23
9 – The Crossing – 3:48
10 – Little Children – 2:36
11 – Lovin’ You – 3:29

Artwork [Inside Art], Layout – Dick Randall
Bass [Fretless Bass], Synthesizer – Jim Denton
Concept By [Album Cover Concept By] – JPUSA Graphics
Cover [Outside Cover Art] – Janet Cameron
Drums – John Herrin
Engineer – Phil Bonanno
Guitar, Keyboards, Guitar [All Double Leads] – Stu Heiss
Mixed By [Mix Down] – Phil Roger
Other [Lead Snoring] – Tom Cameron
Producer – Roger Heiss
Producer, Mixed By [Mix Down] – Resurrection Band
Vocals – Wendi Kaiser
Vocals, Guitar [Solo], Keyboards, Guitar [All Double Leads] – Glenn Kaiser

Daniel Band – On Rock (Collector’s Edition) – 2009

This was the first album from Daniel Band and what an album it was!

I remember hearing this album for the first time. While I already had a Resurrection Band album this release was a different type excitement. This album is straight out Rock & Roll and in my opinion Daniel Band absolutely nailed this album.

It is one of my favourite albums to this day and the anthem “I Like To Rock” was played so often in my car, my speakers could play it from memory when the ignition was off. If for some reason you only want to listen to one cut make it “I Like To Rock”.

Track Listing:
1 – He’s The Creator – 3:52
2 – I’m Sorry – 4:19
3 – You Don’t Need The Blues – 3:13
4 – Free From Sin – 3:04
5 – Undercover Christian – 3:23
6 – Two Roads – 2:48
7 – Never Again – 3:58
8 – In The Sky – 4:00
9 – I Like To Rock – 3:02
10 – Spiritual Game – 4:58
11 – Somebody Loves You – 4:43

Co-producer – Glenn Kaiser
Co-producer, Mixed By – Roger Heiss
Cover, Design, Photography, Layout – Neil Dellandrea
Drums – Peter Cosman
Engineer – Réné (Boucher) Brossard, Wes Storms
Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Mandolin – Tony Rossi
Lead Vocals, Bass, Keyboards – Dan McCabe
Mixed By – Mark Wright
Producer – Daniel Band
Rhythm Guitar, Strings, Synthesizer, Vocals – Bill Findlay

Rez Band – Between Heaven ‘n’ Hell – 1985

This 1985 release from Rez/Ressurection Band did away with the Pop sound from their previous album Hostage.

This album was an attempt to enter the mainstream music scene. It was met with moderate success, but the music video for Love Comes Down did have some limited play on MTV.

The album had another apartheid related song continuing the band’s awareness of this issue. Wendi wrote or co-wrote 3 songs on this album, which was her most significant writing contribution to an album yet.

Track Listing:
1 – The Main Event – 3:03
2 – Love Comes Down – 3:08
3 – Zuid Afrikan – 5:20
4 – Walk On – 3:42
5 – Talk To Me – 4:25
6 – I Think You Know – 3:13
7 – Shadows – 5:00
8 – Save Me From Myself – 3:30
9 – Nervous World – 4:22
10 – 2,000 – 4:56

Bass, Keyboards – Jim Denton
Drums, Percussion – John Herrin
Engineer – Roger Heiss
Engineer [Assistant] – Larry Bishop, Roy Montroy
Guitar – Stu Heiss
Guitar, Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals – Glenn Kaiser
Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals – Wendi Kaiser
Mastered By – Steve Hall
Producer – Rez Band