Diller & Anderson – Diller & Anderson – 1983

Diller & Anderson are Ronnie Lee Diller and Steve Anderson. The duo met up in 1975 and soon after started a band called Radiance. Radiance enjoyed some success in the NW USA but never put an album out. In 1980 the guys left the band to work as a duo. They quickly recorded this album and self released it. The album starts out early 80’s country rock but then transitions to more of an early 80’s easy listening album. All in all it’s a pretty good album and I’m pretty sure we would have been happy listening to this one in 1983 if it had been available to us. As I understand it their next 2 albums are much more rock oriented but I haven’t heard either of them yet but I am looking forward to hearing them.

1 – Fallin’ Fallin’ – 3:20
2 – Hearts A Fire – 3:32
3 – Annabelle – 3:52
4 – Valuable – 3:12
5 – Tarnished Treasures – 4:35
6 – Makebeliever – 4:05
7 – Sweet Jesus – 3:14
8 – The Way, The Truth & The Life – 3:17
9 – Echo Of Your Voice – 3:35
10 – Everybody’s Gonna Bow To Him – 4:30

Barratt Band – Voice – 1983

This is the final album from the Barratt Band. The lineup changed slightly from their first album with Dave Engel replacing Russell Caldwell on drums. This album is fantastic as was their first one and it is the epitome of what my group of friends listened to in 1983. Of course we didn’t actually listen to this one because it as only released in the UK and NZ & Australia. Why their albums were not released in North America is completely beyond me. They both are excellent and I’m positive would have sold well. The sound is a Pop Rock sound and I guarantee you’ll enjoy this one.

1 – December – 6:13
2 – Stereo – 6:28
3 – Computer Failure – 2:52
4 – Loud Silence – 5:09
5 – Play My Guitar – 5:39
6 – Exit Through Exit – 3:07
7 – Being Alive – 3:17
8 – The Voice – 7:32

Bass – Dave Markee, Les Williams
Drums – Dave Engels
Engineer – Derek Murray
Guitar, Vocals – Norman Barratt
Keyboards – Dave Morris
Producer – Norman Barratt
Written-By – Dave Morris, Norman Barratt

Companies, etc.
Phonographic Copyright ℗ – Chapel Lane Productions
Distributed By – Concorde Productions

Rapid Flight – Music To ROCK Your Soul – 1983

There’s not much to say about this album because no one knows anything about this band. They self released this 4 track EP in 1983 though it has a 70’s sound and feel. It’s pretty good but probably a bit dated in 1983. And that’s it, I can’t tell you anymore, I don’t even know who’s in the band. Even David Lowman has no info on this album and if he has no info then there’s none to be had. So if you are 70’s style loved this one is definitely for you.

1 – Creation Crowned – 5:18
2 – My Son – 3:30
3 – Reach Out – 4:53
4 – Words Create – 3:15

Producer – Dan Westerbeck, Rapid Flight

Companies, etc.
Pressed By – Artist’s Recording Co. – 830443

Ipso Facto – Ipso Facto – 1983

You are probably aware of the group One Truth but you may not be aware of them when they changed their name to Ipso Facto. I was kind of wondering why they would use a different name for this EP but I think it’s because they wanted to do an album with an 80’s Pop sound without having their previous sound hung around their necks. But I’m left bewildered at why they self produced and released this EP and couldn’t find a label to release it. These guys were established musicians in the industry and should have had no problem with finding someone to release this album. They were previously with Greentree Records and while this album wasn’t the style of album Greentree were releasing at that point in the 80’s but they were owned by Benson who had all sorts of labels that could have released this album. Oh well anyway you should give this EP a quick listen, it has a solid 80’s sound and the track “Michael” will be going into my regular rotation.

1 – Michael – 5:20
2 – Who Will You Blame – 4:50
3 – Heartmaker – 3:37
4 – Multiple Choice – 5:56

Bass – Glen Holmen
Bass, Vocals – Andrew Osbrink
Drums, Percussion, Vocals – William Dragoo
Guitar, Vocals – David John Etzen
Keyboards – Smitty Price
Lead Vocals, Guitar – Randall Butler
Piano, Vocals – Terry Butler

Lone Justice – This Is Lone Justice: The Vaught Tapes, 1983 – 2014

This was a great album that came out in 2014. It is a studio recording of work form the band back in 1983 before they were known to most of us. I’m a little unclear of what this recording session was. It has a few covers so it would have been difficult to release as a demo or as an album legally. That said I’m sure glad years later someone released it. The album is very raw as it was recorded by engineer David Vaught with direct to two-track tape and no overdubs. Because of this it has a great raw feeling and if you listen closely you can even hear some conversation in the background on a track or two. It’s too bad it took until 2014 but at least it did get released.

1 – Nothing Can Stop My Loving You – 1:58
2 – Jackson – 3:02
3 – Soap, Soup And Salvation – 4:11
4 – The Grapes Of Wrath – 2:33
5 – Dustbowl Depression Time – 2:46
6 – Rattlesnake Mama – 1:45
7 – Vigilante – 1:51
8 – Working Man’s Blues – 2:33
9 – Cactus Rose – 3:47
10 – When Love Comes Home To Stay – 3:07
11 – Cottonbelt – 3:10
12 – This World Is Not My Home – 2:30

Art Direction, Design – Greg Allen
Bass, Vocals – Marvin Etzioni
Drums – Don Heffington
Lead Guitar, Vocals – Ryan Hedgecock
Mastered By – Bernie Grundman
Producer – Lone Justice
Producer [Associate] – Josh Mills
Producer [This Release Produced By] – Cheryl Pawelski, Greg Allen
Recorded By – David Vaught
Rhythm Guitar, Vocal Percussion – Maria McKee

Companies, etc.
Recorded At – Suite 16 Studios
Mastered At – Bernie Grundman Mastering
Manufactured By – Omnivore Recordings
Marketed By – Omnivore Recordings
Licensed To – Omnivore Recordings
Copyright © – Omnivore Recordings
Phonographic Copyright ℗ – McKee/Hedgecock/Etzioni/Heffington
Pressed By – Rainbo Records – S-88548

DeGarmo & Key – Heat.It.Up. – 1993

This was D&K’s second last album and it really seems to have just been ignored. I really couldn’t find many reviews for it. As a result of this I sat down and listened to the album over again and I decided I love it. But that’s probably where the problem lies. I loved D&K thorough the 80’s but this album was in 1993. I now realize that D&K really hadn’t changed their sound much over the years. While this isn’t a problem for me it probably caused an issue getting new listeners in 1993. That said “Talk To Me” still made it to #6 on the charts and there were 2 tracks to make it into the 30’s on the charts. These would be the final charting singles for D&K. So my suggestion is if you enjoyed that D&K 80’s sound you will like this album but of you are more a fan of late 80’s early 90’s rock this album may not be for you. That said give it a listen anyway, it may surprise you.

1 – Voices – 0:40
2 – God Good/Devil Bad – 4:31
3 – Selective Amnesia – 3:12
4 – Never Look Back – 4:06
5 – Heat.It.Up. – 3:17
6 – It’s My Business – 4:28
7 – Dare 2B Different – 4:54
8 – Talk To Me – 4:29
9 – Armed And Dangerous – 4:27
10 – I Use The J Word – 3:56
11 – Soldiers Of The Cross – 4:24
12 – Divine Embrace – 3:34
13 – Fight Back – 5:37

Art Direction – Connie Harrington
Backing Vocals – Jim Jamison
Bass, Backing Vocals – Tommy Cathey
Design – The Riordon Design Group Inc.
Drums, Percussion – Greg Morrow
Engineer [2nd] – Jeff Powell, Jeffrey Reed, Skid Mills
Executive-Producer – Ken Pennell
Mastered By – Ken Love
Photography By – Mark Tucker
Producer, Engineer – John Hampton
Producer, Lead Vocals, Guitar – Dana Key
Producer, Organ [B3], Piano [Wurlitzer], Synthesizer, Vocals – Eddie DeGarmo

Companies, etc.
Phonographic Copyright ℗ – The ForeFront Communications Group, Inc.
Copyright © – The ForeFront Communications Group, Inc.
Distributed By – Benson Music Group, Inc.
Distributed By – Christian Marketing
Recorded At – Ardent Studios
Mixed At – Ardent Studios
Mastered At – Mastermix

Lenny LeBlanc – Say A Prayer – 1983

Lenny LeBlanc is a very interesting story. He was actually quite a successful secular artist in the 70’s and was under contract by Capitol Records. He had recorded and released the first of that 2 record contract in 1981. However also 1981 he became saved after having a talk with his newly saved friend who was, and I quote here “… a big-time drug smuggler”. Lenny subsequently wanted to do Christian music which Capitol Records wasn’t much interested in. They did however agree to release him from his contract of he could find someone to buy it out. The Christian music labels were certainly not interested in this so he was stuck being unable to do music and actually made a living doing stained glass which was another one of his skills. In 1983 it became obvious to Capitol that no one was going to buy out his contract so they agreed to release him. He immediately signed with Heartland Records and recorded this album. The album is a relatively easy listening 80’s pop album but there are a few pretty good upbeat tracks of which the best is probably “Give Your Heart To The Lord”. The single for the album was “Say A Prayer” which reached #9 on the CCM charts.

1 – Say A Prayer – 3:51
2 – Have Mercy – 3:59
3 – Preacher Man – 3:53
4 – Give Your Heart To The Lord – 3:12
5 – New Tomorrow – 3:45
6 – Angel Of The Lord – 3:33
7 – Asleep In The Boat – 4:02
8 – I Don’t Understand – 3:41
9 – Soul Searching – 3:37
10 – I Believe In You – 3:58

Backing Vocals – Ava Aldridge, Cindy Richardson, Mac McAnally, Michele Pillar, Robert Byrne, Sherrie LeBlanc
Bass – David Hood, David Hungate, Mike Brignardello
Blues Harp – Bill Darnell
Drums – Larrie Londin, Roger Hawkins
Engineer – Gary Platt, Greg McNeily
Engineer [Mixdown] – Gary Platt
Guitar – Jon Goin, Wayne Perkins, Will McFarlane
Keyboards – Clayton Ivey, Shane Keister, Steve Nathan
Lacquer Cut By [JG in runouts] – Joe Gastwirt
Management – Rip Pelley
Percussion – Farrell Morris
Producer, Backing Vocals – Jon Phelps
Producer, Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals, Guitar – Lenny LeBlanc
Saxophone – Ronnie Eades

Companies, etc.
Phonographic Copyright ℗ – Heartland Records
Copyright © – Heartland Records
Recorded At – The Full Sail Dream Machine
Recorded At – Muscle Shoals Sound Studios
Remixed At – Fifth Floor Recording Studios
Mastered At – JVC Cutting Center

John Michael Talbot & Terry Talbot ‎– No Longer Strangers – 1983

Well here’s the 1983 offering from the Talbot brothers. It’s pretty standard fare for them but there is a highlight on this album. The title track actually has an Eagles feel and it sounds like something from back in their Mason Proffit days. It’s actually good enough for me to add it to my regular rotation. The music may be Eagles but the lyrics are typical of what you would expect form them. That said this may actually be one of their best tracks since the Mason Proffit days.

1 – No Longer Strangers – 4:08
2 – He Is Risen – 2:42
3 – We Will Rise – 4:07
4 – Silence – 3:34
5 – Nature And Grace – 3:30
6 – Holy Father – 3:37
7 – Isaiah 58 – 5:06
8 – Lady Poverty – 4:10
9 – Hear Us Oh Lord – 4:10
10 – Few Be The Lovers – 4:22

Arranged By [Orchestra] – Lee Holdridge
Bass – Abraham Laboriel
Cover – Stan Evenson Design
Cover [Coordination] – B. Charlyne Hinesley
Drums – Bill Maxwell
Engineer – Darrel Powell, Mike Ross-Trevor
Executive-Producer – Billy Ray Hearn
Guitar, Vocals, Co-producer, Arranged By [Vocals] – John Michael Talbot, Terry Talbot
Mastered By – Ken Pennell, Steve Hall
Orchestra – National Philharmonic Orchestra Of London
Performer – National Philharmonic Orchestra Of London
Photography By – Mark Hanauer
Written-By – John Michael Talbot, Terry Talbot

Companies, etc.
Phonographic Copyright ℗ – The Sparrow Corporation
Copyright © – The Sparrow Corporation
Copyright © – Cherry Lane Music Publishing Company Inc.
Recorded At – Westwind Studio
Recorded At – The Barn
Mixed At – CBS Studios, London
Mastered At – Future Disc
Distributed By – Canadian Christian Distributors, Inc.
Glass Mastered At – Nimbus, Virginia

David Edwards – Get The Picture – 1983

There are only two artists in the history of CCM that I wish would come out from hiding and release a new album. The first is Steve Taylor and i understand the whole “trying to make a movie” clap trap, but enough already! The second is David Edwards and I would prefer the latter to the former if I had to choose just one to release an album. Two rock efforts, a lullaby album and a collection of Christmas carols is simply not enough; especially when the artists is simply this amazing. The debut album will be discussed later. Here we will look at the sophomore release that suffered from no sophomore jinx. A little darker, more musically refined and chock full of pop music goodness, this album will go down as the greatest crime in CCM history. He should have been a rock star and this album should have made him a household name. Hell, there’s even a great wedding song and that always meant success in the early 80’s in CCM! Musically that album is a bit the Knack and a bit Billy Joel. More rock than new wave and more smart than quirky. Perhaps it was all those songs about “love” on the album that caused it’s doom; just like one sweet little lady told me when she wanted to return the album to the store I was working at by asking “what does love have to do with Jesus anyway?” Edwards walks the listener through the many feelings, struggles and circumstances that come about when love is either absent or twisted. “Anything But Love” describes how lust clouds the heart from seeing reality, while “Someone to Trust” pictured the opposite reality. It’s a great wedding and I should know, it was in mine! “The Feeling Part” addresses the mistake Christians make by not addressing the reality of romance and feelings in relationships, both with God and with one another. “How Could You Throw It All away?” should have made Edwards a star. sadly it just kicks off side 2 with a great reminder that love is worth holding on to. “Break the Big One” deals with the scar of abortion when sexual love is removed from its Biblical context of marriage. The album closes with two songs that, though not connected on the recording, are completely inseparable. “Girls Like You” expresses the anger of a broken heart and the vindictive feelings associated with being the “dumped.” Kind of like the losers version of Ben Fold’s “Song for the Dumped.” “Girls” is followed by possibly Edwards’ finest composition, “A Fools Condition.” The song recounts the story of a young (naive?) and sexually tempted boy who falls for and is captured by a dead and decaying woman who only possesses a beautiful outer appearance. Borrowing from the writings of George MacDonald (this wouldn’t be the last time), Edwards’ protagonist is consumed by the appearance and loses his soul as a result. Brilliantly conceived, wonderfully presented and utterly unforgettable. I went nearly two decades unable to listen to it until Edwards released the album himself on CD, and was singing along by the first line. This album is the definition of an AYSO!

Contributor – David Lowman https://ccms500bestalbums.wordpress.com/

1 – Anything But Love – 3:43
2 – Someone To Trust – 3:09
3 – The Feeling Part – 4:55
4 – Watch Over Your Heart – 3:19
5 – How Could You Throw It All Away – 4:37
6 – Break The Big One – 3:38
7 – Put Me Down – 3:06
8 – All I Want – 3:10
9 – True Confession – 2:50
10 – Girls Like You – 2:18
11 – A Fool’s Condition – 5:17

Acoustic Guitar – David Edwards
Alto Saxophone – Irv Cox
Arranged By, Programmed By [Synthesizer], Backing Vocals, Written By, Composed By – David Edwards
Art Direction – Barbara LeVan
Backing Vocals – Randy Stonehill, Suzan Curly
Bass, Backing Vocals – John Trujillo
Cello – John Walz
Drums, Percussion – Rick Geragi
Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar – Dan Jacob
Marimba – Guy Shiffman
Mastered By – Bernie Grundman
Piano – David Edwards
Producer, Keyboards, Arranged By, Programmed By [Synthesizer] – Barry M. Kaye
Recorded By, Mixed By – Britt Bacon
Tenor Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone, Alto Saxophone – Jay Leslie

Companies, etc.
Phonographic Copyright – Word, Inc.
Copyright – Word, Inc.
Published By – Mountain Park Music
Published By – Dayspring Music
Recorded At – Skyline Recording
Mixed At – Skyline Recording
Mastered At – A&M Mastering Studios
Pressed By – Monarch Record Mfg. Co. 25877

Phil & John – Count Me Out – 1983

This was the introductory album from Phil & John. It is probably one of the oddest choices for an premier album in CCM. The entire side 2 of the album is a live recording. Now this may sound like a very strange thing to do but in this case I think it was brilliant. Phil & John really did shine in their live work as they were essentially a comedy team that played music and it really set them apart frm the rest of the industry at the time. I personally love their style which on this album can be best described as 70’s Beatles. Unfortunately I did not give them the the amount of listening time they deserved in the 80’s. If you’ve never heard Phil & John live you should at least listen to side 2 of this album as it’s live where they really shine.

1 – Wasted Years – 2:57
2 – Teenage Millionaire – 3:13
3 – Saturday Night And Sunday Morning – 3:35
4 – You Wouldn’t Let Me Go – 3:25
5 – I Remember – 2:49
6 – Holding On – 4:16
7 – What Do You Do? – 3:10
8 – The Gnome Song – 7:06
9 – Factory Blues – 4:43
10 – Times I Find – 3:45
11 – Watch And Pray – 3:16