Paul Field – Restless Heart – 1983

Many readers may be more familiar with Paul Field as a member of Nutshell for four albums, with two different incarnations. A very popular British folk trio, Nutshell was referred to by some as the British Second Chapter of Acts. But Field is quite the prolific songwriter, including writing a number one CCM single for pop group Avalon called “Testify to Love.” Winona Judd would actually cover song as it was used on the popular “Touched By An Angel” television series and made it a Top Ten Billboard Hit! But here we are discussing his first solo album, and the one that most may be familiar. He would later record a few other solo projects and spend much of his time writing musicals. Field is a prolific songwriter and has produced scores of albums though many reached widespread distribution in the US. Immediately “Restless Heart” sounds like it could just have easily been released by Cliff Richard. It also reminds me of the “Now You See Me, Now You Don’t” album by Richard, and not only because Richard would cover a song from this album (“Has to Be You, Has to Be Me”). Like the previously discussed Mark Williamson composition, Richard’s version is a bit more upbeat. The album kicks of with what would be the one single KYMS in Southern California really jumped on. “Rock with the Best of Them” is a fun song to start the album with a great horn section a la Chicago. If the world of CCM radio at the time had any justice, this would have been a monster hit! “Radio” follows with a much more mid-tempo feel very reminiscent of the sound for that day. Darker, more somber, I always saw the metaphor of the radio as being related to the Holy Spirit. The song always reminds me more of what the late 70’s Steve Winwood music was like. The album’s 12 songs (quite a few for the day) bounces back and forth between uptempo pop/rock and ballads. One stand out in the Loggins & Messina vein is “The Storm Is Over.” Something that perhaps Scott Wesley Brown would have done at the same time, it may be the most obviously evangelical song on the album. At the same time, it should have been a hit. The whole album is filled with great songs, but the last song I would like to highlight is the most upbeat song on the album, “Fair Fight.” This could just as easily fit on an album from Mark Williamson/Lyrix or even Morgan Cryar or David Edwards, both musically and lyrically. Never released on CD that I know of (at least in the US) and missing from virtually every streaming service (like much of early 80’s Myrrh releases), the album is worth tracking down. I have seen it for a reasonable price on Amazon and Ebay.

Contributor David Lowman –

1 – Rock With The Best Of Them – 3:23
2 – Radio – 3:56
3 – Has To Be You, Has To Be Me – 4:42
4 – Solo – 3:48
5 – Positive – 2:57
6 – The Storm Is Over – 3:51
7 – Fairfight – 2:46
8 – Stranger In Your Eyes – 3:45
9 – Just Around The Corner – 3:04
10 – You’re The One – 5:12
11 – Nearly Midnight – 3:48
12 – Restless Heart – 3:46

Paul Field – Vocals, Guitar and Piano
Graham Jarvis – Drums
Mark Griffiths – Bass
Martin Jenner – Guitar
Dave Cooke – Piano, Keyboards, Guitar and Backing vocals
Luís Jardim – Bass
Linda Jardim – Backing vocals
Marilyn David – Backing vocals
Tom Blades – Guitar
Colin Larne – Drums
Bill Thorpe – Violin
Martin David – Percussion
Barry de Souza – Drums
Ray Russell – Guitar
Henry Lowther – Horn
Nick Pentelow – Saxophone
Nick Firkle – Trumpet
Steve Jones – Violin
Penny Thompson – Viola
Jan Sharpe – Cello

Companies, etc.
Phonographic Copyright ℗ – Word, Inc.
Copyright © – Word, Inc.
Produced For – Friday Productions
Recorded At – Riverside Recordings
Mixed At – Riverside Recordings
Mastered At – Liberty Recording Studios
Pressed By – Monarch Record Mfg. Co. – △26054

Jerusalem – Cant Stop Us Now – 1983

Jerusalem’s 4th album “Can’t Stop Us Now” was a departure from their previous style. Up until this album they had been a 70’s style rock band. Surviving in the 80’s required an updated sound and they easily achieved it. The new pop rock sound was poorly received by their regular listeners but gained new users like myself. The album sold much better than their previous offerings proving their direction change to be a good idea. The album was released in both Swedish and English with the Swedish version retaining 3 English tracks. There does appear to be some minor mix changes between the two versions but for the main part it sounds like they used the same instrument tracks. The English version was reissued in 2018 with 2 bonus tracks. A new song “Time” which is more their traditional style and a remix of “Heartbeat”. We have included those tracks in oar playlist.

1 – Can’t Stop Us Now 4:02
2 – Loves You More 3:58
3 – The Wind Is Blowing 4:24
4 – Tomorrow’s World 5:34
5 – The Waiting – 4:33
6 – Let’s Go (Dancing) – 3:41
7 – Mourner’s Parade – 4:35
8 – Read Between The Lines – 4:08
9 – The Missing Piece – 3:43
10 – Heartbeat – 3:15
Bonus Tracks
11 – Time – 5:50
12 – Heartbeat (Light Remix) – 3:15

Bass – Peter Carlsohn
Drums – Mikael Ulvsgärd
Keyboards – Dan Tibell
Vocals, Guitar – Ulf Christiansson
Composed By – Ulf Christiansson
Layout, Design – Scott Waters
Producer [Produced By] – Andy Kidd
Remastered By – Rob Colwell

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Phonographic Copyright ℗ – Refuge Records
Copyright © – Refuge Records
Distributed By – The Benson Company, Inc.
Copyright © – Uffe Music
Published By – Uffe Music
Published By – Snellsong

Jerusalem – Vi Kan Inte Stoppas – 1983

This is the Swedish version of Jerusalem’s 4th album “Can’t Stop Us Now” instead titled “Vi Kan Inte Stoppas”. It was a departure from their previous style as up until this album they had been a 70’s style rock band. Surviving in the 80’s required an updated sound and they easily achieved it. The new pop rock sound was poorly received by their regular listeners but gained new users like myself. The album sold much better than their previous offerings proving their direction change to be a good idea. The album was released in both Swedish and English with the Swedish version retaining 3 English tracks. There does appear to be some minor mix changes between the two versions but for the main part it sounds like they used the same instrument tracks.

1 – Vi Kan Inte Stoppas – 3:58
2 – Loves You More – 3:58
3 – Vinden Blåser… – 4:27
4 – I Skuggan Av Det Förflutna – 5:37
5 – Kärlekseld – 4:35
6 – Let’s Go (Dancin’) – 3:42
7 – Sorgsnas Parad – 4:37
8 – Regn – 4:09
9 – Pusselbiten – 3:36
10 – Heartbeat – 3:15

Bass – Peter Carlsohn
Drums – Mikael Ulvsgärd
Keyboards – Dan Tibell
Vocals, Guitar – Ulf Christiansson
Composed By – Ulf Christiansson
Layout, Design – Scott Waters
Producer [Produced By] – Andy Kidd
Remastered By – Rob Colwell

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Printed By – SIB-Tryck AB
Phonographic Copyright ℗ – Royal Music
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Published By – Uffe Music
Published By – Snellsong

Matrix – PG13 – 1983

This is where it all started for Bride. If you don’t know Bride were originally called Matrix and this is their first Demo. There are several versions of this demo and some apparently have different tracks so don’t hold us to this particular lineup. Apparently this demo was cut fairly early in the bands development which is rather amazing if you listen to it. Apparently none of these tracks ever made it onto an album which is a real pity as there are some really really good songs here. To be honest I’m quite surprised how good this demo really is. These guys had it together and they had it together quick. Some of the tracks lean a little more Rock & Roll than the work they would be best known for and I sure would have liked to hear more from them in this style. To me the standout track is “Spell House” which has a bit of a Rush feeling to it. Maybe not the best track on the Demo but it’s the one that stood out to me. Best track? For me it is probably “What’s The Point?”.

1 – We Got The Rhythm – 3:19
2 – Who Killed The Rock Hero – 3:24
3 – Get Away – 3:10
4 – What’s The Point – 4:36
5 – Good Rock ‘N’ Roll – 3:19
6 – Stand Up And Shout – 3:01
7 – West Of The Moon – 2:13
8 – Spell House – 3:13
9 – To Make You Think It’s Real – 3:00
10 – Missing Children – 4:35

Drums – Steve Childers
Guitar, Bass – Troy Thompson
Vocals, Bass – Dale Thompson
Photography By – Scott Hall
Songwriter [All Songs Written By] – Dale Thompson, Troy Thompson

Tom Franzak – Walk That Talk – 1983

This was Tom’s first album. Myrrh / Word Records took a real chance on Tom as he was actually Catholic and not evangelical. I’m actually quite surprised they took this chance but it was a good idea as he was quite well received. He had been working in secular music with no success and his faith called him to do Christian music. This album is a little heavy on the worship tracks and strangely none of them singled. Several were certainly good enough for the CCM charts but I suspect there was some hesitance due to his denomination. There are a few good pop tracks and I really like “I Know What Love’s About”. CCM needed more songs like this. HIs next album is better and much better known so if you liked his second album, Shadowboxing, you should give this one a listen.

1 – Walk That Talk
2 – The Call
3 – Messiah
4 – (You’re Only As) Sick As Your Secrets
5 – Piece Of The Mountaintop
6 – HGT (Heavy Guilt Trip)
7 – Thank You For Loving Me
8 – I Know What Love’s About
9 – Live On In My Love
10 – Just Passing Through

Leon Patillo ‎– Live Experience – 1983 – Full Album

Leon recorded this album in 82 or 83 while on tour to support his “I’ll Never Stop Lovin’ You” release. It includes most of his big hits up to this point along with renditions of Amazing Grace and This Is The Day. Strangely Leon played the entire concert by himself using backing tracks of Bass and Drums recorded by himself earlier. I found this rather odd and was wondering if it was a tad egotistical but I decided in the end that it was simply a money decision. Normally of course you’d have to pay a support band for the tour as well as their expenses. Doing every thing yourself avoids this splitting and additional costs. Pretty smart financial move but I would think it would have hurt the live experience. If it did you can not tell from the recording. The fans are quite into the concert and it does sound like it was a great show.

1 – Born Again – 5:04
2 – Flesh Of My Flesh – 3:02
3 – Dance Children Dance – 6:46
4 – Amazing Grace – 1:55
5 – Don’t Give In – 4:36
6 – Star Of The Morning – 4:02
7 – Cornerstone – 4:05
8 – Visions (Talk) – 8:00
9 – We Must Believe – 6:17
10 – This Is The Day – 4:46
11 – Go – 5:15

Design, Layout – Dennis Hill
Engineer – Skip Konte
Engineer [Assistant] – Biff Vincent
Mastered By – Bernie Grundman
Photography By – Roger Hanlon
Piano, Electric Piano [Rhodes], Bass, Drums – Leon Patillo
Producer – Leon Patillo, Skip Konte
Programmed By [Horns, Strings, Percussion] – Leon Patillo
Vocals – Leon Patillo

Companies, etc.
Phonographic Copyright (p) – Word, Inc.
Copyright (c) – Word, Inc.
Mixed At – Front Page Studio, Costa Mesa, CA
Mastered At – A&M Mastering Studios
Pressed By – Monarch Record Mfg. Co. – △26047

Teri Desario – A Call To Us All – 1983

This was Teri’s 4th album but her first in the CCM genre. She had a very successful run in Secular music before having a disagreement with her record company and switching to Word/Dayspring records. As a point of trivia her separation from secular Casablanca records left an album on the shelf that has never been released. Another weird piece of trivia is That she put out a secular album in the same year as this one but it was only released in Japan. Anyway onto this album, it was produced by her hubby, Bill Purse. He didn’t have much of a production history but did a great job on this album. The album had 2 singles with “Battleline” making it to #8 and “I Dedicate All My Love To You” to #10. Pretty successful album but given her secular success this isn’t surprising. Actually I’m a little surprised they didn’t pull a 3 and 4th single off the album. The album is a Easy Listening affair but has a couple pretty good upbeat tracks. “Dig A Little Deeper” is the track that most resemble her secular work and has a nice pop dance feel to it.

1 – Thank You – 3:30
2 – Battleline – 3:40
3 – I Dedicate All My Love To You – 4:57
4 – Dig A Little Deeper – 4:00
5 – Clouds Without Water – 5:30
6 – All I Need – 4:30
7 – Jesus, Call Your Lambs – 4:10
8 – I’ll Carry On – 4:54
9 – A Call To Us All – 7:25

Acoustic Guitar, Mandolin – John Chiodini
Art Direction, Design – Paul Gross
Backing Vocals – Bill Purse, David Roitstein, Kelly Koehr, Kim Fox, Nicole Ann Kujala, Rosalina R. Sackstein, Stephen R. Kujala, Teri DeSario Purse
Berimbau, Kalimba, Caxixi – Michael Fisher
Concertmaster – Doug Cameron
Design [Inner Sleeve] – Steve Elowe
Drums – Carlos Vega, Tony Lewis
Engineer [Assistant] – Steve Ford
Flute – Rosalina R. Sackstein
French Horn – William Alsup
Guitar – Kevin Clark
Harp – Amy Shulman
Mastered By – Bernie Grundman
Photography By – Harry Langdon
Producer, Arranged By, Piano, Synthesizer – Bill Purse
Recorded By, Mixed By – Kevin Clark
Saxophone – Dave Boruff
Sitar – Dan Ratkovich
Tabla, Percussion – Ron Wagner

Companies, etc.
Mastered At – A&M Studios
Phonographic Copyright (p) – Word, Inc.
Copyright (c) – Word, Inc.

Russ Taff – Walls of Glass – 1983

This was Russ’s first album after leaving the Imperials and I’m pretty sure it’s success confirmed to him that he had made the right decision by going solo. The lead single “We Will Stand” sat at #1 on the CCM charts for 15 weeks. That’s a pretty respectable first album single. He also won the 1983 Grammy award for Best Male Gospel Performance. As for the album I’m pretty sure Myrrh records pulled out all the stops as the production quality and over all quality of the album is very high. If your a fan of Russ’s albums after this one you might be surprised a bit at how mellow this one is. It is definitely a transition of styles from the Imperials to his more rock style on subsequent albums. We did get a hint of what was to come with “Inside Look” which is actually a pretty darn good Rock track. While this album doesn’t make many “Best of the 80’s” lists I think it probably deserves a spot.

1 – Tell Them – 4:23
2 – Walls Of Glass – 3:57
3 – I Want To Change – 5:05
4 – Pure In Heart – 3:59
5 – We Will Stand – 4:37
6 – Jeremiah – 4:02
7 – Inside Look – 4:01
8 – Just Believe – 4:26
9 – Kathryn’s Song – 4:24
10 – Unto The Lamb – 2:42

Mike Baird – Drums
Laury Boone Browning – Choir, Background Vocals
Bonnie Bramlett – Background Vocals
Raymond Brown – Songwriter
Harry Browning – Choir
Robbie Buchanan – Songwriter, Synthesizer Bass, Rhodes, Synthesizer
Don Cason – Choir
Lenny Castro – Percussion
Bill Champlin – Background Vocals
Tamara Champlin – Background Vocals
Cynthia Clawson – Choir
Ragan Courtney – Choir
Charlotte Crossley – Background Vocals
Nathan East – Bass
Daniel Garcia – Assistant Engineer
Bill George – Songwriter, Rhodes
Gary Grant – Horns
John Hammond – Drums
Joann Harris – Background Vocals
Susan Pyron Heard – Choir
Jerry Hey – Horn Arrangements, Horns
James Hollihan – Songwriter, Guitar
Richard Hopkins – Bass
Abraham Laboriel – Bass
Michael Landau – Guitar
David Lasley – Background Vocals, Choir
Charlie Loper – Horns
Arnold McCuller – Choir, Background Vocals
Dony McGuire – Background Vocals
Bobby Messano – Choir
James Newton Howard – Songwriter, Piano, Synthesizer
Michael Omartian – Songwriter, Piano, Rhodes, Synthesizer
Stormie Omartian – Songwriter
Jeff Porcaro – Drums
Frank Previte – Choir, Background Vocals
Jack Joseph Puig – Vocal Production, Engineer
Reba Rambo – Background Vocals
Patti Roberts – Songwriter
Doug Sax – Mastered
Bill Schnee – Producer, Engineer
David Schober – Assistant Engineer
Russ Taff – Songwriter, Vocals
Tori Taff – Songwriter, Choir
Keith Thomas – Songwriter
Carmen Twillie – Background Vocals
Marty Walsh – Guitar
Ernie Watts – Horns, Sax Solo
Gary Whitlock – Choir

Companies, etc.
Record Company – Word, Inc.
Phonographic Copyright (p) – Word, Inc.
Copyright (c) – Word, Inc.
Recorded At – Bill Schnee Studios
Mastered At – The Mastering Lab
Pressed By – Monarch Record Mfg. Co. – △26106

Michele Pillar – Reign On Me – 1983

This was Michele’s second solo album and I noticed something rather odd about her album covers while researching this album. She had 3 albums with Sparrow Records and for some reason Sparrow chose to use a portrait picture of her for all 3 albums. I am assuming this was a strategy for the worship album sector as quite frankly it’s a little weird to me. Often an artists first or second album will have a good picture of the artist which helps people “identify” with the artist but to do it on 3 straight releases is just weird. Anyway on to the album itself. It was quite successful with the title track making it to # 9 and the follow up single “He Rolled Away The Stone” making it to #4. At the same time she had a #4 duet single with Steve Camp, “Love’s Not A Feeling” off of his 1984 album, Fire And Ice. As for the album itself it is your usual female vocalist worship album. I’m not trying to downplay the album but really there were so many of these cookie cutter albums at the time it is very difficult to get excited about them.

1 – Shout It From The Rooftop – 3:41
2 – He Rolled Away The Stone – 4:32
3 – Reign On Me – 3:21
4 – Look Up – 3:04
5 – There He Was – 5:00
6 – My Heart Is A Stone – 4:19
7 – Don’t Wait Too Late – 3:39
8 – When Love Draws Near – 4:04
9 – One Move Of Your Spirit – 4:12
10 – Song Of Praise – 2:43

Arranged By [Strings] – J.L. Wallace
Art Direction – Stan Evenson
Backing Vocals – Cindy Richardson, Gary Baker, J.L. Wallace, Lenny LeBlanc, Mac McAnally, Michele Pillar
Bass – Butch Ledford
Concertmaster – Earl Spielman
Cover [Coordination] – B. Charlyne Hinesley
Design [Lyric Sheet] – Marlene Bergman
Drums – Owen Hale
Engineer – Jerry Masters, Steve Moore
Engineer [Additional] – Dan Garcia
Engineer, Remix – Ron Capone
Executive-Producer – Billy Ray Hearn
Guitar – Will McFarlane
Mastered By – Steve Hall
Percussion – Alex Acuña
Photography – Mark Hanauer
Piano, Keyboards – Larry Muhoberac, Steve Nathan
Piano, Keyboards, Guitar – J.L. Wallace
Producer – J.L. Wallace
Producer [Additional], Remix, Mastered By – Ken Pennell
Saxophone – Ronnie Eades
Vocals – Michele Pillar

Companies, etc.
Phonographic Copyright (p) – Sparrow Records
Recorded At – Muscle Shoals Sound Studios
Remixed At – Westwind Studio
Mastered At – Future Disc

Phil Keaggy – Private Collection Volume 1 (Underground) – 1983

This is a collection of stuff Phil recorded in his basement studio. It was all recorded on a Teac 144 Porta-Studio and Phil played all of the instruments. If you didn’t know this I’m pretty sure you would think this was a studio recorded album with studio musicians. Apparently there was enough material for a double album but a decision was made to make it a single album release as Volume 1. Volume 2 never came unfortunately. I would have loved to hear more. I had not listened to this album back in the 80’s as I wasn’t really a big Keaggy fan. Wow did I miss out. This is a fantastic album. It has a great rock / pop sound with a 70’s feel. In my opinion this might have been some of his best work. Keaggy said he never intended to release these tracks but somehow it happened. I’d love to hear the story of that decision. Keaggy said of this album “The uniqueness of this album lies in the fact that all the tunes were recorded at my leisure, in a comfortable setting, without realizing they would be used for an official record release. Because of this factor, I feel there is a freedom and confidence expressed in these songs which sets them apart from some of my other recordings.”

1 – What A Love – 3:56
2 – The Ransom – 3:47
3 – Deadline – 3:36
4 – Think About It – 3:36
5 – One In A Million – 4:36
6 – I Know Someone – 3:41
7 – The Two Of You – 4:56
8 – Paid In Full – 4:20
9 – What You Are Inside – 3:35
10 – Follow Me On – 3:24
11 – The Survivor – 5:12

Arranged By – Phil Keaggy
Art Direction, Design – Stan Evenson Design
Coordinator [Cover Coordination] – Charlyne Hinesley, Judith Cotton
Engineer – Phil Keaggy
Engineer [Additional Overdubs] – Mike Ross, Wally Grant
Mixed By – Bob Cotton, Phil Keaggy
Performer, Instruments [All] – Phil Keaggy
Photography By – The Design Oasis
Producer – Phil Keaggy
Vocals – Phil Keaggy (tracks: A1, A3 to B1, B3, B5)
Vocals [Additional] – Bernadette Keaggy (tracks: A4)
Written-By – Phil Keaggy

Companies, etc.
Phonographic Copyright (p) – Nissi Records
Published By – Marguerite Music
Published By – Emmaus Road Music
Recorded At – Weddington Studios
Mixed At – Weddington Studios
Mastered At – Future Disc
Distributed By – Sparrow Distribution