Various – Back To The Rock #2 – 1983

This is the second in a series of samplers form A&S Records. This is one is a treasure trove of unreleased and barely released material. The first album in this series had more mainstream tracks but this time they went with some real obscure stuff. Below I’ve listed the tracks and the album they came from;

1 – Bill Batstone – Silver And Gold – Unreleased
2 – Spurr And McNeil – Walkin’ Again – Unreleased
3 – Apocalypse – Call On Jesus – Unreleased
4 – Michael Gonzales – Mountaintop – Mountaintop – 1983
5 – The Lifters – Living Water – The Lifters – 1983
6 – Eden – Break Out Of The Night – released on a 45 – 1983
7 – The Altar Boys – Where’s It Gonna Lead Ya – Altar Boys – 1984
8 – Sheryl Olguin – Easy Rider – Unreleased
9 – James Ledlie – Strangers – released on a 45 – 1983
10 – Danny Daniels – Flyer – Sons Of Thunder – 1982

1 – Bill Batstone – Silver And Gold – 3:50
2 – Spurr And McNeil – Walkin’ Again – 3:44
3 – Apocalypse – Call On Jesus – 4:32
4 – Michael Gonzales – Mountaintop – 3:58
5 – The Lifters– Living Water – 1:48
6 – Eden – Break Out Of The Night – 4:09
7 – The Altar Boys – Where’s It Gonna Lead Ya – 2:21
8 – Sheryl Olguin – Easy Rider – 3:50
9 – James Ledlie – Strangers – 3:38
10 – Danny Daniels – Flyer – 3:40

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Phonographic Copyright ℗ – A&S Records
Copyright © – A&S Records
Distributed By – Word, Inc.
Mixed At – Whitefield Studios
Pressed By – Monarch Record Mfg. Co. – △26182

Keith Green – I Only Want To See You There – 1983

This was the first album released after Keith’s untimely death. It is a compilation album but includes a few previously unreleased live cuts which is why we are uploading it to YouTube. We generally don’t upload compilation albums unless they have some bonus material such as this one does. The album was also released with a booklet insert which you can see on our web-page. It is full of industry people relating their Keith Green stories.

1 – Introduction – 2:00
2 – My Eyes Are Dry – 3:08
3 – Trials Turned To Gold – 3:29
4 – O Lord, You’re Beautiful – 4:37
5 – You Are The One – 2:39
6 – Song To My Parents (I Only Want To See You There) – 4:15
7 – Until That Final Day – 4:37
8 – If You Love The Lord – 7:20
9 – Pledge My Head To Heaven – 3:00
10 – Draw Me – 4:35
11 – Stained Glass – 2:49
12 – Altar Call – 4:20

Art Direction – Stan Evenson Design
Coordinator [Cover Coordination] – B. Charlyne Hinesley
Engineer [Assembly and remixes] – Winn Kutz
Illustration – James Henry
Liner Notes – Billy Ray Hearn
Mastered By – Steve Hall
Producer, Liner Notes – Bill Maxwell

Companies, etc.
Phonographic Copyright ℗ – Sparrow Records, Inc.
Copyright © – Sparrow Records, Inc.
Recorded At – Olympic Studios
Engineered At – Mama Jo’s
Mastered At – Future Disc
Published By – Birdwing Music
Published By – Cherry Lane Music Publishing Company Inc.
Published By – Ears To Hear Music
Published By – April Music Inc.

Peter York – Close To The Bone – 1983

Peter had performed as a studio musician in the 70’s and 80’s and in his whole career he appears on over 100 albums. Strangely though this is his only personal album. You may know Peter better as the CEO of Sparrow Records and Capitol Christian Music Group. He was involved with Sparrow records in some form for 37 years and just retired in 2020. Anyway back to the album. It was only released in Australia and only on cassette so I am guessing most people have never heard it. It was recorded in 1983 after Peter was able to find a benefactor to pay for the studio time. Peter put together a pretty good team of relatively unknown studio musicians and the album turned out great. I’m actually quite confused that this album didn’t get picked up as it is really good and as Peter was connected in the industry. Oh well thankfully the album is on the internet for us to enjoy today.

1 – Key To My Heart
2 – I’m Alone
3 – Lovely Smile
4 – It’s All Right
5 – On This Day
6 – Noonkanbah
7 – Close To The Bone
8 – Blow Your House Away
9 – Willie’s Blues
10 – So Good To Be Alive

Martin Zammit – drums
Duane Mitchell – bass.
Graham McCoy – guitar
Jordie Young – flute, vocals
Les Price – keyboards
Rowan Shinkfield – bass on “Willie’s Blues”
Peter Fiddler – guitar on “Blow Your House Away”

Companies, etc.
Copyright © – Just Life
Copyright © – Hedgehog Music
Distributed By – Just Life (Australia)
Recorded At – David Briggs Productions

Andy Piercy – Free Heat – 1983

After the official breakup of After The Fire Andy Piercy hit the studio for a solo album with Producer John Eden. They had some material left over from the final days of ATF so that’s where they started. The album was to be called Free Heat which was an anagram of After The Fire, with the missing letters creating the word “rift”. Musicians who worked on the album with Piercy and Mal Pope included Roger Taylor (Queen), Henry Spinetti & Bob Jenkins – drums, John Giblin & Andy – bass, Alan Murphy & John Russell – guitar, Adrian Lee – keys. Mal Pope and John Russell both did some backing vocals. CBS released “8 Ball in the Top Pocket” (b-side “Deep Waters Still Run”) as a single and it did not get any airplay. They also pressed an extended version of the single but they ditched it before the release though some copies did sneak out. Work on the album had begun to get difficult as the demos were not turning into the tracks Piercy wished for. Then towards the end of recording, the producer, John Eden, told Piercy that he “didn’t like” any of the styles, bands or writers he was aspiring to. The whole project was dropped by CBS and was never released. Piercy recalls “I think they could have been good but I now realize I didn’t get the production help and direction I needed at the time.” Okay that’s enough of the history lesson so now my opinion. The choice of “8 Ball In The Top Pocket” was absolutely the wrong choice. Then they put “Deep Waters Still Run” on the B side which was even a worse decision. Everyone involved in the project knew the single was “Stop Go” followed up by “We Gotta Get Out Of This Place” but CBS didn’t care what all the talent thought. Now as for the album as a whole I actually think I agree with Andy that there were production problems. Normally this is where I would scream and yell about the mix but in this case it’s not the mix that is the problem. Actually I think the production is fantastic BUT the problem is that the tracks were mixed in different styles. I feel that there is 3 distinctly different sounds here. I think they’re all good but the album doesn’t have that continuity that great albums have. That said I believe producer John Eden did a good job but it just didn’t work out. One last gripe was the choice of the album name being a negative attitude towards After The Fire. In my opinion that just wasn’t called for or appropriate and knowing that Andy and Peter Banks were still trying to be friends it was in poor taste.

1 – Stop Go – 4:36
2 – We Gotta Get Out Of This Place – 4:44
3 – Terry – 6:20
4 – Young Love – 4:32
5 – Deep Waters Still Run – 4:13
6 – 8 Ball In The Top Pocket – 5:04
7 – Break Out – 4:53
8 – One Down For The Highway – 4:12
9 – Jewel In The Night – 4:52
10 – 4th Street Room 101 – 4:23

Artwork By [Design] – Roslav
Backing Vocals – Mal Pope, John Russell
Bass – John Giblin, Andy Piercy
Drums – Roger Taylor, Heny Spinetti, Bob Jenkins
Guitar – Alan Murphy, John Russell
Keyboards – Adrian Lee
Photography By – Eric Watson
Producer – Andy Piercy, John Eden
Vocals – Andy Piercy

Donna Summer – She Works Hard For the Money – 1983

After living the previous decade as the overtly sexual queen of disco Donna Summer entered the 80s experimenting with a few different musical styles and appeared to have lost herself in the wandering. With return to her roots with more of an 80-‘s pop/rock edge, a ferocious vocal delivery and a new born again spirit Donna Summer released one of the biggest albums in her lengthy career entitled “She Works Hard for the Money.” My little Christian bookstore was probably the second store in the country to carry it after I saw it being sold at Maranatha Village. I grabbed a copy immediately, both out of fascination and also to see if it was something I could convince my bosses to carry. Once you get past the often misunderstood innuendo of the opening cut’s title and realized that it actually is a powerful, woman endorsing tribute the rest of the album was an easy fit. “He’s a Rebel” is clearly a testimonial song about her new found faith in the “rebel” Jesus Christ and has a decidedly more rock edge and clearly influenced by producer Michael Omartian. “Unconditional Love” featured popular reggae sensation “Musical Youth.” The song would later receive a punk remodel when covered by Christian punk/rock band the Altar Boys. Another mainstay in Christian Music circles, Matthew Ward (2nd Chapter of Acts) does a duet on “Love Has a Mind of It’s Own” and, as a result, received some pretty good reception of Christian radio. Summer would continue to add more Gospel tinged lyrics to future releases but would not match the success or create such an overall realized album of Christian content.

Contributor David Lowman –

1 – She Works Hard For The Money – 5:19
2 – Stop, Look And Listen – 5:46
3 – He’s A Rebel – 4:22
4 – Woman – 4:19
5 – Unconditional Love – 4:41
6 – Love Has A Mind Of Its Own – 4:16
7 – Tokyo – 4:25
8 – People, People – 4:38
9 – I Do Believe (I Fell In Love) – 4:34

Art Direction, Design – Chris Whorf
Backing Vocals – Dara Lynn Bernard, Mary E. Bernard, Matthew Ward, Roberta Kelly
Bass – Nathan East
Concertmaster – Assa Drori
Congas – Lenny Castro
Coordinator [Production] – Yvonne Garcia
Drum Programming [Simmons] – John Gilston
Drums – Mike Baird
Engineer [Assistant] – Larry Fergusson, Ross Pallone
Horns – Charlie Loper*, Chuck Findley, Dick Hyde, Gary Grant, Jerry Hey
Liner Notes – Donna
Mastered By [A&M] – Bernie Grundman
Mastered By [Future Disc] – Steve Hall
Photography By – Harry Langdon
Piano, Synthesizer – Michael Omartian
Producer, Arranged By – Michael Omartian
Programmed By [Synthesizers] – Michael Boddicker
Recorded By, Mixed By – John Guess

Companies, etc.
Phonographic Copyright ℗ – Phonogram International B.V.
Copyright © – Phonogram International B.V.
Recorded At – Lion Share Recording Studios
Recorded At – Hollywood Sound Recorders
Recorded At – Rhema Studios
Mixed At – Lion Share Recording Studios
Mixed At – Hollywood Sound Recorders
Mixed At – Rhema Studios
Mastered At – Future Disc
Mastered At – A&M Mastering Studios
Pressed By – PRC Recording Company, Compton, CA
Manufactured By – Polygram Records, Inc.
Marketed By – Polygram Records, Inc.

Diller & Anderson – Diller & Anderson – 1983

Diller & Anderson are Ronnie Lee Diller and Steve Anderson. The duo met up in 1975 and soon after started a band called Radiance. Radiance enjoyed some success in the NW USA but never put an album out. In 1980 the guys left the band to work as a duo. They quickly recorded this album and self released it. The album starts out early 80’s country rock but then transitions to more of an early 80’s easy listening album. All in all it’s a pretty good album and I’m pretty sure we would have been happy listening to this one in 1983 if it had been available to us. As I understand it their next 2 albums are much more rock oriented but I haven’t heard either of them yet but I am looking forward to hearing them.

1 – Fallin’ Fallin’ – 3:20
2 – Hearts A Fire – 3:32
3 – Annabelle – 3:52
4 – Valuable – 3:12
5 – Tarnished Treasures – 4:35
6 – Makebeliever – 4:05
7 – Sweet Jesus – 3:14
8 – The Way, The Truth & The Life – 3:17
9 – Echo Of Your Voice – 3:35
10 – Everybody’s Gonna Bow To Him – 4:30

Barratt Band – Voice – 1983

This is the final album from the Barratt Band. The lineup changed slightly from their first album with Dave Engel replacing Russell Caldwell on drums. This album is fantastic as was their first one and it is the epitome of what my group of friends listened to in 1983. Of course we didn’t actually listen to this one because it as only released in the UK and NZ & Australia. Why their albums were not released in North America is completely beyond me. They both are excellent and I’m positive would have sold well. The sound is a Pop Rock sound and I guarantee you’ll enjoy this one.

1 – December – 6:13
2 – Stereo – 6:28
3 – Computer Failure – 2:52
4 – Loud Silence – 5:09
5 – Play My Guitar – 5:39
6 – Exit Through Exit – 3:07
7 – Being Alive – 3:17
8 – The Voice – 7:32

Bass – Dave Markee, Les Williams
Drums – Dave Engels
Engineer – Derek Murray
Guitar, Vocals – Norman Barratt
Keyboards – Dave Morris
Producer – Norman Barratt
Written-By – Dave Morris, Norman Barratt

Companies, etc.
Phonographic Copyright ℗ – Chapel Lane Productions
Distributed By – Concorde Productions

Rapid Flight – Music To ROCK Your Soul – 1983

There’s not much to say about this album because no one knows anything about this band. They self released this 4 track EP in 1983 though it has a 70’s sound and feel. It’s pretty good but probably a bit dated in 1983. And that’s it, I can’t tell you anymore, I don’t even know who’s in the band. Even David Lowman has no info on this album and if he has no info then there’s none to be had. So if you are 70’s style loved this one is definitely for you.

1 – Creation Crowned – 5:18
2 – My Son – 3:30
3 – Reach Out – 4:53
4 – Words Create – 3:15

Producer – Dan Westerbeck, Rapid Flight

Companies, etc.
Pressed By – Artist’s Recording Co. – 830443

Ipso Facto – Ipso Facto – 1983

You are probably aware of the group One Truth but you may not be aware of them when they changed their name to Ipso Facto. I was kind of wondering why they would use a different name for this EP but I think it’s because they wanted to do an album with an 80’s Pop sound without having their previous sound hung around their necks. But I’m left bewildered at why they self produced and released this EP and couldn’t find a label to release it. These guys were established musicians in the industry and should have had no problem with finding someone to release this album. They were previously with Greentree Records and while this album wasn’t the style of album Greentree were releasing at that point in the 80’s but they were owned by Benson who had all sorts of labels that could have released this album. Oh well anyway you should give this EP a quick listen, it has a solid 80’s sound and the track “Michael” will be going into my regular rotation.

1 – Michael – 5:20
2 – Who Will You Blame – 4:50
3 – Heartmaker – 3:37
4 – Multiple Choice – 5:56

Bass – Glen Holmen
Bass, Vocals – Andrew Osbrink
Drums, Percussion, Vocals – William Dragoo
Guitar, Vocals – David John Etzen
Keyboards – Smitty Price
Lead Vocals, Guitar – Randall Butler
Piano, Vocals – Terry Butler

Lone Justice – This Is Lone Justice: The Vaught Tapes, 1983 – 2014

This was a great album that came out in 2014. It is a studio recording of work form the band back in 1983 before they were known to most of us. I’m a little unclear of what this recording session was. It has a few covers so it would have been difficult to release as a demo or as an album legally. That said I’m sure glad years later someone released it. The album is very raw as it was recorded by engineer David Vaught with direct to two-track tape and no overdubs. Because of this it has a great raw feeling and if you listen closely you can even hear some conversation in the background on a track or two. It’s too bad it took until 2014 but at least it did get released.

1 – Nothing Can Stop My Loving You – 1:58
2 – Jackson – 3:02
3 – Soap, Soup And Salvation – 4:11
4 – The Grapes Of Wrath – 2:33
5 – Dustbowl Depression Time – 2:46
6 – Rattlesnake Mama – 1:45
7 – Vigilante – 1:51
8 – Working Man’s Blues – 2:33
9 – Cactus Rose – 3:47
10 – When Love Comes Home To Stay – 3:07
11 – Cottonbelt – 3:10
12 – This World Is Not My Home – 2:30

Art Direction, Design – Greg Allen
Bass, Vocals – Marvin Etzioni
Drums – Don Heffington
Lead Guitar, Vocals – Ryan Hedgecock
Mastered By – Bernie Grundman
Producer – Lone Justice
Producer [Associate] – Josh Mills
Producer [This Release Produced By] – Cheryl Pawelski, Greg Allen
Recorded By – David Vaught
Rhythm Guitar, Vocal Percussion – Maria McKee

Companies, etc.
Recorded At – Suite 16 Studios
Mastered At – Bernie Grundman Mastering
Manufactured By – Omnivore Recordings
Marketed By – Omnivore Recordings
Licensed To – Omnivore Recordings
Copyright © – Omnivore Recordings
Phonographic Copyright ℗ – McKee/Hedgecock/Etzioni/Heffington
Pressed By – Rainbo Records – S-88548