Darrell Mansfield – The Vision – 1983

This was Darrell’s 5th album (his first was with Gentle Faith). As his albums do this one features Darrell’s spectacular harmonica work. Through the years I always found it impossible to compare Mansfield to any other musician due his superior harmonica skills. This album has a variety of Blues, Rock, and even a tune or two that some described as Pop but they aren’t Pop in my opinion. My favourite tracks of this album were actually the lead in and exit tracks. Both are short great tunes. Of course the album is dominated by the song “Radio” which Darrell would play religiously at his live shows (Yes the pun was intended). If you like Rock & Roll this is the album for you.

1 – Lay Down This World – 1:07
2 – No More Blues – 3:40
3 – Hard Times – 3:26
4 – The Vision – 5:05
5 – Radio – 3:52
6 – Walk Across Heaven – 4:14
7 – Empty Hearts – 4:05
8 – Can’t Do Nothin’ Without Jesus Love – 3:55
9 – Jerusalem – 3:42
10 – Haven You Been Listenin’ – 1:25

Art Direction – Alex MacDougall
Backing Vocals – Anthony Dean, Jeff Nicholson, Rosemary Butler, Tom Howard, Virgil Beckham
Bass – Abraham Laboriel, Charlie Souza, Jeff Nicholson, John Patitucci
Design [Album Design] – Gary DeLacy, Rick Griffin
Drums – Bill Lordan, Billy Maxwell, Paul Angers
Engineer – Brook Johnson, Chris Taylor, Linda Schaffer, Willie Harlan
Guitar – Anthony Dean, Dennis Carothers, Don Gerber, Eric Turner, Hadley Hockensmith, Jerry Swallow, Steve Kara, Virgil Beckham
Keyboards – Dave Garland, Harlan Rogers, Tom Howard
Lead Vocals, Harmonica [Harp] – Darrell Mansfield
Mastered By – Bernie Grundman
Percussion – Alex Acuña
Photography By – Linda Baily, Scott Lockwood
Photography By [Photo Tinting] – Valerie Sutter
Producer – Darrell Mansfield, Tommy Coomes, Virgil Beckham

Companies, etc.
Distributed By – Word, Inc.
Phonographic Copyright (p) – A&S Records
Copyright (c) – A&S Records
Recorded At – Rocshire Studios
Recorded At – I.A.M. Studios, Irvine
Recorded At – Whitefield Studios
Mixed At – Rocshire Studios
Mixed At – I.A.M. Studios, Irvine
Mastered At – A&M Studios

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Vox Dei – Quitate la Máscara – 1990

Vox Dei is one of the top Spanish Christian bands of all time and this was their first release in 1990. Of course I can’t understand most of it however I find the music to be well done and while a little raw, typical for a first album, they are very talented musicians. The album has 3 Spanish covers of English CCM songs.

Joe English – Power of Prayer – “El Poder de la Oracion”

Resurrection Band – Lovin’ You – “Siempre Te Amare”

Darrell Mansfield – Bible Study (La Droga No Es Solucion – Drugs are Not the Solution)

The Darrell Mansfield cover apparently has the lyrics reworked into a anti drug song.

If you only listen to one Spanish Christian album this should probably be the one.

1 – Quitate la Máscara – (Take off the Mask)
2 – Libre de Egipto – (Free of Egypt)
3 – Amor Verdadero – (True Love)
4 – Salmo 23 – (Psalm 23)
5 – Gloria Al Señor – (Glory to the Lord)
6 – El Poder de la Oracion – (The Power of Prayer)
7 – La Droga No Es Solucion – (Drugs are Not the Solution)
8 – Salmo 150 – (Psalm 150)
9 – Vivo Está – (Live)
10 – Siempre Te Amare – (Lovin’ You)

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Darrell Mansfield – Higher Power – 1979

Darrell’s first solo album was a good start to his blues and rock career. With songwriting by Denny Correll on “Children Don’t Run” and drums by John Mehler throughout, this is a solid work that stands the test of time well. Darrell’s signature harmonica sound is present on a lot of tracks here, but it’s just the tip of the iceberg that is his legendary harp playing.

Skip Konte (of Three Dog Night) plays keys and adds some percussion.

The song “That’s Alright” makes is debut on this record. It remained a signature track throughout his career and this original version is great to hear again.

1 – Children Don’t Run – 4:10
2 – The Prize – 4:57
3 – That’s All Right – 3:51
4 – He Has Overcome – 5:18
5 – No More Blues – 3:38
6 – Love Conquers All – 2:50
7 – Giver Of Life – 4:22
8 – Every Night Every Day – 4:09
9 – Higher Power – 3:47

Companies, etc.:
Distributed By – Word
Phonographic Copyright (p) – Maranatha! Music
Copyright (c) – Maranatha! Music
Recorded At – I.A.M. Studios, Irvine

Acoustic Guitar – Don Gerber
Bass – Marc Levine
Drums – John Mehler
Electric Guitar – Anthony Dean, Steve Kara (tracks: A2)
Harmonica – Darrell Mansfield
Keyboards – Skip Konte
Percussion – Paul Angers (tracks: B2), Skip Konte

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Darrell Mansfield Band – Live – 1983

Recorded in January 1980 and released on MRC in 1983, this live album features mainly songs from Darrell’s Get Ready album. The concert was recorded on a 2 track system at Calvary Chapel in California. The Get Ready album was released in 1980, so these songs were probably completely unknown to the audience at the time.

This band knows how to entertain. The live versions of these songs give them plenty of life. Darrell always has had a great stage presence, and he brings it out here.

MRC was not Darrell’s regular record label, and in fact this is the only album of his released by them. Darrell was signed to Polydor at the time and appears courtesy of Polydor.

The Amazing Grace guitar intro to “Mr. Rock and Roll” is the perfect setup for this song. As often happens, this fast paced tune is even faster live and the band just hums through it.

The band does an extremely polished version of “That’s Alright” from Darrell’s 1979 debut solo album. They catch the power of this song perfectly, and Darrell’s harmonica playing abilities are really let loose.

Track Listing:
1 – LIfesaver
2 – Mr. Rock And Roll
3 – That’s All Right
4 – Heaven Southwestern
5 – Power Of Love
6 – Get Ready

Arranged By – The DMB
Artwork – Rick Griffin
Bass Guitar – Jimmy Perez
Drums – Donny Vosburgh
Electric Guitar – Tony Dean
Electric Guitar [Rhythm] – Dennis Carothers
Keyboards – Jeff Lams
Lead Vocals, Harmonica – Darrell Mansfield
Photography By – Chuck Schmid

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Bloodgood – (self titled) – 1986

This was the first album from Bloodgood who were one of the early and biggest Heavy Metal bands in the Christian genre.

They were formed in Seattle in 1984 by Michael Bloodgood. They sold over 5000 copies of their self produced demo at concerts which attracted attention from new record label Frontline Records.

Darrell Mansfield was brought in to produce the album which ended up sounding very well engineered and produced.

Track Listing:
1 – Accept The Lamb – 3:47
2 – Stand In The Light – 3:41
3 – Demon On The Run – 3:56
4 – Anguish And Pain – 3:02
5 – Awake – 4:10
6 – Soldier Of Peace – 3:15
7 – You Lose – 2:53
8 – What’s Following The Grave – 5:00
9 – Killing The Beast – 4:41
10 – Black Snake – 2:53

Bass, Backing Vocals – Michael Bloodgood
Drums – J.T. Taylor (2)
Engineer – Doug Doyle
Guitar, Backing Vocals – David Zaffiro
Lead Vocals – Les Carlsen
Producer – Darrell Mansfield

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Gentle Faith – (self titled) – 1976

Gentle Faith was Darrell Mansfield’s first band and they released their only album in 1976.

This album varies greatly in style as there are some light rock 70’s style tunes, a few bluegrass songs, and one good solid rock song. Most of the other band members from Gentle Faith worked with Darrell in future projects.

While this album is all over the place it should be listened to for the sake of hearing where Darrell came from.

1 – Simple Song
2 – Living In The Sonshine
3 – The Whole Lump Of Dough
4 – It’s So Good To Know
5 – Jerusalem
6 – Noah
7 – My Love For You
8 – Goin’ Back Home
9 – Turnaround
10 – Home

Acoustic Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin, Vocals – Don Gerber
Art Direction – Neal Buchanan
Artwork [Embroidery] – Nona Cutrona
Backing Vocals – Virgil Beckham
Bass, Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar – Henry Cutrona
Co-producer [Production Assistance] – Al Perkins
Drums, Percussion – Paul Angers
Electric Guitar, Bass, Mandolin, Vocals – Steve Kara
Engineer, Mixed By – Jonathan Brown*
Fiddle – Fred Field
Keyboards, Saxophone – Dave Garland*
Lead Vocals, Harmonica – Darrell Mansfield
Photography By – George Fortner, Scott Lockwood
Producer – Virgil Beckham
Resonator Guitar [Dobro] – Leroy McNee*
Strings – Dave Garland* (tracks: B5), Jim Stipech (tracks: A1)

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Darrell Mansfield – Born To Be Wild – 2008

This is a collection of classic rock songs (some altered slightly) put out by Darrell Mansfield.

There is actually very little info on this album and I’m not able to find the catalogue number for it. It is however perhaps the greatest “cover” album ever put out.

Some of the covers are so good you wouldn’t even know it’s a cover. I have no idea who his backing band was for this album, but they are obviously a very strong band.

Track Listing:
1 – Born to Be Wild
2 – Just Lookin’ for a Church
3 – Spirit in the Sky
4 – Back Slider
5 – Radar Love
6 – Drift Away
7 – For the Love of Money
8 – Are You Ready?
9 – Respect Yourself
10 – Put a Little Love in Your Heart
11 – Oh Well
12 – Walking in God’s Love
13 – Get Together
14 – I’ll Be There
15 – Lean on Me
16 – Nature’s Way

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Real 80s CCM Podcast # 1

Episode #1 Featuring

  • Darell Mansfield
  • The Keep
  • Servant
  • Scott and Ray talking about old music
  • Guest appearance by Gena the dog

To view this episode with its original live video, see it here on Youtube:

Listen to just the audio below, or Right Click Here To Download


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Darrell Mansfield – Get Ready – 1980

This was the first album using the moniker “Darrell Mansfield Band” It is actually the 3rd album from Darrell Mansfield. The first used the name “Gentle Faith” and the second was a self titled album.

The southern blues sound of this album was well received in the CCM community, though strangely the album was on a secular label, “Polydor”.

The lead track “Get Ready” sets the tone for the album and the album rocks from there on. In my opinion the track “Heaven Southwestern” is the “single” of the album.

Track Listing:
1 – Get Ready – 4:44
2 – Mr. Rock ‘N Roll – 4:08
3 – Above The Water – 6:18
4 – Billy Joe – 3:48
5 – Heaven Southwestern – 6:10
6 – Never Be The Same – 3:38
7 – Power Of Love – 4:15
8 – Life Saver – 5:02

Art Direction – Bob Heimall (AGI)*
Artwork [Cover] – Dan Sneberger
Bass – Charlie Souza
Bass, Vocals – Jimmy Perez
Design [Logo] – Tim Barela
Drums – Donny Vosburgh, Paul Angers
Engineer – Scott Spain, Willie Harlan
Engineer [Assistant] – Brook Johnson
Engineer, Mixed By, Mastered By – Richard Donaldson
Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar – Anthony Dean (2)
Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Guitar [12 String], Vocals – Dennis Carothers
Photography By – Chuck Schmid*
Producer, Keyboards, Synthesizer – Skip Konte
Vocals, Harmonica – Darrell Mansfield

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Lifters – (self titled) – 1983

The Lifters were a rockabilly/50’s style band that showed up with this self titled EP in 1983.

In an era where the Stray Cats were popular this album filled a gap in Christian music.

With only 3 members this band put out a legitimate rockabilly sound. Too many musicians always seem to ruin this style of music.

Point of trivia on this album is that Darrell Mansfield supplied the harmonica tracks for the album.

Track Listing:
1 – Living Water
2 – Baby Left Me
3 – Bucket of Blues
4 – Eternity Bop
5 – I’m Yours
6 – He’s My Lord

Antwan Adams – Horns
Chris Brigandi – Songwriter, Guitars, Lead Vocals
Eddie Espinosa – Songwriter, Guitars
Dave Hackbarth – Horns
Kass – Bass Fiddle, Electric Bass, Background Vocals
Mark Kirschak – Songwriter
Michael Knott – Songwriter
Darrell Mansfield – Harmonica
Brian Ray – Songwriter, Drums, Percussion, Background Vocals
Ojo Taylor – Songwriter, Piano
Bill Walden – Horns
Dan Willard – Producer

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