The 2nd Chapter Of Acts – In The Volume Of The Book – 1975

This is the second studio album from The 2nd Chapter of acts who after this would simplify their name to just 2nd Chapter of Acts. Myrrh records was happy to have them back as their first album sold well. Phil Keaggy joins the best lineup of the band on guitar again and you can start to hear his skill level. Point of trivia about this album is that Michael Been (The Call) played Bass on some tracks. As for the album it’s a pretty easy listening album with strong 70’s vibes but if you want to hear Keaggy attack a Rock track listen to “Yahweh” which is not easy listening.

1 – Start Every Day With A Smile – 0:54
2 – Yahweh – 3:07
3 – Something Tells Me – 3:29
4 – The Grey Song – 1:56
5 – Now That I Belong To You – 4:04
6 – Ps. 63 – 1:51
7 – Prince Song – 2:51
8 – Morning Comes When You Call – 3:10
9 – Borrowed Time – 2:30
10 – Last Day Of My Life – 3:08
11 – Hey, Whatcha’ Say – 3:20
12 – Keep On Shinin’ – 3:13
13 – I Can’t Get Near You – 2:18

Michael Been – Bass
Jesse Cosio – Songwriter
Emery Gordy – Bass
Jay Graydon – Guitars
Nelly Greisen – Songwriter, Vocals
Annie Herring – Songwriter, Piano, Percussion, Vocals
Buck Herring – Producer, Engineer
David Hungate – Bass
Phil Keaggy – Guitars and Guitar Solos
David Kemper – Drums
Michael Omartian – Arranger, Piano, Organ, Aarpvark, Percussion
Larry Rolando – Guitars
Richard Souther – Songwriter
Danny Timms – Organ
Matthew Ward – Songwriter, Vocals

Companies, etc.
Recorded At – Sunwest Recording Studios
Mastered At – Artisan Sound Recorders
Copyright © – Latter Rain Music
Phonographic Copyright ℗ – Word, Inc.
Published By – Latter Rain Music

John Pantry – Empty Handed – 1978

So I’ll straight up admit I never hears of John before this album made its way across my desktop. He’s actually fairly well known and has a great history with music. In the 60’s he was in a fantastic obscure secular 60’s band called Peter & The Wolves (Not the recent Canadian version). I went back and listened to his work back them and it’s great. Later in the 80’s he was with a band called Fresh Air that had one album that I am feverishly looking for. Anyway this appears to have been his first Christian album and it is great. It has an early 70’s feel and a late 60’s feel on a few tracks. So if you missed this one back in the day give it a listen, it’s pretty darn good.

1 – Strong Love – 3:31
2 – Empty Handed – 3:17
3 – He Will Take Great Care – 3:12
4 – Will I Ever Get Over This – 3:18
5 – Reigning In My Heart – 3:53
6 – Behold I Stand At The Door And Knock – 2:35
7 – Slip Off Your Shoes – 3:22
8 – God Is Moving On – 3:25
9 – Sweat Healer – 3:57
10 – Priceless – 3:24

Backing Vocals – Elizabeth Kaufmann, Gwen Murray
Bass – Paul Cobbold
Design [sleeve] – Chris Bourne
Drums – Mike Wade
Engineer – Andy Kidd, Dave Aston
Guitar – Mo Witham
Saxophone, Flute – Robert McKay
Vocals, Keyboards, Producer, Written-By – John Pantry

Companies, etc.
Published By – Thank You Music
Phonographic Copyright ℗ – Maranatha! Music
Copyright © – Maranatha! Music
Recorded At – ICC Studios

Michael W. Smith – Go West Young Man – 1990

This was Michael’s “crossover” album. Man I hate that term but unfortunately it is appropriate for this album as it actually had very solid mainstream success. The single “Place in This World” peaked at #6 on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart. What actually makes this even more impressive is that it did it on a Christian label. Often when a Christian artists had success on the mainstream charts it’s partially because a secular label co-released the album, but not this time, Michael earned the ranking fair and square. As for the album it’s probably some of his best work and while a little over produced it’s a solid album with several very good tracks. Personally I think the title track is the single but it would not have done as well on radio.

1 – Go West Young Man – 4:00
2 – Love Crusade – 4:23
3 – Place In This World – 4:01
4 – For You – 4:08
5 – How Long Will Be Too Long – 4:35
6 – Seed To Sow – 6:13
7 – Cross My Heart – 4:35
8 – Emily – 4:17
9 – Agnus Dei – 5:08
10 – 1990~ – 1:39

A&R – Don Donahue, Richard Headen
Arranged By [Choral Arrangement For The African Children’s Choir] – Michael W. Smith
Arranged By [Choral Arrangement For The American Boychoir] – Ronn Huff
Arranged By [Horn Arrangements] – Chris McDonald
Arranged By [Strings], Conductor [Strings Conducted By] – Ronn Huff
Art Direction – Buddy Jackson, Deb Rhodes
Artwork By [Styling] – Mary Jane Starke
Choir [The African Children’s Choir] – “Moses” Benjamin Walusimbi, Alex Ndahura, Alpha Bugembe, Angelina Tushemereirwe, Barbara Kayaga, Bernett Kwesigomo, Edward Kizito, Eliphaz Isiko, Faruk Luyinda, Harriett Nalugo, Hope Namatovu, Isack Kalule, Israel Musoke, Jackie Nayiga, James Ndyanabo, Jane Babirye, Joseph Serwada, Josephine Nakato, Margaret Ndagire, Monika Muyodi, Niima Asiimwe, Rebecca Namuju, Sarah Nakayiza, Timothy Kabogere
Choir [The American Boychoir] – Aaron Cassidy, Benjamin Eley, Cameron Kruger, Charles Evans, Christopher Korenjak, David Listenberger, Evan Burris, Evan Weber, Kenneth Votapka, Lance Wiliford, Mitch Beeler, Nathan Wadley, Richard Lee, Scott Couper
Co-producer – Bryan Lenox
Concertmaster, Contractor – Carl Gorodetzky
Conductor [The African Children’s Choir Director] – Gertrude Kafeero
Conductor [The American Boychoir] – James H. Litton
Design – B. Middleworth
Edited By – Nick Palladino
Engineer [Additional Engineering By] – Dave Murphy, Don Martin, Pasquale DelVillagio, Pat Hutchinson, Patrick Kelly
Engineer [Engineered By] – Bill Deaton, Billy Whittington, Brent King, Bret Teegarden, Bryan Lenox
Executive-Producer [Executive Producers] – Michael Blanton, Terry Hemmings
Featuring – The African Children’s Choir, The American Boychoir, The Nashville String Machine
Management [Exclusive Management And Direction] – Blanton \ Harrell, Inc.
Mastered By – Stephen Marcussen
Mixed By – Humberto Gatica
Mixed By [Assisted By] – Alejandro Rodriguez, David Parker
Other [MWS Personal Assistant] – Elizabeth Leighton Jones
Photography By – Mark Tucker
Producer [MWS Vocals Produced By] – Wayne Kirkpatrick
Producer [Produced By] – Michael W. Smith
Programmed By [Keyboard Programming] – Bryan Lenox, MWS, Mike Lawler, Tommy Sims, Trace Scarborough
Recorded By [Strings] – Brett King
Recorded By [The American Boychoir] – Rick Rowe
Soloist – Nathan Wadley

Companies, etc.
Phonographic Copyright ℗ – Reunion Records
Copyright © – Reunion Records
Distributed By – Word Records Limited
Distributed By – Word (Uk) Ltd.
Manufactured By – Word, Inc.
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Mixed At – Sixteenth Avenue Sound
Copyright © – O’Ryan Music, Inc.
Copyright © – Emily Boothe, Inc.
Copyright © – Age To Age Music, Inc.
Copyright © – Whitney Katherine Music, Inc.

David Meece – Learning To Trust – 1989

This is David’s 10th album and his first with Star Song/Sparrow and that’s the reason I dislike this excellent album. Okay let me explain. It is obvious that Star Song threw a TON of money at this album. The production list is like something from a mainstream platinum album. So what’s the problem you ask. The album is way way over produced. I mean there are some great tracks on this album. “When I Was Seventeen” is an excellent track with an excellent guitar track BUT it is just too smooth. It needs to be rough with a Bryan Adams feel not the smooth calculated and way over mixed version we get. Another example of what’s wrong with this album is that David, one of the best pianists in the world, only plays keyboards on 2 tracks. What? The album instead chooses to center around his vocals which quite frankly are secondary to his keyboard skills. Okay but is it a good album? Yes it’s a very good album and there are some timeless tracks but I just wish it was a little more raw.

1 – Prelude (Instrumental) – 0:34
2 – When I Was Seventeen – 4:26
3 – Learning To Trust – 4:59
4 – To Know Him – 3:48
5 – To The Glory Of God – 4:01
6 – The Man With The Nail Scars – 4:47
7 – Interlude In B Minor (Instrumental) – 0:55
8 – This Time – 4:43
9 – When All Colors Turn To Love – 4:11
10 – Somebody’s Calling Your Name – 5:05
11 – The Rest Of My Life – 3:56

Backing Vocals – Chris Eaton, Chris Rodriguez, Donna McElroy, Gordon Kennedy, Jimmie Lee Sloas, Vickie Hampton, Wayne Kirkpatrick
Bass – Jimmie Lee Sloas, Mike Brignardello, Tommy Sims
Bass [Programming] – Shane Keister
Design – Janice Watson
Director Of Photography – Joan Tankersley
Drum Programming – Shane Keister
Drums – Chris McHugh, Paul Leim
Engineer – Jeff Balding
Engineer [Assistant] – Byron House, Carry Summers, Jeff Borders, Roy Gamble, Shawn McLean, Steve Bishir
Engineer [Overdubs] – Brown Bannister
Guitar – Gordon Kennedy, Jerry McPherson, Tom Hemby, Wayne Scott Farley
Keyboards – David Meece, Phil Naish, Shane Keister, Tommy Dorsey
Keyboards [Additional] – David Meece
Mastered By – Doug Sax
Mixed By – Billy Whittington, Jeff Balding, Nick Fromme
Mixed By [Assistant] – John David Parker
Percussion – Chris McHugh, Paul Leim, Terry McMillan
Photography By – Eika Aoshima
Producer – Brown Bannister, Shane Keister
Production Manager [Production Coordinator] – Richard Headen
Tom Tom, Cymbal – Chris McHugh

Companies, etc.
Produced For – RBI Productions
Recorded At – The Bennett House
Recorded At – OmniSound Studios
Recorded At – The Castle Recording Studios
Mixed At – Sixteenth Avenue Sound
Mastered At – The Mastering Lab
Glass Mastered at – Nimbus, Virginia
Distributed By – Sparrow/Star Song Distribution
Copyright © – Star Song
Phonographic Copyright ℗ – Star Song
Published By – Meece Music
Published By – Arose Music

The Archers – Keep Singin That Love Song – 1974

This is the first album that The Archers recorded with Impact Records. They did re-release their first album with Impact but Impact were not involved with that album other than that. Impact had Bob MacKenzie step in and do the production for the album. They all obviously meshed together well as the album had 2 number one hits, “Little Flowers” and “Jesus, He Is The Son Of God”. This is the album that really introduced The Archers to the world but strangely they couldn’t follow it up with Impact as they switched over to Light Records after this album. Anyway if your an Archers fan this is the one that actually started it all even though it wasn’t their first album.

1 – Keep Singin’ That Love Song – 2:50
2 – Truth, Peace And Joy – 3:21
3 – He Washed My Sins Away – 2:34
4 – Children – 3:11
5 – Jesus (He Is The Son Of God) – 3:00
6 – Thank You, Lord Jesus – 3:51
7 – Little Flowers – 4:16
8 – Soul Down – 3:00
9 – He Loves You – 2:42
10 – There Is A Light – 3:38

Don Aldridge – Songwriter
Steve Archer – Vocals
Tim Archer – Vocals
The Archers – Vocal Arrangements
Andrae Crouch – Songwriter
Stu Evans – Engineer
Jon Ferrin – Songwriter
Toby Foster – Remix Engineer, Mastered
Lee Hazen – Remix Engineer
Phil Johnson – Songwriter
Danny Lee – Songwriter
Bob MacKenzie – Producer
Billy Masters – Songwriter, Vocals
Nancye Short – Songwriter, Vocals
Bob Sisco – Vocal and Instrumental Arrangements

Scott Springer – Hello Forever – 1993

This album is often called the 3 album from Halo but it is not. Scott Springer is indeed joined by Halo drummer Mike Graham but the rest of the band is absent. Furthermore I don’t feel it has the same sound as Halo. It is much more AOR oriented. As with the Halo albums this one is produed by the Elefante brothers and as usual the production is top notch and as is common on their albums they pitched in on instruments and song writing. Personally I preferred the Halo albums but this album stands strong on it’s own. This album will go down as one of the poorest album covers of 1993 as it almost insinuates this is a swing album or something The cover was done by David Bach (Guardian) and I’ve seen his other work and it all seemed good, but I feel he missed on this one.

1 – Anytime – 3:55
2 – Hello Forever – 4:31
3 – Behold The Lamb – 4:40
4 – Psycho Babble – 4:05
5 – The Victory – 4:29
6 – His Name Is Jesus – 4:56
7 – Stand Up – 4:14
8 – On My Knees – 4:17
9 – Promises – 4:39
10 – Wounded Soldier – 4:10

Art Direction, Design – David Bach
Backing Vocals – Dave Amato, Dino Elefante, Doug Beiden, John Elefante, Sarah Tennison, Scott Springer
Bass – E.L. McNeely, Jack Mack, John Pierce
Drums – David Raven, Mike Graham
Engineer – Dino Elefante, Doug Beiden, J.R. McNeely, John Elefante
Guitar – Dino Elefante, E.L. McNeely, Glenn Pearce
Keyboards – John Andrew Schreiner, John Elefante
Mastered By – Chris Bellman
Mixed By – Neil Kernon
Photography By – Ben Pearson
Producer – Dino Elefante, John Elefante
Written-By – Dino Elefante, Doug Beiden, John Elefante, Mike Graham, Scott Springer

Companies, etc.
Phonographic Copyright ℗ – Pakaderm Records, bWord, Inc.
Copyright © – Word, Inc.
Manufactured By – Word, Inc.
Distributed By – Word, Inc.
Distributed By – Nelson Word Ltd.
Made By – Nimbus
Recorded At – Pakaderm Studios
Mastered At – Bernie Grundman Mastering

Stevie & The Saints – Metalblue – 1987

This album was presented to me as a metal album but quite frankly after listening to it about 3 ties I just don’t get a metal feeling from it. Instead what I’m hearing is a great southern Rock album. There are some ZZ Top feelings and quite frankly some Rez feelings. Bottom line what we have here is a fantastic bluesy hard Rock album that deserved a much larger audience. My only complaint is that the production is not the best. I read the album was produced on a tight budget and you can tell. The talent of the band is very high so it still balances out that this is a great album and a must have in your CCM collection.

1 – We Are The Saints – 3:03
2 – Saint’s Boogie – 3:53
3 – Code Name: Jesus – 3:23
4 – One In One-Hundred – 6:06
5 – Don’t Knock The Rock – 4:01
6 – Talkin’ bout Love – 5:26
7 – Jehovah Jirah – 3:26
8 – Prisoner Of Love – 2:59

Backing Vocals – Kathy Jameson, Maureen Kelly
Bass Guitar – Ken Kane
Cover – Ken Roberts
Drums – John Tinker
Engineer – James Saad
Keyboards – Ralph Clayton
Lead Guitar – Steve Olsen
Photography By – Glenn Emery Brim
Producer – Ken Roberts
Vocals – Steve Olsen

Companies, etc.
Copyright © – Slick Songs

Fraction – Moon Blood 1971/1999 – Full Album

We don’t often publish 70’s bands with no connection to the 80’s but this band is an exception due to how good it is. If you have one of the original copies of this album your pretty lucky as it is said that it only had 200 copies pressed and it sells in excess of $1000. That is a very small pressing and I wonder why a record label didn’t grab this release and give it a full release given the quality of it. I can only guess is that it just simply never crossed anyone’s desk. This is probably the best 70’s album I have ever heard. These guys were good, very good. Strangely none of them ever went on to do anything else. This completely mystifies me. Anyway it had several re-releases in the 90’s forward and a CD release in 1999 included 3 bonus tracks which we have included. Thanks to David Lowman for letting me know about this excellent album.

1 – Sanc-Divided – 3:51
2 – Come Out Of Her – 4:56
3 – Eye Of The Hurricane – 8:56
4 – Sons Come To Birth – 5:27
5 – This Bird (Sky High) – 8:11
CD Bonus Tracks
6 – Prisms – 4:23
7 – Dawning Light – 4:40
8 – Intercessor’s Blues – 3:55

Bass – Vic Hemme
Engineer [Recording] – Frank Kejmar
Guitar – Bob Meinel, Don Swanson
Percussion – Curt Swanson
Photography By – John Stanchfield
Producer – Fraction
Vocals, Concept By, Design – Jim Beach

Companies, etc.
Manufactured By – Modern Album, Burbank
Recorded At – Whitney Recording Studios

Paul Smith – Child Of The Father – 1978

Paul Smith of course is best known for being in the Imperials. He did go on to a solo career after the Imperials but this little known album came before he joined the Imperials. When I say little known it’s because this album does not appear to have been on a label. It appears Paul self released this album so I am assuming no one ever heard of it. Strangely it appears to be highly collectable with copies fetching $300. I have listened to the album and there is nothing here that is deserving of that price tag but it is a good album if you like that 70’s easy listening style.

1 – Yes, I Know – 4:37
2 – Singin’ Through The Rain – 3:17
3 – Before I Knew – 4:27
4 – Child Of The Father – 3:32
5 – One More Day – 5:44
6 – Now I See The Man – 3:09
7 – Lonely People Serenade – 6:07
8 – Let There Still Be Love – 3:48
9 – Always – 4:23

Arranged By – Robert Sterling
Backing Vocals – Suite Lady
Backing Vocals [Suite Lady] – Cindy Vaughn, Denise Griffith, Gail Quillan, Jean Seal, Jean Secliffe
Bass – Andy Rae
Design – Nancy Perry
Drums, Percussion – Robert Sterling
Engineer – Bob Sullivan
Guitar – Bob Thomas
Keyboards, Synthesizer – Shane Keister
Liner Notes – Charles F. Brown
Mixed By [Assistant] – Charles F. Brown
Photography By – Tim Henry
Producer – Robert Sterling
Saxophone – Greg Bashara
Trombone – Anne Broaddus, David Carter
Trumpet, Flugelhorn – Mark Nally

Companies, etc.
Published By – Glorysound Publishing
Published By – Home Sweet Home Publishing
Published By – John T. Benson Publishing
Published By – PostScript Music
Recorded At – Rivendell Sound Recorders
Recorded At – Sunset-Burnet Studios

X-Sinner – Get it – 1989

X-Sinner was formed in 1988 by guitarist Greg Bishop in Orange County California. It also appears to have been the first album released on the Elefante brothers label Pakaderm Records. I can’t think of a better intro album for a new label. X-Sinner’s comparison to AC DC is rather obvious but they are more than that I would argue. I can definitely hear some original ideas and they didn’t just copy AC DC as often accused. To say the album was well received is an understatement as they were named the favourite new band of 1989 by the readers of HM Magazine. If the intro track doesn’t hook you then there’s something wrong with you. My only complaint about the band is that I wish they would have some out earlier in the 80’s but you can’t really blame the band for that. The album is perfectly produced by the Elefante brothers and is one of my personal favourite CCM albums of all time.

1 – Medicine – 3:22
2 – Steppin’ On Toes – 3:28
3 – Hearts On Fire – 4:13
4 – No Way In – 3:43
5 – Get It – 4:18
6 – Accountable – 4:13
7 – Walking Evil – 4:48
8 – Lift Him Up – 3:13
9 – Kick ‘Em Out – 3:17
10 – Livin’ On The Edge – 4:07

Art Direction – Terry Degraff
Band [X-Sinner Is], Bass – Rob Kniep
Band [X-Sinner Is], Drums – Michael Buckner
Band [X-Sinner Is], Guitar – Greg Bishop
Band [X-Sinner Is], Vocals – David Robbins
Engineer [Assistant] – Jeff Simmons
Engineer [Engineered By], Mixed By – Dino Elefante, John Elefante, Mike Mierau
Graphics [Title] – Noah’s Art
Layout – John Shaffer
Mastered By – Doug Sax
Musician [Additional], Backing Vocals – Dino Elefante
Musician [Additional], Backing Vocals, Keyboards – John Elefante
Musician [Additional], Drums – David Raven
Photography By [Cover] – Jodi Summer
Producer [Produced By] – Dino Elefante, John Elefante
Written-By – Robbins* (tracks: 1 to 9), Bishop* (tracks: 1 to 9)

Companies, etc.
Phonographic Copyright ℗ – Pakaderm Records
Copyright © – Pakaderm Records
Manufactured By – Word, Inc.
Distributed By – Word, Inc.
Recorded At – Pakaderm Studios
Mixed At – Pakaderm Studios
Mastered At – The Mastering Lab