Terry Scott Taylor – Knowledge & Innocence – 1986

One would never expect an album about death to be so beautiful and uplifting. Born out of the ashed of the death of his grandfather and miscarriage of his first child, Knowledge and Innocence is the prettiest and sweetest album in Terry Scott Taylor’s lengthy and fabled career. Delayed for what seems like an eternity, when the album finally came out in 1986, the album did what was probably expected; TST’s rabid fan base ate it up and the majority of CCM and Christian radio never noticed it’s passing. Oddly enough, it remains possibly the most commercial and accessible album in Taylor’s repertoire. Lush, beautiful, stunning, haunting and completely unforgettable. The only negative is the computerized and electronic instrumentation, especially the drums. This though possibly adds to the other-worldly feel of the project. That’s a plus since the album focuses so much on “the other world.” Dancing on Light and Song of Innocence should have been radio favorites. The latter features a duet with long time friend randy Stonehill. Oddly enough, considering the long term friendship and partnership between these two men over the years, this was the first time they sang a duet together. Taylor’s love for his grandfather is prevalent here and on other recording. But here we see a glimpse of the softer, loving father side of Taylor as he addresses the loss of a child before birth. Songs like Light Princess delve into the heart of an artist unlike others. There is a wonderful tension between loss and the future reunion awaiting those who are left that creates a beautiful and faithful listening experience.

Contributor David Lowman – https://ccms500bestalbums.wordpress.com/

1 – Dancing On Light – 4:54
2 – (Out Of) The Wild Wood – 5:43
3 – Here He Comes, Second Time – 3:06
4 – Waiting – 3:08
5 – Picture Of You – 3:56
6 – Song Of Innocence – 3:48
7 – The Old Time Gospel Camp Meeting Hour – 0:37
8 – The Riders Of The Western Skies (Medley) – 3:15
9 – Picture Of “U” (Reprise) – 1:43
10 – Ever After – 3:32
11 – Home Movies – 1:17
12 – One More Time – 3:41
13 – Baby’s Heartbeat (6 Months) – 0:15
14 – Light Princess – 3:59
15 – (Inner Cut) Waiting (Reprise) – 1:14

Arranged By [All Arrangements] – Rob, Terry
Arranged By [Gospel Medley Adaption & Vocal Arrangements By] – Rob
Arranged By [String Arrangements] – Rob Watson (tracks: 11, 13)
Art Direction, Layout – Ed McTaggart
Backing Vocals – Beau MacDougal, Bob Bennett (3), Chuck Girard, Jay Truax, Jerry Chamberlain, Rob Watson, Terry Taylor, Tom Howard, Tom Coomes
Bass Guitar – Tim Chandler (tracks: 7)
Design Concept [Cover & Inner Sleeve Art Concepts] – Terry
Drums – Ed McTaggart (tracks: 2), Terl Bryant (tracks: 9)
Electric Guitar – Greg Flesch (tracks: 4, 7), Tim Chandler (tracks: 4)
Engineer [Engineered By] – Doug Doyle
Guitar – Lenny Wagonmaster (tracks: 1)
Guitar [Nylon String] – Greg Flesch (tracks: 5, 14)
Illustration – Jon Fraze
Illustration [Lyric Illustrations] – Connie Watson
Keyboards, Synthesizer [Synthesizers], Guitar [Guitars], Backing Vocals [B.G.V.’s], Bass, Percussion – Rob Watson
Lead Vocals [Duet], Acoustic Guitar – Randy Stonehill (tracks: 6)
Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Arranged By [Reprise & Incidental Arrangements] – Terry Scott Taylor
Mastered By – John Matousek
Percussion – Alex MacDougal (tracks: 5), Terl Bryant (tracks: 1, 4, 7)
Photography By – Doug Doyle
Producer [Produced By] – Rob Watson, Terry Taylor
Remastered By [Digital Re-mastering By] – Doug Doyle
Written-By [All Songs Written By] – Terry Taylor (tracks: 3 to 14)

Companies, etc.
Copyright (c) – Refuge Records
Record Company – Alternative Music Group
Produced For – R.B. Productions
Recorded At – 3-D Studios, Costa Mesa CA.
Mastered At – Motown Recording Studios
Remastered At – Digital Brothers
Designed At – Stunt Productions
Published By – Snellsongs
Pressed By – Disc Manufacturing, Inc., Huntsville – 30177

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4•4•1 – Mourning Into Dancing – 1986

When discussing the Southern California New wave/Punk scene of the 1980’s it is easy to refer to Undercover, the Lifesavors, Altar Boys and the Lifters, but 441 should not be forgotten. After recording only two albums (a later release featured two band members), the band disappeared. The eponymous debut made an immediate impact as I continued my pestering of the program director of KYMS to try new bands. I was often rebuffed because of the too rocky and edgy music, but with 441 there was an instant appreciation. More soulful new wave/new romantic styles like that of Duran Duran and Spandau Ballet on the softer side, the band was more polished, pop and accessible. As a result the bands singles charted heavily on the station and their popularity grew. But there second album was significantly better, both musically and lyrically as stronger production at the hands of John and Dino Elefante. The band also stood out because they were not afraid to write about the darker, more serious struggles young Christian faced including doubt, purity and self-steem issues. They would wonderfully mask these topics in unforgettable pop. Lead vocalist John McNamara had a cool swing and swagger that worked with the sound. The album cover should been seriously reconsidered. It was so “demo” and “rock’ looking that it should be considered false advertising. This was clearly before the days of image consultants. 441 was band for their time. Caught squarely in the 1980’s new wave sound, the record sound dated, or better yet, nostalgic. The reason is because they were authentic for the time. They were not behind of ahead of the times, they were squarely rooted in the day. And within that framework they created some wonderful music and one very fine record.

Contributor David Lowman – https://ccms500bestalbums.wordpress.com/

1 – Mourning Into Dancing – 3:56
2 – In The Night – 4:12
3 – Is It Enough? – 4:57
4 – In His Presence – 4:43
5 – Take Their Toll – 3:19
6 – New Land – 3:59
7 – On The Run – 4:09
8 – Jordan – 3:05
9 – Say It Right – 3:51

Backing Vocals – Bob Loux, Greg Velasco, John Stothers, Laura Hale, Sylvia Bronson
Bass, Keyboards – Glenn Holland
Drums – John Elefante (tracks: 9)
Drums, Cymbal – Steve Giali
Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, E-Bow – John Giali
Guitar – Dino Elefante (tracks: 5,9)
Guitar [Solo] – John Gaudesi (tracks: 2)
Mastered By – Wally Trautgott
Percussion – Kurt Rasmussen
Saxophone [Solo] – Scott Martin (tracks: 3)
Vocals – John McNamara

Companies, etc.
Recorded At – Pakaderm Studios
Mastered At – Capitol Records

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Ariel – Ariel – 1986

This is going to be a very brief description as there is very little known about this band. They were from Victoria Canada and they self released this album in 1986. That’s all I can find. It’s a Metal album which in places actually leans Hard Rock. It’s quite good and I’m a bit surprised it wasn’t picked up by one of the local area labels as there were a couple in that area of Canada. If you’re a Metal head you’ll probably like this one so take the time to give it a listen.

1 – Take Hold – 4:54
2 – Draw Close – 2:59
3 – Set Me On Fire – 3:10
4 – Psalm 139 – 3:18
5 – Prince Of Life – 3:07
6 – Fight For Your Life – 4:51
7 – Love Not The World – 4:43
8 – The Gathering – 4:19
9 – The Second Coming – 3:57

Bass Guitar – Bruce Davies
Drums – Steve Sawatsky
Engineer – Tony Moskal
Lead Vocals – Steve Satkowski
Producer – Tony Moskal
Vocals – Lisa Sawatsky
Vocals, Guitar – Ron Willies

Companies, etc.
Recorded At – Victoria’s Legacy Sound Studios, Victoria B.C.

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Carson Cole and RU4 – Mainstreet – 1986

I will admit very limited knowledge of Carson Cole either before or after the release of this legitimate Americana rocker record on Frontline Records back in 1987. I remember that he was from Canada and that Mike MacLane of Frontline was a huge John Mellencamp fan and kept telling me about Carson long before the album came out. Painted with the same striped as Mellencamp, Springsteen, Mark Farner, Robert Vauhgan and even 38 Special, Carson Cole and RU4 delivered a driving and rocking American heartland project. The title track has a killer rock groove and Cole’s slightly rough edged vocals combining to create a decent Christian rock radio hit. Themes on the album are common Christian fair for the time but without the common vernacular that caused mainstream listeners to miss the point. But there are also theme of guilt, depression, infidelity, forgiveness and the all too common apocalyptic elements. A personal favorite is Kingdom Come, and fun rocker with Dylanesque vocals and an E Street vibe complete with sax solo.

Contributor David Lowman – https://ccms500bestalbums.wordpress.com/

1 – Mainstreet – 3:45
2 – Donna – 3:57
3 – Cheating – 3:28
4 – Hailstones – 3:00
5 – Fight – 2:48
6 – Kingdom Come – 4:25
7 – Bradley – 4:34
8 – Hollywood And God – 3:19
9 – Serenity – 4:05
10 – Emmanuel – 4:10

Keyboards – Carson Cole, John Garau, Doug Doyle
Guitars – Cole Carson, Mike Stand
Lead Guitars – Greg Flesch, Doug Doyle, Mike Stand, Carson Cole
Bass – Tim Chandler
Drums – Martin Zinger
Sax – Alan Palmer
Background Vocals – Walter S. Harrah, Bobbi White, Maxayne Moriguchi
Producer – Carson Cole, Doug Doyle, Terry Taylor

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Justus – Someone’s Waiting – 1986

The Pahl brothers and Donny Hackett are back with Justus’s second album. For this album they switched over to Star Song records but it appears to me that the album suffered the same fate as their first album which was a lack of promotion. This album is fantastic and I just don’t understand how it wasn’t a big success. The first album being with Tunesmith I wasn’t surprised but this album was with a much larger label and should have been much better promoted. I still can’t find out too much about this Canadian band but I continue to love their work and fully recommend this album.

1 – Won’t Let You Go – 3:09
2 – To Find A Way – 3:09
3 – Rumours – 2:51
4 – That’s Not For Me – 3:07
5 – Give Us A Burden – 4:34
6 – Surrender – 3:05
7 – No One Cares – 4:08
8 – Someone’s Waiting – 2:32
9 – Take Me Home – 4:38

Drums, Vocals, Keyboards – Kevin Pahl
Engineer [Assistant] – Gary Tole
Executive-Producer – Darrell Harris
Guitar, Vocals, Keyboards – Rod Pahl
Lead Vocals, Bass, Keyboards – Donny Hackett
Mastered By – Steve Hall
Producer – Dave Slagter, Justus, Roy Salmond
Recorded By, Mixed By – Dave Slagter

Companies, etc.
Distributed By – Word, Inc.
Manufactured By – Word, Inc.
Phonographic Copyright (p) – Star Song Records
Copyright (c) – Star Song Records
Copyright (c) – Ariose Music
Published By – Ariose Music
Recorded At – Inside Trak Studios
Mixed At – Inside Trak Studios
Mastered At – Future Disc

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David Martin – Breath On The Windowpane – 1986

David Martin returns with his second album. It’s more uptempo than his first offering and much better in my opinion but unfortunately this is the last album we would get from Martin. I am surprised we didn’t get more albums from him as this album was another successful album. It had 3 singles, Eyes Of A Child which made it to #10, You’re To Blame to #5, and Rock Me made it to #27. The good news is that we enjoyed his music through the rest of the 80’s as he wrote songs for the Imperials, Margaret Becker, Geoff Moore and the Distance and Sandi Patty. So we heard as much by him as we did of him. I strongly suggest you give this album a listen, it’s not a heavy Rock & Roll album but it’s an upbeat easy listening album.

1 – Wilderness Part One – 1:10
2 – One Day – 4:12
3 – Jehovah’s Sky – 3:18
4 – Blind Love – 3:30
5 – Rock Me – 5:25
6 – Eyes Of A Child – 4:04
7 – You’re To Blame – 3:45
8 – Anywhere You Lead – 3:50
9 – It’s Impossible – 3:52
10 – Breath On The Windowpane – 3:58
11 – Wilderness Part Two (Reprise) – 0:59

Arranged By [Pre-Production Arrangements] – David Martin, Gary Lunn, Phil Naish
Art Direction, Design – Kent Hunter
Artwork By [Painting] – Dean T. Martin
Engineer, Mixed By – Jeff Balding
Executive-Producer – Wendy Odenbaugh
Mastered By – Henry Williams
Photography By – Ron Keith, Scott Bonner
Producer – David Martin
Vocals – David Martin

Companies, etc.
Distributed By – The Benson Company, Inc.
Recorded At – Gold Mine Studio
Mastered At – Mastermix

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DeGarmo & Key – Street Light – 1986

This 1986 release from the D & K was the start of a more refined sound for the band. They finally started drifting away from so much electronics and started to lean to more guitar driven songs. The album opens with a Springsteenish track “Every Moment” which was well received though isn’t one of my preferred tracks. My preferred track is “She Believes” which is a strong rock tune in more of their traditional style. The album did not have a CCM chart single which is a nod to how good an album it really is. So if you liked the old D & K I think you will like the feel of this album and if you preferred their later stuff I believe this was a transition album to that more guitar feel.

1 – Every Moment – 3:51
2 – War Zone – 3:19
3 – Addey – 4:09
4 – Soldier Of Fortune – 4:00
5 – Don’t Stop The Music – 3:40
6 – Don’t Throw Your Love Away – 3:16
7 – Video Action – 3:39
8 – She Believes – 4:15
9 – Holy Hustle – 3:08
10 – Up On A Cross – 2:45
11 – Inside Out – 2:58

Dan Brock – Executive Producer
Tommy Cathey – Bass, Background Vocals
Eddie DeGarmo – Producer, Songwriter, Keyboards, Background Vocals
John Hampton – Producer, Engineer, Mixed
Dana Key – Producer, Songwriter, Guitars, Lead Vocals
Bob Ludwig – Mastered
Greg Morrow – Drums, Background Vocals
Gary Westman – Assistant Engineer

Companies, etc.
Manufactured By – Power Discs
Phonographic Copyright (p) – DeGarno & Key
Copyright (c) – DeGarno & Key
Distributed By – Capitol Records, Inc.

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D.O.X. – D.O.X. – 1986

D.O.X. appears to be another project of the boys from D.A. Rob Watson, Terry Taylor, and Tim Chandler were involved in this album in some way. Most the songs were written by Mark de la Bretonne the lead vocalist but Terry Taylor penned 2 of the tracks. The album has a bit of a Idle Cure sound at times and at other times i am hearing a more pop oriented version of Daniel Amos. The band were all individuals with little or no relationship to Daniel Amos but the boys form D.A. were obviously deeply involved with the project with all 3 listed as backing vocals and Terry Taylor being the producer. This is a pretty good album that was perfect for the time it came out. The vinyl is very hard to come by now so if you own it keep it safe.

1 – The Hungering Dark/Light Ship – 4:47
2 – Aim For The Heart – 4:30
3 – Lighthouse – 4:00
4 – Zero To None – 3:38
5 – Feel The Fire – 3:30
6 – Lonely Without You – 3:15
7 – (In My) Dream Of Heaven – 3:18
8 – Guiding My Way – 5:03
9 – Morningstar – 4:20

Arranged By – Terry Taylor
Art Direction – Ed McTaggart
Backing Vocals – Rob Watson, Terry Taylor, Tim Chandler
Bass Guitar – Jeff Foster
Drums – Robert Foster
Engineer – Doug Doyle
Keyboards – Rob Watson
Layout – Ed McTaggart
Lead Guitar – Rick Lane (7)
Painting – Jeff Foster
Percussion – Robert Foster
Piano – Mark de la Bretonne
Producer – Terry Scott Taylor*
Rhythm Guitar – Rick Lane (7)
Saxophone – Alan Palmer
Vocals – Mark de la Bretonne

Companies, etc.
Distributed By – The Benson Company, Inc.
Recorded At – 3-D Studios, Costa Mesa CA.

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First Call – Undivided – 1986 – Full Album

First Call is the term given to a musician or vocalist who are the top of every producer’s list to appear on a project. They are usually paid the highest amount and are known for needing the least amount of studio time to get it right, actually saving the studio money even though they can charge a higher rate. The group first call earned their name. The trio headlined by Marty McCall (Fireworks) were a famed studio trio that appeared on countless albums and earned a record contract. McCall’s experience with Fireworks and Mel Tunney and Bonnie Keen’s studio work made them seasoned veterans without ever performing live together. Undivided is seen as the groups official first album even though the previous year they were the primary force behind one of the finest CCM Christmas albums ever, An Evening in December. The Christmas album, though, also featured other named CCM artists at the time. Undivided starts with a sound similar to what was coming out of Nashville at the time with inspirational balled and medium tempo songs like the title track, which went on to be a huge hit. The group, though, really excelled and separated themselves when they ventured into more jazz and Manhattan Transfer styled compositions. But even in the more common fair their vocals and arrangements, especially on songs like “The Future” put them in a class all by themselves.

Contributor David Lowman – https://ccms500bestalbums.wordpress.com/

1 – Messiah – 3:25
2 – Undivided – 4:12
3 – Campmeetin’ Tonight – 3:33
4 – Bless, Ye The Lord – 4:25
5 – God Is Greater – 3:22
6 – One Step At A Time – 2:58
7 – Step Of Faith – 3:12
8 – The Future – 3:08
9 – Snap To It – 2:33
10 – Just As True For You – 4:15

Bass – Craig Nelson, Gary Lunn, Jimmy Lee Sloas, Mike Brignardello
Brass – Chris McDonald, Ernie Collins, John Rommell, Mike Haynes
Drums – Mark Hammond, Paul Leim
Guitar – Gary Burnette, Greg Jennings, James Hollihan, John Darnall, Jon Goin, Mark Baldwin, Tom Hemby
Keyboards – Dick Tunney, Phil Naish
Keyboards, Drum Programming – Keith Thomas
Percussion – Farrell Morris
Percussion [Anatomical] – Terry McMillan
Piano [Acoustic] – David Huntsinger
Saxophone – Dennis Solee, Doug Moffet, Jim Horn
Vocals – Bonnie Keen, Marty McCall, Melodie Tunney

Companies, etc.
Phonographic Copyright (p) – Word, Inc.
Copyright (c) – Word, Inc.
Manufactured By – Word, Inc.

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Prism – Blue – 1986

I have to admit I completely missed this one in the 80’s but I assume the cover would have made me skip right by this one. If I had to describe this one it would sort of be the Christian version of Kidz Bop but not really. The album consist mainly of cover versions of vacation bible school and campfire songs we all know though they are very popped up. This project was the brain child of Chris Harris and Mark Heimermann with some studio musicians and some kids. Strangely I can’t find any record of who the kids were. There are two original songs on the album penned by Heimermann. “Heads or Tails” and “Selah.” Both have a fun 80’s pop sound and are actually pretty good. Many of you grew up with this series of albums so we get a lot of requests for the entire series. We’re here to please so we will post them all.

1 – Jesus Loves Me – 1:54
2 – This Little Light Of Mine – 3:07
3 – This Is The Day – 3:24
4 – Heads Or Tails – 3:38
5 – Stand Up – 3:12
6 – Wise Man – 3:13
7 – Selah – 2:35
8 – Jesus Loves The Little Children – 2:55
9 – My Prayer – 4:15
10 – Into My Heart – 2:40

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