Blue Trapeze – Mask & Marquee – 1986

There is very limited info out there about Blue Trapeze but they did have several EP’s and were a mainstay on the alternative Christian music scene in California in the 80’s. That said their work is all self released so they either didn’t want an album deal or were never offered one. The only member to have gone on with other work was Daniel Koenig who appeared as a studio musician on several projects. As for the album it has an alternative 80’s sound and is actually pretty well done. I listened to it three times and while I am usually a fan of alternative 80’s this one left me wanting for more for some reason. Good album but nothing here to go in my regular rotation.

1 – Mask & Marquee – 2:58
2 – Afraid Of Real – 2:57
3 – A Reason – 3:35
4 – See Them Turn – 2:55
5 – The Old Home – 3:34
6 – Midnight Sun – 2:41

Arranged By – Blue Trapeze
Bass, Vocals – Roger Arendse
Drums, Vocals, Keyboards – Lisa Kline – Koenig
Guitar, Vocals – Daniel Koenig
Lacquer Cut By – John Golden
Layout – Richard Beach
Producer – Daniel Koenig, Stephen Zepeda
Written-By – Dan Koenig

Companies, etc.
Phonographic Copyright ℗ – Blue Trapeze
Copyright © – Blue Trapeze
Mastered At – K Disc Mastering
Lacquer Cut At – K Disc Mastering

The Lonely Now – Captive – 1986

First of all I would like to apologize for the poor quality of this release. We did the best we could with a 35 year old cassette that sounds like it was recorded on a 4 track with a potato. Now I’m gonna cut the band some slack here because they admit they recorded it in their house so it probably was recorded on a 4 track. My real criticism is for Narrowpath Records who should never have released an album with this quality. Normally we wouldn’t release something this poorly recorded but in this instance we decided due to high quality of the songs we are going to. The Lonely Now was Greg Sostrom (Strange), Kevin Riemer, and Phil Watson and wow did these guys mesh nicely. This album has some of the best New Wave in the Christina Genre. This became one of my favourite New Wave bands of the 80’s instantly upon hearing it. Or at least after I worked on it for several hours trying to improve the quality. So my whole point here is try to forgive the quality because the music here is fantastic if you like New Wave.

1 – Reject A Thought – 3:19
2 – If I Could – 3:52
3 – Running Faster – 4:05
4 – A.R.C. – 3:22
5 – All My Dreams – 3:19
6 – Captive – 3:36
7 – Dead Of Night – 3:47
8 – Thunderclouds – 3:39
9 – Traitor – 3:28
10 – No Secrets – 3:00
11 – How Many More – 3:17

Greg Sostrom – Lead vocals, guitar
Kevin Riemer – Vocals, drums
Phil Watson – Vocals, bass guitar

Companies, etc.
Label – Narrowpath Records

Rick Riso – Shouting At The Walls – 1986

This is the second album I’ve covered by Rick. When I listened to the first album I really couldn’t find much info on Rick but since then I’ve learnt much more about him. While he only had 3 solo albums he also has 5 albums with his wife Cathy and I look forward to listening to them soon. He is also very active in the Christian community and still travels and sings in many sanctuaries. As for the album it’s a fun easy listening pop album which was the style of the day. The only charting single of the album, “Faithful” made it to #21 on the CCM charts and quite frankly there’s a few more tracks that could have singled in my opinion.

1 – Forever – 3:53
2 – Faithful – 4:05
3 – Even If – 4:34
4 – I Find Your Love Again – 4:00
5 – Sure Thing – 4:30
6 – Shouting At The Walls – 4:50
7 – No Fear Of Flying – 4:43
8 – Heart’s Desire – 4:25
9 – Edge Of Darkness – 4:35
10 – See The Light – 4:44

Artist – Rick Riso
Arranged By – Brad Cole
Composer – Ralph Blane, Hugh Martin, Randy Thoma
Engineer – Tim Jaquette
Executive Producer – Chris Christian
Producer – Rick Riso, Tim Jaquette

Companies, etc.
Phonographic Copyright ℗ – Home Sweet Home Records
Copyright © – Home Sweet Home Records
Recorded At – Studio Masters
Mixed At – Studio Masters
Mastered At – Bernie Grundman Mastering
Manufactured By – Word, Inc.
Distributed By – Word, Inc.

Bill Price – Brave The Proud The Few – 1986

This is the second album from Bill but I really can’t find out very much about him. I found that there are quite a few copies of this album for sale and it’s on almost all the streaming sites but that’s all I could find. I did find him on Facebook and he seems to have had a long career in the radio business and still performs mainly at his church. He might be doing more than that musically but like I said it was difficult to put the pieces together. Anyway the album is a really good pop album and the production is fantastic. It’s one that should be listened to.

1 – His Love Has Carried Me Away
2 – The Brave, The Proud, The Few
3 – Jesus You’re The One
4 – I Want To Thank You Lord
5 – Great Is The God Of Heaven
6 – He Takes Care Of Me
7 – Walkin’ Down The Street
8 – We’ve Got To Tell Them
9 – Steppin’ In The Shadows

Drums – Brian Willis, Brian Brickley
Bass – Rich Gooch, Mark KIngen, Bill Price
Keyboards — Gary Hemenway, Rob Farley, Scott James
Guitars, Procussion – Bill Price
Saxophone – Susie May
Background Vocals – Dave Bray, Russ Finley, Scott James, Curt Cassingham, Jeff Michel, Linda Price, Melani Bray, Laura Evitt, Martin Woodrow, Bill Price
Engineers – Scott James, Curt Cassingham
Mix – Scott James
Produced by – Scott James and Bill Price

Companies, etc.
Recorded at – Northstar Recording Studio

Geoff Mann – Psalm Enchanted Evening – 1986

Geoff Mann is rapidly becoming one of my favourite 80’s artists that I didn’t even know existed in the 80’s. The information on this album is pretty scant and I don’t even know where it was released though I am assuming the UK. As for the album I guess it could be best described as conceptual New Wave though your description might be different. It only came out on LP but was re-released in 1994 on a compilation disc. Strangely the re-release was actually missing the track “Peacemeal” but it was included on the re-release of Chants Would be a Fine Thing in 2004. The album appears to be entirely Geoff and Dave Mortimer but we do know Steve Millie did step in to do the Bass track on “Creation”. So if you are a fan of New Wave and you missed this one in the 80’s I strongly suggest a listen to it now.

1 – Creation – 3:50
2 – Dance – 6:29
3 – Gethsemane – 4:15
4 – Waves – 8:04
5 – Peacemeal – 8:40
6 – Flowers – 11:38

Electric Guitar – Dave Mortimer
Electronic Drums – Geoff Mann
Guitar – Dave Mortimer
Producer – Geoff Mann
Synthesizer – Geoff Mann
Voice – Geoff Mann

Companies, etc.
Recorded – Pullman Studios, Manchester.
Record Company – Wobbly Records

Tony Elenburg – First Things First – 1986

Tony is better known to those in the industry as a songwriter. He wrote Steven Curtis Chapman’s hit single “Waiting For Lightning” as well as several more. As is normal at some point he decided to do an album of his own. He actually had 3 albums but this is the only one on a label. Greentree stepped up to release the album and given that it’s on Greentree Records I’m pretty sure you’ve already figured out that it’s an easy listening album. I must admit however that I have listened to this album a few times now and I really like it. That’s not something you usually hear from me as Easy Listening is not my preferred genre. Maybe I was just in the mood for something easy listening but this album definitely hit a good spot for me.

1 – Count It All Joy – 2:43
2 – All The Time – 3:08
3 – Wash Their Feet – 4:06
4 – Our God Reigns – 3:56
5 – We Are One – 3:18
6 – Holy, Holy, Holy – 3:37
7 – Believe – 4:05
8 – The Righteous Shall Endure – 3:21
9 – First Things First – 4:19
10 – It’s Just The First Farewell – 3:46

Bass – Mike “The Duke” Brignardello
Executive-Producer – Greg Nelson
Graphics – Barnes & Company
Guitar – Jon Goin
Keyboards – Phil Naish
Photography By – Matt Barnes
Producer – Phil Naish
Recorded By, Mixed By – Jeff Balding
Strings – The Nashville String Machine

Companies, etc.
Distributed By – The Benson Company, Inc.
Produced For – 19th Street Productions
Phonographic Copyright ℗ – 19th Street Productions, Inc.
Copyright © – Greentree Records
Recorded At – Gold Mine Studio East
Mixed At – Gold Mine Studio East
Recorded At – Treasure Isle Recorders
Recorded At – Bullet Recording
Published By – John T. Benson Pub. Co.

Acappella – Conquerors – 1986

This is the second album from Acappella. It was again released on Keith Lancaster private label though Word did re-release it 1992. This album did do something very rare in that it had a CCM charting single which is very rare for a private label release. “A Cappella” made it to #29 which should be respected. By this point in the history of Acappella Keith had it developing into a ministry as opposed to just a group. As for the album, well, if you like A Cappella you’ll like the album. Am I the only one that thinks the album cover looks like a metal album?

1 – We Bow Down – 2:22
2 – More Than Conquerors – 2:57
3 – A Cappella – 2:36
4 – Create In Me – 2:30
5 – Everybody Praise – 2:05
6 – Army Of The Lord – 2:53
7 – Amazing Grace – 2:05
8 – Once In A Lifetime Love – 3:02
9 – We Will Glorify – 2:09
10 – John The Revelator – 2:19

Cover – John Laws
Engineer – Dan Knowles
Mastered By – Glenn Meadows
Photography By – John Laws
Producer – Keith Lancaster
Vocals – Rodney Britt, Keith Lancaster

Companies, etc.
Mastered At – Masterfonics, Inc.

The Gaither Vocal Band – One X 1 – 1986

This version of The New Gaither Vocal Band (now just called The Gaither Vocal Band) consisted of Larnelle Harris, Michael English, Gary McSpadden, and Bill Gaither. I was thinking this might be their best lineup but I think its just because this is their most pop album. As usual it did well on the CCM charts with three top 10 singles. “The Lord Of Hosts” made it to #4, “Can’t Stop Talking About Him” to #1, and “Forever” to #7. Personally I don’t really feel the album had 3 top 10 singles but we all know the CCM charts favoured this kind of acts. But I don’t want to be too critical of the album as I actually did enjoy it.

1 – The Lord Of Hosts – 3:20
2 – Can’t Stop Talking About Him – 4:44
3 – Look Up – 3:39
4 – Lamb Of God – 3:53
5 – Glorious Morning – 4:07
6 – One By One – 4:05
7 – Things That Last Forever – 4:13
8 – Fool For Lesser Things – 3:26
9 – Forever – 3:44
10 – I Walked Today Where Jesus Walks – 4:49

Cover, Design – Jerry Joyner
Executive-Producer – Ken Harding
Photography By – Peter Nash
Producer – Billy Smiley, Keith Thomas
Recorded By, Mixed By – Jeff Balding
Vocals – Larnelle Harris, Michael English, Gary McSpadden, Bill Gaither

Companies, etc.
Phonographic Copyright ℗ – Word, Inc.
Copyright © – Word, Inc.
Manufactured By – Word, Inc.

Undercover – Branded – 1986

Branded was a turning point album for Undercover. It has a mature sound but it certainly leaves behind some of the elements that set Undercover apart in their early days. Their first album featured Ric Alba on lead vocals, then on the follow up Bill Walden took over, as Ric had moved on to Altar Boys. Bill recorded lead vocals on two albums for Undercover before this, their fourth where Sim Wilson took over the mic. The mature sound is very dark compared to the original upbeat, peppy happy-go-Jesus songs on their first two albums. The third record started to get more serious, but not brooding like Branded is. Sim’s vocals are powerful and booming, begging you to take seriously everything he says, ensuring you that the drama is all worth it. Most of the band did stick together, so they still have some signature sounds, although this could have been a different band. The band obviously didn’t see it that way because on this, their fourth album they labelled the record “side 7” and “side 8.” Maybe that was apologetic. There are a lot of introspective tracks such as “I’m Just A Man,” “Cry Myself To Sleep,” and “Come Away With Me.”

1 – I’m Just A Man – 3:24
2 – The Fight For Love – 3:00
3 – Where Can I Go – 3:13
4 – Tears In Your Eyes – 2:05
5 – Pilate – 3:00
6 – Build A Castle – 3:25
7 – Cry Myself To Sleep – 2:31
8 – Prelude – 1:55
9 – Darkest Hour – 3:26
10 – Interlude – 0:35
11 – Come Away With Me – 4:44
12 – If I Had A Dream – 5:02

Arranged By – Undercover
Art Direction – Harry Barnes, Ojo Taylor
Crew [Road] – Buzz Bolton, Kenny Olson
Design [Album] – Undercover
Engineer – Mike Mierau, Joey
Engineer [Second] – Bobby Saucedo, Paul Abajian
Executive-Producer – Harry Barnes
Illustration, Typography [Lettering] – Dave Gibson
Keyboards, Bass – Ojo Taylor
Layout – Graphics Gloria
Mastered By – Bernie Grundmann
Mixed By – Dino Elefante
Photography By – David Gomez
Producer – Ojo Taylor
Vocals – Sim Wilson
Vocals, Drums – Gary Olson
Vocals, Guitar – Gym Nicholson
Voice [Additional] – Gene Eugene, Glenn, Riki
Written-By – Gym Nicholson, Ojo Taylor

Companies, etc.
Distributed By – Lexicon Distribution
Recorded At – Pakaderm Studios
Mixed At – Pakaderm Studios
Published By – B-1 Music
Published By – Royal Commandment Music

Dan Peek – Electro Voice – 1986

This was Dan’s third solo album and easily his most successful. The first single “Lonely People” reached #2 on the contemporary Christian music chart. Rather oddly this was actually a cover of his song he wrote and performed with his original group, America, in 1975. The second single “Electro-Voice” also charted on the CCM Adult chart. As for the album it’s a pretty good pop album. Somehow I missed this one in the 80’s which is too bad as I think I would have really liked it.

1 – Electro-Voice – 4:09
2 – A New Song – 3:08
3 – Solid Ground – 2:30
4 – Not My Will – 4:00
5 – Lonely People – 2:56
6 – His Master’s Voice – 2:42
7 – I’ll Be Coming Home – 3:45
8 – Open Up Your Heart – 3:26
9 – The Rapture – 3:16
10 – All Things Work Together For Good – 3:41