The Fourth Watch – Dare To Be The One – 1986

What happens when Undercover meets the Altar Boys? The Fourth Watch is what happens. Apparently Bill Walden (Undercover) and Steve Steve Pannier (Altar Boys) were working together from 84 to 87 along with drummer Bill Lawrence, and bass players, Kevin Elling and then Mike Cowden. In 1986 they released this album and what an album it is. It has a decidedly New Wave/Rock sounds that screams 80’s. I hate to do this but there are several tracks that have an intro that has me waiting for Bono vocals to kick in. Too bad this was their only offering as I would have liked to hear more.

1 – Dare To Be The One – 4:39
2 – You Can Change The World – 3:43
3 – Chase Away The Darkness – 4:08
4 – Holy – 4:25
5 – Slipping Thru Your Fingers – 3:22
6 – One Truth – 4:50
7 – I Will Sing – 3:00
8 – On Fire For You – 4:18
9 – Burning Hearts – 5:06

Backing Vocals – Bill Batstone, Warren Ham
Bass – Kev • X
Drums – Bill Lawrence
Engineer – Gord Driver
Guitar – Steve Pannier
Keyboards – Jeff Lams
Layout – Ed McTaggart
Lead Vocals – Bill Walden
Mixed By – Gord Driver
Percussion – Bill Lawrence
Performer [The Fourth Watch Is] – Bill Lawrence, Bill Walden, Kev • X, Steve Pannier
Producer – Jeff Lams
Written-By – The Fourth Watch

Companies, etc.
Distributed By – Regency Music
Mastered At – Future Disc

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Holy Right – Stand as One – 1986

I really don’t know where to start with this album. First of all the title track is not even listed on the track listing??? Secondly there is a song with the title of the band name. Right away I knew I was in trouble before even listening to the album. Here we go, the production and engineering are horrible. The band self produced this album and I’m sorry to have to disparage them but there is a reason bands/record labels use producers. This album is the prime example of that. Secondly the engineering/mixing is absolutely pitiful. It really does sound like it was recorded and mixed in a living room. Now let’s talk about the music. There are some songs here that could have worked and I even kind of liked “Stop Killing the Children”. A real producer could have made something out of a few of them but unfortunately that didn’t happen. I really don’t know what Erika Records was thinking when they decided to release this album but a quick look at the album cover should have made them think twice. Oh yea it’s horrible too.

Track Listing:
1 – Stand As One (Unlisted Track)
2 – Satan’s Lies
3 – Living for Eternity
4 – Get Away
5 – Tonight
6 – Satan Leave that Boy Alone
7 – Lies of Men
8 – Holy Right
9 – Stop Killing the Children

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:
Produced by Keith Miles
Arranged by Holy Right
Engineered by Doug Recorded at 3-D Studios
Album Designed by Keith Miles & Liz Franco
Artwork by Mark Miles
Photography by Studio B
Lead Guitar – Sean Silas
Rhythm Guitar – Steve Bell
Bass – Randi Davidson
Drums/Percussion – Chris Garrett
Lead Vocals – Keith Miles
Background Vocals – Holy Right
Holy Right Logo by Keith Miles
Road Crew – Todd Canales, Dan Fazio, Ruben Roman, Gilbert Escobaza, Linda Martinez, Alan “A.J.” Davidson & George Haro

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Lord Lyall and Urgency – This Heart is Occupied – 1986

Lord Lyall and Urgency were a Nashville band that were well known locally. This EP was their only known recording and it was released in very limited numbers by Lamb Records. The band are good musicians, the vocals are good, the lyrics are good, but the production left a bit to be desired. It’s a fun Pop sound that I would have liked to have heard more of with a better engineer and producer.

1 – Run With Me – 3:24
2 – Standing on His Promises – 3:18
3 – Overcomers – 3:46
4 – This Heart is Occupied – 4:12
5 – Only You – 2:43
6 – Wake Up – 4:27

Band – Lord Lyall, Norman Sinback, Rose Maihiot, Mark Shipsey
Producers – Chuck Childers & Mark Baldwin

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Messiah Prophet – Master of the Metal – 1986

The second offering from Messiah Prophet turned up the quality. They dropped the “Band” from their name for this album and were the first release on the new label “Pure Metal” which was a new Metal oriented subsidiary label of Refuge Music Group. During the recording of the album Dean Pellman left the band and was replaced with bassist Joe Shirk. This was the last album for the band. There was a 1996 release using the band name but none of the members of the original band were in the new band. It was a complicated story as to how that came to be but apparently the whole idea was a disaster so I didn’t bother figuring it out.

1 – Hit And Run – 4:20
2 – Master Of The Metal – 5:01
3 – For Whom Does The Bell Toll – 4:15
4 – Fear No Evil – 6:53
5 – Heavy Metal Thunder – 5:30
6 – The Friend – 3:43
7 – Battle Cry – 6:29
8 – Voice That’s Calling – 7:02

Art Direction, Layout – Jeff Spencer
Bass Guitar, Vocals – Joe Shirk
Drums, Percussion, Vocals – David Thunder
Engineer – Bill Grabowski, Scott Berger
Executive Producer – Ray Nenow, Raymond Fletcher, Robert W. Spangler Jr.
Lead Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Vocals – Andy Strauss
Lead Vocals – Charlie Clark
Photography – Terry Wild
Producer, Arranged By – Bill Grabowski
Rhythm Guitar, Vocals, Lead Vocals – Brian Nicarry

Companies, etc.
Phonographic Copyright (p) – Pure Metal Records
Copyright (c) – Pure Metal Records
Copyright (c) – Stone Roller Music
Distributed By – Refuge Music Group
Distributed By – Creative Music Canada
Recorded At – Susquehanna Sound
Mixed At – Susquehanna Sound
Mastered At – Masterdisk
Remastered At – Funkhouser Mastering

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Tonio K. – Romeo Unchained – 1986

This was Tonio K’s 4th solo album and many believe it to be his best. It was his first on What? Records which was an short lived experiment by both A&M Records and Word Records. It has a solid 80’s Pop sound but not the cheesy radio sound. Instead it was original and very well written. The album was packed with talent including, Charlie Sexton, T-Bone Burnett, David Mansfield, and Tim Chandler among others. It had 2 singles, “I Handle Snakes” and “Romeo Loves Jane. Unfortunately neither did overly well on the charts.

1 – True Confessions – 3:40
2 – Perfect World – 4:12
3 – Romeo And Jane – 3:46
4 – You Belong With Me – 4:50
5 – Impressed – 4:24
6 – I Handle Snakes – 3:36
7 – Emotional War Games – 3:53
8 – Living Doll – 3:44
9 – You Don’t Belong Here – 5:51
10 – You Will Go Free – 6:37

Art Direction, Layout – Tim Alderson
Backing Vocals – Rick Neigher, T-Bone Burnett
Bass – David Miner, Eric Gotthelf, Phil Chen, Rick Neigher, Tim Chandler
Coordinator [Production Coordinator] – Penny Payne
Design Concept [Visual Concepts], Photography By – Linda Myers
Drum Programming – Rick Neigher, T-Bone Burnett
Drums – Burleigh Drummond, Freddy Alwag, Ron Aston
Engineer – Billy Taylor, Joe Chiccarelli, Larold Rebhun, Mark Heard, Nick Van Maarth, Rick Neigher
Engineer [Assistant Engineering] – Carolyn Collins, Joe Borja, Judy Clapp, Peter Doell, Steve Himelfarb
Guitar – Billy Steele, Charlie Sexton, Daryl Caraco, Nick Van Maarth, Peter Banks, Rick Neigher, T-Bone Burnett, Tonio K.
Horns – Little Effort, Phil Kenzie
Management – Gary Heaton Management
Mandocello, Violin – David Mansfield
Mandolin [Mandocello], Violin – David Mansfield
Mastered By – Bob Ludwig
Mixed By – Ed Thacker (tracks: A5, B3, B4), Joe Chiccarelli (tracks: A1 to A4, B1, B2)
Other [Assistant Engineering] – Milton
Other [Cover Girl] – Lisa Taylor
Percussion – Burleigh Drummond, Efrain Toro
Synthesizer – Bob Rose, Dave Aston, David Lewis, Rick Neigher
Technician [Productive Trouble-Shooting] – T-Bone Burnett
Vocals [Featured Vocalist] – Tonio K.

Companies, etc.
Produced For – Vogue Productions (2)
Recorded At – Lawrence Welk’s Champagne Recorders, Hollywood, CA.
Recorded At – Baby’O Recorders
Recorded At – Eldorado Recording Studios
Recorded At – Cherokee Studios
Recorded At – Hitman Studios
Recorded At – Fingerprint Recorders
Recorded At – Redwing Studios
Mixed At – Capitol Studios
Mastered At – Masterdisk
Pressed By – Electrosound Group Midwest, Inc.
Record Company – What? Records
Manufactured By – A&M Records, Inc.
Distributed By – A&M Records, Inc.

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Sacred Fire – Sacred Fire – 1986

This was the one and only album from Sacred Heart. It was released on Star Song records, a sister company to Sparrow records. It is not a well known album and I don’t think sold well. The album has some questionable production which may be why there wasn’t a subsequent album. In reality the songwriting was good and the band were good musicians but in my opinion the album lacked a direction that may have been a result of poor production. That said I enjoyed the album but it is a bit of a mix of styles. Point of trivia, Sacred Heart were the backup band for Leslie Phillips when she opened for Petra on the Beat the System Tour.

1 – Nowhere To Hide – 3:47
2 – Come Out Of The Night – 3:38
3 – Heaven’s Love – 4:18
4 – Hot Fire – 3:36
5 – Waiting For The King – 4:28
6 – Don’t Turn Away – 3:42
7 – Quest Of Faith – 4:25
8 – You Are – 4:07
9 – Second Chance – 3:35
10 – Sacred Fire – 4:42

Acoustic Guitar – George Small
Backing Vocals – Charles Bass, Cris Bass, Joe Clayton, Joey Powers, Martin Bass, Terry Labolito
Bass Guitar – Richard Price
Drums – Rod Cali
Engineer – Alan Douches
Engineer [Assistant] – Glen Marchese
Guitar – Dean Harrington
Harmonica – Dean Harrington
Keyboards – Roger Lowe
Lead Vocals – Jimmy Bennett
Mastered By – Tom Coyne
Mixed By – Rod O’Brien
Percussion – Bernardo Dippolito, Dean Harrington, Jimmy Bennett, Rod Cali
Performer [Sacred Fire Is] – Dean Harrington, Jimmy Bennett*, Richard Price, Rod Cali, Roger Lowe
Producer – Dean Harrington, Tony Davilio
Synthesizer [Programming] – Dean Harrington, Roger Lowe

Companies, etc.
Recorded At – Grandslam Studios
Mixed At – Grandslam Studios
Mastered At – Frankford/Wayne Recording Labs

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Brent Lamb – One Man – 1986

Brent Lamb was an accomplished song writer before he started his singing career. This album was a follow up to his Tug Of War album. This album has a very strong tech feel but maintains a Rock & Roll base. If I had to describe it I would say it’s Sweet Comfort Band on steroids. All in all it’s a pretty good album and makes me want to hear more from him.

1 – One Man
2 – Destination Home
3 – The Seasons Of My Soul
4 – A Dime A Dozen
5 – Ambush
6 – Line Of Fire
7 – I Love You Anyway
8 – Crazy Mad Man
9 – Tell My Why
10 – All That I Can Be

Arranged By, Producer – Phil Naish
Backing Vocals – Brent Lamb, Gary Pigg, Marty McCall
Bass – Mike Brignardello
Drum Programming [Machine] – Gary Lunn
Drums – Mark Hammond
Engineer, Mixed By – Jeff Balding
Guitar – John Goin
Guitar [Additional And Solos] – Dann Huff
Keyboards – Phil Naish
Programmed By [Synthesizers] – Jeff Balding, Phil Naish

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Undercover – Branded – 1986

Branded was a turning point album for Undercover. It has a mature sound but it certainly leaves behind some of the elements that set Undercover apart in their early days.

Their first album featured Ric Alba on lead vocals, then on the follow up Bill Walden took over, as Ric had moved on to Altar Boys. Bill recorded lead vocals on two albums for Undercover before this, their fourth where Sim Wilson took over the mic.

The mature sound is very dark compared to the original upbeat, peppy happy-go-Jesus songs on their first two albums. The third record started to get more serious, but not brooding like Branded is. Sim’s vocals are powerful and booming, begging you to take seriously everything he says, ensuring you that the drama is all worth it.

Most of the band did stick together, so they still have some signature sounds, although this could have been a different band. The band obviously didn’t see it that way because on this, their fourth album they labelled the record “side 7” and “side 8.” Maybe that was apologetic.

There are a lot of introspective tracks such as “I’m Just A Man,” “Cry Myself To Sleep,” and “Come Away With Me.”

1 – I’m Just A Man – 3:24
2 – The Fight For Love – 3:00
3 – Where Can I Go – 3:13
4 – Tears In Your Eyes – 2:05
5 – Pilate – 3:00
6 – Build A Castle – 3:25
7 – Cry Myself To Sleep – 2:31
8 – Prelude – 1:55
9 – Darkest Hour – 3:26
10 – Interlude – 0:35
11 – Come Away With Me – 4:44
12 – If I Had A Dream – 5:02

Arranged By – Undercover
Engineer – Mike Mierau
Engineer [Second] – Bobby Saucedo, Paul Abajian
Keyboards, Bass – Joey
Mastered By – Bernie Grundmann
Mixed By – Dino Elefante
Producer – Joey Taylor
Vocals – Sim Wilson
Vocals, Drums – Gary Olson
Vocals, Guitar – Gym Nicholson

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Lifesavors – A Kiss Of Life – 1986

Not only did they change the name from “Lifesavors” to “Lifesavers” on this one, but the band took a sudden turn with this album, sounding a lot more like Flock of Seagulls than like a Cali-punk band.

Smooth production, serious looking photography, and a clean sound make this a pop album. Subsequent releases from Lifesavers all share this mature style but some of them manage to bring the edge back rather than the adult contemporary sound of 80s oldies.

Throughout, they manage to keep thoughtful lyrics and passionate delivery.

The band’s energy comes through again on songs like “Choose To Be True,” a truly catch tune. The classic “Turn Turn Turn” also makes an appearance on this album. It seems to be more an homage to Ecclesiastes than to Pete Seger or The Byrds though.

1 – She’s On Fire – 3:39
2 – I Pray You Pray – 3:34
3 – I Can’t Wait – 3:42
4 – Choose To Be True – 2:28
5 – Highway To Zion – 3:02
6 – Dreamin – 4:20
7 – Love Boy Love Girl – 3:13
8 – Turn, Turn, Turn – 3:39
9 – We Live For The Sun – 3:44
10 – Free Her – 3:18
11 – See Me Fall – 4:48

Companies, etc.
Distributed By – The Benson Company, Inc.
Copyright (c) – Frontline Records
Phonographic Copyright (p) – Frontline Records
Copyright (c) – Broken Songs

Acoustic Guitar – Michael Knott
Art Direction – Ed McTaggart
Backing Vocals – Kenny Samuels
Bass Guitar – Brian Doidge
Drums – Kevin Lee
Electric Guitar – Doug Doyle, Michael Knott
Engineer – Doug Doyle
Keyboards – Doug Doyle, Michael Knott
Layout – Ed McTaggart
Liner Notes – Craig A.J. Keyzers
Percussion – Kevin Lee, Michael Knott
Photography By – Brian Ray
Producer – Doug Doyle
Saxophone – Allen Palmer
Vocals – Michael Knott
Written-By – Bill Robinson (tracks: 2), Chris Lizotte (tracks: 2), Jim Akin (tracks: 2), Michael Gerard Knott (tracks: 1 to 6, 7, 9 to 11), Pete Seger (tracks: 2)

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911 – Time Will Tell – 1986

911 was a band formed in Las Vegas in the late 70’s by Cathi Demman, her husband at the time, her brother and sister, and Brother in Law. Yes it was a real family affair. They originally used the name “Son Song Band” but changed their name to 911 relatively quickly. This is their one and only album which was well received but not well enough for Exile Records to record a second album.

1 – Time Will Tell – 3:45
2 – Do You? – 3:22
3 – Believe – 2:48
4 – Is It Any Wonder? – 2:12
5 – A Memory – 3:41
6 – Where Are You Now? – 4:01
7 – Too Cool – 3:23
8 – Pick Me Up – 2:57
9 – East From West – 4:30
10 – Are You Willing? – 3:25

Jeff Lams: Arranger, Keyboards, Synthesizers
Mark Wiegand: Vocal Arranger, Songwriter, Keyboards
Cathi Demman: Songwriter, Lead and Background Vocals
Cristina Stretz: Lead and Background Vocals
Kiko Campo: Lead and Background Vocals
Hap Smith: Guitar
John Klingbiel: Bass
Brian Hicks: Keyboards, Synthesizers
Nelson Kole: Keyboards, Synthesizers
Eric Stretz: Songwriter, Drums

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