Cliff Richard – Small Corners – 1977

Right off the bat I have to start out by apologizing because some of the videos in this playlist are blocked in some countries. This has nothing to do with us and everything to do with Cliff Richard. He has always had copyright issues and whatever management company he is using now doesn’t understand digital world copyright. I know Cliff has nothing actively to do with his copyright issues but if anyone reads this and talks with Cliff could you please tell him to fire his management company and get one that understands international copyright law in 2023 because it’s not 1980 anymore. Oh and he’s losing money because of them.

Okay and it’s on to the album. As you probably know Cliff put out a smattering of Christian albums in the 70’s and 80’s that sold poorly but were mostly loved in the CCM community. I believe this is probably the best known of those albums even though it was never released in North America. In reality there’s no original work here and the album is entirely covers of better known CCM tracks. Yes Cliff did change the arrangements but even that’s questioned as some history says that Terry Britten actually did the arrangements. To be clear I’m not picking on Cliff because I really like this album. The Larry covers are excellent I’m just telling the story. Actually my favourite cover on the album is I Love originally from Malcolm & Alwyn. Anyway if you missed this one back in the day it’s a must listen to if YouTube will allow you to.

1 – Why Should The Devil Have All The Good Music – 4:05 (Written-By – Larry Norman)
2 – I Love – 3:15 (Written-By – Alwyn Wall, Malcolm Wild)
3 – Why Me – 2:40 (Written-By – Kris Kristofferson)
4 – I’ve Got News For You – 4:14 (Written-By – Randy Stonehill)
5 – Hey Watcha’ Say – 3:56 (Written-By – 2nd Chapter of Acts)
6 – I Wish We’d All Been Ready – 4:38 (Written-By – Larry Norman)
7 – Joseph – 3:22 (Written-By – Terry Britten)
8 – Good On The Sally Army – 3:04 (Written-By – Alan Shiers)
9 – Goin’ Home – 2:51 (Written-By – Annie Herring)
10 – Up In Canada – 2:44 (Written-By – Larry Norman)
11 – Yes He Lives – 3:28 (Written-By – Terry Britten)
12 – When I Survey The Wondrous Cross – 2:11 (Traditional)

Arranged By – Nick Ingman
Bass Guitar – Alan Tarney
Chorus [Vocal Group] – Cliff Richard, John Perry, Stewart Calver, Tony Rivers
Drums, Percussion – Brian Bennett
Engineer – Tony Clark
Engineer [Assistant] – Allan Rouse, Hayden Bendall*, John Barrett, Mike Jarrett
Guitar – Terry Britten
Keyboards – Graham Todd
Mastered By – Chris Blair, Nick Webb
Photography By – Gered Mankowitz
Producer – Cliff Richard

Companies, etc.
Licensed From – EMI Records Ltd.
Phonographic Copyright ℗ – EMI Records Ltd.
Copyright © – Word (Uk) Ltd.
Made By – Shorewood Packaging Co. Ltd.
Printed By – Shorewood Packaging Co. Ltd.

Albrecht, Roley & Moore – Gently Flowing Feeling – 1977

This is the first album from Albrecht, Roley And Moore. Mike Albrecht and Scott Roley formed the band in Georgia in the early 70’s and were joined by Alan Moore to form the trio in 1977. The album is a rather typical 70’s Jesus Music album with strong country vibes. The album was released on White Horse Records and was only one of two albums released by this label. That’s a pretty short lived label. As such the album had a pretty limited release and most people may not even know about it. Also strange is that the album was the only one ever recorded at Riverside Studios in Bismark North Dakota. I have no idea how these guys ended up in Bismark but I’ve been to Bismark and it really is a town in the middle of no where.

1 – Take Me To The Comfort – 2:16
2 – Engaged – 1:05
3 – Further Up & Further In – 3:33
4 – Over The Next Horizon – 3:27
5 – Constantly – 3:16
6 – Lead Me Through – 3:19
7 – Shotgun – 2:45
8 – Journey – 1:32
9 – White Seagull – 3:55
10 – Drink In The Soft Sound – 2:58
11 – To Keep Me Struggling On – 3:50
12 – Gently Flowing Feeling – 2:07

Acoustic Guitar – Alan Moore, John Michael Talbot, Michael Albrecht, Scott Roley
Arranged By, Conductor – Greg Nelson
Banjo, Dobro – John Michael Talbot
Bass – Alan Moore, David Swenson, Greg Nelson, Russ Daughtry, Steven Alexandersen
Engineer – Bill Townsend
Engineer [Asisstant] – David Swenson
Executive-Producer – Ray Nenow
Fiddle – Tim Briggs
Illustration, Design – Chuck Strantz
Lead Guitar – Bob Hartman
Management, Booking – Ray Nenow
Mixed By [Final Mix Engineered By] – Travis Turk
Orchestra – Pinebook Players
Pedal Steel Guitar – Al Perkins
Percussion – Bob Gelotte, Steve Hanna
Photography – James Elliot
Piano, Electric Piano – Greg Nelson, Steven Alexandersen
Producer – Greg Nelson, The Col. And The Gang
Remix – Monty Matthews, Randy Matthews, Ray Nenow
Vibraphone – David Ringenbach
Vocals – Alan Moore, Michael Albrecht, Scott Roley

Companies, etc.
Phonographic Copyright ℗ – White Horse Records
Copyright © – Windy Music Company
Distributed By – Windy Distributor Company
Published By – Windy Music Company
Recorded At – Riverside Studios, Bismark, North Dakota
Mixed At – Ironside Recording Studio
Pressed By – Wakefield Manufacturing – 31797

The Pat Terry Group – Sweet Music – 1977

This is the 3rd album from The Pat Terry band and their most successful. This album has the only CCM charting single for the band, “I Feel Free” which made it to #25. While I usually struggle with the CCM chart choices this time I’m in full agreement as it’s a great track. The album has a 70’s feel and sound and is probably one of my favourite 70’s albums. The album was produced by the legendary producer Al Perkins and Matthew Ward helped out with background vocals and handclaps on a couple tracks.

1 – Ladder Of Love – 3:26
2 – To Me For You – 3:17
3 – I Feel Free – 3:24
4 – Wonder Of Your Love – 2:36
5 – Sweet Music – 3:18
6 – One Step Closer – 3:24
7 – Never Lose A Minute – 2:48
8 – New New New – 4:30
9 – You – 3:02
10 – Melody For You – 3:32
11 – Things I Never Knew – 3:51

Acoustic Guitar – Pat Terry
Arranged By [Strings] – Jim Stipech
Art Direction – Bill Weaver
Bass Guitar – Randy Bugg
Clarinet – Mike Carnahan
Concertmaster – Glenn Grab
Conductor [Strings] – Jim Stipech
Design – D. M. Gaadt
Drums – Chet McCracken
Engineer [Assistant] – Ken Jacob
Handclaps – Kirk Herring, Matthew Ward, Pat Terry, Randy Bugg, Sonny Lallerstedt
Illustration – D. M. Gaadt
Keyboards – Pat Terry
Lead Guitar [Acoustic And Electric] – Sonny Lallerstedt
Lead Vocals – Pat Terry
Mastered By – Lanky Linstrot
Percussion – Chet McCracken
Photography By – Bill Wages
Producer – Al Perkins
Saxophone – Mike Carnahan
Steel Guitar – Al Perkins
Trombone – Mike Egan
Vocals – Randy Bugg, Sonny Lallerstedt
Vocals [Additional] – Matthew Ward

Companies, etc.
Distributed By – Word, Inc.
Copyright © – Word Music, Inc.
Phonographic Copyright ℗ – Word, Inc.
Designed At – Noah’s Art, Ink
Recorded At – Studio 55, Los Angeles
Recorded At – Location Recording Service
Mastered At – ABC Recording Studios

Stephen Alexandersen – Let The Music Move Me – 1977

There’s not a whole lot out there about Stephen and this was his only album. I did find that he’s still out there doing music in Chicago so there’s that but not much more. So we will discuss the album instead of some long bio. The album has an excellent soul feel. I have discovered that through the late 70’s early 80’s there were some excellent white soul artists and Stephen is one of them. This is a style of music I wasn’t very familiar with in the 80’s as it wasn’t readily available on our local Christian record store. I’m guessing this was somewhat normal in towns like mine which were predominately white. Anyway this is a great album and I really enjoyed it. One point of trivia about the album is that it was pressed on white vinyl. This label only ever put out one other album and it was on white vinyl too. I guess it was a play on their name White Horse Records. Odd choice though because if you’re a tiny label generally you don’t want to do things that increased your costs.

1 – Let The Music Move Me – 4:18
2 – Lyin’ Lucifer – 3:22
3 – I’ve Got Jesus’ Love (To Hold Onto) – 4:38
4 – Just Like They Said (It Would Be) – 4:24
5 – That’s Enough For Me To Know – 4:50
6 – Walking With Jesus – 3:25
7 – Take Up Your Cross – 3:20
8 – Sing Unto The Lord – 4:53
9 – Lonely Stranger – 5:35
10 – State Of The World – 4:00

Arranged By – Gary Filip
Arranged By [Vocal] – Jessy Dixon
Backing Vocals – Myriad, Jessy Dixon Singers, Thompson Community Singers
Composed By – Stephen Alexandersen
Design [Album] – Chuck Strantz
Engineer [Assisted By] – Jim Commisano
Engineer, Mixed By [Mixdown] – Mal Davis
Executive-Producer – Ray Nenow
Mastered By – Gary Hedden
Musician – Dick Lux, Gary Filip, Gary Thompson, Jack Kelly, Russ Daughtry, Stephen Alexandersen
Photography By – Gene Johnson
Producer – Gary Filip, Mal Davis, Stephen Alexandersen

Companies, etc.
Pressed By – Wakefield Manufacturing – 31797
Phonographic Copyright ℗ – White Horse Records
Copyright © – Windy Music Company
Distributed By – Windy Distributor Company
Published By – Windy Music Company
Recorded At – D.B. Sudios

Hope Of Glory – Second Look – 1977

I really cant find much info on this band which is surprising as they had 5 albums. So I’m left to talk about the album. It’s a seventies sound album that leans worship in some spots and country in others. The jacket brags that Bob Farrell arranged 2 of the tracks which I found rather odd as these guys should have been able to stand on their own reputation by album number 4. Anyway of you like the seventies give this one a listen.

1 – Lifesaver – 3:03
2 – Walkin’ – 2:51
3 – Lost And Found – 5:23
4 – Kiss Of Life – 2:08
5 – Tell My People – 5:02
6 – Hope Song – 3:21
7 – Someone Chased Away The Rain – 4:11
8 – Only Jesus – 5:08
9 – Homespun Harmony – 3:08
10 – Here I Am – 5:14

Phil Keaggy With Glass Harp – Song in the Air – 1977

This 1977 release from Phil Keaggy and Glass Harp is actually a compilation album of Keaggy’s work with Glass Harp in the early 70’s. Glass Harp was one of the early bands Keaggy was a member of. The album is very easy listening but does highlight Keaggy’s excellent guitar work.

1 – Song In The Air – 2:35
2 – Can You See Me – 6:25
3 – One Day At A Time – 3:40
4 – Song Of Hope – 4:21
5 – The Answer – 2:38
6 – David & Goliath – 2:50
7 – I’m Going Home – 2:40
8 – Do Lord – 4:22
9 – Let’s Live Together – 3:50

Design, Artwork – George Werth
Lacquer Cut By – KP
Mastered By – Ken Perry
Performer – Dan Pecchio, John Sferra, Phil Keaggy
Producer [Associate], Engineer – Bill Culhane, Dick Shapiro, Gordon Shaad, Ralph Moss, Tom Lubin
Producer [Original Recordings] – Lewis Merenstein

Companies, etc.
Phonographic Copyright ℗ – MCA Records, Inc.
Copyright © – Star Song Records
Manufactured By – Star Song Records
Published By – Archaball Publishing Inc.
Recorded At – Electric Lady Studios
Mastered At – Capitol Studios
Pressed By – Wakefield Manufacturing – 32194

Parable – Illustrations – 1977

One of the often overlooked “Maranatha Bands” of the 1970’s was Parable. They recorded two albums before disbanding. Parable was lead by Chuck Butler, who had previously been a part of the band Country Faith, one of the great Jesus Music bands to never have recorded a full album despite great responses for the songs they had recorded on many different samplers. The first album, More Than Words, was more folk-rock with a country feel. Imagine The Eagles with a male and female lead vocals. the album was very well received. After The Way disbanded guitar virtuoso John Wickham joined the band for this second album and added a significantly more rock sound with some amazing guitar work. Stylistically the band went more pop with a rock emphasis and may remind some readers of early Servant and Petra. But it was really the guitar work that set the album apart along with very strong writing with very memorable hooks. There’s a reason and Come Untangled kick the album off with a strong rock emphasis and straight ahead evangelical messages before “The City” slows things down, at least initially. Sounding similar to a The Eagles or Chicago ballad before kicking into gear and finishing with one of the best guitar solos in Christian Music to that point. The only other albums at that time with such great guitar work were those by Phil Keaggy and Paul Clark. Female vocalist Lisa Faye Irwin takes the reins on several songs including “A Friend,” a song very reminiscent of Servant from the same era. The album is very consistent and memorable throughout, though side 2 is noticeably mellower than side 1, with very impressive production for the time, and far superior to most of the music coming out of Maranatha Music at that time. Both albums have been re-released on CD be the group and is still available as best as I can tell.

Contributor David Lowman –

1 – There’s A Reason – 4:30
2 – Come Untangled – 3:24
3 – The City – 5:27
4 – A Friend – 3:23
5 – The Plain Truth – 3:34
6 – Act 3 – 3:55
7 – The Promise – 3:20
8 – Ladder Song – 4:24
9 – Got To Decide – 3:54
10 – A Prayer – 4:08

Arranged By [Horns] – Kim Hutchcroft
Arranged By [Strings] – Jim Stipec
Art Direction – Neal Buchanan
Bass Guitar – Gary Arthur
Drums – Don Kobayashi
Engineer – Jack Joseph Puig, Jonathan David Brown
Guest [Vocals] – Becky Ugartechea, Virgil Beckham
Handclaps – Malcolm & The Honeys
Horns – Allen Gregory, Glen Myerscough, Kim Hutchcroft
Illustration – Larry McAdams
Keyboards – Alan DiCato
Layout – Neal Buchanan
Lead Guitar – John Wickham
Lead Vocals – Chuck Butler, Lisa Faye Irwin
Mixed By – Jonathan David Brown
Organ [B3] – Mike Escalante
Percussion – Alex MacDougall, Donnie K.
Producer – Tommy Coomes
Rhythm Guitar – Chuck Butler
Vocals – Alan DiCato, Gary Arthur, John Wickham
Written By – C. Butler

Companies, etc.
Recorded At – Martinsound
Mixed At – Martinsound
Phonographic Copyright ℗ – Maranatha! Music
Copyright © – Maranatha! Music
Pressed By – Monarch Record Mfg. Co. – Δ22675

Good News – Good News II – 1977

This is the second album from Good News. Their first album was ranked # 364 on David Lowman’s CCM’s 500 Best Albums Of All Time but this album seems to have sort of been forgotten about. This in part is because it simply isn’t as good as their first album. That’s not to say it’s bad, it’s just not as good. Sometimes an album just meshes and that would describe their first album. The band essentially stayed the same except for Erick Nelson who was doing a solo project at the time. The album basically picks up where the last one left off but is just missing a little something. It was re-released in 2011 on CD but strangely it was not remastered instead it was just a copy of the album put on the CD, crackles, pops and all.

1 – Wait For The Day – 3:06
2 – Run To The End Of The Highway – 2:48
3 – Lord, We Feel Your Presence – 2:07
4 – Ride Along Rider – 3:00
5 – Everybody’s Talkin’ ‘Bout Love – 2:50
6 – Singing Our Song – 2:48
7 – The Catch – 4:38
8 – You Sure Have Been Good To Me – 3:37
9 – Beside You – 2:57

Acoustic Guitar – Bob Carlisle, David Diggs
Bass – Bill Batstone, Dave Coy
Drums – Art Rodriguez, David Diggs
Electric Guitar, Arranged By, Orchestrated By, Engineer – David Diggs
Engineer – Billy Taylor, Jim Neil
Keyboards – Dave Siebels, Dave Wallace, David Diggs, Keith Green
Percussion – Alex MacDougall
Producer – David Diggs
Saxophone – David Luell, Tom Saviano
Strings – Glenn Grab Section
Synthesizer – Dave Siebels, Dave White
Trumpet – Ron King
Vocals – Bill Batstone, Bob Carlisle, David Diggs, Diane Diggs, Kathy Segal, Yvonne Lewis
Woodwind – Al Peña, Leo W. Potts

Companies, etc.
Produced For – Instant Joy Productions
Published By – Sonrise Mercantile Company
Recorded At – Mama Jo’s
Recorded At – Instant Joy Productions

Wanda Jackson – Closer To Jesus – 1977

50’s Rocker Wanda Jackson is back with her 6th Christian album and her 26th album overall. Yes this is her 26th album. Now she may have been a rocker in the 50’s but she certainly mellowed out by the 70’s and in fact this album would be best described as country but you can still hear hints of her great work in the 50’s. As good as this album was again she missed out on having a charting CCM single. In fact she never had a charting CCM single. For the life of me I am completely bewildered at this and there had to be some politics involved as her music was for the main part exactly what CCM was looking for. Now if this album doesn’t really appeal to you hang in there because she soon actually did a few more Rockabilly albums and we will be highlighting them soon.

1 – Where I’m Going – 3:13
2 – The World Didn’t Give It To Me – 3:03
3 – The Carpenter’s Son – 3:21
4 – Grandma Sang Off Key – 2:48
5 – He Was There All The Time – 3:24
6 – Closer To Jesus – 3:19
7 – Learning To Lean – 3:51
8 – Gaither Praise Medley – 2:29
9 – Walkin’ In The Spirit – 2:28
10 – He’s Been Through It Too – 3:39

Terry Ross Altman – Crosswalk – 1977

Here’s a self produced and released gem from 1977. The album is a mix of Jesus music and progressive rock with one of the more progressive tracks being over 10 minutes long. Interestingly Terry was able to get Greg Hough (Petra) to join him on a few tracks. Greg played the solos, on Anthem and Crosswalk, and a little bit at the end of Let God Arise but other than that the entire album is Terry. The first time I listened to this album I really got that old Petra vibe but after I was lucky enough to have a chat with Terry I decided to re-listen to the album and quite frankly it stands alone. The must hear track is “Theopsychosophy Blues” which is a great fun track and did get some limited airplay. This was all we ever got from Terry who told me he had written a second album but was called to spoken word ministry before the album got any further. Pity, I for one would have liked to have heard more from him.

1 – Anthem – 6:45
2 – Glory In This – 5:33
3 – Theopsychosophy Blues – 1:34
4 – Let God Arise – 6:19
5 – So Much Joy – 2:46
6 – Crosswalk – 6:11
7 – Under Your Hands (Play Me) – 11:07

Bass – John Nanos
Design – Dona Nanos
Drums – Ed Kotowski
Guitar – Greg Hough
Keyboards, Guitar, Vocals – Terry Ross Altman
Photography By – Henry Posner
Producer [Assistant] – Rich Riehl
Producer [Assistant], Mixed By – Gary Hedden
Saxophone – Jim Koerber
Vocals – Carla Thompson
Vocals, Acoustic Guitar – Claudia Porter
Written-By, Arranged By, Producer – Terry Ross Altman

Companies, etc.
Copyright © – Spiritsword Music, Inc.
Mixed At – Hedden West Studios