Swirling Eddies – Outdoor Elvis – 1989

This is the second album from The Swirling Eddies which were just a new and improved version of Daniel Amos. I’m going to ruffle a few feathers today in that I don’t believe this is some super duper album. Everywhere on the internet people go on about what a wonderful album this was but I just don’t get it. Yes the album had some great tracks. The radio single “Driving In England” is a fantastic song as is “Mystery Babylon” and a few others. My complaint about the album is the silly songs. It detracts from the actual talent that is on the album. If you want to do a silly album then do a silly album but having both quality songs with silly songs just detracts from the whole album in my opinion. I don’t even find the silly songs funny but maybe I did when the album came out but I don’t remember it that way. So if you can struggle through the stupid tracks you have a great album here and it would have been one of my favorites but they ruined it for me.

1 – Outdoor Elvis – 4:07
2 – Driving In England – 3:33
3 – Urban Legends – 3:09
4 – Tiny Town – 3:22
5 – Attack Of The Pulpit Masters – 3:08
6 – Mystery Babylon – 2:31
7 – Arthur Fhardy’s Yodeling Party – 2:06
8 – Hell Oh – 3:24
9 – Blowing Smoke – 3:00
10 – Hide The Beer, The Pastor’s Here – 3:25
11 – Hold Back The Wind, Donna – 4:04
12 – Knee Jerk – 3:35
13 – Don’t Hate Yourself – 1:00
14 – All The Way To Heaven – 3:06
15 – Rubber Sky – 3:10
16 – CoCo The Talking Guitar – 0:52
17 – Yer’ Little Gawd – 3:21
18 – Billy Graham – 1:12
19 – Potential – 3:27
20 – Strange Days – 2:40
21 – Elimination (The Band That Won’t Go Away) – 3:16

Art Direction, Design – Jeb McSwaggert
Band [The Eddies], Bass, Trombone – Berger Roy Al
Band [The Eddies], Drums – Hort Elvison
Band [The Eddies], Guitar – Greg Flesch
Band [The Eddies], Guitar, Backing Vocals – Jerry Chamberlain
Band [The Eddies], Guitar, Backing Vocals, Keyboards [Additional] – Gene Eugene
Band [The Eddies], Keyboards, Backing Vocals – Rob Watson
Band [The Eddies], Lead Vocals, Guitar – Terry Taylor
Design Concept [Cover Concept By] – Terry Taylor
Directed By [Horns] – Dan Michaels
Engineer [Engineered By] – Gene Eugene
Guest [Our Guests, The Little Eddies], Backing Vocals – Miracle Babe
Guest [Our Guests, The Little Eddies], Percussion – Ed McTaggart
Horns – The Horns O’Plenty
Photography By – David Dobson
Producer [Produced By] – Terry Taylor
Written-By [All Songs Written By] – Terry Taylor

Companies, etc.
Phonographic Copyright ℗ – Alarma Records
Copyright © – Alarma Records
Distributed By – The Benson Company, Inc.
Produced For – Quagmire/Billy Bong Productions
Recorded At – Mixing Lab A
Recorded At – Mixing Lab B
Mixed At – Mixing Lab A
Mixed At – Mixing Lab B
Glass Mastered at – Nimbus, Virginia
Published By – Broken Songs

Mercy Rule – Overruled – 1989

Michigan’s Mercy Rule started out as “AZ-IZ” but changed their name sometime in the mid 80’s. They had a track on the 1988 Underground Metal sampler which probably led top a record deal with R.E.X. Music. Strangely they also had a track appear on the 1990 Word UK sampler Metal Mission which was not their record company. Not unheard of but strange. This album was self produced by the band and unfortunately it shows. They have a very commercial metal sound and I can’t help but to think if a top rated producer had stepped in this would have been a much more popular album. I also believe there would have been more from the band but unfortunately this is the only offering from them. The guitar work really shines on this album and there is lots of great vocal harmonies. All in all a pretty darn good album and if you’re a metal head be sure to give it a listen.

1 – You Lied To Me – 3:00
2 – Cecilia – 3:40
3 – Real Love – 3:30
4 – Lonely Heart – 3:40
5 – Don’t Cha Know – 4:10
6 – Black And White – 4:45
7 – Prodigal – 3:25
8 – If You Only Knew – 6:35
9 – There’s A Love – 3:20
10 – Stand Up On The Rock – 3:00

Artwork [Cover] – Jeff Spencer/Sudden Images
Bass, Keyboards, Backing Vocals [Background Vocals] – Bruce Tordrup
Drums, Backing Vocals [Background Vocals] – Rich Favazza
Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Vocals – George Favazza
Lead Vocals, Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar – Aaron Byrnes
Photography By – Frank Leet
Producer, Arranged By – Mercy Rule
Producer, Engineer – Rick Young

Companies, etc.
Phonographic Copyright ℗ – R.E.X. Music
Copyright © – R.E.X. Music
Recorded At – Talent Live Recording Studios

Edin-Adahl – Big Talk – 1989

Edin-Ådahl finished out the 80’s with what might be their best album. Now to be clear I know it did not sell well but this is often blamed on distribution problems and not on the quality of the album. Unfortunately right around the time this album was released there were problems over at Refuge records. This album is a superb pop album that was the exact right sound for the time period. The lead tracks sets the feel for an album that is a solid pop effort. I will admit that I missed this one in the 80’s but I’m sure glad I got to hear it now. It feels as fresh and fun today as it did back then.

1 – Going Back – 3:50
2 – Missin’ You – 6:05
3 – Wider Than The Ocean – 4:04
4 – Man Of The Street – 3:56
5 – Big Talk – 3:50
6 – Mystical Moments – 5:25
7 – Write It On The Wall 3:25
8 – Utopia – 3:27
9 – Lonely Without You – 4:37

Frank Adahl – Songwriter, Keyboards, Guitars, Vocals
Simon Ådahl – Songwriter, Keyboards, Guitars, Bass, Vocals
Bertil Edin – Songwriter, Keyboards, Guitars, Bass, Vocals
Lasse Edin – Keyboards, Vocals

Companies, etc.
Phonographic Copyright ℗ – Refuge Records
Copyright © – Refuge Records
Distributed By – Spectra Distribution
Distributed By – Mainroads Music Group

Sacrament – Testimony Of Apocalypse – 1989

This was the first studio album from Philadelphia thrash metal band Sacrament. Their demo came out earlier in the year so I am guessing that after hearing the demo R.E.X. Music couldn’t sign them fast enough. Sacrament was one of the earlier Christian thrash bands and developed a large following. Apparently the lyrics are very good but personally I can’t understand them so I don’t know. The album has been reissued several times over the years by Retroactive Records which must be a testament to it’s lasting popularity.

1 – Testimony Of Apocalypse – 4:06
2 – Slave To Sin – 3:32
3 – Hellfire Denied – 3:04
4 – Repentance – 3:10
5 – Valley Of Dry Bones – 3:12
6 – Mortal Agony – 3:12
7 – Conquer Death – 3:10
8 – Absence Of Fear – 4:01
9 – The Risen – 3:58
10 – Blood Bath – 4:07

Bass – Erik Ney
Drums – Paul Graham
Engineer – Paul Krueger
Guitar – Brian Toy, Mike Didonato
Mixed By – Doug Mann, Paul Krueger
Producer – Doug Mann
Producer [Assistant Pre-producer] – Joe Daub, Kurt Bachman
Vocals – Mike Torone
Written-By – Brian Toy, Erik Ney, Mike Didonato, Mike Torone, Paul Graham

Arlen Salte – Here I Stand – 1989

This is the third album from Canadian artist Arlen Salte. Again it appears that it was only released in Canada which absolutely astonishes me as it should have had a worldwide release it’s that good. This is another great Rock Pop album with tons of good catch lines and riffs. I have to admit that I just don’t understand how Arlen wasn’t widely known for his work. I hear music here that could have easily charted in secular radio if secular radio wasn’t terrified of Christian music in the day. Unfortunately I am unable to find a credits list for this album other than it was produced by Roy Salmond who produced so many great Canadian acts. Arlen’s credits are usually a who’s who of Canadian Christian artists and I’m sure it was the same for this album.

1 – Love Won’t Walk Away – 4:07
2 – Make No Mistake – 3:45
3 – Here I Stand – 2:50
4 – Strength To Be Weak – 4:00
5 – Heaven Is My Home – 4:33
6 – God Loves – 3:49
7 – Someone’s Waiting – 3:46
8 – Doctor Of My Soul – 3:42
9 – I Know – 4:49
10 – Two Thousand Years – 6:21
11 – Touch Our Hearts – 4:09

Steve Apirana – Steve Apirana – 1989

Though this was Steve’s first solo album he wasn’t new to the music scene. He had been in the band Butler in the 70’s who had one album. They were the go to opening act for bands touring through New Zealand in the early 70’s. Steve played gospel music through the earl 80’s and went full time in 1987. In 1989 he released this album. It was not released outside of New Zealand which I’m not surprised at as I really don’t think it’s that good. That said his second album is fantastic and we’ll be uploading it soon. Anyway this album has a bit of a blues style that Steve would perfect on his next album. I don’t want to be too negative about this album however as it is relatively good and it’s great to hear something from a music market I didn’t even know existed.

1 – Something Beautiful – 4:38
2 – The Ant Song – 5:50
3 – Cross Over – 3:56
4 – Of All The Wonders – 1:09
5 – Living Sacrifice – 4:40
6 – Cast Your Cares – 7:14
7 – Ruth’s Song – 3:02
8 – David’s Theme – 3:22
9 – Psalm 61 – 6:08

Backing Vocals – Donna Tairakena, Graham Flaws, Jacobien Birch, Jenny Newbery, Kit Grenon
Bass – Graham Flaws
Drums – Wally Tairakena
Flute – Donna Tairakena
Guitar – Kit Grenon
Keyboards – Donna Tairakena, Stephen Bell-Booth
Lead Vocals – Ainsley Apirana
Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals, Guitar – Steve Apirana
Saxophone – Graham Wilkinson

Companies, etc.
Recorded At – Tandem Studios
Mastered At – Marmalade Studios
Distributed By – Someone Up There Records

DeGarmo & Key – The Pledge – 1989

DeGarmo & Key are back with one of their most successful albums. When I say successful I am referring to radio play and sales numbers. Personally it’s not one of my favorites but I’m from the early 80’s crowd so of course I prefer their work from that era. That said I admit this is a pretty good album. D & K had album making down to a fine science at this point. In a 1989 interview with John Styll, Eddie DeGarmo said they “planned to place more emphasis (than before) in their ministry towards motivating young Christians and those in church to witness to people and win them to Christ, as well as motivating them to take a stand in situations that affect the public” and I think that’s where this album really shined. I have seen “Pledge” patches everywhere over the years and there are still places you can get one. As for the charts this album had 4 charting singles. “If God Is For Us” did the best at #3, “Hand In Hand” made it to a respectable #7, “I’m Accepted” to #15, and “Who Will” made it to #24. All in all a pretty successful album.

1 – Boycott Hell – 3:21
2 – Aliens And Strangers – 3:04
3 – I’m Accepted – 3:55
4 – Hand In Hand – 4:37
5 – The Pledge – 5:15
6 – Life In The New Age – 2:32
7 – Let’s Get Upset – 4:31
8 – Who Will – 3:20
9 – Right On Track – 4:30
10 – If God Is For Us (Who Can Be Against Us) – 3:30

Art Direction, Design – Jackson Design
Backing Vocals – Eddie DeGarmo, Steve Taylor, Tommy Cathey
Bass – Tommy Cathey
Choir – Christ Church, Nashville TN
Drums – Chuck Reynolds
Engineer, Mixed By – Billy Whittington
Executive-Producer – Dan R. Brock
Guitar – Dana Key, Steve Taylor
Keyboards – Carl Marsh, Eddie DeGarmo
Lead Vocals – Dana Key
Management – Brock And Associates
Mastered By – Hank Williams
Percussion – Carl Marsh
Photography By – Dave Hawkins
Producer, Engineer – Ron W. Griffin

Companies, etc.
Phonographic Copyright (p) – The ForeFront Communications Group, Inc.
Copyright (c) – The ForeFront Communications Group, Inc.
Copyright (c) – DKB Music
Distributed By – Benson Music Group
Made By – Discovery Systems – 56D0600A
Recorded At – Ardent Studios
Recorded At – OmniSound Studios
Mixed At – The Castle Recording Studios
Mixed At – Masterfonics
Mixed At – Kiva Recording Studio
Mastered At – Mastermix

Holm, Sheppard, Johnson – Soldiers Again – 1989

Dallas Holm, Tim Sheppard, and Phil Johnson first came together in 1981 and put out a self titled album. At the time they were all under contract to Greentree Records so there was no contractual issues to work out. They had to wait until 1989 to put out a second album as along the way they were under contract to different record companies and this can cause unsurmountable legal issues. In 1989 none of them were under a contract so they were able to record a follow up album. This is that album. I actually consider them to be a supergroup as they were 3 very top ranked vocalists. Now you normally wouldn’t apply the term supergroup when it comes to the worship genre but I think they deserve it. The album was fairly successful on the CCM charts with “Feel Every Heartbeat” making it to #3 and “Soldiers Again” just poking on to the charts at #40. If you’re a fan of worship oriented music don’t miss out on listening to this one, I’m guessing you’ll love it.

1 – Feel Every Heartbeat – 4:25
2 – Give Me This Water – 4:31
3 – Fighter – 3:13
4 – Standin’ There – 4:00
5 – Child In His Arms – 4:02
6 – Run For The Finish Line – 3:36
7 – City – 4:16
8 – Wisdom – 4:57
9 – I Can See Your House – 3:06
10 – Soldiers Again – 4:17

Acoustic Guitar – Mark Baldwin
Arranged By – Smitty Price
Art Direction – Amy Linde, Terri Short
Bass – Gary Lunn
Cello – John Catchings
Design – Ken Spradley
Drums, Percussion – Dennis Holt
Electric Guitar – Jerry McPhearson, Mark Baldwin
Engineer [Additional] – JB, Smitty Price
Engineer [Assistant] – John Harley, John Kunz, Michael Vasquez
Keyboards – Reed Arvin, Smitty Price
Mastered By – Hank Williams
Photography By – Neill Whitlock
Producer – Neal Joseph
Recorded By [Vocals] – Paul Mills
Recorded By, Mixed By – JB
Saxophone – Mark Douthit

Companies, etc.
Phonographic Copyright (p) – Word, Inc.
Copyright (c) – Word, Inc.
Manufactured By – Word, Inc.
Recorded At – Dallas Sound Lab
Recorded At – Digital Recorders
Recorded At – BDR Sound
Mixed At – Dallas Sound Lab
Mastered At – Mastermix

Margaret Becker – Immigrants Daughter – 1989

After a wonderful debut and solid sophomore effort something happened to Margaret Becker that would change the direction of her musical progression for the better and help her create one of the truly great female rock albums in CCM history. Someone introduced her to Charlie Peacock. With Peacock’s help Becker created “Immigrant’s Daughter,” a thoughtful, and rock filled pop album with alternative underpinnings. Sounding now a little more like Annie Lennox than Ann Wilson, Becker’s vocal chops expanded and sounded more current and original. Subdued when needed and blowing up when necessary, her vocals here would not be matched until much later on some independent releases. Also with Peacock’s oversight, the songwriting became more introspective and universal. Christian themes combined with real human experiences to create a more passionate and authentic record. The personal expression is found immediately with the title track and continues throughout the project. The album also sounded more “current” and pulled Becker out of the “Chick Rocker” track and allowed to expand and grow as an artist and songwriter. Wonderful rockers and paired with ballads and “modern” musical expressions that also found radio to be quite responsive. Not every ballad has to be “These dreams” or “Alone” as sometimes the softer side provides a more memorable and authentic experience. There are so many strong songs here but a few worth receiving special notation include: Solomon’s Shoes, This Is My Passion, Stay Close to Me and the title track. The cover of “People Get Ready” is also a nice touch to close the album.

Contributor David Lowman – https://ccms500bestalbums.wordpress.com/

1 – Immigrant’s Daughter – 4:25
2 – This Is My Passion – 4:03
3 – Stay Close To Me – 3:08
4 – The Hunger Stays – 4:06
5 – Just Come In – 4:25
6 – I Commit – 4:22
7 – Honesty – 3:44
8 – Solomon’s Shoes – 3:13
9 – Laugh A Little – 3:42
10 – People Get Ready – 3:39

Acoustic Guitar – Jimmy Abegg, Margaret Becker
Art Direction – Barbara Hearn, Larry Vigon
Backing Vocals – Annie Stocking, Brent Bourgeois, Charlie Peacock, Jeanie Tracy, Margaret Becker, Vince Ebo
Bass – Larry Tagg
Design – Larry Vigon Studio
Drums – Mike Urbano
Electric Guitar – Jimmy Abegg
Engineer [Additional] – Bill Deaton, David Houston
Executive-Producer – Peter York
Liner Notes – Margaret Becker
Mastered By – Doug Sax
Mixed By – Jeff Balding
Mixed By [Assistant] – Derek Marcil, Jared Held
Organ [Hammond B-3] – Roger Smith
Photography By – Mark Tucker
Piano, Keyboards – Charlie Peacock
Producer, Arranged By – Charlie Peacock
Recorded By – Rick Sanchez
Recorded By [Assistant] – Jim “Watts” Vereecke
Written-By – Charlie Peacock (tracks: 1, 3, 4, 8, 9), Curtis Mayfield (tracks: 10), Leonard Ahlstrom (tracks: 6), Margaret Becker (tracks: 1 to 9), Mike Demus (tracks: 6)

Companies, etc.
Recorded At – Studio D
Recorded At – Moon Studios, Sacramento
Recorded At – Gold Mine Studio
Recorded At – Studio 55, Los Angeles
Mastered At – The Mastering Lab
Phonographic Copyright (p) – The Sparrow Corporation
Copyright (c) – The Sparrow Corporation
Published By – His Eyes Music
Published By – SBK Blackwood Music Inc.
Published By – Andi Beat Goes On Music
Published By – Paragon Music Corp.
Published By – Sunday Shoes Music
Published By – Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corp.
Glass Mastered At – Nimbus, Virginia

Believer – Extraction From Mortality – 1989

This was the first studio album from Believer but they had released an impossible to find demo in 1987. In 1988 they had a track on the East Coast Metal sampler and though that sampler was released by Regency it was actually R.E.X. Music that stepped up to release this album. So here we have a rather good thrash album. The album utilizes sound sampling on several tracks which to the best of my knowledge was a first in Christian Metal. That said I’m not really an expert in the genre. I think I will actually have to make up a new classification for the album, Commercial Thrash. I think there might be some appeal here even if you don’t care for thrash. Personally I don’t care for thrash but there are a few tracks here that I found myself listening to. It didn’t leave me wanting to hear more thrash but it did leave me wanting to hear more from Believer.

1 – Unite – 6:42
2 – Vile Hypocrisy – 5:36
3 – D.O.S. (Desolation Of Sodom) – 4:22
4 – Tormented – 3:52
5 – Shadow Of Death – 4:21
6 – Blemished Sacrifices – 3:58
7 – Not Even One – 3:38
8 – Extraction From Mortality – 6:07
9 – Stress – 3:03

Bass, Written-By – Howe Kraft
Drums, Mixed By, Written-By – Joey Daub
Engineer, Mixed By – Paul Krueger
Guitar, Vocals, Mixed By, Written-By – Kurt Bachman
Guitar, Written-By – Dave Baddorf
Illustration, Layout, Design – Jeff Spencer
Producer, Mixed By – Doug Mann
Violin, Viola – Scott Laird

Companies, etc.
Recorded At – Morningstar Studios
Distributed By – Word (U.K.) Ltd
Made By – Music Manufacturers