Resurrection Band – Music To Raise The Dead (Demo) – 1974

This Demo was one of two demos recorded by Resurrection Band. It was recorded in Gary Rotta’s moms basement and was mixed using headphones as she was sleeping. It was distributed at concerts and is very rare. This was recorded before Stu Heiss joined the band but the style is definitely the sound we became used to from Resurrection Band. I’m not familiar with any songs on this Demo except Quite Enough which showed up on the Live Bootleg album in 1984. This is a nice insight to where Rez came from and lets us hear what they were doing before we all got to hear them.

1 – Down Baby – 6:17
2 – I Can’t Help Myself – 4:17
3 – Crimson River – 6:04
4 – There Will Be Fire – 4:03
5 – We Can See – 4:42
6 – Better Way – 4:01
7 – Growin’ Stronger – 4:22
8 – The Man I Used To Be – 5:25
9 – Quite Enough – 5:58

Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals – Jim Denton
Drums – John Herrin
Harmonica – Tom Cameron
Lead Vocals – Wendi Kaiser
Lead Vocals, Guitar – Glenn Kaiser

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Stryper – In God We Trust – 1988

This is Stryper’s 4th studio album and it starts up where the last album “To Hell With The Devil” left off. Actually it was more highly produced than the previous albums including overdubbed four part harmonies that were all the rage at the time. I find myself in a love hate relationship with this album. The album is way over produced/engineered but the songs are better lyrically and music wise than previous albums. The album did get 2 singles on the Billboard Hot 100 chart including “Always There For You” which hit #71 and “I Believe in You” which hit #88. “Keep The Fire Burning” was also released as a single but did not chart. #71, and #88 may not sound like great numbers but we are talking about a Christian band here remember.

1 – In God We Trust – 3:58
2 – Always There For You – 4:11
3 – Keep The Fire Burning – 3:35
4 – I Believe In You – 3:15
5 – The Writings On The Wall – 4:16
6 – It’s Up 2 U – 3:52
7 – The World Of You And I – 3:46
8 – Come To The Everlife – 4:09
9 – Lonely – 4:10
10 – The Reign – 2:48

Bass – Brad Cott
Engineer – Carmine Rubino, Dan Nebenzal
Engineer [Assistant] – Bob Vogt, Brian Scheuble, Charlie Brocco, Dave Deavalon, Gary Myersburg, Jeff DeMorris, Mark McKenna, Mike Bosley, Robert Hart (3), Scott Gordon
Keyboards [Additional] – Billy Meyers, John Van Tongren
Mastered By – Bernie Grundman
Mixed By – Carmine Rubino, Dan Nebenzal, Michael Lloyd, Stryper
Mixed By [Assistant] – Jeff DeMorris, Robert Hart
Producer – Michael Lloyd, Stryper
Programmed By [Synclavier] – Steven Croes

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Leon Patillo – Brand New – 1987

This is the 8th album from Leon and his first on Sparrow after moving over from Myrrh. It really continues his previous work with some easy listening songs with a funk feel and some funk songs with an easy listening feel. The album had 3 singles. Isn’t It Crazy peaked at #4 with 14 weeks on the charts. I’m Brand New made it to #9 while staying on the charts 14 weeks. The 3rd single Strong Tower spent 10 weeks on the charts peaking at #30. I’d like to comment more on the album but really it’s very difficult to pick out anything to comment on this album vs his other albums. Bottom line if you liked Leon’s previous work you’ll like this one.

1 – I’m Brand New – 4:39
2 – Isn’t It Crazy – 4:36
3 – Deliver Me – 4:48
4 – Strong Tower – 3:24
5 – Melody Of Praise – 5:58
6 – Alpha & Omega – 4:52
7 – Blessed Are You – 3:30
8 – Golden City – 3:35
9 – New Thrill (Extended Version) – 3:53
10 – Try, Try Again – 4:08

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Kenny Marks – Attitude – 1985

This was Kenny Mark’s third album and was kind of a breakthrough album. Mark’s first two albums received very little airplay as the lyrics and style went a little to far for Christian radio. However this album got heavy radio play in part due to it being better material and also in part to Christian radio was finally growing up and allowing more upbeat pop songs. The album produced 3 singles. Soul Reviver spent 9 weeks on the charts peaking at #35. Heroes was on the charts for 17 weeks peaking at #27 and Friends made it to #21 and was on the charts for 8 weeks. However the best song on the album “The Party’s Over” received no airplay as the JPM count was too low (Jesus Per Minute). Anyway, it’s a great Pop album and the music video for The Party’s Over was excellent.

1 – Life After High School – 3:57
2 – Attitude – 2:53
3 – It Doesn’t Hurt That Much – 4:51
4 – Heroes – 4:28
5 – It’s A Good Thing – 3:33
6 – The Party’s Over – 4:27
7 – Heart Trouble – 4:28
8 – Soul Reviver – 4:33
9 – Friends – 3:40

Art Direction – Keith Hunter (2), Thomas Ryan Design
Concept By [Cover Concept] – Pamela Marks
Engineer [Additional Engineering] – Willie Pevear
Engineer [Assistant] – Alan Henry, Chris Hammond
Executive-Producer – Neal Joseph
Producer – Bubba Smith (2)
Recorded By, Mixed By – David Schober

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Mark Farner – Just Another Injustice – 1988

This is Mark Farner’s first solo album after the dissolution of Grand Funk Railroad though he did have 2 solo albums while the band was still together. It was released on Frontline Records and left no argument that it was a Christian album. This is a great Rock & Roll album which plays to the patriotism of it’s mainly American audience. I’m not entirely sure who to compare the album to but there are a few songs on the album that Huey Lewis could have felt right at home singing. My favourite track is Come to Jesus which took me back to Sunday School but with a huge Rock & Roll upgrade. One cool thing on the album is a guest appearance from Phil Keaggy.

1 – Airborne Ranger – 3:57
2 – Judgement Day Blues – 4:46
3 – Isn’t It Amazing – 4:35
4 – Come to Jesus – 3:58
5 – Give Me the Works – 3:25
6 – An Emotional Look at Love – 3:16
7 – Workin’ for the Winner – 3:40
8 – Just Another Injustice – 3:55
9 – The Writing on the Wall – 4:30
10 – Only You – 3:43

Lead and backing vocals, lead and rhythm guitars, bass – Mark Farner
Keyboards – Tim Heintz
Drums – David Huff
Guest guitars – Phil Keaggy
Additional bass – John Patitucci
Additional bass – Kirt Shearer
Guest backing vocals – Bob Carlisle

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Prodigal – Electric Eye – 1984

Electric Eye was the second studio album by Prodigal, released in 1984. Music videos were created for 3 songs, “Scene of the Crime,” “Fast Forward” and “Boxes”. Apparently on Side 2 they added a track of computer code after the stop groove. The code could be copied to cassette and loaded to a Commodore 64. Then it would show you lyrics, graphics, and some info on the album. The album has a Rock/Pop sound and I generally agree with the choice of the 3 singles.

1 – Scene Of The Crime – 4:44
2 – Fast Forward – 4:43
3 – Masks – 4:05
4 – Just What I Need – 3:08
5 – Emerald City – 3:23
6 – Electric Eye – 5:00
7 – Bobby – 3:18
8 – Shout It Out – 3:25
9 – Neon – 5:15
10 – Boxes – 3:35
11 – Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus – 0:45

Arranged By – Prodigal
Artwork [Additional] – A.I.R. Studio
Bass – Mike Wilson
Design [Cover] – Dave Workman, Loyd Boldman
Design Concept [Cover] – Loyd Boldman
Drums, Vocals – Dave Workman
Effects [Special Sound FX] – Gary (Platinum) Platt
Engineer [Assistants] – Brad Kuenning, Paul Thompson, Rytt Hershberg
Graphics [Additional] – The Malone Group
Guitar, Vocals – Rick Fields
Keyboards, Vocals – Loyd Boldman
Mastered By – Mike Fuller
Mixed By [Additional Overdubs, Final Mixdown] – Gary Platt
Photography By [Back Cover] – Luther Blue
Photography By [Cover] – Gary Kessler
Producer – Jon Phelps
Recorded By – Greg McNeily
Sounds, Engineer [Concert Sound] – Paul Thompson
Written-By – Workman (tracks: A4, B5), Boldman (tracks: A1 to A3, A5 to B4)

Companies, etc.
Recorded By – The Full Sail Dream Machine
Mixed At – The Full Sail Dream Machine
Engineered At – Moonlight Sound
Mastered At – Criteria Recording Studios
Pressed By – Electrosound Group Midwest, Inc.
Distributed By – The Benson Company, Inc.
Published By – Between The Lines Music
Phonographic Copyright (p) – Heartland Records Company
Copyright (c) – Heartland Records Company

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The Fourth Watch – Dare To Be The One – 1986

What happens when Undercover meets the Altar Boys? The Fourth Watch is what happens. Apparently Bill Walden (Undercover) and Steve Steve Pannier (Altar Boys) were working together from 84 to 87 along with drummer Bill Lawrence, and bass players, Kevin Elling and then Mike Cowden. In 1986 they released this album and what an album it is. It has a decidedly New Wave/Rock sounds that screams 80’s. I hate to do this but there are several tracks that have an intro that has me waiting for Bono vocals to kick in. Too bad this was their only offering as I would have liked to hear more.

1 – Dare To Be The One – 4:39
2 – You Can Change The World – 3:43
3 – Chase Away The Darkness – 4:08
4 – Holy – 4:25
5 – Slipping Thru Your Fingers – 3:22
6 – One Truth – 4:50
7 – I Will Sing – 3:00
8 – On Fire For You – 4:18
9 – Burning Hearts – 5:06

Backing Vocals – Bill Batstone, Warren Ham
Bass – Kev • X
Drums – Bill Lawrence
Engineer – Gord Driver
Guitar – Steve Pannier
Keyboards – Jeff Lams
Layout – Ed McTaggart
Lead Vocals – Bill Walden
Mixed By – Gord Driver
Percussion – Bill Lawrence
Performer [The Fourth Watch Is] – Bill Lawrence, Bill Walden, Kev • X, Steve Pannier
Producer – Jeff Lams
Written-By – The Fourth Watch

Companies, etc.
Distributed By – Regency Music
Mastered At – Future Disc

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Kansas – Live Drastic Measures Tour – 1984

This concert was recorded for a radio special program distributed by Westwood One. It was promptly burnt onto CD’s and has made the rounds as a bootleg ever since. Kansas were on their A game this night and I only heard 2 errors on the whole recording. (Both Kerry keyboard errors). I’m sure someone with a better ear will find a lot more but I as a casual listener was pretty impressed. The bootleg actual says the concert was in 1983 but that is not correct. There were 2 concerts at the Universal Amphitheatre, one in 83 and one in 84. This is the setlist from the 84 concert.

Set List
1 – Fight Fire With Fire
2 – Point of No Return
3 – Everybody’s My Friend
4 – What’s on My Mind
5 – Play the Game Tonight
6 – Hold On
7 – Andi
8 – Dust in the Wind
9 – Crossfire
10 – Get Rich
11 – Belexes
12 – Magnum Opus
13 – Carry On Wayward Son
14 – Mainstream
15 – Portrait (He Knew)

Guitar, Keyboards, Synclavier II Programming – Kerry Livgren
Keyboards, Lead Vocals – John Elefante
Guitar – Rich Williams
Bass Guitar – Dave Hope
Drums – Phil Ehart

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Holy Right – Stand as One – 1986

I really don’t know where to start with this album. First of all the title track is not even listed on the track listing??? Secondly there is a song with the title of the band name. Right away I knew I was in trouble before even listening to the album. Here we go, the production and engineering are horrible. The band self produced this album and I’m sorry to have to disparage them but there is a reason bands/record labels use producers. This album is the prime example of that. Secondly the engineering/mixing is absolutely pitiful. It really does sound like it was recorded and mixed in a living room. Now let’s talk about the music. There are some songs here that could have worked and I even kind of liked “Stop Killing the Children”. A real producer could have made something out of a few of them but unfortunately that didn’t happen. I really don’t know what Erika Records was thinking when they decided to release this album but a quick look at the album cover should have made them think twice. Oh yea it’s horrible too.

Track Listing:
1 – Stand As One (Unlisted Track)
2 – Satan’s Lies
3 – Living for Eternity
4 – Get Away
5 – Tonight
6 – Satan Leave that Boy Alone
7 – Lies of Men
8 – Holy Right
9 – Stop Killing the Children

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:
Produced by Keith Miles
Arranged by Holy Right
Engineered by Doug Recorded at 3-D Studios
Album Designed by Keith Miles & Liz Franco
Artwork by Mark Miles
Photography by Studio B
Lead Guitar – Sean Silas
Rhythm Guitar – Steve Bell
Bass – Randi Davidson
Drums/Percussion – Chris Garrett
Lead Vocals – Keith Miles
Background Vocals – Holy Right
Holy Right Logo by Keith Miles
Road Crew – Todd Canales, Dan Fazio, Ruben Roman, Gilbert Escobaza, Linda Martinez, Alan “A.J.” Davidson & George Haro

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Chuck Girard – The Stand – 1980

Chuck Girard says about this album, “Most of the songs from this album were written and recorded during my downslide into the depths of the final stage of my alcohol addiction.” The album has a bit of a dark feel due to this and was not as well received as his previous work. His previous albums had sold around 100,000 copies but this album only fared 30,000. Part of those poor sales though was because of Word records (the distributor) tanked the album because Stan Moser (Word CEO) hated it. Quite frankly I think the album is pretty good especially for Chuck Girard. While known for this easy listening style this album was much more upbeat. The lyrics were a little deeper and thought provoking which of course was a recipe for disaster in Christian music at the time.

1 – Soldier – 4:34
2 – Home For Good – 3:20
3 – Busy Day – 5:01
4 – Border Town – 3:22
5 – Witness – 2:39
6 – The Fold – 3:56
7 – The Stand – 3:26
8 – Racin’ Like The Wind – 4:22
9 – Child Come Home – 2:53

Bass – Joe Puerta (tracks: A1, B4), Skipper Wise (tracks: A2 to B3, B5)
Coordinator [Production Coordinator] – Teri Piro
Design, Layout – Art Hotel
Drums – Burleigh Drummond
Engineer [Engineered By], Co-producer [Associate Producer], Mixed By – Bill Taylor
Guitar – Chuck Girard (tracks: B5)
Guitar [Guitar Solo] – Gary Falcone (tracks: A4)
Guitar [Guitars] – Daryl Caraco
Photography By [Photographer] – Ron Slenzak
Producer, Arranged By – Bob Rose (4)
Rhythm Guitar [Additional Rhythm Guitar] – Gary Falcone (tracks: A1)

Companies, etc.
Phonographic Copyright (p) – Good News Records
Copyright (c) – Good News Records
Distributed By – Word, Inc.
Recorded At – Soundcastle
Recorded At – Salty Dog Recording
Recorded At – Mama Jo’s
Mixed At – Mama Jo’s
Mastered At – The Mastering Lab
Copyright (c) – Dunamis Music
Published By – Dunamis Music

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