Dreamer – Full Metal Racket – 1991

Dreamer was a metal band from Toronto Canada formed by vocalist Dan McCabe of Daniel Band. This was their only release and it was on tiny label Image Records. You can definitely hear the Daniel Band influences but it is still a distinctly new sounding album. It has a great commercial Metal sound and in my opinion is even better than Daniel Band’s last release. I’m a little confused how these guys got lost in the shuffle of early 90’s metal bands especially with Daniel Band’s lead singer fronting the group. That said I did not follow the Metal scene in the early 90’s so I am no expert on the topic. All I can say is that this is an excellent album and they deserved a deal to give us more.

1 – Full Metal Racket – 5:13
2 – Cryin’ – 3:25
3 – Don’t Stop Now – 3:43
4 – Someone Cares for You – 3:51
5 – She’s My Angel – 4:47
6 – Heartache – 4:08
7 – Never Alone – 3:56
8 – Shake the Dust – 3:32
9 – Love from Above – 3:42
10 – Take It Away – 6:06
11 – Thank You Lord – 3:13

Dan McCabe – Vocals (lead, backing), Bass, Keyboards
Troy Cole – Drums, Vocals (backing)
Daniel McAffee – Guitars (lead)
Neil Charter – Guitars (rhythm)
Bill Davidson – Bass

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Rick Elias – Ten Stories – 1991

With Ten Stories Rick Elias is “Confession-less” and he stands alone with 10 brilliantly conceived, performed and recorded songs that should have made Elias a major name in CCM. But alas, it would be a few years later as a member of Rich Mullins’ Ragamuffin Band that Rick would garner what celebrity he has. But it is his first two releases that will be noted on this list with the debut being presented MUCH later. Frontline Records held no expense in trying to break Rick Elias into the mainstream of CCM with a major marketing and promotional push. I remember selling the album to stores with a huge cardboard cutout display and securing end-caps for even more exposure. But Christian radio was not ready (ever ready?) for gritty, earthy, Americana rock and roll without the easy Christianeze answers to life’s bigger questions. Or maybe the fact that Elias would not limit his musical export to three minute ditties for CCM consumption also played a role. The fact the album was a brilliant was not lost, though, on fans and critics alike. Despite never achieving the retail success the album deserved the critical and fan base response was huge. And for good reason. the album is filled with brilliance from the first power chord of “I Wouldn’t Need You Like I Do” to the last fading strain of “Leave One Light On.” Elias continues many of the themes from the debut including some stunning and difficult stories of those struggling with their faith, lives and doubts. No easy believism allowed here. There are pictures of frustration, loss, anger and rejection painted here. John Doe discusses the struggles of a man beaten up by his father as a child and beaten up by life as an adult. “Don’t Rain On Me” explores the one who refuses the love and grace of God. Despite looking at the gift, the subject refuses the basic common graces of God and refuses outright, through a heart of selfishness and doubt, the unique grace that comes through faith. Elias makes his characters so believable that it is hard not to imagine you or someone you know as the subjects. “My Very Own Hero” would have been a mainstream radio success story if the name on the single was Springsteen, Petty or Mellencamp. Great groove, killer melody and impressively passionate performance. “When You Lose Someone You Love” has Elias accompanied by acoustic guitar and harmonica, possessing a melody from something akin to Springsteen’s “Nebraska.” Though beautiful and brilliant, the haunting lyrical content would never allow it to be heard on Christian radio. The list of brilliant description could go throughout the entire project. Maybe it should!

Contributor David Lowman – https://ccms500bestalbums.wordpress.com/

1 – I Wouldn’t Need You (Like I Do) – 5:18
2 – John Doe – 4:32
3 – Don’t Rain On Me – 5:19
4 – My Very Own Hero – 5:05
5 – When You Lose Someone You Love – 4:28
6 – Steps – 4:30
7 – Wondering Why – 4:10
8 – Pray For The Day – 5:15
9 – Only Your Love – 4:31
10 – Leave One Light On – 5:53

Acoustic Bass – Glen Holmen (tracks: 5)
Art Direction – Ed McTaggart
Backing Vocals – Dave Jahnsen (tracks: 2,6), Kenny Hicks (tracks: 7), Linda Elias, Pete Shambrook* (tracks: 7), Rick Elias
Bass – Kelly Burns
Design – Brian Godawa
Drums – Doug Mathews
Electric Guitar – Glenn Pearce (tracks: 8)
Engineer – Dave Jahnsen
Engineer [Additional] – Bill Baumgart, Rick Elias
Guitar – Rick Elias
Keyboards – Linda Elias, Rick Elias
Keyboards [Additional] – Jay York
Lead Vocals – Rick Elias
Mixed By – Dave Jahnsen, Rick Elias
Percussion – Linda Elias
Photography By – Wayne Armstrong
Producer – Rick Elias
Producer [Additional Production] – Dave Jahnsen, Linda Elias
Written-By – Rick Elias

Companies, etc.
Distributed By – FMG Distribution
Record Company – Frontline Music Group – FLD9246

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Siloam – Sweet Destiny – 1991

Siloam was brought together by drummer Brian Lutes. Brian had a checkered past and upon becoming born again wanted to use his life experience and music skills to minister. He brought together an international collection of musicians. Brian was from Canada, Lee Guthrie and Chad Everett hailed from Boston, Ken Maris from Vermont, and Tim Laroche from Iceland. I must say that Lutes did an excellent job of picking band members as they came together very quickly and this album (their first) is very very well done. The band is tight and the songs are great. This album has a very commercial metal sound and in my opinion was as good as anything on secular radio at the time. A copy of the original release is rare so hang on to yours . Luckily for those who hadn’t found a copy Retroactive Records re-issued the CD in 2020.

1 – Here I Am Again – 3:01
2 – Miss Lizzy – 3:36
3 – Child Of Mine – 3:53
4 – Chemical King (Big Fight) – 3:35
5 – Eastern Skies – 6:37
6 – Deceiver – 3:16
7 – After The Fire – 4:54
8 – Lethal Lady – 5:03
9 – Sweet Destiny – 4:28
10 – Decent Souls – 4:12

Arranged By – Frank Levin, Siloam (2), Tom Saidak (tracks: 1, 3-5, 7-10)
Bass, Backing Vocals – Chad Everett
Cover, Layout – Richard A. Yaeger
Drums, Percussion, Executive-Producer – Brian Lutes
Guitar – Rob Durbano
Guitar, Bass – Tom Saidak
Keyboards, Backing Vocals – Ken Maris
Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals – Tim Laroche
Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals – Lee Guthrie
Photography By – Paul Couvretta
Producer, Engineer, Mixed By, Keyboards – Frank Levin

Companies, etc.
Record Company – Image 7 Records Inc
Phonographic Copyright (p) – Image 7 Music Inc.
Copyright (c) – Image 7 Music Inc.
Manufactured By – Image 7 Music Inc.
Distributed By – Word, Inc.
Recorded At – Distortion Studios
Recorded At – Mama Jo’s
Mastered At – Future Disc

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Altar Boys – No Substitute – 2018

As the story goes Mike Stand was resting after a surgery and decided to break out his Tascam 4 track and listen to some recordings the band made in 91 & 93. For some reason back in the day the boys were unable to release these recordings. Mike decided to see if he could get these recordings released so he ran a kickstarter to raise funds for the album. They successfully raised over $23,000 so we are blessed with a new, old album. The sound of this album is classic Altar boys so any fan of them back then will be a fan of this album. It’s not that often a situation likes this comes so I found it to be a real treat.

1 – Rebel Rock – 4:37
2 – No Substitute – 4:00
3 – Let Me See Your Hands – 3:31
4 – Light Of Freedom – 4:01
5 – Outside In The Distance – 3:25
6 – History Comes Back – 5:18
7 – The Kids Cry – 3:58
8 – Surround Me – 4:33
9 – Thousand Miles – 4:27
10 – Devotion – 4:28
11 – Give Our Hearts – 4:16
12 – Revolution Of Love – 2:53

Design [Artwork Design] – Ron Lara
Mixed By, Mastered By – Keith Sorrells
Performer [Altar Boys Are:] – Jeff Crandall, Mark Robertson, Mike Stand, Steve Pannier

Companies, etc.
Mixed At – Project K Studios
Copyright (c) – Lo-Fidelity Records
Copyright (c) – Oh Oh Nancy Music

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Archers – Colors Of Your Love – 1991

This is the album that wrapped it all up for The Archers after a twenty year run. It was also a return after a five year hiatus during which most of the band were working on solo projects. This albums appears to be a one album deal with Reunion Records and a part of me thinks there is a story behind this rather weird timeline. Furthermore the album only has 1 song written by Steve and Tim with the rest being penned by other songwriters. All in all this album has a rather odd story but I searched to find the story as it’s not out there so I’ll just be happy with the album, which brings me to the album. Most of the songs are standard Archers ware but there a couple good pop songs on the album if you prefer your music a little more upbeat. The album spawned 3 radio singles. “Be Our Guest” made it to #6, “I Love You Lord” made it to #10 as did “Run To You.”

1 – All Things – 3:34
2 – I Love You Lord – 4:32
3 – All Because You Love Me – 4:52
4 – The Colors Of Your Love – 4:37
5 – Run To You – 4:04
6 – Music (All Around The World) – 4:53
7 – Back On Track – 4:49
8 – Be Our Guest – 4:34
9 – Beneath Your Blood – 4:09
10 – We Need Each Other – 4:58

Arranged By – Smitty Price
Arranged By [Vocals] – Jonathan David Brown, The Archers
Art Direction – Buddy Jackson, D. Rhodes
Bass – Gary Lunn, John Patitucci, Spencer Campbell
Design – Sam Knight
Drums – Keith Edwards, Mark Hammond
Executive-Producer – Michael Blanton, Richard Headen, Terry Hemmings
Guitar – Marty Walsh
Guitar [Additional] – Jerry McPherson
Keyboards – Smitty Price
Keyboards [Additional] – Carl Marsh, Phil Kristianson
Mastered By – Ken Love
Percussion – Eric Darden, Johnny dB
Photography By – Mark Tucker
Producer, Recorded By, Mixed By – Jonathan David Brown
Saxophone – Mark Douthit

Companies, etc.
Phonographic Copyright (p) – Reunion Records, Inc.
Copyright (c) – Reunion Records, Inc.
Manufactured By – Word, Inc.
Distributed By – Word, Inc.
Recorded At – 41B Studios
Overdubbed At – Eagle Mountain Studios
Overdubbed At – Digital Recorders
Mixed At – Johnny dB’s Basement
Mastered At – Mastermix
Designed At – Jackson Design

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Bloodgood – All Stand Together – 1991

Michael Bloodgood and the boys return for their final studio album until a 2013 reunion. This album deviated from their Metal style to a very commercial Hard Rock. The album did not do well and I believe I know why. Most Bloodgood fans liked Bloodgood because of their Heavy Metal sound so a commercial Hard Rock album is not what they wanted but because of their Heavy Metal history the album didn’t attract new fans who may have preferred the hard rock sound. The other problem with the album is that I believe it was a little dated for 1991. It sounded more like a mid to late 80’s album to me. All that said this is my favourite Bloodgood album. I love the Rock & Roll styling and quite frankly there are a few tracks on this album that easily could have got secular radio play. The lead track “S.O.S.” is an absolutely great Rock & Roll song and my favourite track. Final point of album trivia is that David Huff (White Heart) supplied the drum tracks.

1 – S.O.S. – 3:52
2 – All Stand Together – 4:19
3 – Escape From The Fire – 5:27
4 – Out Of Love – 2:39
5 – Say Goodbye – 3:41
6 – Kingdom Come – 4:12
7 – Fear No Evil – 3:47
8 – Help Me – 4:21
9 – Rounded Are The Rocks – 4:09
10 – Lies In The Dark – 4:50
11 – Streetlight Dancer – 3:49
12 – I Want To Live In Your Heart – 4:31

Arranged By – Bloodgood
Art Direction, Design – Robert Beeson
Backing Vocals – Biff Vincent, Bret Pemelton, Darrell Devlin, Diana Meador, Joyce Carlsen, Meagan Cherry
Bass, Backing Vocals – Michael Bloodgood
Drums – David Huff
Engineer, Backing Vocals – Charlie Watts
Executive-Producer – Steve White
Guitar – Paul Jackson
Keyboards – Tim Heintz
Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals – Les Carlsen
Mastered By – Chris Bellman
Photography By – Karen Moskowitz
Producer, Arranged By – Phillip Biff Vincent

Companies, etc.
Phonographic Copyright (p) – Broken Records (7)
Copyright (c) – Broken Records (7)
Recorded At – Front Page Recorders
Mixed At – Front Page Recorders
Mastered At – Bernie Grundman Mastering
Published By – Dana Point Music
Published By – Deolinda Music

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Bride – Kinetic Faith – 1991

The fourth album from Bride marked a rather abrupt change in style. I was told this was yet another metal album. As I listened to it I thought this is a Rock album not metal. As I read around the internet of peoples impression of this album and I kept reading the same thing. Metal fans who admitted they were metal fans who loved this album. From this I have deducted that Bride pulled off something very hard to do. They transitioned from metal to rock without losing their fan base. The band was still mainly Dale and Troy Thompson but they brought on a new drummer and bass player. I don’t know if this was because of the style change or was part of the design of the style change. It’s no secret that I’m not a huge fan of metal but I love hard rock and I loved this album. To my huge surprise Bride actually received a Dove award for the track “Everybody Knows My Name”. Apparently there used to be a category called “Hard Music Recorded Song Of The Year, who knew. Obviously I never followed the Dove Awards.

1 – Troubled Times – 4:29
2 – Hired Gun – 4:29
3 – Ever Fallen In Love – 4:36
4 – Mountain – 4:12
5 – Ski Mask – 4:31
6 – Everybody Knows My Name – 4:23
7 – Young Love – 3:31
8 – Kiss The Train – 3:58
9 – Crimes Against Humanity – 4:06
10 – Sweet Louise – 4:42

Art Direction – Toni Thigpen
Band [Bride Is], Bass – Rick Foley
Band [Bride Is], Drums – Jerry McBroom
Band [Bride Is], Guitar, Mandolin, Acoustic Guitar – Troy Thompson
Band [Bride Is], Vocals, Backing Vocals – Dale Thompson
Executive-Producer – Dez Dickerson
Layout, Design – Tufts Design Studio
Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar [Additional], Acoustic Guitar, Slide Guitar – Rob Johnson
Mastered By – Roger Seibel
Musical Assistance [Special Assistant] – Bobby Muldoon
Photography By – Russ Harrington
Producer [Produced By] – Steve Griffith
Recorded By, Mixed By – Steve Griffith

Companies, etc.
Phonographic Copyright (p) – Pure Metal
Copyright (c) – Pure Metal
Record Company – Star Song Communications
Produced For – Gaga Productions
Recorded At – The Goldmine, Franklin, TN
Mixed At – The Goldmine, Franklin, TN
Mastered At – SAE Mastering
Published By – Dawn Treader Music
Glass Mastered At – Nimbus, Virginia

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Arlen Salte – Great Big Noise – 1991

Arlen Salte is a fantastic Canadian artist. He took a break between albums and it worked well for him. This album is a great Rock/Pop album and Arlen’s ability of writing catch lines that you remember is he greatest musical skill. A quick listen to the opening of “Great Big Noise” will cause it stay with you for the better part of a week lol. If you’re tired of that one rattling around in your head try “Watch What You’re Doing” which is an excellent Larry Norman cover. That one will take a week to forget. I’m not too sure what the distribution numbers were on this album but if you haven’t heard it and you like Rock that pops, this is one you should listen to. Interestingly some other great Canadian artists helped out with backing vocals including, Carson Cole, Connie Scott, and Bob Hanson. The album was produced by Roy Salmond of Salmond & Mulder.

1 – I Don’t Want To Dance – 3:08
2 – She’s So Easy To Use – 3:06
3 – Another Heart Breaks – 4:24
4 – Take Me Through The Fire – 3:40
5 – What About You – 4:13
6 – Great Big Noise – 3:31
7 – Dancing While The House Is Burning – 4:08
8 – Second Wind – 4:15
9 – In The Power Of Love – 3:26
10 – Watch What You’re Doin’ – 5:19

Arranged By, Guitar, Backing Vocals, Lead Vocals – Arlen Salte
Backing Vocals – Carson Cole, Connie Scott, Joani Bye, Carson’s Friend John, Marc LaFrance, Peter Wisstoff Bass – Miles Hill Booking – Dorothy A. Hirch
Design [Cover Design] – Brian Ritchie (3)
Drums – Daryl Bennett
Engineer, Mixed By – Dave Slagter
Guitar – Dane DeViller, Scotti Hall*, Tim Olsen (5)
Mastered By – Tom Baker (3)
Organ, Backing Vocals – Richard Sera
Photography By [Band Shots] – Glenn Sitler
Piano – Dave Pickell
Producer, Arranged By, Engineer, Keyboards, Guitar, Backing Vocals – Roy Salmond

Companies, etc.
Distributed By – Word, Inc.
Phonographic Copyright (p) – Image 7 Records Inc
Copyright (c) – Image 7 Records Inc
Recorded At – Whitewater Productions, Richmond, B.C.
Recorded At – Mushroom Studios, Vancouver
Mixed At – Whitewater Productions, Richmond, B.C.
Mastered At – Future Disc
Manufactured By – Image 7 Music Inc.

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Fighter – The Waiting – 1991

This was the introductory album from Fighter. Fighter was a new group of musicians from Iowa including husband and wife, Amy and Jim Wolter. Billy Heller, Mark Pence, and Sean Murphy rounded out the lineup. The album has trade off vocals from Amy and Sean and it works well. It’s a good Rock & Roll album that has more of a mid eighties sound than a early nineties sound. Fighter did very well on the independent Christian Rock charts in fact they may have been one of the highest charting introductory bands of the time. If you like your Rock with an arena feel you’ll love this album.

1 – Look Me In The Eye
2 – Wishful Thinking
3 – Shadows
4 – Face To Face
5 – Star One
6 – Do What You Want
7 – Running The Race
8 – Nice Guy
9 – The Waiting
10 – Radio Man
11 – Stop Look Listen

Backing Vocals – Amy Wolter, Billy Heller, Jim Wolter, Mark Pence, Sean Murphy (17)
Backing Vocals [Gang Vocals] – Amy* (tracks: 2, 8), Bill* (tracks: 2, 8), Caesar Salad* (tracks: 2, 8), Jim* (tracks: 2, 8), Sean* (tracks: 2, 8)
Bass – Jim Wolter
Drums – Sean Murphy
Engineer – John Thomson, Tom Tatman
Guitar – Billy Heller
Keyboards – Mark Pence
Lead Vocals – Amy Wolter, Sean Murphy
Photography By – Michael Wilson
Producer – Caesar

Companies, etc.
Phonographic Copyright (p) – Wonderland
Copyright (c) – Wonderland
Manufactured By – Word, Inc.
Distributed By – Word, Inc.
Pressed By – Disctronics USA – 114100
Recorded At – Catamount Recording
Mixed At – Catamount Recording
Published By – Big Rage! Productions

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X-Sinner – Peace Treaty – 1991

The second album from X-Sinner took up where their first album left off. As with the first album this album was produced by the infamous Elefante brothers. They were able to recreate the AC-DC sound of the first album all over again. This was a little more difficult than you may think as Rex Scott took over lead vocals from David Robbins. The band found the album to have too soft a feel and they wanted more edge in their sound. Personally, I think this album is excellent, though admittedly I preferred “Get It” only because I felt there were more potential singles.

1 – Peer Pressure – 4:38
2 – Rollin’ Thunder – 4:32
3 – We Need Love – 5:14
4 – Getch Ya – 4:52
5 – Hold On – 2:58
6 – I Take Power – 4:36
7 – Gotta Let Go – 4:04
8 – You Got Me – 4:29
9 – All I Need – 3:38
10 – Don’t Go – 5:25

Drums – Mike Buckner
Engineer, Mixed By – Mike Mireau
Guitar, Bass – Greg Bishop
Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals – Rex Scott
Musician [Additional Musician], Backing Vocals – Jamie Rowe
Musician [Additional Musician], Backing Vocals, Shaker, Cowbell, Tambourine, Bass [Bass on “Getch Ya”] – John Elefante
Producer, Engineer – John Elefante
Producer, Engineer, Mixed By – Dino Elefante

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