Haven – Age Of Darkness – 1991

This is the second album from Haven and in my opinion they kept their style but corrected the problems with the first album. First of all they kept their quality vocals and continued to avoid screaming. They also didn’t commercial up the sound with keyboards as so many metal bands are tempted to do on second release. There is piano but it is well done and respectful to the style of music they were doing. I always respect a band that stays true to their style on a second album. I believe that often record companies want to “commercialize” up a second album but not here. R.E.X. Music let the guys do what they do well. You will notice that several tracks are quite long and usually a record label tries to talk bands out of doing that but not here. It really looks like they let the guys just do their thing. The one area that things were greatly improved on this album was the engineering and production. So here it is, an honest straight forward metal album that you will enjoy.

1 – Tenacious Volition – 1:14
2 – Divination – 4:46
3 – When You Said Goodbye – 5:30
4 – Holly – 5:15
5 – Exaltation – 1:06
6 – The Witching Hour – 7:00
7 – Seance – 5:17
8 – Spend My Life With You – 5:21
9 – Unchanging Love – 4:57
10 – Blood Of The Lamb – 4:42
11 – Once Upon A Time – 3:10

Acoustic Guitar – Ed Bruner, John Farrell, Kevin Ayers
Artwork – Jeff Spencer
Bass Guitar – Ed Bruner
Engineer – Johns Thomson, Tom Tatman
Executive-Producer – Doug Mann
Guitar – Andrew Bruner, John Farrell, Kevin Ayers
Mixed By – Tom Tatman
Piano – Ed Bruner
Producer – Kevin Ayers, Kurt Bachman
Vocals – Kevin Ayers

Companies, etc.
Phonographic Copyright (p) – R.E.X. Music Inc.
Copyright (c) – R.E.X. Music Inc.
Glass Mastered At – DADC – DIDX-011615

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Mad At The World – Boomerang – 1991

Mad At The World continue their new Rock sound for their 4th album. I have to admit that the sound and style is growing on me and they are much better at it on this album than their previous. I guess no discussion of this album would be complete without discussing or at least pointing out the controversy over the track entitled “Isn’t Sex A Wonderful Thing?”. However as were all grown up now and know that the title of a song does not represent the message of the song I’m not going to explain my interpretation. You are all adults and can listen to it and figure it out on your own. That said this silly controversy did effect the distribution of this album but hey, it was the 80’s and remember a lot of people in Christian music were terrified of controversy. I found it interesting that they rerecorded “No More Innocence” in their new style as I don’t think I’ve ever seen that done before. Both versions are great.

1 – House Of Sin – 2:34
2 – If You Listen – 3:19
3 – Back To You – 3:21
4 – Don’t Give Up – 3:07
5 – Ballad Of Adam And Eve – 3:33
6 – Sunday – 3:08
7 – Draggin’ The Chains – 4:11
8 – All These Question – 4:31
9 – Isn’t Sex A Wonderful Thing? – 4:47
10 – No More Innocence (Reprise) – 4:04

Arranged By, Engineer [Engineered By] – Roger Rose
Art Direction – Ed McTaggart
Bass – Mike Pendleton
Design – Joe Potter
Illustration – Brent Gordon
Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar – Brent Gordon
Mastered By – John Matousek
Photography By – Wayne Armstrong
Producer [Produced By] – Roger Rose
Vocals, Drums – Randy Rose
Vocals, Guitar – Roger Rose
Written-By – Roger Rose

Companies, etc.
Phonographic Copyright (p) – Alarma Records
Copyright (c) – Alarma Records
Record Company – Frontline Music Group
Distributed By – FMG Distribution
Recorded At – MATW Studios
Mixed At – MATW Studios
Mastered At – Soundworks West
Published By – Broken Songs
Glass Mastered At – Nimbus, Virginia

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Ken Tamplin – Soul Survivor – 1991

You could never say that Ken Tamplin was lazy. Between Joshua, Magdallan, Shout, and his solo projects his fans were never left wanting for an album. This is his second (if you count Ken Tamplin & Friends) solo project though there were very few “friends” on this album as he played almost all of the instruments on all the track himself though he did have some help on a few tracks. For this album Ken turned it down a little bit from Ken Tamplin & Friends. This is a more straight up Rock & Roll album with very few hints of Metal. As I start listening to Ken’s 90’s stuff I get the feeling my favourite album by him is going to constantly evolve. But for now this is my favorite. So if you like straight up Rock & Roll, this album is a must listen.

1 – Media Mania – 4:17
2 – (I’m Gonna) Live Forever – 3:36
3 – Hard Times Comin’ – 3:37
4 – Stand Up – 4:29
5 – Midnight ‘N Peru – 3:15
6 – Take It Now (Or Nothing) – 3:09
7 – Love’s Eternal Road – 4:16
8 – Stay By My Side – 3:25
9 – Come And Save Me – 4:02
10 – Heart And Soul – 3:07

Acoustic Guitar – Ken Tamplin, Scott Van Zen
Art Direction – Ed McTaggart
Backing Vocals – Ken Tamplin, Vicki Lyn Reynolds
Bass – Ken Tamplin, Roger Mielke, Scott van Zen
Design – Joe Potter
Drums – Ken Tamplin
Harmonica – Jimmy Woods
Keyboards – Roger Mielke
Lead Guitar – Ken Tamplin, Scott Van Zen
Lead Vocals – Ken Tamplin
Mixed By – Ken Tamplin
Percussion – Ken Tamplin
Photography By – Nigel Skeet
Producer – Ken Tamplin
Rhythm Guitar – Ken Tamplin, Scott Van Zen
Saxophone – Jergen Swartz

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Halo – Heaven Calling – 1991

This was the second and final studio album from Halo though there would be a release in 2020. The album was again produced by the Elefante brothers but they did turn it back a notch on the Rock & Roll meter and slightly towards the Pop meter. As with almost all Elefante projects the production is excellent and this is one of the best albums of 1991. Personnel changes had Barry Graul replacing Keith Mims on guitar which sounds like an even trade to me. There was another album being recorded after this one but it waited until 2020 with some effort by Girder Records to get it released. Lead singer Scott Springer did go on to release an album in 1993 though I will admit I haven’t listened to it yet. Anyway if you missed this one in the 90’s give it a listen now, it really was and is a great album.

1 – Jacob’s Dream – 4:36
2 – It’s Your Decision – 4:20
3 – Saved By Grace – 4:19
4 – Heaven Calling – 4:40
5 – Thy Will Be Done – 4:03
6 – Secret To Love – 4:38
7 – Climb The Mountain – 3:59
8 – Eye Of The Storm – 4:48
9 – Man From Galilee – 4:03
10 – My Buddy – 4:16

Backing Vocals, Engineer, Mixed By – Doug Beiden
Bass Guitar, Lead Vocals – Scott Springer
Drums, Keyboards, Vocals – Mike Graham
Engineer [Assistant] – J.R. McNeely
Guitar [Additional] – Glen Pearce
Guitar, Vocals – Barry Graul
Lap Steel Guitar – Ron Eglett
Mandolin – Larry Meyers
Mastered By – Chris Bellman
Producer, Backing Vocals, Keyboards, Engineer, Mixed By – John Elefante
Producer, Engineer, Mixed By – Dino Elefante
Voice [“My Buddy” Prayer] – Wesley Springer (tracks: 10)

Companies, etc.
Phonographic Copyright (p) – Word Music, Inc.
Copyright (c) – Word Music, Inc.
Manufactured By – Word Music, Inc.
Distributed By – Word Music, Inc.
Recorded At – Pakaderm Studios
Mastered At – Bernie Grundman Mastering
Published By – Dayspring Music
Published By – Uncle Pitts Publishing
Published By – Nimbus Music

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One Bad Pig – I Scream Sunday – 1991

This is the fourth studio album for the Pigs. At this point I think the style was starting to wear a bit thin on some fans judging from what I have read. I was never a big fan of their style so I can’t really judge. That said this album has a highlight of a cover of a Johnny Cash song with Johnny Cash on vocals. Pretty cool actually. I am not really a fan of their style but I was able to enjoy “For A Good Man” which is a real song. Well my definition of a real song, your mileage may vary. But the bottom line on this album is that if your a fan of their quirky thrash style this album should satisfy your listening yearnings.

1 – Take A Look At Yourself – 4:22
2 – You’re A Pagan – 2:18
3 – I Scream Sunday – 3:14
4 – Man In Black – 3:00
5 – Not Love Money – 4:18
6 – Cut Your Hair – 5:11
7 – For A Good Man – 4:05
8 – Ice Cream Sundae – 2:03
9 – Bird Nest – 3:06
10 – Up The Nose – 0:55
11 – Spirit Of Murder – 4:58
12 – Sober Up – 2:42
13 – Pad Thai – 0:20
14 – Never Forget The Cross – 4:22
15 – Wholly My Lord – 3:50

A&R – Mark Maxwell
Bass, Vocals – Daniel Tucek
Drums, Vocals – Philip Owens
Engineer [Second Engineer] – Pasquale DelViaggio, Roy Gamble, Shawn McLean
Engineer, Mixed By, Mastered By – Lee Groitzsch
Guitar, Vocals – Paul Q-Pek
Lead Vocals [Lead Screamer Vocals] – Carey “Kosher” Womack
Mastered By – Denny Purcell
Producer, Mixed By – Billy Smiley

Companies, etc.
Phonographic Copyright (p) – Word, Inc.
Copyright (c) – Word, Inc.
Mastered At – Georgetown Masters

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Love Life – Goodbye Lady Jane – 1991

You might know this band by the name “Fear Not” or “Reaction” as apparently they had difficulty with names. I will admit again that I don’t look forward to Metal albums and it was the same for this one. However for some reason I really enjoyed this one. Most likely this is due to it’s very heavy commercial feel and sound. This is an album that would have done well in the secular market and quite frankly I could hear “Girl Gone Bad” on any 80’s station to this day. Signed by tiny label Blonde Vinyl Records I doubt they got much promotion which is a pity because I believe they found a real diamond here. Even if you don’t care for metal albums I would urge you to give this one a listen, I suspect you might like it. At the very least give their cover of The Beatles “A Hard Day’s Night”, it’s a pretty good cover.

1 – Real Love – 2:52
2 – Do You Love Me – 3:37
3 – Hearts On Fire – 4:05
4 – When Loneliness Comes Knockin’ – 4:27
5 – Girl Gone Bad – 3:32
6 – Fill ‘er Up – 0:13
7 – Goodbye Lady Jane – 3:48
8 – In Blue Again – 5:01
9 – 1000 Reasons – 4:56
10 – A Hard Day’s Night (Beatles Cover) – 2:33
11 – Do You Believe In Love – 3:22

Art Direction, Design – Brian Ray
Bass, Backing Vocals – Rod Romero
Drums, Backing Vocals – Gary Hanson
Engineer – Doug Beiden
Engineer, Mixed By, Backing Vocals [Additional] – Brian Davis
Executive-Producer – Michael G. Knott
Guitar – Darin Eby
Mastered By – Doug Doyle
Photography By [Cover] – Nigel Skeet
Producer, Mixed By – Christopher Colbert, Larry Worley
Vocals, Guitar, Backing Vocals [Additional] – Larry Worley

Companies, etc.
Phonographic Copyright ℗ – Blonde Vinyl Records
Copyright © – Blonde Vinyl Records
Recorded At – Pakaderm West Studios
Mastered At – Digital Brothers
Glass Mastered at – Nimbus, Virginia

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Idle Cure – Inside Out – 1991

This was Idle Cure’s 4th album and it pretty well picked up where 2nd Avenue left off. The style is very similar. That style being highly polished hard rock / light metal. The band lineup essentially remained the same and if you didn’t know better you might have thought they recorded this album at the same time as the previous, it’s that similar. From what I understand this album did not sell as well as 2nd Avenue but who knows. Christian record companies weren’t well known for releasing sales numbers. So if you like your metal light or your rock hard and polished this is an album you will enjoy.

1 – We’ve Lost Ground – 4:03
2 – Who Cries For Me – 4:13
3 – Holy Mountain – 4:26
4 – Mind Games – 3:51
5 – Redline – 4:18
6 – Innocent Again – 4:44
7 – I Will Hold On – 3:47
8 – Where Is The Love – 3:39
9 – The Higher We Climb – 4:01
10 – Tear Down The Walls – 3:19

Art Direction – Ed McTaggart
Coordinator – Beth Jahnsen
Design – Brian Godawa
Drums – Clark Edmond
Engineer – Bill Baumgart, Dave Jahnsen
Guitar [Additional] – Glen Pierce
Guitar, Vocals – Mark Ambrose
Illustration – Steve Firchow
Keyboards [Additional] – Tim Heintz
Keyboards, Vocals – Pete Lomakin
Mixed By – Dave Jahnsen
Photography By – Wayne Armstrong
Producer – Bill Baumgart
Vocals – Steve Shannon
Vocals [Additional] – Bob Carlisle

Companies, etc.
Phonographic Copyright (p) – Frontline Records
Copyright (c) – Frontline Records
Record Company – Frontline Music Group
Glass Mastered At – Nimbus, Virginia
Produced For – Asylomar
Recorded At – The Mixing Lab
Mixed At – Mixing Lab A
Mixed At – Front Page Studios

Darrell Mansfield – Live At Flevo – 1991

This Live Darrell Mansfield album was recorded live at the 1990 Flevo Totaal Music Festival. Darrell really should be listened to live to appreciate. I enjoy all his studio work don’t get me wrong but really his work is best live. Most these tracks will come up again and again on Darrell’s many live albums but these are earlier versions so some of them are done differently than he would do later.

1 – You Got To Move – 2:00
2 – No More Blues – 3:25
3 – Million Dollar Feelin’ – 7:40
4 – I Was Running – 2:43
5 – Thunder & Lightning – 4:57
6 – Jesus Coming Soon – 6:31
7 – Stand By Me – 5:30
8 – Biblestudy – 8:07

Bass, Vocals – Eric Turner
Design – Gransch Bakker Design
Drums, Vocals – Greg Eckler
Engineer – Roel Toering
Guitar [Lead], Vocals – Bob Anglin
Harmonica, Lead Vocals – Darrell Mansfield
Mixed By – Charles Everaars, Gerrit aan ‘t Goor
Photography By – Datafoto

Companies, etc.
Phonographic Copyright (p) – Asaph Records
Copyright (c) – Asaph Records

Dreamer – Full Metal Racket – 1991

Dreamer was a metal band from Toronto Canada formed by vocalist Dan McCabe of Daniel Band. This was their only release and it was on tiny label Image Records. You can definitely hear the Daniel Band influences but it is still a distinctly new sounding album. It has a great commercial Metal sound and in my opinion is even better than Daniel Band’s last release. I’m a little confused how these guys got lost in the shuffle of early 90’s metal bands especially with Daniel Band’s lead singer fronting the group. That said I did not follow the Metal scene in the early 90’s so I am no expert on the topic. All I can say is that this is an excellent album and they deserved a deal to give us more.

1 – Full Metal Racket – 5:13
2 – Cryin’ – 3:25
3 – Don’t Stop Now – 3:43
4 – Someone Cares for You – 3:51
5 – She’s My Angel – 4:47
6 – Heartache – 4:08
7 – Never Alone – 3:56
8 – Shake the Dust – 3:32
9 – Love from Above – 3:42
10 – Take It Away – 6:06
11 – Thank You Lord – 3:13

Dan McCabe – Vocals (lead, backing), Bass, Keyboards
Troy Cole – Drums, Vocals (backing)
Daniel McAffee – Guitars (lead)
Neil Charter – Guitars (rhythm)
Bill Davidson – Bass

Rick Elias – Ten Stories – 1991

With Ten Stories Rick Elias is “Confession-less” and he stands alone with 10 brilliantly conceived, performed and recorded songs that should have made Elias a major name in CCM. But alas, it would be a few years later as a member of Rich Mullins’ Ragamuffin Band that Rick would garner what celebrity he has. But it is his first two releases that will be noted on this list with the debut being presented MUCH later. Frontline Records held no expense in trying to break Rick Elias into the mainstream of CCM with a major marketing and promotional push. I remember selling the album to stores with a huge cardboard cutout display and securing end-caps for even more exposure. But Christian radio was not ready (ever ready?) for gritty, earthy, Americana rock and roll without the easy Christianeze answers to life’s bigger questions. Or maybe the fact that Elias would not limit his musical export to three minute ditties for CCM consumption also played a role. The fact the album was a brilliant was not lost, though, on fans and critics alike. Despite never achieving the retail success the album deserved the critical and fan base response was huge. And for good reason. the album is filled with brilliance from the first power chord of “I Wouldn’t Need You Like I Do” to the last fading strain of “Leave One Light On.” Elias continues many of the themes from the debut including some stunning and difficult stories of those struggling with their faith, lives and doubts. No easy believism allowed here. There are pictures of frustration, loss, anger and rejection painted here. John Doe discusses the struggles of a man beaten up by his father as a child and beaten up by life as an adult. “Don’t Rain On Me” explores the one who refuses the love and grace of God. Despite looking at the gift, the subject refuses the basic common graces of God and refuses outright, through a heart of selfishness and doubt, the unique grace that comes through faith. Elias makes his characters so believable that it is hard not to imagine you or someone you know as the subjects. “My Very Own Hero” would have been a mainstream radio success story if the name on the single was Springsteen, Petty or Mellencamp. Great groove, killer melody and impressively passionate performance. “When You Lose Someone You Love” has Elias accompanied by acoustic guitar and harmonica, possessing a melody from something akin to Springsteen’s “Nebraska.” Though beautiful and brilliant, the haunting lyrical content would never allow it to be heard on Christian radio. The list of brilliant description could go throughout the entire project. Maybe it should!

Contributor David Lowman – https://ccms500bestalbums.wordpress.com/

1 – I Wouldn’t Need You (Like I Do) – 5:18
2 – John Doe – 4:32
3 – Don’t Rain On Me – 5:19
4 – My Very Own Hero – 5:05
5 – When You Lose Someone You Love – 4:28
6 – Steps – 4:30
7 – Wondering Why – 4:10
8 – Pray For The Day – 5:15
9 – Only Your Love – 4:31
10 – Leave One Light On – 5:53

Acoustic Bass – Glen Holmen (tracks: 5)
Art Direction – Ed McTaggart
Backing Vocals – Dave Jahnsen (tracks: 2,6), Kenny Hicks (tracks: 7), Linda Elias, Pete Shambrook* (tracks: 7), Rick Elias
Bass – Kelly Burns
Design – Brian Godawa
Drums – Doug Mathews
Electric Guitar – Glenn Pearce (tracks: 8)
Engineer – Dave Jahnsen
Engineer [Additional] – Bill Baumgart, Rick Elias
Guitar – Rick Elias
Keyboards – Linda Elias, Rick Elias
Keyboards [Additional] – Jay York
Lead Vocals – Rick Elias
Mixed By – Dave Jahnsen, Rick Elias
Percussion – Linda Elias
Photography By – Wayne Armstrong
Producer – Rick Elias
Producer [Additional Production] – Dave Jahnsen, Linda Elias
Written-By – Rick Elias

Companies, etc.
Distributed By – FMG Distribution
Record Company – Frontline Music Group – FLD9246