The Young Bros. – High Energy Rock – 1978

I only found this album because it was requested. I have no idea who the Young Brothers were or even if they were officially a Christian band. That said the album is full of Christian lyrics so were gonna call it Christian. This was the only album from the brothers and I can’t find that they ever did any other projects. What we have here is a solid southern rock album with overtones of ZZ Top on some tracks and early DA on others. As I said I know nothing about this band so we will just have to enjoy this great 70’s Rock album.

1 – Come Alive – 3:19
2 – Touched – 2:43
3 – Excited – 2:47
4 – The Answer – 3:03
5 – Suffering Man – 3:02
6 – If It Isn’t One Thing It’s Another – 2:38
7 – Bus Stop – 3:43
8 – Hinder – 3:02
9 – Say You Know Love – 2:34
10 – Just Setting My Soul Free – 4:20
11 – Space Child – 2:55

Bass Guitar, Vocals – Ronnie Young
Drums – Kenny Mooney
Engineer, Recorded By – Mike Grimm
Lead Guitar, Vocals – Allan Young
Mastered By, Engineer – Kevin Vogts
Rhythm Guitar, Vocals – Terry Young

Companies, etc.
Recorded At – The Young Bros. Residence
Published By – Grimm Diversified Music
Mastered At – Diskwerks

Caedmon – Caedmon – 1978

Not to be in any confused with CCM stalwarts, Caedmon’s Call, this is Caedmon, a progressive, medieval folk, blues, Celtic, jazz quintet from Edinburgh University that unleashed a completely original and creative project embraced a both sides of the pond and both sides of the music realm, garnering great reviews in Christian and mainstream publications. The group started off as a trio of veterinary students that primarily performed traditional British folk tunes and Church hymns and spirituals. The group expanded, as did their repertoire. They played with Water Into Wine, After the Fire, Larry Norman among other Jesus Music artists of the 70’s in Britain. But like many contemporaries…they disappeared quickly. Though the desire for the music has prompted a few re-releases over the years. Whether it’s the Celtic like folky number, “Ten Maidens fair” that kicks off the album or the moody, folky jazz tune, “Man Maker” that follows, the production is top notch, the quality of musicianship, originality and harmonies are simply compelling. Male and female lead vocals trade off with each song and often within each song. But one of the more compelling aspects is the vocal arrangements. There is really a lot going on here. “Sea Song” starts off like an old British shanty, then moves into a progressive rock like instrumental section with a killer guitar solo. The beautifully returns to its roots. Other true stand out tracks include “Living in the Sunshine” and “Columbas’ Song.” This a truly a brilliant gem that most likely would appear much higher on this list of I didn’t come to it so much later in life. I assume if I had owned this throughout its life cycle it would appear much higher on this list. I expect complaints from many claiming it deserves a higher ranking and an equal amount revealing they have never heard of it. The latter would do well to track it down as a phenomenal re-release with vastly improved sonics took place in the past year or so.

Contributor David Lowman –

1 – Ten Maidens Fair – 4:17
2 – Maker Man – 3:25
3 – Death Of A Fox – 4:18
4 – Sea Song – 5:35
5 – Aslan – 4:15
6 – Living In The Sunshine – 3:27
7 – Storm – 6:06
8 – Columba’s Song – 2:21
9 – Smile On Your Face – 4:35
10 – Caedmon’s Hymn – 4:15
11 – Give Me Jesus – 6:45
12 – Beyond The Second Mile – 4:15

Acoustic Guitar – Jim Bisset
Acoustic Guitar, Spoons [Spoon And Teacup] – Ken Patterson
Vocals – Angela Naylor
Vocals, Bass Guitar – Sam Wilson
Vocals, Electric Guitar – Jim Bisset
Vocals, Guitar, Mandolin, Other [etc] – Simon Jaquet
Vocals, Piano, Cello – Ken Patterson

Companies, etc.
Manufactured For – Nimbus

Daniel Amos – Live at Calvary Chapel (1​-​28​-​78)

In 2021 Daniel Amos released a recording of themselves live at Calvary Chapel in 1978. It features songs from their first two albums as well as Horrendous Disc which was already recorded but unreleased by Larry. It has 2 tracks, Happily Married Man, and Ain’t Gonna Fight It, that were not released until 1990 on a CD re-issue of their self titled album as bonus tracks. The sound quality is excellent and it’s an excellent opportunity for us to travel back in time to hear a band that would become one of the premiere CCM bands of all time.

1 – Hound Of Heaven – 4:52
2 – Abidin’ – 03:14
3 – Meal – 3:51
4 – Horrendous Disc – 3:29
5 – On The Line – 5:51
6 – Happily Married Man – 4:13
7 – Days & Nights – 2:25
8 – Ain’t Gonna Fight It – 4:54
9 – Posse In The Sky – 4:52
10 – Skeptic’s Song – 3:00
11 – Walking On The Water 7:03

Terry Scott Taylor- Lead Vocals- guitar
Jerry Chamberlain- Guitar, vocals
Ed McTaggart- Drums
Mark Cook- Keys, vocals
Marty Dieckmeyer- Bass
Mastered by Bruce Neher

Limpic & Rayburn – Caught In The Crossfire – 1978

Released just as the rage of male duo pop acts was waning, Limpic and Rayburn’s sophomore and final release as a duo hit the CCM marketplace. Bridging the gap of Jesus Music and CCM, Gerry Limpic and Mark Rayburn, created a record that both pointed back to the simplistic sounds and messages of acoustic Jesus Music while also pointed forward toward Gerry Limpic’s future solo work. Immediately recognizable as a late 70’s folk/pop duo replete with wide collars and leisure suits, the duo would fit in quite nicely with Loggins & Messina and England Dan & John Ford Coley. The music contained in this now classic is immediately likable and recognizable. Christian radio was very favorable to “Good News,” “Crossfire” and the popular wedding song, “Time for Joy.” The latter would become a very good seller in the fledgling accompaniment track industry and a top seller for sheet music. Limpic was the primary songwriter and would soon leave to pursue a solo career. Gerry got his start in music as a member of the band, The Random Sample, along with his brother Ted. The Random Sample recorded on Tempo Records, the contemporary arm of Impact Records in the early to mid 70’s. Side two is a bit more progressive musically with “Coming Soon” and the album’s closer, “How Long.” The standout, though, is the passion play song, “Mary’s Song (He is Alive).” A slow building story song, the first chorus is a powerful admission that many of us would be equally guilty of joining the crowd calling for Christ’s crucifixion. The final chorus is equally powerful, but the words are changed to declare the resurrection. A great song that should have been an Easter classic, but I honestly never recall anyone performing it. For fans of 70’s acoustic rock with the California country vibe (Poco, Eagles) mixed with radio friendly ballads, this one has the markings of a regular listen.

Contributor David Lowman –

1 – Crossfire – 3:40
2 – Mr. Good News – 3:21
3 – Domino – 4:19
4 – Time For Joy – 2:50
5 – Guide My Steps – 2:44
6 – Mary’s Song (He Is Alive) – 5:17
7 – Coming Soon – 3:48
8 – Love Songs (To the Father) – 3:41
9 – How Long – 5:35

Bass – Dave Pollard
Design, Illustration – Craig McNair Wilson
Drums – Semaja
Photography By – John Jordan
Piano – Jim Crow
Producer, Guitar, Vocals, Backing Vocals – Gerry Limpic, Mark Rayburn
Producer, Orchestrated By, Engineer, Mixed By, Mastered By – Ron Compton

Companies, etc.
Phonographic Copyright (p) – Word, Inc.
Produced For – Home Free Productions
Recorded At – Fanfare Studios, El Cajon, California

Sweet Comfort Band – Breakin’ The Ice – 1978

If there was one group that bridged the gap between the Jesus Music of the 1970’s and the introduction of what is known as CCM, it is the Sweet Comfort Band. Four immensely talented musicians, songwriters and a future superstar in the making in lead vocalists Bryan Duncan. Borrowing directly from the funk/soul sounds of the late 70’s without falling into the trap of disco, Sweet Comfort created an album for the ages with sharp production, killer grooves, monster vocals and some of the most stirring ballads for the day. The style was much more Chicago and Steely Dan than just about anything else. Kicking it off with a long time live favorite, Got to Believe, Duncan shares the lead vocal duties with guitarist Randy Thomas who really shines on guitar later in the song. And the horn section just takes the song to a level comparable to the aforementioned Chicago. At the time CCM was really lagging behind in the production quality world (this based more on minuscule budgets than musicianship) and the band really created a new standard here. The title track also shines with Thomas also taking on vocal duties and the horn section again driving the song. Other rockers that shine include: Melody, Harmony, Searchin’ For Love and possibly the best song song on the whole project, Good Feelin’. Good Feelin’ really shows Duncan’s range and Thomas’ guitar prowess. But I would be remiss to discount the strength of the ballads on this album. I Need You Love Again is a beautiful call to the Lord for His graciousness toward a fallen soul. But it’s the albums closer, I Love You With My Life, that remains a true classic and a song many believe (myself included) is the finest song the band ever performed. This beautiful reminder of Jesus’ final words to the disciples is comforting and inspiring. It also contains the trademark Duncan powerful ballad vocals. Breakin’ the Ice will not be the last of the Sweet Comfort albums listed as the band was incredibly important in the burgeoning CCM scene and made several exceptional albums. Breakin’ is simply one of them.

Contributor David Lowman –

1 – Got To Believe – 3:56
2 – Breakin’ The Ice – 3:40
3 – Young Girl – 3:15
4 – Melody, Harmony – 3:20
5 – I Need Your Love Again – 4:30
6 – Good Feelin’ – 4:00
7 – Searchin’ For Love – 4:06
8 – The Lord Is Calling – 3:56
9 – I Love You With My Life – 4:01

Arranged By [Horns] – Kim Hutchcroft
Bass – Kevin Thomson
Design [Cover Design], Artwork – Kernie Erickson
Drums, Vocals – Rick Thomson
Engineer [Maranatha Studios] – Dan Willard
Engineer [Martinsound Studio] – Jack Joseph Puig
Engineer [Mastering] – Ken Perry
Engineer [Mix Down] – Mike Stone
Guitar, Vocals – Randy Thomas
Horns – The Seawind Horns
Horns [The “Seawind Horns”], Alto Saxophone, Organ [Flute Organ], Synthesizer [Oberheim Mini Moog], Synthesizer [Prophet 5 Synthesizers] – Larry Williams
Horns [The “Seawind Horns”], Tenor Saxophone, Flute – Kim Hutchcroft
Horns [The “Seawind Horns”], Trombone – Bill Reichenbach
Horns [The “Seawind Horns”], Trumpet, Flugelhorn – Jerry Hey
Keyboards, Vocals – Bryan Duncan
Percussion – Steve Foreman*
Photography By – Linda Dillon, Mark Worthington
Producer, Arranged By [Horns] – Bob Wilson

Companies, etc.
Phonographic Copyright (p) – Lexicon Music, Inc.
Copyright (c) – Lexicon Music, Inc.
Recorded At – Martinsound
Recorded At – Maranatha! Studio
Mastered At – Capitol Studios
Published By – Lexicon Music, Inc.
Published By – Sojourn Music

Jacket Front
Jacket Back
Jacket Inside Left
Jacket Inside Right
Side 1
Side 2

John Fischer – Johnny’s Cafe – 1978

This was John’s last album with Light though Light did release a Greatest hits album in the mid 80’s. Light threw a lot of money at this album including hiring an entire horn section. Though recorded in 1978 it wasn’t released until Mar of 1979. I suspect this was partly due to ongoing production as at times it’s over produced. To be clear let me say right away that I enjoyed this album but I have some criticism. First of all the horn section adds nothing to the album and really should have been left off and money saved. My other complaint is the varying styles. At time it’s disco, at time 70’s Jesus Music, and at times classic rock. Not a good flow. That said all the tracks are well done and I like each of them individually but I just don’t feel they should be stuffed onto the same album. I do love the title track and it will be going in my regular rotation.

1 – Johnny’s Cafe – 4:10
2 – One Lane Road – 4:02
3 – Nothin’ In This World – 3:32
4 – Circle Of Blessing – 3:50
5 – Talking Faces – 4:15
6 – Pawn In The Game – 3:36
7 – Right On Time – 3:05
8 – Hard Line – 3:55
9 – Blessed – 3:12
10 – Midnight On Main Street – 3:30

John Fischer – Songwriter, Vocals
Dan Collins – Producer, Background Vocals
Dan Ferguson – Guitars
Steve Forman – Percussion
Leon Gaer – Bass
Clark Gassman – Arrangements, Keyboards
David Kemper – Drums
Paul Leim – Drums
Tim May – Guitars
Don Menza – Saxophone
Jack Joseph Puig – Engineer
Tom Rotella – Guitars
Rick Vito – Guitars

Jacket Front
Jacket Back
Sleeve Front
Sleeve Back
Side 1
Side 2

Bryn Haworth – Grand Arrival – 1978

This was Bryn’s 3rd album but his first to be released in North America. It’s a rather typical 70’s Jesus music album but Bryn’s vocals do help it stand out. It’s no secret that Bryn is one of my favorite artists so I’m biased in saying this is a fantastic 70’s album. Quick point of trivia is that the Imperials provided some background harmonies which I find odd as this album was actually on A&M records and the Imperials were on Dayspring (Word). Generally speaking Christian labels and secular labels didn’t mix so well but it worked here.

1 – Come See What Love – 4:28
2 – Nothing Without You – 3:41
3 – Woman Friend – 3:00
4 – Moments – 3:00
5 – We’re All One – 4:13
6 – The Grand Arrival – 4:42
7 – Sing To The Lord – 3:42
8 – Full Day – 3:28
9 – Summer Wine – 4:28
10 – Beans On Toast – 4:43

Backing Vocals – Don Everly
Banjo – Courtney Johnson
Bass – Jessie Boyce, Joe Osborn, John Cowan, Nick Rather, Tommy Cogbill
Claves – Jerry Carrigan
Drums – Buddy Harmon, Jerry Carrigan, Karl Himmel
Engineer – Ronnie Light
Guitar – Bill Sandford, Curtis Burch
Guitar [High String, Gut String] – Harold Bradley
Guitar [High String] – Ronny Light
Guitar, Mandolin, Strings [Harpolek], Vocals – Bryn Haworth
Keyboards – Bobby Woods, Ron Oates
Mandolin – Sam Bush
Percussion – Farrell Morris
Piano – Bobby Woods, Hargus “Pig” Robbins
Producer – Audie Ashworth
Remix – Chris Kimsey
Saxophone – Andrew Love, Billy Puett
Steel Guitar – Buddy Emmons
Strings – Shelley Curland Strings
Trombone – Dennis Goode
Trumpet – George Tidwell, Wayne Jackson
Vocals – Halladay Sisters
Vocals [Harmony] – The Imperials
Written-By – Bryn Haworth

Companies, etc.
Phonographic Copyright (p) – A&M Records Ltd.
Produced For – Audigram Inc.
Published By – Signalgrade
Published By – Island Music Ltd.
Recorded At – Crazy Mama’s Studios
Remixed At – Olympic Studios
Remixed At – Basing Street Studios

Jacket Front
Jacket Back
Sleeve Front
Sleeve Back
Side 1
Side 2

James Vincent – Waiting For The Rain – 1978

Hot off the world renowned success of 1976’s “Space Traveler” James Vincert embrace Christianity and set a distinctly different course than the one he had previously been on. Considered one of the best jazz guitarists of his generation James Vincent would record two very directly Christian album, the first being the one in question. Because of the immense success of the previous album “Waiting for the Rain” received a very strong distribution (normally lacking for CCM artists) through his mainstream record company. Filled with some amazing jazz and rock tunes with the emphasis on jazz and Vincent’s brilliant guitar work and the Seawind horn section. Musically in the vein of George Benson or the mellower side of Earth, Wind and Fire with a soulful and rich voice and stellar guitar work. There are two strong radio songs in “What Does It Profit a Man” and “People of the World.” I remember working at KYMS radio some five to 10 years later and still playing these two songs. But really it is the more obscure and less commercial songs that make the album so amazing. Resistance is a progressive jazz piece with limited vocal and several changes throughout while the guitar in Daniel, Daniel will remind many of Keaggy’s guitar styling. How Can I Thank You is a pure delight as Vincent scats over the top of his guitar solo. Though the follow up release, Enter In, may have contained some better and more mature lyrics there is a simplicity and joy to this release that makes it such a treasure.

Contributor David Lowman –

1 – What Does It Profit A Man? – 4:50
2 – Resistance – 4:52
3 – Etude #20 – 1:16
4 – Daniel, Daniel – 3:10
5 – People Of The World – 4:39
6 – How Can I Thank You Enough – 4:55
7 – Soon Comes The Son – 3:48
8 – Waiting For The Rain – 3:12
9 – The Seventh Day – 6:11
10 – Babylon Is Fallen – 3:09

Arranged By [Horns] – Seawind Horns
Backing Vocals – Carla Vincent (tracks: A5)
Bass – Steve Evans
Congas – Pat Murphy
Drums [Hand & Trap] – Tom Donlinger
Guitar – James Vincent
Keyboards – Ron Stockert
Marimba – Tom Donlinger
Percussion – Pat Murphy
Percussion, Congas – Carla Vincent (tracks: B5)
Producer – James Vincent
Saxophone – Kim Hutchcroft, Larry Williams
Synthesizer [Roland Guitar, Roland 5h-5] – James Vincent
Trombone – Bill Reichenbach
Trumpet – Jerry Hey
Vocals – James Vincent
Whistling – Vincent Dondelinger (tracks: B3)

Companies, etc.
Copyright (c) – CBS Inc.
Phonographic Copyright (p) – CBS Inc.
Published By – Big Elk Music
Published By – Caleb Music
Published By – Swinghouse Music

Gary S. Paxton – Terminally Weird But Godly Right – 1978

This was Gary’s 3rd solo album. It continues his somewhat bizarre style with varying styles and strange theme’s. The album has a five song series subtitled “Prelude To Destruction”. None of these songs seem to follow theme and I’m really not too sure what he was trying to do here. I really enjoyed the first and second listen to the album but grew a little tired of it after that and I doubt it will get a third listen. The humour on some tracks is fun and perhaps his trademark but I find the more serious tracks to be lacking. That said I would definitely give it a listen as it’s well worth listening to at least once.

1 – (I’m) Anchored In The Rock Of Ages – 2:53
2 – Lord How’d I Get So Old So Fast – 4:23
3 – Mental Pollution (Prelude To Destruction Part 1) – 3:52
4 – Ode To The Outlaw (That Prison Called Freedom – Prelude To Destruction Part 2) – 4:47
5 – I Can’t See Me Servin’ Nobody But Jesus – 2:30
6 – Will There Be Hippies In Heaven? (Prelude To Destruction Part 3) – 3:13
7 – Blessed Assurance – 5:28
8 – Images (Prelude To Destruction Part 4) – 4:00
9 – Progress (Prelude To Destruction Part 5) – 4:01
10 – Fat, Fat Christians – 3:01
11 – The Clone Affair – 4:28
12 – The Big A = The Big M – 3:44
13 – Anchored In The Rock Of Ages (Reprise) – 0:19

Love Chapter Band – Livin’ In The Sonshine – 1978

This was the first of 3 albums from Love Chapter Band. Again I am having a difficult time finding out anything about the band. I do know they were from British Columbia Canada and the album was released on New Born Records, a sister label to Tunesmith. Of note on the album is the title track which is a cover of 1976 Gentle Faith (Darrell Mansfield) song “Livin in the Sonshine”. Other than that I have nothing I can tell you about them or the album.

1 – Where Will You Go – 4:48
2 – The Sacrificed Lamb – 4:56
3 – Joy Comes – 3:34
4 – No More Reasons – 5:01
5 – Jump In – 1:53
6 – Just A Prayer Away – 3:00
7 – God’s Will – 3:21
8 – Make Me An Instrument – 4:11
9 – Livin’ In The Sonshine – 2:39