Messenger – Bringin’ The Message – 1978

If you’re looking for some Funky Jazz this is the album for you. This was the second and last album from Messenger. I checked and none of the members of the band seem to have done anything more except for Rick Riso who had 2 albums in the 80’s and one in the 90’s. Other than that I couldn’t really find out much about this band. Like I say the album has a Jazz infused Funk feel and is actually really well done. Pity this band didn’t keep on as they did know what they were doing.

1 – Bringin’ The Message – 2:57
2 – Our Love Will Grow – 4:40
3 – Livin’ In Love – 2:44
4 – Pressin’ On – 3:47
5 – Song In The Night – 3:51
6 – Changin’ Me – 4:16
7 – All You Need – 3:20
8 – I Still Love You – 5:08
9 – Now Is The Time – 3:16
10 – Home To You – 4:25

Acoustic Bass – Dave Marotta
Arranged By – Messenger
Arranged By [Strings] – Clark Gassman
Arranged By [Vocals] – Si Simonson
Artwork, Design – Thel
Backing Vocals – Rebecca Sue Sherburn
Drums – Mike Feller
Electric Bass – Dave Marotta
Executive-Producer – Bill Cole
Flugelhorn, Trumpet – Jerry Hey
Keyboards – Si Simonson
Lacquer Cut By [KP in runouts] – KP
Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals, Guitar – Rick Riso
Percussion – Fred Petry, Mike Feller
Producer – Rick Riso, Si Simonson
Saxophone – Kim Hutchcroft
Strings – L.A. Superstrings, Sidney Sharp
Tenor Saxophone – Larry Williams
Trombone – Bill Reichenbach
Vibraphone – Larry Troxel (tracks: B5)

Companies, etc.
Phonographic Copyright (p) – Lexicon Music, Inc.
Published By – Lexicon Music, Inc.
Recorded At – Martinsound
Recorded At – United Western Studios
Mastered At – Capitol Mastering

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Mike Warnke – Hey Doc! – 1978

Mike gets on stage to bring some Christian humour and talking about his service in Vietnam. Though dated I still find this album quite humorous.

It should be noted that Warnke was revealed as a liar and fraudster in 1991 by Cornerstone magazine. This recording is offered as a historic record of what was being listened to in the Christian community in the late 70’s and early 80’s.

Cover [Concept] – Dennis Hill
Cover [Design] – Charles Wallis, Inc., Patrick Pollei, Roger Sanders
Management – Dharma Artist Agency, Inc., Wes Yoder
Narrator – Mike Warnke
Photography By – John Miller
Producer – Mike Blanton*, Wes Yoder
Recorded By – Malcolm Harper

Companies, etc.
Published By – Warbird Publishing Company
Recorded At – Century II Concert Hall, Wichita, KS
Recorded By – Reelsound
Edited At – Studio 1, Nashville, TN
Edited At – Reelsound
Record Company – Word, Inc.
Copyright (c) – Warbird Publishing Company
Phonographic Copyright (p) – Warbird Publishing Company

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Benny Hester – Benny Hester – 1978

This is Benny’s self titled release from 1978 on Spirit Records. It was re-released in 1982 by Myrrh Records but was renamed “Be A Receiver”. OK so this is the first, second, third, and fourth album he put out. How is that possible you ask? Well there was a first album “Benny…” but almost no copies of it reached the public before being destroyed in a fire so this is really the first album people could get of his but technically is his second album. Then he released “Nobody Knows Me Like You” in 1981 and then this album was re-released with a new name “A Receiver” as his third or fourth album . Anyway all that aside lets talk about this album. This album actually pushed the limits of Christian music at the time with some heavy guitar work which while becoming more common at the time was still being cautiously received. I like this album because it doesn’t sound like a leftover 70’s sound instead it has a fresh fun rock sound. It even has a bit of a pop feeling which was ahead of its time. All in all a great album.

1 – Be A Receiver – 3:18
2 – Squeeze You – 3:51
3 – Sure Of Your Call – 3:20
4 – Jesus Came Into My Life – 3:05
5 – The Door – 4:06
6 – Gonna Happen Here – 3:14
7 – Only You – 3:40
8 – Such A Relief – 3:20
9 – All You Can Do – 2:12
10 – We All Know He’s Comin’ – 3:03

Acoustic Guitar, Lead Vocals – Benny Hester
Arranged By [Strings] – Greg Nelson
Bass – Ed Arnold
Composed By – Benny Hester
Design – Stan Evenson
Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocals – John Parenti
Electric Guitar – Dan Flannery
Engineer – Brent Maher
Engineer [Assistant] – Rich Schirmer
Keyboards, Backing Vocals – Jeff Lams
Photography By – Gary Heery
Producer – Brent Maher
Strings – Shelly Kurland Strings

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Lewis McVay – Spirit of St. Lewis – 1978

This was the first of two solo albums from Lewis McVay after Mustard Seed Faith dissolved. This album is actually kind of a mess. It’s a strange mix of traditional Jesus music, 70’s Rock, Soul, and even a country song. That said I’m not saying the album is bad, just that it is a bunch of different styles. Honestly it’s quite a good album just with so many different styles it does not flow like an album should. Lewis was better known for his next solo album but this one probably would have been more popular if it had stuck to one or two styles. Joining Lewis on Guitar on this album was Don Gerber (Darrell Mansfield Band) and famed studio musician and producer Al Perkins.

1 – Time – 3:26
2 – Ridin’ In The Wind – 3:48
3 – Any Day – 5:28
4 – Water – 3:04
5 – Somebody – 3:52
6 – Lost But Not Forgotten – 3:27
7 – How Long? – 4:30
8 – Oh Lord – 4:07
9 – With You – 3:15
10 – Sit Down – 5:40

Acoustic Guitar – Don Gerber
Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar – Joe Cadrecha
Backing Vocals – Billy Thedford, Kelly Willard, Sherlie Matthews, Venetta Fields, Virgil Beckham
Bass – Darrell Cook
Drums – Mike Fickling
Electric Guitar – Tony Sena
Electronic Drums – Dennis Holt
Engineer – Jonathan David Brown
Guitar – Al Perkins
Handclaps – Steve Berchtold
Keyboards – Phil Kristianson
Mandolin, Violin – Fred Fields
Producer – John Pantry
Saxophone, Flute – John Yoakum
Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Handclaps – Lewis McVay

Companies, etc.
Phonographic Copyright (p) – Maranatha! Music
Copyright (c) – Maranatha! Music

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After the Fire – Signs of Change – 1978

After Peter “Memory” Banks Narnia project he changed gears and headed to secular music. This 1978 project was self produced and distributed and the original 2000 copies sold out in 2 weeks despite no distribution. The only band members that didn’t survived this version of After The Fire to the next version was bass player Nick Battle who was replaced with Narnia Bassist John Russell. When I refer to “This Version” it is because this album has a sound that did not continue on in their future very successful albums. It has a progressive rock sound that is actually very well done but I think they were catching the tail end of this sound so their subsequent switch to a New Wave/Pop sound for their next album was well timed. This album was re-released in 2004 by Roughmix Records with 4 Bonus Tracks.

1 – Dance Of The Marionette – 7:00
2 – Back To The Light – 4:00
3 – Now That I’ve Found – 8:10
4 – Signs Of Change – 8:04
5 – Jigs – 2:58
6 – Pilgrim – 11:22

Bass Guitar – Nick Battle
Design – Steve Bamford
Drums – Ivor Twidell
Guitar – Andy Piercy
Keyboards – “Memory” Banks
Mastered By – BilBo (3)
Vocals – Andy Piercy

Companies, etc.
Made By – Garrod & Lofthouse Ltd.
Printed By – Garrod & Lofthouse Ltd.

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Imperials – Live – 1978

This Live album features the most recent hits (in 1978) from the Imperials. Some of the versions were spruced up for the concert and some of them tamed down. The selection of songs and styles didn’t really work well in my opinion but I wasn’t at the concert so maybe it worked better in person. There’s one thing on the album that annoyed me. They introduce the song “Your First Day In Heaven” as being how they sounded in 1964. The song however is not from 1964 and appears to have been released the same year at this album (feel free to correct me). Why do a song in the old style when you could just pick and old song and do it the way it was originally done. This moment was just sort of strange to me. All that said if you love the early Imperials this live album is for you. The production quality is excellent and the song choices were overall good choices.

1 – Sonshine Day – 2:34
2 – Bread Upon The Water – 3:16
3 – Bread Upon The Water (Reprise) – 0:52
4 – New Creation – 5:47
5 – Your First Day In Heaven – 1:39
6 – Lead Me Gently Home Father – 3:17
7 – I Love The Way You Love – 4:09
8 – He Touched Me – 3:53
9 – Sail On – 5:03
10 – How Great Thou Art – 2:40
11 – The Old Gospel Ship – 3:07
12 – The Old Gospel Ship (Reprise) – 1:42

Bass, Electric Guitar – Dave Hollihand, John Lutz
Drums – Mike Kinard
Engineer – Gaston Nichols, Max Moseley
Piano, Electric Piano – Bill George
Producer – Armond Morales, Buddy Huey, Chris Christian
Trumpet – John Lutz
Recorded Live: First Baptist Church, Waco, Texas The Kingsland Theatre, St. Louis, Missouri.

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Return Ticket – Return Ticket – 1978

I’ve found another band that I don’t know anything about. This is a strange one in that apparently this is a German band but the album has a soul sound. Not saying there wasn’t soul music in Germany but I never heard of it. Anyway as I said this is a soul band out of Germany and that’s all I know. The album is pretty good and was a little ahead of it’s 1978 time period. Album would have fit in nicely in the early 80’s. This was their only release I can find so if you know anything about this band feel free to let me know about it.

1 – Return Ticket – 3:44
2 – Heaven Bound – 4:22
3 – A Song for R & B – 5:15
4 – Feelin’ Down – 2:20
5 – To My Brother – 5:18
6 – Sorrow Begins With Joy – 4:05
7 – Direct Line – 3:46
8 – J. B.’s Song – 5:10
9 – Hallelujah Jive – 3:20
10 – God Gave So Much – 4:23

Produced and arranged by Mike Weller
Associate Producer: Gerd Rautenbach
Engineered by Gerd Rautenbach
Mixed by Gerd Rautenbach and Berthold Kraus
Recorded and Mixed at DIERKX Studios, Cologne October an november 1978
Cover design and painting by Lucky Hettler
Photography by Margot Knappe

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Adrian Snell – Listen to the Peace – 1978

This is Adrian’s 3rd album and it continues the style he became famous for. It is easy listening with a hint of Jazz. Adrian was becoming fairly well known by this album but hadn’t yet adjusted to a style that was easier for the public to identify with. Unfortunately, when artists put out so many albums with such a similar style it is hard to point out anything that is unique about the album. This is one of those times.

1 – Reach Me – 3:57
2 – Peace Be With You – 2:26
3 – Through The City Noise – 3:30
4 – Judas – 4:30
5 – Travelling – 3:38
6 – That’s Me In The Corner – 2:25
7 – Turn Your Vengeance – 6:40
8 – Losing – 5:10
9 – Children Of The Dream (Psalm 126) – 3:42
10 – Listen To The Peace – 4:45

Acoustic Guitar – Adrian Snell
Arranged By [Strings, Brass & Harp] – Bill Thorp
Bass – Gerry Page
Drums – Keith Entwistle
Engineer – Andy Kidd, Helmut Kaufmann
Graphics – Phil Thomson
Illustration – Eugene Press
Keyboards – Adrian Snell
Photography By [Cover Portrait] – Audrey Cox
Photography By [Inside Cover] – Phil Thomson
Producer – John Pantry

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Steve Camp – Sayin’ It With Love – 1978

Steve Camp’s debut album came out in 1978, at a time when Larry Norman seems to have been between record labels. Larry wrote two of the songs on this album, and co-wrote one with Steve. Had this been a couple of years earlier or later, it seems likely that it would have come out on Solid Rock Records or Phydeaux Records. Interestingly, “If I Were A Singer” is credited here as a co-write but on Larry’s own album (Gathered Moments, 1998), it is credited as a Larry Norman song and noted as previously unreleased. The version here has some differences, including significant lyrical differences but certainly it is another version of the same song. From Larry’s liner notes on Gathered Moments:

IF I WERE A SINGER – Originally penned for an aspiring young Steve Camp for his 1978 SAYING IT WITH LOVE lp, this 1977 live performance features Larry’s original lyrics.

1 – Sayin’ It With Love – 2:48
2 – Me – 3:22
3 – If I Were A Singer – 5:06
4 – Gather In His Name – 2:55
5 – Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled – 4:30
6 – God Loves You – 1:48
7 – Good News – 4:12
8 – Song For Mom – 4:55
9 – Lord Make Me Humble – 3:39
10 – Strong Love, Strange Peace With Diamonds – 4:56
11 – Tell Everybody – 1:57

Alto Saxophone – Steve Eisen
Arranged By [Background Vocal Arrangements] – Louis DuChane, Steven J. Camp*
Arranged By [Strings] – Paul Libman
Backing Vocals – Butch Patrini, Debby Wolgemuth, Frank Barbalace, Josi DeChristopher, Louis DuChane, Steven J. Camp, Steve Wyer, Vicki Hubbley*
Bass – Rusty Taylor, Sidney Sims
Co-producer [Production Assistance] – Paul Bogush, Jr.
Drums – Jackie Skalow, Ron Kapland, Tom Ratdke
Electric Piano, Synthesizer [Polymood, Minimoog], Organ – Pat Leonard*
Engineer – Alan Kubica, Hank Newberger
Engineer [Back-up] – Gary Elghammer, Tom Hansen*
Graphics [Lettering], Design – Martin Donald
Guitar – Bruce Gaitch, Danny Leek, Frank Barbalace Lead Vocals – Steven J. Camp
Mastered By – Greg Calbi
Mixed By [Mix-Down Engineer] – Alan Kubica*
Percussion – Brenda Mitchell, Louis DuChane, Ron Kapland
Photography By – Jim Whitmer
Piano – Pat Leonard, Paul Libman Producer, Arranged By – Steven J. Camp
Strings – Arnold Roth, Elliott M. Golub, Everett Zlatoff-Mirsky, Harold D. Klatz, Rodger Moulton, Sol A. Bobrov

Companies, etc.
Phonographic Copyright (p) – Word, Inc.
Copyright (c) – Word, Inc.
Recorded At – Chicago Recording Company
Mastered At – Sterling Sound

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Graham Kendrick – Fighter – 1978

When I picked up this album to listen to I was somewhat optimistic based on the album cover. Wow was I wrong. This is a very easy listening album. Now lets be clear, It’s a good album but not an album I would normally listen to. I was unfamiliar with Kendrick’s work but I think I have a good understanding of it now. This album has a “fight” theme. I don’t think I’ve ever listened to an album as heavily themed as this one. The songs are good and apparently several of Kendrick’s song have made their way into hymnals. Sheila Walsh also recorded the title track and had some success with it. Apparently some of the releases of this album were produced on a translucent vinyl which when held to light looked deep red. I am assuming this was supposed to represent blood.

1 – On The Frontline
2 – Sleeping In Gethsemane
3 – The Reluctant Disciple
4 – Night Comes
5 – Make It Soon
6 – Victory Is The Only Song I Know
7 – Often When The World Crowds
8 – The Story’s Just Begun
9 – God Put A Fighter In Me
10 – Battle Hymn

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