The Mighty Flyers – What Kind Of King – 1976

Not much information out there on The Mighty Flyers. It looks like it was a David Rees project as he did vocals and produced the album. I stumbled on this one because it features Nick Brotherwood of The Alwyn Wall Band and After The Fire and also Norman Barratt of the Barratt Band and The Alwyn Wall Band. These were some of the top Christian artists of the period. The album is pretty good as it has a seventies folk sound and feel. I can’t find that David Rees did any other projects but there are 2 more albums from The Mighty Flyers which I’m looking forward to listening to soon.

1 – Egypt – 3:09
2 – Thinking of Mary Tonight – 3:16
3 – I Saw Heaven Open – 3:39
4 – Eyes Like Jewels – 2:51
5 – Love Like An Ocean – 4:22
6 – Let Me Die An Easy Death – 4:25
7 – The Thief’s Song – 4:33
8 – Four Score Years – 4:00
9 – Fair Weather Friends – 4:25
10 – Celebrate The Feast/Salute The King – 4:18
11 – I Looked Down – 1:02

Bass – Martin Bunyar
Drums – Nick Brotherwood
Guitar – Norman Barratt
Lead Guitar – Nick Stone
Vocals, Producer, Written-By – David Rees

Imperials – Just Because – 1976

This is an album from the Imperials that seemed to slip under the radar. I don’t even remember this one and we listened to the Imperials back in this era. Maybe we did hear it and just ignored it as it’s pretty worship oriented. This was the last album with Sherman Andrus and Terry Blackwood before they went on to their own duo act. Strangely Andrus is not credited on the album but he’s rather obviously there. It’s a little hard to believe this was done in error so there’s a story there for sure. As for the album it’s pretty standard fare for an early 70’s Imperials album. Nothing really stood out on it for me but if you like the Imperials form this era this album will satisfy your ears.

1 – Just Because He Loves You – 4:08
2 – Jesus Came Into My Life – 2:45
3 – Love, It Comes In All Colors – 2:47
4 – Sweet Jesus – 4:10
5 – He Made My Life Come Together – 5:10
6 – He’s Coming Back – 3:23
7 – He Loves Me So – 4:09
8 – David’s Psalm – 4:17
9 – Sunny Day – 4:02
10 – Sometimes Alleluia – 3:55

Arranged By – Jack Williams
Arranged By [Orchestral Arrangements By] – Buddy Skipper
Arranged By [Track Arrangements] – Gary S. Paxton
Arranged By [Vocal Arrangements] – Terry Blackwood
Art Direction – Bob McConnell
Bass – Jack Williams, Steve Schaffer
Design [Cover Design], Illustration – Michael Harris
Drums – Kenny Malone, Larri London
Engineer – Bob Clark
Guitar – Bobby Thompson, Steve Gibson
Keyboards – Buddy Skipper, Pig Robbins, Ron Oates, Shane Keister
Percussion – Farrell Morris
Photography [Cover Photography] – Dill Beaty
Producer – Phil Johnson

Companies, etc.
Phonographic Copyright ℗ – Impact Records
Copyright © – Impact Records
Recorded At – Starday Sound Studios
Recorded At – Sound Stage Studios
Remixed At – Studio By The Pond
Mastered At – Masterfonics

Deliverance – Give It A Try – 1976

This is the second album from the German/Canadian version of Deliverance. While I am a huge fan of the 2 albums subsequent to this one I didn’t like this one as much as it is way too 70’s for me. I’m not saying it’s a bad album in fact I think it’s a great album but it just didn’t strike a chord with me. The back of the album cover features a testimonial by Joe Moscheo of The Imperials who holds the band in some very high esteem. If your a fan of the Jesus music movement then this is an album you must listen to and if you’re a fan of their later work I’d still suggest a listen but temper your expectations.

1 – Give It A Try – 5:37
2 – Why Cant They Realize? – 2:32
3 – Judgement – 3:18
4 – I Got You – 2:50
5 – How Can I Know? – 2:25
6 – Ive Often Wondered – 2:52
7 – Who Are You? – 4:56
8 – Im Going Away – 3:54
9 – Memories In F # Minor – 9:42

Paul Janz
Herb Rempel
Vern Giesbrecht
Paul Barnard
Ken Janz
Danny Janz

Companies, etc.
Manufactured By – Word Records Limited

Adrian Snell – Goodbye October – 1976

This was the second album from Adrian and it picks up right up where the last one left off. Adrian was a solid performer of worship / easy listening at this point in his career and few others did it as well as him. Now to be clear this is not my style of music but I know good music when I hear it and this is going to lead to my rant. How on gods green earth did Adrian never have a CCM charting single. He had 23 albums of which I’ve heard several now and I am completely dumbfounded at how he never had a song on the charts. I know I have ranted about the charts being very selective before but this has to be one of the best examples of people being blacklisted from the charts. I have no idea why Adrian was blacklisted but honestly it’s rather obvious that he was. Anyway this is an excellent 70’s vibe worship album and if that’s your style I’m sure you will agree with me that this is an excellent album.

1 – Prelude – 4:25
2 – This Land – 2:47
3 – By The Waters Of Babylon (Psalm 137) – 4:54
4 – Father, Saviour, Lord – 3:32
5 – City Bound – 2:50
6 – Goodbye October – 4:30
7 – Summer Song – 2:52
8 – Jesus, I’m Alone – 3:22
9 – Jesus Is My Song – 2:45
10 – And In The Morning – 3:25

Art Direction – Phil Thomson
Bass Guitar, Mandolin, Voice [Heathen Shouts], Handclaps – Gerry Page
Clarinet, Flute, Soprano Saxophone, Alto Saxophone – Ken Parr
Design Concept [Sleeve Concept By], Illustration – Eugene Press
Drums, Percussion – Bernard Shaw, Keith Entwistle
Engineer – Andy Kidd, Dave Cooke, Helmut Kaufmann
French Horn – Gordon Carr
Lyrics By – Adrian Snell
Music By – Adrian Snell
Photography By – David McQuitty
Piano, Electric Guitar, Guitar, Twelve-String Guitar, Keyboards [Elka Rhapsody], Synthesizer [String & Moog Synthesizers], Arranged By – Joe King
Piano, Electric Piano, Guitar, Twelve-String Guitar, Classical Guitar, Keyboards [Elka Rhapsody], Synthesizer [String & Moog Synthesizers], Percussion [Jawbone], Vocals – Adrian Snell
Producer – John Pantry
Vocals [Female Vocals] – Elisabeth Kaufmann

Companies, etc.
Record Company – Dove Records
Recorded At – ICC Studios
Made By – Robert Stace
Printed By – Robert Stace
Published By – Thankyou Music
Lacquer Cut At – Pye Studios

Love Song – Feel The Love – 1976

This album was actually recorded in 1976 after the band split up but I am going to guess that the split was amicable. I say this because this concert was very tight. The band worked together well and didn’t miss a beat the whole concert. This indicates to me that they were well rehearsed. Bands that get back together for a concert that have hard feelings generally don’t rehearse much and often this is reflected in the concert. Generally I categorize Love Song as a worship band but this album does have a few pretty good 70’s rock tunes. Considering several members of the band went on to do Rock & Roll this shouldn’t be as much of a surprise as I found it to be. The album also included several Devotional moments which are all relevant to this day. I have chopped up this album a little different than the record company. I think it flows a little better my way.

1 – Intro/Front Seat, Back Seat 4:08
2 – Little Country Church 2:58
3 – The Cossack Song 4:14
4 – Manila Story (Devotional) 1:58
5 – A Love Song 2:49
6 – Two Hands 3:54
7 – Feel The Love 5:49
8 – So Thankful 3:28
9 – Since I Opened Up The Door 3:59
10 – Our Journey (Devotional) 5:00
11 – Freedom 4:15
12 – Let Us Be One 5:12
13 – Psalm 150 (Devotional) 1:19
14 – Drum Solo 8:46
15 – Jesus Puts The Song In Our Hearts 4:20
16 – Little Pilgrim 5:29
17 – The Path and the Prayer (Devotional)4:45
18 – Sometimes Alleluia 6:57
19 – Psalm 5 3:37

Acoustic Guitar – Chuck Girard
Bass – Jay Truax
Drums – John Mehler
Electric Guitar – Bob Wall, Tom Coomes
Engineer – Bill Schnee
Keyboards – Chuck Girard
Lead Vocals – Chuck Girard, Tom Coomes
Mixed By – Joe Bellamy
Producer – Chuck Girard, Freddie Piro, Love Song
Vocals – Bob Wall, Jay Truax, John Mehler

Companies, etc.
Printed By – Garrod & Lofthouse
Recorded At – Paramount Northwest Theatre
Recorded At – San Jose Civic Auditorium
Recorded At – Warnors Theatre
Mixed At – Mama Jo’s
Distributed By – Word
Phonographic Copyright (p) – Good News Records
Copyright (c) – Good News Records

Mike Warnke – Alive! – 1976

This was Mike’s first album. Strangely I missed this one in the 80’s and just now listened to it. It was quite funny as I always think Mike is.

It should be noted that Warnke was revealed as a liar and fraudster in 1991 by Cornerstone magazine. This recording is offered as a historic record of what was being listened to in the Christian community in the late 70’s and early 80’s.

1 – Preacher Lessons And Cookie Cutters – 3:49
2 – Tennessee Home And Blankety-Blank – 3:00
3 – Catholics And Hell – 1:13
4 – Bible Stories And Jonah – 2:59
5 – Do’s And Don’ts – 2:37
6 – The Occult – 1:39
7 – The Jesus Freaks – 6:33
8 – Scuzball – 3:27
9 – Catholics And Heaven – 2:20
10 – Suicide And The Gospel Trio – 1:57
11 – The Navy’s Number One Grade A Fruitcake – Wow! – 6:18
12 – Three To A Cubicle – 7:01
13 – The Gideon Bible And The Mop Closet – 2:29
14 – Like Yourself – 2:23

Engineer – Fred Cameron, John Mir
Liner Notes – Honeytree
Other [Introduction] – John Lloyd
Photography By [Photographer] – 20-20 Photographics, Inc., Ron Pinter
Producer – Paul Craig

Companies, etc.
Record Company – Word, Inc.
Phonographic Copyright ℗ – Word, Inc.
Recorded At – Superior Sound Studios
Mastered At – EMI

Jacket Front
Jacket Back
Side 1
Side 2

Phil Keaggy – Love Broke Thru – 1976

This is Phil’s second solo album. It is still very revered to this day partly because of the track “Love Broke Thru”. The track was actually written by Keith Green and Randy Stonehill for Keith Green. Strangely Keith Green wanted Keaggy to release it before he did and so it was. The track “Time” features Keaggy’s innovative guitar technique of “violin-like swelling” which I can honestly say I don’t like but it is very well liked by actual musicians which I am not. The track “As The Ruin Falls” is actually an arrangement of he C.S. Lewis poem of the same name. Guest appearances include Michael Omartian on keyboards, Annie Herring (2nd Chapter Of Acts), Matthew Ward, and Mylon LeFevre doing some background vocals.

1 – Love Broke Thru – 3:30
2 – Take Me Closer – 4:57
3 – As The Ruin Falls – 4:31
4 – Wild Horse – 4:16
5 – Disappointment – 2:39
6 – Time – 6:47
7 – Portrait – 2:03
8 – Just The Same – 3:43
9 – Things I Will Do – 3:14
10 – Abraham – 3:32

Arranged By [String Arrangements] – Michael Omartian
Backing Vocals – Annie Herring, Matthew Ward, Mylon LeFevre
Bass – Leland Sklar
Contractor [String Contractor] – George Poole
Design – Linny Cobb
Drums – Jim Gordon
Engineer, Producer – Buck Herring
Executive Producer – Scott Ross
Flute – Don Menza
Guitar [All Guitars] – Phil Keaggy
Horns – Bill Baker, Marshall Cyr
Keyboards [Aarpvark] – Michael Omartian
Percussion – Herring, Hopper, Keaggy*
Photography [Back Cover, Label And Sleeve Photography] – Peter K. Hopper
Photography [Cover Photography] – Ted Len
Piano, Electric Piano [Fender Rhodes], Organ – Larry Knetchel*

Companies, etc.
Phonographic Copyright (p) – New Song Productions
Copyright (c) – New Song Productions

David Meece – David – 1976

David Meece was a child prodigy piano player. He started touring at the age of 10 and at 14 he played with the Houston Chamber Orchestra. At sixteen he was a soloist with the Houston Symphony and was touring the world and received a full scholarship for the Peabody Conservatory in Baltimore, MD. Word records discovered David in 1976 and released this his first album. They may have discovered him but I don’t think they really understood what they had found. They gave David a group of no name studio musicians and a first time producer. Lucky for them the support band was excellent and David’s piano was unstoppable. Word got lucky on this one and has a storied relationship with David who without a doubt is one of the biggest CCM artists of all time.

1 – I’ll Sing This Song For You – 3:38
2 – Come Home America – 2:46
3 – Jesus – 3:16
4 – I Love The Way He Smiles At Me – 4:11
5 – I Love You, Lord – 3:26
6 – Touch My Hand – 3:30
7 – Take Me Together – 4:53
8 – Got To Know You’re There (Dave’s Prayer) – 3:41
9 – Imagine What It’d Be Like – 3:28
10 – I’ll Sing This Song For You (Reprise) (Instrumental) – 2:36

Acoustic Guitar – Bob Thomas, Mack Dougherty
Arranged By – Bob Piper
Bass – Lou Fischer
Conductor – Bob Piper
Drums – Paul Leim
Engineer – Dan Peterson
Guitar – Mack Dougherty
Photography – George J. Sevra Jr
Piano – David Meece
Producer – Paul Baker
Vocals – David Meece
Written-By – David Meece

Companies, etc.
Phonographic Copyright (p) – Word, Inc.
Copyright (c) – Word, Inc.
Copyright (c) – Word Music, Inc.

John Fischer – Naphtali – 1976

John Fischer is known for the quantity of quality albums he released. This 1976 release relied strongly on scripture. On this album five tracks directly quote scripture which was very well received by his audience. Many considered this a Jesus Music album but it is just too Easy Listening for me to categorize it that way. Bottom line, it’s an excellent album if you like this style of music. John truly is an excellent singer/songwriter.

1 – Naphtali – 6:36
2 – We Are His Workmanship – 3:50
3 – Don’t Veil The Door – 3:36
4 – Work Out The Life – 2:48
5 – Naphtali Arise – 2:51
6 – Angel’s Song – 3:38
7 – Mary & Joseph – 4:25
8 – Song For The Good Times – 3:44
9 – Live In The Power – 4:53
10 – Arise My Beloved – 4:01

Arranged By – Clark Gassman
Artwork, Design – Jim Lamb
Backing Vocals – Dan Collins, Walt Harrah
Bass – Reinie Press
Drums – Hal Blaine, Ron Tutt
Engineer – Jerry Barnes
Guitar – Dean Parks, Jay Graydon
Guitar, Keyboards – John Fischer
Keyboards – Clark Gassman, Joe Sample
Percussion – Joe Piccaro
Producer – Dan Collins
Steel Guitar – Al Perkins

Companies, etc.
Record Company – Lexicon Music, Inc.
Phonographic Copyright (p) – Lexicon Music, Inc.
Recorded At – United Western Studios

Larry Norman – In Another Land – 1976

This album was the one that changed everything for us. I don’t remember what year it was when we got it. Maybe 1980. Maybe 1978 even. After this we started seeking out music that was actually for us. This is part 3 of Larry’s Trilogy, but the first part we heard. Only Visiting This Planet and So Long Ago The Garden came later for us but when put all together, these 3 albums make the most famous parts of Larry’s body of work. There were many other albums released, but nearly all of them contained at least one song from the trilogy. Over the years there were several versions of this album released on CD. This version is the 93 version with 4 bonus tracks that we have included.


== 1 ==

The Rock That Doesn’t Roll starts out sounding like an alternate version of Johnny B. Goode. Chuck Berry’s song came out in 1958. The fact that we were listening to Larry’s album in the 80s made it a little confusing and a little old-sounding to me, but the fact is these songs had to have been written no later than the early 70s. Given that perspective, I say the songs have great staying power. considering that they didn’t get any “mainstream” attention until much later.

This version of I Love You is a completely different song than the one he recorded at Capitol Records with People!. Interesting that he kept the name, unlike with other songs where he went with Righteous Rocker #3. Even when producing Daniel Amos’ Horrendous Disc album, he managed to get their song called I Love You #19 to make it unique. Another part of the enigma for me.

== 2 ==

U.F.O. seems to be part of the 1970s fascination with aliens. There were plenty of movies out at the time on the topic and so this tied in well with popular culture. After Larry’s heart attack(s), his doctor apparently told him he couldn’t play with the band any more but he still played this song a lot. The guitar part fit well but when it came to the electronic sound effects he did thouse with his voice and it sounded funny, also very unexpected. The audience laughed and I don’t know if that was bad form on his part or theirs.

== 3 ==

I’ve Searched All Around

Larry talked about end times a lot. He seemed to have the view that the world was slowly decaying before our eyes, a popular Christian worldview in the 60s, 70, and 80s. Songs like this one were about building hope in Kingdom Come in spite of what we see going on around us. His ability to put such a dark message into a rich musical setting like this was perfect. The blues comes through often in Larry’s songs, although during the Trilogy period it was never a focus. This song comes across as a great upbeat blues tune if you listen just right.

== 4 ==

Righteous Rocker #3

Allegedly written in a stairwell while waiting to go onstage for a concert, this song has a quick flow that makes it sound stream-of-consciousness, just like he wrote it all in a quick rush like that. Larry recorded various of it, but this a capella one is the first one he put out there.

Listen for Larry doing his own background vocals on this song. His distinctive voice can’t hide. We hear this in a lot of his work, suggesting he was alone a lot when he was in the studio.

== 5 ==

Deja Vu

One of the things that made Larry a great songwriter is that he wrote about things that were part of regular life. He starts out discussing relationships between people, “brothers.” He compares it to our relationship with God and draws parallels that are easy to follow. Many of the Christian artists both then and now don’t have this skill. The abliity to draw a comparison between heaven and Earth is what Shakespeare described as poetry.

== 6 ==

I Am A Servant

“When you are lonely you’re the only one to blame.”

This is both misunderstood and a double-entendre. Larry was too savvy with words to put something like this out unintentionally. Read the sentence twice. If you are lonely, it’s your fault. If you are lonely, there is no-one for you to take it out on but yourself.

Larry does seem to have been lonely a lot. He had some famous fallings out with other people in the community, and he faced a lot of accusations from Christian media accusing him of being “secular.” Like Shot Down, this is him reflecting and telling us that he is following his calling.

== 7 ==

The Sun Began To Rain

Larry was a poet as well as a songwriter. He even had the title of Poet Laureate at one point, and that was a point of pride for him. He really seemed to enjoy laying on thick layers of metaphor like he does in this song, and he was a master at it.

== 8 ==

Shot Down

It seems like he had critics throughout all of his career. In this song he responds to criticism from Christians who questioned his faith and his motives. That questioning never went away as far as I can tell, but at the same time his contribution seems to be huge. If we didn’t know anything about Larry’s personal life then he seems to have given us a lot. Maybe the enigma is best left that way to some extent.

== 9 ==

Six Sixty Six

Subtitled Rosemary’s Baby on some records. This is the original release version and it was just called Six Sixty Six. End times fascination was a big thing in the churches in the 70s and 80s. I remmeber the movie “A Thief In the Night.” It was super scary and really an earlier version of those “Left Behind” movies that came out much later. This song plays into that narrative quite deeply and gives a great insight into the mood of the Church at the time. Side note: Larry’s song “I Wish We’d All Been Ready” was a staple of this movie genre. Larry also appeared in the movie The Blob in the 60s, wearing a cross and warning people. This was obviously a big topic on his mind.

== 10 ==


Diamonds and One Way were two songs on this record that seemed like one song, but clearly two. He could have labelled it either way. The two short pieces turn into one but there is a clear transition between them. As the title suggests, this is a commentary on materialism. Its position in the album works out perfectly to take all the things he has been telling us in the past ten songs and remind us what ought to be on our minds.

== 11 ==

One Way

The “One Way” sign was something in the 1960s Jesus Movement. Larry may or may not have been the origin of this, but it was simply one index finger pointed upward. The two finger peace sign was a sign of the times, and Larry’s typical fashion was to respond to current culture with something compatible but different, and clearly tied to his message and calling. Imagine Larry holding up one hand with his index finger pointed up, eyes closed, singing this song.

== 12 ==

Song For A Small Circle of Friends

Larry mentions a few people by name and by inference here. “Dear Bobby watch your fears all hide” refers to Bob Dylan. On this recording you hear the harmonica at that point to make it clearer, but in live versions he sang “Dear Dylan” sometimes, and he did the voice impersonation.

“Love to you Sir Stonehill” was sometimes “Love to Randy Stonehill” in live versions. They had a complicated relationship that I don’t think I can explain but obviously he wanted to reach out for some reason.

“McCartney on the Hoffner bass” is obviously Paul. Larry told the story live about meeting Paul McCartney at Capital Records while they were both on the label. Apparrently Paul said “I like your music.”

== 13 ==

Hymn to the Last Generation

Larry closes the album with an altar call. He could talk about earthly problems and relationships all through his work, but he always wanted to leave the right message. His concerts did not have altar calls, but at the end of his concerts, which tended to be relatively small when I saw him, he would tell a hall full of hundreds of people that after the concert they could come backstage and talk to him if they wanted to. He would offer to help people and pray with them, in person. I went back there. He meant it.

1 – The Rock That Doesn’t Roll – 3:33
2 – I Love You – 3:03
3 – U.F.O. – 2:48
4 – I’ve Searched All Around – 3:19
5 – Righteous Rocker #3 – 0:47
6 – Deja Vu: (If God Is My Father) – 1:21
7 – Deja Vu-Continued: (Why Don’t You Look Into Jesus) – 2:38
8 – I Am A Servant – 3:09
9 – The Sun Began To Rain – 1:15
10 – Shot Down – 1:59
11 – Six Sixty Six – 2:30
12 – Diamonds – 1:37
13 – One Way – 2:20
14 – Song For A Small Circle Of Friends – 3:43
15 – Hymn To The Last Generation – 1:48
Bonus Tracks
16 – Looking For The Footprints – 2:33
17 – Strong Love, Strange Peace – 3:58
18 – Dreams On A Grey Afternoon – 1:00
19 – Let That Tape Keep Rolling (Live From Greenbelt) – 6:19

Larry Norman – vocals, harmonies, guitar, percussion, piano, producer,
Randy Stonehill – guitar and backing vocals
Jon Linn – guitars
Dudley Moore – piano
Mark Walker – drums
Tim Ayres – bass guitar
John Michael Talbot – banjo
Andy Johns – engineer
Tom Trefethen – assistant engineer
Solid Rock studios – pre-production recording location
Mama Jo’s – recording location
Sunset Sound – recording location
A&M, Studio 3 – mastering location

Companies, etc.
Phonographic Copyright (p) – Solid Rock Records
Copyright (c) – Solid Rock Records
Recorded At – Solid Rock Recording Studios
Recorded At – Mama Jo’s
Recorded At – Sunset Sound
Mastered At – A&M Mastering Studios
Record Company – Solid Rock Productions, Inc.
Copyright (c) – Beechwood Music Corp.
Copyright (c) – Glenwood Music Corp.
Published By – J. C. Love Publishing Co.
Published By – Strawbed Music