John Lawry – Media Alert – 1990

You probably know John as the keyboardist for Petra or perhaps for his work with Joe English but this album shows he can stand alone. In fact I would argue that this album might even be better than his albums with Petra. This is a strong keyboard pop album which might have been just a little dated in 1990 but so was the while Christian music scene to be honest. Unfortunately this is all we would get from John as far as solo albums go except for a self release in the late 90’s. His latest work has him in on the CPR project in 2017 and he has been doing some production work. The title track on this one is going in my regular rotation for sure.

1 – Media Alert – 3:48
2 – Video Logic – 4:36
3 – The Whole World Is Crying Tonight – 4:20
4 – Stars In The Night – 4:33
5 – Time Will Tell – 5:09
6 – Radio – Ology – 4:07
7 – Decalogue – 3:45
8 – Can’t Break A Broken Heart – 4:52
9 – Ice Walls – 4:08
10 – Something Wonderful – 5:16

Art Direction – Toni Thigpen
Backing Vocals – Bill Strickler, Dan Keen, John Schlitt, Tina Keil
Design – Tufts Design Studio
Executive-Producer – Darrell A. Harris
Guitar – Paul Brannon
Mastered By – Ken Love
Music By – Danny Kingen, Dwight Liles, John Lawry
Photography By – Russ Harrington
Producer [Lead Vocals], Recorded By, Mixed By, Drum Programming [Additional] – Bret Teegarden
Producer, Arranged By, Producer [Lead Vocals], Arranged By [Background Vocals], Recorded By, Instruments, Drum Programming, Vocals, Backing Vocals – John Lawry
Recorded By – Jeff Gallup
Vocals – Stefanie Lawry
Words By – Danny Kingen, Dwight Liles, John Lawry, Linda Lang, Mark Hauth

Companies, etc.
Copyright © – Star Song
Phonographic Copyright ℗ – Star Song
Distributed By – Sparrow/Star Song Distribution
Recorded At – Shakin’ Studios
Mixed At – Duckworth Studio
Mastered At – Mastermix

Harvest – Give Them Back – 1987

This is the offering from Harvest for 1987. Having now listened to a few Harvest albums at this point I think this might be one of their best. It has the best production of all I have heard so far and actually it’s one of the better produced albums I’ve heard. It was produced by band member Jerry Williams who really didn’t have any significant experience at the job but he nailed it on this day. As for the album it is a solid Easy Listening Pop album that’s actually quite good. Again this is not my preferred style of music but I’ll admit I enjoyed this album though there’s not a track that’ll go in my regular rotation.

1 – Rise Up – 3:12
2 – All That Is In Me – 3:40
3 – Soon That Day – 4:02
4 – His Angels Are Everywhere – 4:08
5 – You Are My Keeper – 3:58
6 – Give Them Back – 2:51
7 – What Are You Singing For – 6:02
8 – I Am Your Father – 3:52
9 – Wash Me, Lord – 3:56
10 – Great Jehovah – 3:46

Acoustic Guitar – Larry Rolando
Arranged By [Vocals] – Harvest
Art Direction, Design – Bill Barnes
Backing Vocals – Debbie Lee, Ed Kerr, Eric Tagg, Janie Cruse Stone, Jerry Williams, Karen Cruse Adams, LaDonna Johnson, Ronnie Ricks, Tim Johnson
Bass – Leon Gaer
Design – Deb Mahalanobis
Drums – Jack Kelly
Electric Guitar – Michael Thompson
Graphics – Barnes & Company
Keyboards, Programmed By, Arranged By [Vocals], Arranged By – John Andrew Schreiner
Percussion – Charles Barnett
Photography By – Matthew Barnes
Piano [Acoustic] – Ed Kerr
Producer – Jerry Williams
Programmed By [Synthesizer] – Gary Leach
Recorded By, Mixed By – Greg Hunt

Companies, etc.
Copyright © – The Benson Company, Inc.
Phonographic Copyright ℗ – The Benson Company, Inc.
Distributed By – The Benson Company, Inc.
Distributed By – Mitchell Family Books, Inc.
Recorded At – Rosewood Studio
Recorded At – Easter Song Studios
Mastered At – The Mastering Lab

Paul Clark – Out Of The Shadow – 1984

Paul was one of the pioneer’s of the Christian music scene. His first album was recorded in 1971 and he had album’s all through the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s. This album came out in 1984 and has a bit of an Imperials feel to it. I understand why I didn’t listen to Paul in the 80’s as he’s not my style of music especially in 1984. I am wondering however why I never heard of him back then. I mean this guy had tons of albums and they are very good for this style. Quite frankly they are as good as any Imperials release of the period. I’m pretty sure most of you who are reading this had heard of him as he simply was very popular. Anyway the album is a great AOR album and while not my personal style of music I recognize good music when I hear it and this album is good. If for no other reason listen to it because Phil Keaggy plays some excellent guitar solo’s on the album.

1 – Give Me Your Heart – 4:06
2 – Mr. Me – 3:59
3 – Out Of The Shadow – 4:48
4 – 1984 – 3:10
5 – It’s You – 2:58
6 – The Minstrel’s Voyage – 2:55
7 – I Will Fly (In The Wind) – 6:00
8 – I Need Your Love Again – 3:49
9 – Love Of My Life – 4:01
10 – Father God – 3:30

Backing Vocals – Alfie Silas, Phyllis St. James, Richard Page, Steve George, Tommy Funderburk
Bass Guitar – Leon Gaer
Design, Layout – Dennis Hill, Ken Wolgemuth
Drums – Mike Baird
Electric Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Lead Guitar, Soloist – Carlos Rios, Hadley Hockensmith
Electric Guitar, Soloist – Philip Keaggy
Engineer [Second] – Bobby Cotton, Mike Ross
Engineer [Tracks & Overdubs] – Wally Grant
Keyboards, Synthesizer, Piano, Electric Piano – Smitty Price
Liner Notes – Paul Clark
Mastered By – Mike Reese
Mixed By – Bill Schnee
Percussion – Michael Fisher
Photography By – Aaron Rapaport
Piano, Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals – Paul Clark
Producer [Produced By] – Paul Clark
Soprano Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone – Brandon Field
Transcription By [Chord Charts] – Don Harris
Vocals [Duet], Soloist – Kelly Willard
Written-By – Don Harris, Paul Clark

Companies, etc.
Phonographic Copyright ℗ – Word, Inc.
Copyright © – Word, Inc.
Copyright © – Minstrel’s Voyage Music
Copyright © – Word Music
Recorded At – Weddington Studios
Mastered At – The Mastering Lab
Pressed By – Monarch Record Mfg. Co. – 26404

Phil Butin & Rich Webster – All In All – 1982

I really couldn’t find out anything about either of these guys. Phil Butin had an album with Ron Case but that’s it, that’s all I could find out. As for the album it has a distinctly 70’s sound but is mostly easy listening except for a couple rock tracks. The rock tracks are pretty good but I didn’t care for the easy listening tracks as much. The guitar work on the album is excellent and I would have liked to have heard more of it. As this was a self released project I’m not too sure how much exposure it got but it’s well worth a listen.

1 – I Am – 4:59
2 – I’m The One You Need – 3:40
3 – Come To Me And Rest – 3:08
4 – We’re Not Alone – 4:17
5 – Help Is On The Way – 5:12
6 – Ahead – 3:35
7 – The Way I Was Before – 4:40
8 – Take Me Far Away – Lately – 7:35
9 – Shine With Your Light – 3:30
10 – All In All – 3:18

The Wall Brothers – In Your Light – 1980

This is the 4th and final album from The Wall Brothers. As I have said in other reviews of this band I really can’t find much info on them. This album continues on similar to their previous albums. It has an easy listening seventies sound and stays away from anything close to Rock & Roll. That said it’s a great album for this style and I quite like it. Unfortunately I don’t think any tracks will make it into my regular rotation but I did quite like the track “I Am Free” which I think is really well written and performed though it’s not really my usual style.

1 – Open Up – 3:21
2 – What’s Your Hope In – 3:37
3 – Right In Your Light – 3:10
4 – I Am Free – 3:51
5 – He Loves You So Much – 4:12
6 – Finally Found My Heart – 4:21
7 – Where Do We Go From Here – 4:22
8 – Just Another Day – 3:50
9 – He Must’ve Planned It That Way – 4:46

Mastered By – Hank Williams
Producer – Phil Johnson

Companies, etc.
Phonographic Copyright ℗ – Greentree Records
Copyright © – Greentree Records
Mastered At – Woodland Studios

Mad At The World – Through The Forest – 1992

This is the fifth studio album from the guys. Strangely it’s also the last one that founding member Mike Pendleton and guitarist Brent Gordon are on. Nothing has ever been officially said about their departures but to quote Roger Rose, “they didn’t really quit the band–they kinda quit and got fired all at the same time.” Anyway that aside this album continues there new Rock/Grunge style we were introduced to on their previous album. It’s not as good as their previous album which I found kind of odd as I thought they would be perfecting this sound but it’s still a pretty darn good album and if you really like this style of music this is probably still in the 10 of this style.

1 – That Lonesome Road – 4:27
2 – Trapped – 3:44
3 – Lost In The Forest – 3:35
4 – If I Lose My Way – 3:31
5 – Always Be My Love – 4:08
6 – M.A.T.W. (Reprise) – 4:22
7 – Alone – 5:45
8 – I’ve Got A Heaven – 4:25
9 – I’ll Never Go Back There – 3:54
10 – If I Can Dream – 2:53

Art Direction – Brian Godawa
Bass – Mike Pendelton
Cover – Brent Gordon
Design – Brian Godawa
Drums – Randy Rose
Guitar – Roger Rose
Lead Guitar – Brent Gordon
Lyrics By – Roger Rose
Photography By – Patrick House
Producer – Roger Rose
Rhythm Guitar – Brent Gordon
Vocals – Mike Pendelton, Randy Rose, Roger Rose

Companies, etc.
Copyright © – Frontline Records
Phonographic Copyright ℗ – Frontline Records
Recorded At – MATW Studios
Mixed At – MATW Studios
Distributed By – FMG Distribution
Glass Mastered At – Nimbus

Twila Paris – A Heart That Knows You – 1992

This is Twila’s 1992 compilation album. I really think she might hold the record for her amount of compilation albums. The album did contain two new tracks including the title track that was a charting single. I have indicated the original album for all the tracks below.

1 – A Heart That Knows You – New Track
2 – Destiny – New Track
3 – How Beautiful – Cry For The Desert – 1990
4 – I See You Standing – Cry For The Desert – 1990
5 – Every Heart That Is Breaking – For Every Heart – 1988
6 – Prince Of Peace – Same Girl – 1987
7 – Wandering Pilgrim – It’s The Thought… – 1989
8 – Runner – Kingdom Seekers – 1986
9 – The Warrior Is A Child – The Warrior Is A Child – 1984
10 – Holy Is The Lamb – From Dick Tunney album Twila Paris Piano Classics
11 – Sweet Victory – For Every Heart – 1988
12 – True Friend – For Every Heart – 1988
13 – Bonded Together – Same Girl – 1987
14 – Release Of The Spirit/He Is Exalted – Kingdom Seekers – 1985
15 – Lamb Of God – Kingdom Seekers – 1985
16 – Do I Trust You Medley – The Warrior Is A Child – 1984

1 – A Heart That Knows You – 4:41
2 – Destiny – 5:12
3 – How Beautiful – 4:42
4 – I See You Standing – 4:05
5 – Every Heart That Is Breaking – 4:12
6 – Prince Of Peace – 4:37
7 – Wandering Pilgrim – 4:06
8 – Runner – 4:04
9 – The Warrior Is A Child – 4:09
10 – Holy Is The Lamb – 3:26
11 – Sweet Victory – 4:29
12 – True Friend – 3:00
13 – Bonded Together – 4:59
14 – Release Of The Spirit/He Is Exalted – 5:59
15 – Lamb Of God – 4:11
16 – Do I Trust You Medley – 5:50

Art Direction – Buddy Jackson, Toni Thigpen
Design – S.Combs
Executive-Producer – Darrell A. Harris, Jack Wright
Mastered By – Doug Sax
Photography By – Mark Tucker

Companies, etc.
Phonographic Copyright ℗ – Star Song
Copyright © – Star Song
Record Company – Star Song Communications
Glass Mastered At – Nimbus, Virginia
Designed At – Jackson Design
Recorded At – RTC Studio
Recorded At – Quad Studios
Engineered At – Bill Schnee Studios
Engineered At – The Bunny Hop
Engineered At – Javelina Recording Studios
Engineered At – Woodland Studios
Engineered At – Recording Arts
Mixed At – Woodland Digital
Mixed At – RTC Studio
Mastered At – The Mastering Lab

Iva Twydell – Duel – 1982

If you were like me and was yearning for more from After The Fire then this album could be one for you. Iva Twydell is actually Ivor Twidell, the drummer of After The Fire. He was joined by fellow ATF member Nick Battle who played bass and produced the album. The album was financed by Redsky music who released it in The UK and New Zealand. It was also released in Canada on license by Tunesmith Records. The album is very Synth heavy and those duties were handeled by Anthony Phillips who was actually the original guitarist for Geneses. This is rather odd as I can’t find that Anthony was ever involved in any other Christian project. Anyway this is a great album and if you like ATF then you will likely enjoy this album even if it doesn’t have Peter Banks on vocals.

1 – The Man Inside – 3:37
2 – The Warning – 3:20
3 – Teaching Me The Hard Way – 3:43
4 – See No, Hear No, Speak No Evil – 3:58
5 – Final Fuse – 4:27
6 – Decline And Fall – 4:17
7 – Hear Me – 3:36
8 – Addicted – 3:03
9 – Get It Right – 2:58
10 – Abdication Day – 4:06

Backing Vocals – Annie McCaig, Colin Blunstone, Mo Turner
Drum Machine Programming – Richard Scott
Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar – Nick Battle
Synthesiser, Keyboards, Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Bass Guitar – Anthony Phillips
Vocals, Synthesiser, Electric Guitar, Percussion – Iva Twydell

David Edwards – David Edwards – 1981

From the outset it should be duly noted that this is my all time favorite album…ever! And now that the disclaimer has been provided let’s get on with the review. Before DA sounded the Alarma. Before Taylor built a Clone. Before the Choir, Lifesavers, Altar Boys or Undercover. There always has to be a first. And most often, the first is either soon forgotten or remains unknown for decades. This happens more often in Christian music because an artist is not only breaking down musical barriers, but spiritual and self-righteous one as well. If there was a Top 50 “Albums You Should Own, But Probably Don’t” this one would top the list. David Edwards’ self-title debut topped Campus Life Magazine as one of the best releases of the year at a time when Christian music was dominated by Amy Grant, Evie and the Sweet Comfort Band. Then along comes this little album on Myrrh Records with a pink rising sun backdrop and a guy wearing a loosened thin tie, looking either quite tired or possibly stoned. I was a Freshman in High school when the album came out and it was life changing. I wasn’t familiar with David Edwards’ history in Christian music at the time as I later discovered he played bass for J.C. Power Outlet and was friends with Keith Green, Larry Norman and Randy Stonehill. All i knew was that he looked pretty cool on the cover and Campus Life Magazine compared him to Elvis Costello. I bought the album as soon as I found a Christian Bookstore that was willing to carry it. I ended working at that same store a couple of years later. After listening to the first song I lifted the needle of the record and put in a tape to record it as I knew right away I would want to listen to this album everywhere I went. Three years later after the release of his follow-up album, “Get the Picture” I wrote a letter to him and told what an impact his first album had on me and that his lyrics had encouraged me to start publishing my poems and I sent a few of them along in the letter. Not only did he respond but began an occasional correspondence that continued for some time. Later that same year he performed at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa during one of their famous Saturday Night Concerts. I went up afterward and introduced myself and he in turned introduced me to the rest of his band who he had mentioned my letters to. I was overwhelmed. My wife and I even went to visit him in upper state New York several years ago on his farm and introduced me to a great recipe for scrambled eggs that remains a favorite in our household.

Contributor – David Lowman

1 – Best Friend – 2:13
2 – Rather Be Wrong – 2:26
3 – Commercial Suicide – 4:26
4 – Nagging Optimism – 2:39
5 – Hollywood High – 2:54
6 – The Getaway – 3:36
7 – Kicks – 2:44
8 – Disposable Love – 2:25
9 – The Tongue Is A Fire – 3:25
10 – Don’t Ever Say – 3:18
11 – Not Going To Fall Away – 3:11
12 – Song Of Wholeness – 3:24

Art Direction – Art Hotel, Leo McIntire
Drums – Craig Krampf
Electric Bass – Eric Nelson
Electric Guitar – Dan Jacob
Electric Guitar, Sitar [Electric] – Ira Ingber
Layout [Inner Sleeve], Design – Dennis Hill
Organ [Hammond & Vox] – Dave Garland
Piano, Synthesizer, Arranged By – Barry Kaye
Producer – Buddy King
Recorded By, Mixed By – Bill Bottrell, David Marquette, Mitch Gibson
Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Percussion, Arranged By – David Edwards

Companies, etc.
Phonographic Copyright ℗ – Word, Inc.
Copyright © – Word, Inc.
Produced For – Pure Joy Productions
Recorded At – Soundcastle
Mixed At – Soundcastle

Fresh Claim – Odd One Out – 1987

After the demise of his two previous bands (Sea Stone and Intransit) Simon Law started up Fresh Claim and this is their first album. The name of the band came from a counter at the local unemployment office with the designation “Fresh Claims”. Simon has also established Plankton records which was originally just his own label to release his first band Sea Stone but developed into a full fledged record label. The album is often labelled as alternative but personally I find it to be more New Wave. At times I get a “The Keep” feel from a few tracks but I’m pretty sure this is coincidental as The Keep were only released in Canada and Fresh Claim were from the UK. This is another one I missed in the 80’s and really wish I had heard back then because I absolutely love it.

1 – Strong Enough To See – 3:06
2 – There’s Someone Loving You – 2:54
3 – Sunday Morning Dawn – 4:50
4 – Yesterday’s Hero (Is Tomorrow’s Fool) – 2:51
5 – Enough Is Enough – 3:31
6 – Visions Never Sleep – 3:50

Bass, Vocals – Derek Llewellyn
Composed By – Derek Llewellyn, Simon Law
Design, Keyboards – Mags Law
Drums – Ali Byworth
Engineer, Producer – Nigel “Chopper” Palmer
Guitar, Vocals – Simon Law

Companies, etc.
Recorded At – Scarf Studios
Duplicated By – Selecta Sound