Michael Card – Known By The Scars – 1984

This is the 3rd album from Michael and this album pretty well cemented his worship style music. As I have said before Michael was very faithful about getting an album out every year. I think if most artists tried to put out an album every year the quality would tire after awhile but I have to admit that I don’t think that is the case with Michael. The quality of every album is high and while this is not my style of music it is good. In fact as far as worship style music goes I find Michael to be a top 10 artist.

1 – He Was Heard – 3:52
2 – Ride On To Die – 4:16
3 – Come To The Table – 3:46
4 – In The Garden – 3:54
5 – Traitor’s Look – 3:30
6 – Why – 2:55
7 – Cross Of Glory – 3:48
8 – Crown Him – 3:58
9 – Known By The Scars – 3:52
10 – Crown Him (Reprise) – 1:18

Stan Armor – Choir Member
Jackie Binkley – Choir Member
Andy Blake – Choir Member
Niles Borop – Songwriter
Michael Card – Vocals, Classical Guitar, Piano, Synthesizer, Percussion, Songwriter, Quartet Arrangement
Susan Card – Choir Member
Caroline Card-Howell – Choir Member
John Catchings – Cello, Choir Member
Sue Catchings – Choir Member
Jane Cates – Choir Member
Ron Coker – Choir Member
Martyn Ford – Conductor
Pat Fuller – Choir Member
Jon Goin – Electric and Classical Guitars
Lynn Hodges – Choir Director
Jim Horn – Recorders, Flute
Shane Keister – Synthesizer, Piano
Larry London – Drums
Glenn Meadows – Mastered
Alan Moore – String and Woodwind Arrangement
Farrell Morris – Percussion, Vibes
Chris Nelson – Acoustic Bass
Nancy Nelson – Choir Member
Norbert Putnam – Producer, Mastered, Fender Bass, String and Woodwind Arrangement
Cindy Reynolds – Harp
Michele Roberts – Choir Member
Scott Roley – Choir Member
Bill Schnee – Mixed
Randy Scruggs – Rhythm Guitar
Gene Sisk – Synthesizer, Piano
Andy Widders-Ellis – Stick
Bob Wray – Bass, Fender Bass
Betsy Yarborough – Choir Member
John Yarborough – Choir Member
Wes Yoder – Executive Producer

Companies, etc.
Phonographic Copyright ℗ – Michael J. Card
Published By – Whole Armor Publishing Co.
Recorded At – The Bennett House
Recorded At – Abbey Road Studios
Published By – Full Armor Publishing Co
Mastered At – Masterfonics
Pressed By – KM Records Inc.

Kenny Smith – Witness – 1986

I must admit that back in the 80’s I had no idea there was Funk oriented CCM music. Now admittedly I grew up in a funk free zone but I still would have thought I would have heard of some of these artists. But for some reason it simply was not promoted in Canada. Anyway here we have one of the premiere funk artists of the 80’s and 90’s. While I don’t normally listen to this style of music I can recognize when it is good and this album is good. The single and title track did well on the charts but I was actually unable to find out how well it did. Strangely this track is 7 minutes long on the album but a radio version was released on 45 coming in at a more radio friendly 4:45. We actually get requests for more Christian funk music so were happy to provide it when we find it.


1 – Holding On – 4:56
2 – Any Day Now – 6:32
3 – Giving My All To You – 4:57
4 – Watching You – 4:24
5 – Hold Me Holy Spirit – 6:21
6 – You’re My Everything – 4:55
7 – Witness – 7:00
8 – We’ll Be Together – 4:59

Backing Vocals – Kenny Smith, Loida Garcia, Narda Smith
Bass – Charles (Hitman) Jefferson
Design [Album Cover] – Susan Randle
Drum Programming – Kenny Smith
Drums – George Bell
Engineer – Carl Lange, Cecil Q. Duke
Executive-Producer – Joyce Dozier McNichols, Marlin McNichols
Guitar – Walter Kevin Foley
Horns – Arthur Manley, Tim Anderson
Keyboards – Bradley Alexander, Darron Johnson, Kenny Smith
Percussion – Gerald (Billy) Hill
Photography By – David Randle
Producer – Kenny Smith
Written-By, Arranged By – Kenny Smith

Companies, etc.
Published By – Heavenly Wisdom Music
Published By – Kenas Music
Produced For – Kenas Productions
Manufactured By – McNichols Communications
Distributed By – McNichols Communications

Street Angel – Newland! – 1988

This is the second and last album from Street Angel. It is a little less U2ish than their first album but I think I preferred their first album. Strangely the band seems to consist of only one member, Bill Romansky. He had an album out in 1979 using his name but this is all I can find out about him so for this album we’re just gonna have to enjoy the music.

1 – Sinsad – 5:16
2 – Love Will Set You Free – 2:56
3 – Sun Don’t Shine – 5:13
4 – Better Off Today – 3:51
5 – Heart Of Hearts – 4:45
6 – Newland – 3:33
7 – King Of Rock And Roll – 2:35
8 – Breathe On Me – 2:34
9 – God Is Not – 6:46

Executive-Producer – Armand Pirollo
Guest – Michaux Cocoon
Performer – Bill Romansky
Producer – Street Angel

Companies, etc.
Distributed By – Spectra Distribution, Inc.

Third Day – Third Day – 1982

A decade before the Mac Powell lead Third Day began owning the Christian radio and album sales charts there was a band from Ontario, Canada with the same name and a distinctly different sound. Once again it was the little, progressive Canadian label, Tunesmith, that delivered the band to the States. The band released one fantastic and completely original album in 1982 and little is known about them other than what I can read on album sleeve and hear in the grooves. Primarily a jazz influenced, progressive rock band with a male lead vocalist and female backing vocals. Great guitar and synthesizer work. “Covenant” kicks off side one with the albums most memorable tune. I vaguely remember playing this one for a short while on KYMS back in 1982. The album is often filled with straight scripture. It is also filled with very good guitar solo work. The opening track has both. I have always enjoyed a band that is not afraid to stop singing and actually play their instruments, something they do quite well. In fact, there is a nearly 7-minute instrumental on an album only containing 8 songs. Outside of the one token cheesy ballad (His Yoke Is Easy) most of the album rocks pretty hard within the progressive constraints. This would be more for fans of early Genesis, with more folk and rock influences. In fact, I read a review once that described them a “prog-folk,” and the label kind of works. In 1982 there was Resurrection Band and a few “metal” bands, but very few progressive rock band in the vein of Third Day and, as a result, they stood out. They also stood out initially because of the great artwork and “gate fold” LP packaging Tunesmith provided. If only the label would have spent a few more pennies on the production of many of their releases. But here Third Day stands out again with great production.

Contributor David Lowman – https://legacyccmsgreatestalbums.wordpress.com/

1 – Covenant – 3:53
2 – The Real You – 5:30
3 – It’s A New Day – 6:30
4 – His Yoke Is Easy – 2:47
5 – Revelation – 5:20
6 – The Word – 4:55
7 – Without Love – 4:54
8 – He Holds The Sun – 4:37

Acoustic Guitar – Al Tiernay, Lazarus Varla
Art Direction, Photography By – Tom Fenney
Artwork [Signed] – D. Rieger
Backing Vocals – Beth Hudson, Esther Hudson, Sharon Hudson
Bass – Geoff Taylor, Lazarus Varla, Steve Kennedy
Cover, Illustration – Adolph Rieger
Drums – Frank Difelice, Paul Quinton
Electric Guitar – Al Tiernay, Lazarus Varla
Electric Piano [Rhodes] – David Geldart
Engineer [Assistant] – Lori Taylor, Paul Templeman
Engineer [Second] – Cam Shearer, Frank Kitson
Engineer, Mixed By – Paul Massey
Flute, Piccolo Flute – Bev Joel
Guitar – Lazarus Varla
Lead Guitar – Lazarus Varla
Lead Vocals – Lazarus Varla
Mixed By – Doug McKenzie
Percussion – Paul Quinton
Producer, Arranged By – Lazarus Varla
Rhythm Guitar – Al Tiernay
Synthesizer – Lazarus Varla
Synthesizer [Oberheim O B X] – David Geldart, Lazarus Varla
Synthesizer [Prophet 5] – Bob Federer
Vocals – Al Tiernay, Lazarus Varla
Written-By – Al Tiernay, L. Varla

Companies, etc.
Published By – Noteworthy Publishing
Recorded At – Master’s Workshop
Mastered At – Greg Lee Processing

The Steven Prince Band – You Can Fly – 1989

I don’t really know much about Steven Prince but I do know he was an artist is Australia. This year he re-released this 1989 album with new and improved audio. It is very sad that we didn’t get to hear more about these Australian artists in North America. For some reason the music industry chose not to share them with us. This actually continues to this day as there are several country stars in Australia that don’t get released in America. Anyway Steven re-released this album this year and it’s lucky for us because it deserved a chance to be listened to again. It is a little conceptual in places and is without a doubt has the closest track to Pink Floyd in “Forrest Fear”. Overall a fantastic album.

1 – Keep On Trying – 4:06
2 – Hurting Me – 5:03
3 – A Friend Beside You – 6:50
4 – Looking Out From Circles – 4:43
5 – Invader-Crusader – 4:18
6 – You Can Fly – 5:00
7 – Wintertime – 5:53
8 – Forest Fear – 5:59
9 – Lifetime – 7:12
10 – Old Timer – 4:39
11 – The Next Plateau – 3:58

Santa Fe – Moon Circles – 1996

Dipping well into the 90’s here but this is an 80’s artist. Phillip Sandifer is joined by his brother Michael for this one off album in 1996. Though it’s a 90’s album it really maintains Phillip’s 80’s sound. I’m not a huge fan of Phillip as he doesn’t really do my style of music but this album is actually pretty good. It is fairly mellow but has a nice flow to it and is a good example of how to structure an album so you can listen to the whole thing. The album was well received with 2 top singles, “Love Speaks Louder” and “Wider Sky”.

1 – Wider Sky – 5:08
2 – Moon Circles – 5:31
3 – Soul Need – 5:31
4 – Wanting The Things You Get – 5:15
5 – Looking For A War – 4:38
6 – Imperfect Vision – 5:18
7 – Love Speaks Louder – 4:34
8 – There Is A Place – 4:40
9 – Circle Of Love – 4:59
10 – The Sun Goes Down Too Fast – 4:40

Crystavox – Crystavox – 1990

Formed in 1989 in San Diego, California Crystavox was quick into the studio to get this album out to us. Now keep in mind I’m not the biggest fan of Metal but this is an album I can listen to. Now it’s probably due to the commercial feel but this really is a good album and is probably one of my favourite metal albums. Of particular note is “It’s All Right (To Rock N’ Roll)”. There are so many bands that have done a song exactly along these lines but this is probably one of the best. It comes off as a real song and doesn’t have a cliché feel to it at all. It’s a great Rock & Roll track and made it right into my regular rotation. Given the quality of this album I can’t wait to hear their next one.

1 – Sacrifice – 3:49
2 – Power Games – 4:22
3 – Wear It Out – 2:41
4 – Turn It On – 4:15
5 – Home Again – 4:53
6 – All The Way – 4:07
7 – It’s All Right – 4:13
8 – All Around The World – 3:18
9 – Never Give In – 4:15
10 – Tough Boys – 4:27

Bass Guitar – Leo Correla
Drums – Fred Helm
Keyboards – Loren Holmquist
Lead Guitar – Tony Lopez
Rhythm Guitar – Loren Holmquist
Vocals – Adam Lee Kemp

John Michael Talbot – Songs For Worship Volume II – 1985

I assume John’s Songs For Worship Volume I sold pretty well so they did a Songs For Worship Volume II. Of course as the first one was actually name Volume I they probably had plans for this one all along. There isn’t really too much I can say about this album because it’s just a collection of worship songs and as such there really isn’t any stand out tracks. That’s not a bad thing for a worship album so it’s not a criticism. I suspect the album was met with a bit of a yawn however as it didn’t even garner a CCM single. Oh well this is a great Sunday worship album if you like that kind of thing.

1 – Taste And See – 2:31
2 – Lord, Every Nation On Earth Shall Adore You – 4:13
3 – Jesus Prayer – 2:44
4 – Lord Have Mercy – 1:46
5 – Glory To God – 3:06
6 – Holy, Holy, Holy – 2:35
7 – The Spirit Of The Lord – 3:18
8 – Father, I Put My Life In Your Hands – 3:47
9 – Lamb Of God – 2:23
10 – I Am The Ressurection – 4:18
11 – Let Us Sing To The Lord – 2:51

Design [Lyric Sheet Design] – Steve Cox
Engineer [Orchestra Recorded And Mixed] – Mike Ross-Trevor
Engineer [Solos And Guitar] – Ron Capone
Engineer [Vocals] – Bill Cobb
Photography By [Cover] – Edd Anthony
Producer, Arranged By, Orchestrated By, Conductor – Phil Perkins
Producer, Written By, Guitar, Vocals – John Michael Talbot
Vocals – Bekah Crabb, Carole Butler, Craig Smith, Ed Koharchick, Irene Davis, Jeanne Mitchell, Jo McGinty, John Peter Slauson, Kemper Crabb, Ken Pennell

Companies, etc.
Phonographic Copyright ℗ – The Sparrow Corporation
Copyright © – Word Music (UK)
Distributed By – Word Records

Petra – Never Say Die – 1981

This is the fourth album for Petra. It marked a pretty substantial shake up in the band. First we had the departure of Rob Frazier then Mark Kelly and John Slick joined the band. This album also marked Greg X. Volz’s taking on full time vocal duties. I assume all these changes were as a result of the poor showing of the previous album “Washes Whiter Than”. Personally I think this was the best lineup the band had. The album was more Rock oriented than their previous work and most pf the 70’s sound is gone. “The Coloring Song” was a huge success reaching #1 and is commonly heard in worship services to this day. That said it is not representative of what is actually a Rock album. I read that the band toured in support of Servant for this album but I distinctly remember them being the main act when I saw them in 1981 but I can’t remember who the opening act was. Point of trivia, the album cover was the first with Petra’s signature flying guitar.

1 – The Coloring Song – 2:52
2 – Chameleon – 5:47
3 – Angel Of Light – 4:21
4 – Killing My Old Man – 3:46
5 – Without Him We Can Do Nothing – 3:26
6 – Never Say Die – 3:42
7 – I Can Be Friends With You – 4:12
8 – For Annie – 4:24
9 – Father Of Lights – 3:02
10 – Praise Ye The Lord – 3:18

Arranged By [Track Arrangements] – Jonathan David Brown, Petra
Bass, Backing Vocals – Mark Kelly
Drums, Percussion – Keith Edwards
Guitar – Bob Hartman
Illustration – Randy Rogers
Keyboards, Backing Vocals – John Slick
Layout – Mary Ann Smith
Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals – Greg X. Volz
Mastered By – Steve Hall
Percussion – Alex MacDougall
Photography By [Sleeve] – Diane McLaughlin
Producer, Engineer, Mixed By – Jonathan David Brown
Trombone – Joe Miller
Trumpet – Bob Welborn

Companies, etc.
Recorded At – Rivendell Sound Recorders
Overdubbed At – Martinsound, Whitefield Studios
Mixed At – Whitefield Studios
Mastered At – MCA Whitney Recording Studios
Manufactured By – Word Records Limited

Rick Cua – You’re My Road – 1985

This is the third album from Rick and his first with Sparrow records. We get a hint of bad things to come from Ric as he transitioned to a more Easy Listening sound. I’m not saying Easy Listening is bad, I’m just saying if you were a fan of Rick’s at this point you probably weren’t a fan of his later work. That said there are still some great Rock & Roll tunes on this album. Probably the best track on the album is “Don’t Say Suicide” as it was a bit of a touchy subject and I’ll be honest I loved songs that talked to their listeners. Maybe just maybe this song prevented a self deletion. Relatively unknown guitarist Jock Guthrie does a great job on the track. I also quite liked the title track as it had a more of a early 80’s rock feel. anyway this is a good Pop Rock album with some good guitar work. Definitely a must listen to from the era.

1 – Don’t Say Suicide – 3:30
2 – You’re My Road – 3:54
3 – One Child In Pain – 3:40
4 – We Are The Chosen – 3:51
5 – You’ve Only Got One Life – 3:40
6 – House Calls – 3:14
7 – Runaway – 3:33
8 – We Are Yours – 3:22
9 – The Old Man – 4:12
10 – Cant’ Stop – 3:07

Jeff Balding – Engineer
Niles Borop – Songwriter
Barbara Catanzaro – Background Vocals
Lisa Cates – Percussion
Buz Cua – Guitar
Diane Cua – Songwriter
Rick Cua – Producer, Songwriter, Bass, Vocals
Ron DeRollo – Guitar
David Dix – Drums
Rob Frazier – Background Vocals
Jock Guthrie – Guitar, Background Vocals
Bob Halligan, Jr. – Producer, Songwriter, Keyboards, Guitars, Background Vocals
Jim Horn – Saxophone
Richard Langford – Background Vocals
Dwight Liles – Songwriter
Chris McCollum – Engineer
Mike Mead – Drums, Background Vocals
Dino Pastin – Synthesizer Programming
Janna Pastin – Background Vocals
Dave Perkins – Songwriter, Engineer, Guitar, Background Vocals
Brett Perry – Assistant Engineer
Sam Tritico – Synthesizer Programming
Wendy Waldman – Duet (We Are Yours)
Peter York – Guitar

Companies, etc.
Produced For – Koo-Ah Productions
Recorded At – Gold Mine Studio
Recorded At – Oak Hill Assembly