Benny Hester – Be A Receiver – 1982

This is a re-release of Benny’s self titled album from 1978. OK so this is the first, second, third, and fourth album Benny put out. How is that possible you ask? Well there was a first album “Benny…” but almost no copies of it reached the public before being destroyed in a fire so the original version of this album was really the first album people could get of his but technically is his second album. Then he released “Nobody Knows Me Like You” in 1981 and then this album was released with a new name “A Receiver” as his third or fourth album . Anyway all that aside lets talk about this album. This album actually pushed the limits of Christian music at the time with some heavy guitar work which while becoming more common at the time was still being cautiously received. I like this album because it doesn’t sound like a leftover 70’s sound instead it has a fresh fun rock sound. It fit well into this 1832 period due to even has a bit of a pop feeling. All in all a great album.

1 – Be A Receiver – 3:18
2 – Squeeze You – 3:51
3 – Sure Of Your Call – 3:20
4 – Jesus Came Into My Life – 3:05
5 – The Door – 4:06
6 – Gonna Happen Here – 3:14
7 – Only You – 3:40
8 – Such A Relief – 3:20
9 – All You Can Do – 2:12
10 – We All Know He’s Comin’ – 3:03

Acoustic Guitar, Lead Vocals – Benny Hester
Arranged By [Strings] – Greg Nelson
Bass – Ed Arnold
Composed By – Benny Hester
Design – Stan Evenson
Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocals – John Parenti
Electric Guitar – Dan Flannery
Engineer – Brent Maher
Engineer [Assistant] – Rich Schirmer
Keyboards, Backing Vocals – Jeff Lams
Photography By – Gary Heery
Producer – Brent Maher
Strings – Shelly Kurland Strings

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Peter Beveridge – Static On The Frequency – 1982

This is the original release of the 1983 “Grinding Wheel” album from Peter Beverage. As far as I can tell the Album was originally released in Australia as “Static On The Frequency ” and then re-released worldwide as “Grinding Wheel”. I don’t have a lot of information on Peter other than this was his second album and his last solo effort. In 1990 he released an album with Darlene Zschech using the band name of “Present History”. This is a pretty good pop album and must have been quite popular in Australia to warrant a worldwide release shortly after. Interesting point of trivia on the album is that Eminem sampled the track “Static on the Frequency” on his song “Detroit vs. Everybody”. Don’t really know who approved it but really they shouldn’t have as the Eminem song is garbage. I would not suggest you seek it out and listen to it.

1 – Static On The Frequency – 5:26
2 – Mr. Media – 2:58
3 – Add Up The Wonders – 4:49
4 – Another Marriage On The Rocks – 3:46
5 – Make Up Your Mind – 4:11
6 – Tonight’s Your Night – 2:45
7 – Grinding Wheel – 3:21
8 – Teflon Salvation – 3:27
9 – Winter Nights – 3:47
10 – Shine Your Light – 3:43

Backing Vocals – Marty McCall, Tyana Parr
Bass Guitar – David Miner
Drums – David Kemper
Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar – Jerry McPherson
Grand Piano, Electric Piano, Synthesizer, Keyboards [Fender Rhodes & Yamaha CS80] – Peter Beveridge
Percussion – Pat Bautz
Producer – Fletch Wiley
Soprano Saxophone, Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone – Bill Tillman

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Damascus Road – I Am A Light Remix – 1982/2012

Damascus Road out of Georgia (not to be confused with Damascus Road out of Texas) recorded this little gem in 1982. Rumour mill says it was recorded with only 8 tracks and a quick listen leads me to believe that rumour. It has a southern rock sound and feel and would have been at home in any bar in the early 80’s. At times I can feel a bit of ZZ-Top and a bit of Skynard but this is a keyboard free Rock album. The original was only pressed with 500 copies but luckily the band remixed and re-released it in 2012 as a mp3 download.

1 – I am a Light – 4:03
2 – Thomas – 3:32
3 – Enter Into the Joy – 2:50
4 – Outer Darkness – 3:53
5 – Go Ye – 3:37
6 – Make It Home – 3:47
7 – Do You Have the Victory? – 3:33
8 – Cutting Edge – 3:29
9 – Hell – 4:32

Jimmy Dunn – Artwork, Composer, Guitar (Electric), Remixing, Slide Guitar, Vocals
Todd Geeting – Drums, Percussion
Kenny Lawrence – Composer, Guitar (Bass), Vocals

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Amy Grant – Age to Age – 1982

The 1982 release of Age to Age by artist Amy Grant was a defining moment in Contemporary Christian Music. It was the first CCM album to go gold in Canada and Platinum in the United States. While the album is extreme easy listening by today’s standard in 1982 CCM it had a slight edge to it though admittedly not very much. I suspect this album is in most of the 80’s CCM collector libraries even if it is not listened to very often.

1 In A Little While 4:20
2 I Have Decided 3:13
3 I Love A Lonely Day 4:03
4 Don’t Run Away 3:33
5 Fat Baby 2:09
6 Sing Your Praise To The Lord 3:12
7 El-Shaddai 4:05
8 Raining On The Inside 4:10
9 Got To Let It Go 4:00
10 Arms Of Love 3:10

Arranged By – Alan Moore
Arranged By [Vocals] – Alan Moore (tracks: 5, 9)
Bass – Mike Brignardello
Design [Album] – Dennis Hill
Design [Disc] – Ronald E. Garman
Drums – Paul Leim
Engineer – Jack Joseph Puig
Executive-Producer – Dan Harrell, Michael Blanton
Guitar – Jon Goin
Harp – Cindy Reynolds
Keyboards – Michael W. Smith, Shane Keister
Mastered By – Steve Hall
Percussion – Farrell Morris, Terry McMillan
Photography By – Michael Borum
Producer – Brown Bannister
Saxophone – Denis Solee, Gene Meros
Strings – The Shelly Kurland Strings
Woodwind – Bobby Taylor

Companies, etc.
Record Company – Myrrh Records
Phonographic Copyright (p) – Word, Inc.
Copyright (c) – Word, Inc.

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Phil Keaggy – Play Thru Me – 1982

This is probably my favourite Phil Keaggy album. I find the guitar work on this album, which is excellent of course, to be the style I prefer from Phil. In particular I’ve always found the guitar riffs on “Happy” to be able to put a smile on my face. I always thought it was rather magical how Phil could sort of encapsulate different albums with slightly different guitar styles. Strangely the album only had one single on the CCM charts. I shudder to think that even this album may have been too uptempo for CCM in 1982. Anyway “Morning Light” peaked at #6 while on the charts for 28 weeks.

1 – Happy – 2:47
2 – Carefree – 4:39
3 – Nobody’s Playgirl Now – 4:02
4 – Cherish The Moment – 5:00
5 – She Came To Stay – 3:33
6 – Papa Song – 3:19
7 – The Wall – 2:44
8 – Make A Change – 3:30
9 – Train To Glory – 3:11
10 – Play Thru Me – 4:25
11 – His Master’s Voice – 3:07
12 – Morning Light – 3:30

Art Direction, Design – Stan Evenson
Bass – Hadley Hockensmith (tracks: A1, A3)
Design – John O’Brien
Drums – Jim DeLong
Engineer – Wally Grant
Guitar, Bass, Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals, Written-By, Producer, Arranged By – Phil Keaggy
Keyboards – Smitty Price
Lacquer Cut By – SH*
Percussion – Michael Fisher
Photography By – Mark Hanauer
Producer, Engineer – Bob Cotton
Vocals – Alicia Keaggy (tracks: A6), Bernadette Keaggy (tracks: A6)

Companies, etc.
Phonographic Copyright (p) – Sparrow Records, Inc.
Copyright (c) – Birdwing Music
Copyright (c) – Cherry Lane Music Publishing Company Inc.
Copyright (c) – Sandtree Music
Recorded At – Sound Recorders, Kansas City
Recorded At – Weddington Studios
Mastered At – MCA Recording Studios
Lacquer Cut At – MCA Whitney Recording Studios

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Hank Laake – In The Spirit Of The King – 1982

This is the one that started it out for The Hank Laake Band though at this point they were playing as Hank Laake. This album had one major fault, the album cover. The picture of Hanke is very very 70’s and at first glance you might be expecting a Randy Matthews like album but this is no Randy Matthews style album. This is a Rock & Roll album and a good one at that. I think most of us only bought this album after hearing his follow up album which had a Rock & Roll cover (one of the best ones in CCM music). I was saddened to learn that Hanke has left the faith and is very disillusioned with the Christian Music Industry. Unfortunately we are hearing this more and more often now.

1 – Questions of the Seeker – 4:12
2 – Check It Out – 3:35
3 – Rock & Roll Away My Stone – 3:31
4 – The Man Behind the Name – 3:40
5 – Tonight’s The Night – 3:57
6 – In the Spirit of the King – 4:06
7 – All I Want is You – 5:11
8 – Return – 4:31
9 – Serve to Lead – 4:37

Bass – Carl Gauger
Engineer – Rick Condon
Harmonica – Dean Stokka
Harmony Vocals – Dean Stokka (tracks: B3,), Terry Fitzsimmons (2) (tracks: B3, )
Layout – Dave Nadler
Lead Guitar – Brian McVey (tracks: A1,A3, ), Terry Fitzsimmons (2) (tracks: A1,A4,A5,B1,)
Maracas – Diane Stokka
Photography – Brent Larson (3), Sandy Kavanagh
Rhythm Guitar – Terry Fitzsimmons (2) (tracks: A5)
Rhythm Guitar, Electric Guitar, Lead Guitar – Dan Brown (13)
Synthesizer – Joannie Larson (tracks: B4,), Phil Bair (2) (tracks: A1)
Written By, Arranged By, Producer, Drums, Vocals, Harmony Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Lead Vocals – Hank Laake

Companies, etc.
Recorded At – Triad Studios, Des Moines
Published By – Noteworthy Publishing
Record Company – Praise Industries Corp.

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The 77’s – Ping Pong Over The Abyss – 1982/1995

This was the introductory album from The 77s and many consider it to be one of the most important albums in the history of CCM music. This album premiered a new wave sound listeners were waiting for though there are a couple songs that lean more to Rock and Roll. Lyrically this album was way ahead of the curve in CCM music which I believe was one of the reasons it was so well received. In 1995 the album was re-released on CD with 6 bonus tracks. Those tracks are represented here.

1 – A Different Kind Of Light – 4:17
2 – How Can You Love – 4:38
3 – It’s So Sad – 5:04
4 – Falling Down A Hole – 4:18
5 – Someone New – 4:21
6 – Renaissance Man – 3:35
7 – Ping Pong Over The Abyss – 4:13
8 – Time Is Slipping Away – 5:04
9 – Denomination Blues – 4:54
1995 CD Bonus Material
10 – A Different Kind Of Light (Live) – 3:25
11 – How Can You Love (Demo) – 4:33
12 – It’s So Sad (Live) – 5:04
13 – Falling Down A Hole (Live) – 3:53
14 – Ping Pong Over The Abyss (Demo) – 4:17
15 – Denomination Blues (Live) – 5:05

Backing Vocals – Jan Eric Volz
Bass – Jan Eric Volz
Drums – Mark Proctor
Engineer – Daryl Zachman, Larry Hirsch
Guitar – Jan Eric Volz, Mark Tootle, Mike Roe
Keyboards – Mark Tootle
Mastered By – John Golden
Mixed By – Larry Hirsch
Producer – Steven Soles
Vocals – Mark Proctor, Mark Tootle, Mike Roe

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Fireworks – Sightseeing At Night – 1982

This was the final album from Fireworks and they went out with a bang. Dare I say this is a Rock & Roll album. Well it’s a lot more Rock & Roll than their previous releases. The lead track is definitely a Rock & Roll tune and sets the atmosphere for the rest of the album. Admittedly however after the first track it is more pop than rock but it is definitely a good album. Other than the lead track think Sweet Comfort Bands later works. Future Petra drummer Louie Weaver joined the band for this album and you hear his far superior drum skills. All in all they went out with a bang but part of me wonders if there was a dispute over the direction of the band and this may have caused the subsequent breakup.

1 – I Got News For You – 3:04
2 – Because I Care – 3:19
3 – Don’t Let The Sun Go Down – 3:52
4 – Back In Business – 3:18
5 – Sightseeing At Night – 4:13
6 – Honorable Man – 2:43
7 – Confrontation – 3:42
8 – Broadway Mary – 3:17
9 – No Strings – 2:43
10 – Incognito – 5:29

Art Direction – George Osaki
Bass Guitar – David Kurfman
Co-producer, Engineer – Mark Richardson
Design – Georgopoulos/Imada Design, Inc.
Drums – Louie Weaver
Engineer [Assistant] – Greg Webster
Illustration [Cover] – Marilyn Montgomery
Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar – Jerry Gaston
Management [Artist Representation] – Tom Willett, J. Wesley Yoder
Mastered By – Randy Kling
Photography By [Liner Photo] – Norman Benson
Producer – Jerry Gaston, Marty McCall
Product Manager – Tom Willett, Wes Yoder
Vocals, Piano [Acoustic], Keyboards [Profit V] – Marty McCall

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Undercover – Undercover – 1982

This is the debut album from Undercover, one of the early and influential pop punk bands to come out of California in the early 80s. Incubating alongside Altar Boys and Lifesavors.

I consider Undercover to be the forerunner to MXPX, although not their sole influence. MXPX managed to merge Green Day, Ramones, Undercover and other ideas into a cohesive, long standing package.

The style of this album is now referred to as pop-punk, or even California-punk. In 1982 though, it seemed like the division of punk styles wasn’t so defined and it just was what it was.

This was a great alternative, or at least an addition to the musical diet for anyone addicted to The Ramones at the time.

Note the names. Joey Taylor on subsequent albums becomes Ojo Taylor, and Jim Nicholson becomes Gym Nicholson.

From the 1988 CD release “Volume 1” we receive this explanation in the liner notes:

Once upon a time, a long time ago in the 1970’s, there were two bands aimlessly wandering around a small town in Southern California called Yorba Linda. The name of one of those groups was J.C. Rose and the name of the other, Boaz. Jim Nicholson and myself, best friends since high school, were members of J. C. Rose along with Dave Hackbarth, who has been a priceless catalyst to a great many records and Artists since. The members of Boaz were Chris Winber, Danny Pavlis, Ray Hersom and Rick Alba among a few others. After a year or two of fruitless effots, the two groups disbanded, to form two new groups. Jim and I sayted together and added Danny Pavlis on Drums and Rick Alba on bass and started Undercover. Chris Winber and Ray Hersom went on to form Lifesavors. Undercover started rehearsing in a greenhouse owned by Danny’s parents and after a couple of months, had our first concert along with The Lifesavors (also their first concert) and another group, The Chosen Ones, consisting of Chris Pavlis (Danny’s brother) and Brian Doidge (who would later join The Lifesavors).

(the story is continued in the liner notes…)

The 1988 CD release “Volume 1” includes the two first albums from Undercover, plus an additional bonus track written by Taylor, and attributed to the debut album, “Dying In Love.”

Track Listing:
A1 Excuse Us Written-By – Walden, Alba 2:45
A2 Heal Me Written-By – Taylor 2:15
A3 I’ll Be A Fool Written-By – Taylor 1:15
A4 Francine Written-By – Alba 2:45
A5 It’s Official Written-By – Taylor 2:20
A6 Turn Your Head Written-By – Nicholson 2:45
A7 Look It Up Written-By – Taylor 2:40
B1 Read It In A Letter Written-By – Nicholson 2:05
B2 Daddy-O Written-By – Walden, Taylor 1:15
B3 Tonight Written-By – Nicholson 1:47
B4 Stop Written-By – Nicholson, Taylor 2:50
B5 He’s In Love With You Written-By – Alba 2:45
B6 I.C.U. Written-By – Taylor 2:40
B7 He Gives We Have Written-By – Taylor 2:25
Arranged By – Undercover
Artwork [Cover And Sleeve] – Milton R. Sue
Bass Guitar, Vocals – Rick Alba
Drums, Performer [Kindling], Vocals – Danny Pavlis
Engineer – Dan Willard, Thom Roy (tracks: A7), Tim Pinch (tracks: A1 to A6, B1 to B7)
Guitar [All Guitars], Vocals – Jim “Nuclear” Nicholson
Lead Vocals, Alto Saxophone – Bill Walden
Musician [Additional] – Giggles – Benjamin Taylor, Chris Pavlis, Dave Hackbarth Organ, Piano, Synthesizer, Vocals – Joey Taylor
Photography By [Cover] – George Zaferes
Producer – Dan Willard, Joey Taylor
Rhythm Guitar [After Tracks] – Ray Hersom

1 – Excuse Us – 2:45
2 – Heal Me – 2:15
3 – I’ll Be A Fool – 1:15
4 – Francine – 2:45
5 – It’s Official – 2:20
6 – Turn Your Head – 2:45
7 – Look It Up – 2:40
8 – Read It In A Letter – 2:05
9 – Daddy-O – 1:15
10 – Tonight – 1:47
11 – Stop – 2:50
12 – He’s In Love With You – 2:45
13 – I.C.U. – 2:40
14 – He Gives We Have – 2:25
Bonus Track
15 – Dying In Love – 4:29

Arranged By – Undercover
Artwork [Cover And Sleeve] – Milton R. Sue
Bass Guitar, Vocals – Rick Alba
Drums, Performer [Kindling], Vocals – Danny Pavlis
Engineer – Dan Willard, Thom Roy (tracks: A7), Tim Pinch (tracks: A1 to A6, B1 to B7)
Guitar [All Guitars], Vocals – Jim “Nuclear” Nicholson
Lead Vocals, Alto Saxophone – Bill Walden
Mastered By – KPG
Musician [Additional] – Giggles – Benjamin Taylor, Chris Pavlis, Dave Hackbarth
Organ, Piano, Synthesizer, Vocals – Joey Taylor
Photography By [Cover] – George Zaferes
Producer – Dan Willard, Joey Taylor
Rhythm Guitar [After Tracks] – Ray Hersom

Companies, etc.
Phonographic Copyright (p) – Ministry Resource Center
Copyright (c) – Ministry Resource Center
Copyright (c) – B-1 Music
Mastered At – The Cutting System, Inc.
Recorded at Rapture Repertory Theatre’s Warehouse and C.C.C.M. on Tim Pinch’s Mobile Recording Studio except for A7, recorded at Whitefield Studio

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Richie Furay – Seasons of Change – 1982

This was Richie’s only release in the 80’s, though he re-released I’ve Got A Reason in 1981. It’s my opinion that this album was his best yet. It’s the only album he did produced by David Diggs and you can tell it sounds a little different. At the time of recording this album Richie had just become or was just about to become the Pastor at Calvary Chapel of Boulder CO. Strange that he would do such a Rock & Roll oriented album at this stage of his life. If you were put off by his easy listening sound in the 70’s give this one a listen. It’s not a heavy duty Rock & Roll album but it definitely leans more that way than his previous releases.

1 – Hallelujah – 3:32
2 – Endless Flight – 3:36
3 – Yellow Moon Rising – 6:15
4 – Seasons Of Change – 3:43
5 – My Lord And My God – 4:34
6 – Rise Up – 2:35
7 – Promise Of Love – 4:14
8 – Home To My Lord – 4:20
9 – For The Prize – 3:05
10 – Through It All – 5:38

Arranged By, Conductor [Conducted By] – David Diggs
Backing Vocals [Background Vocals] – Edie Lehmann, Marti McCall, Mary Ella Meek, Myrna Matthews, Richie Furay, Virgil Beckham
Bass – Dennis Belfield
Concertmaster [String Concertmaster] – Doug Cameron
Cover [Cover Design] – Chris Whorf
Drums – Ed Greene, Jim Keltner
Engineer [Second Engineer] – Gene Meros
Engineer, Mixed By – Jack Joseph Puig
Guitar – Dan Ferguson, Hadley Hockensmith, Paul Jackson Jr., Richie Furay
Keyboards, Synthesizer [Synthesizers] – David Diggs
Lead Vocals [All Lead Vocals] – Richie Furay
Mastered By – Steve Hall
Musical Assistance [Music Preparation] – Doug Dana
Pedal Steel Guitar – Al Perkins
Percussion – David Diggs, Steve Forman
Photography By – Dan Fong
Producer [Produced By] – David Diggs, Richie Furay
Producer [Production Assistance] – Jack Joseph Puig
Sleeve Notes – Rich Furay
Tenor Saxophone – Jim Coile

Companies, etc.
Phonographic Copyright (p) – Word, Inc.
Copyright (c) – Word, Inc.
Engineered At – Mama Jo’s
Mixed At – Mama Jo’s
Mastered At – MCA Whitney Recording Studios

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