Real World – When God Spoke – 1990

Real World is Chris Butson, Vicki Powers, Nicole Barlow and Julie Thorpe. Contemporary music specialist/promoter Vic Campbell states: ‘Real World initially involved Chris Butson and her husband Phil writing and recording in their home studio at The Basin, on the outskirts of Melbourne (Australia).’ (On Being, October 1990, page 39) He describes the album as ‘1990’s music with intelligent lyrics.’ Chris’ husband Phil is a producer/engineer who has produced albums for Steve Grace, Rosanna’s Raiders and Shane Howard of mainstream band Goanna to name a few. The song lyrics are far from superficial and have a poetic feel to them. “It’s almost like when Jesus told His parables,” says Chris, “alluding to something where people had to think a bit further. We’re trying to say things in a pictorial sort of way.” Campbell states: “Several songs such as the title track and ‘Idolizing Lies’ were inspired by early chapters of Genesis. …Other tracks deal with tension in relationships between people and the Creator.” Chris says: “’Africa-Cruel Wall’ was written after seeing the film ‘Cry Freedom’.” This is the only track to feature real drums. The drummer on this track is none other than Peter Luscombe of mainstream Australian band The Black Sorrows. Campbell says: “The album sounds are so good that I can almost ignore the fact that only one song features real drums.”

1 – When God Spoke – 4:34
2 – Heart Beat – 4:46
3 – See You Everywhere – 3:42
4 – New Day – 3:33
5 – Angels Sing – 4:12
6 – Idolizing Lies – 4:01
7 – Blood In The Garden – 3:12
8 – White Fields – 4:28
9 – Some Girls – 3:37
10 – Africa – Cruel Walls – 4:43

Backing Vocals – Phil Butson
Design – Sudden Images
Drums – Peter Luscombe (tracks: 10)
Guitar – Phil Butson, Trevor Reading (tracks: 4)
Illustration – Jeff Spencer
Keyboards – Les Price (tracks: 2, 5), Phil Butson, Rohan Anderson (tracks: 4)
Lead Vocals – Chris Butson
Producer – Phil Butson

Companies, etc.
Produced At – The Basin (2) – none
Produced At – Sing Sing Studios – none
Distributed By – Spectra Distribution, Inc. – none
Distributed By – Mainroads Music Group – none
Distributed By – DTS Records

Eric Champion – Eric Champion – 1990

This is Eric’s first album and he came into CCM with a bang. Well not really a bang but more of a keyboard entrance. This was my first exposure to him and I really like this album. That said me liking this album is not really a good thing. I love this album because of it’s mid 80’s sound but the problem is that the album came out in 1990. Personally i feel it was a few years late but in CCM that’s not really a big deal. This album has a real mid 80’s pop feel with overtures of Prince. Some reviewers say there’s a feel of Michael Jackson which I can see musically but not vocally. In fact Eric owns his vocals and as such I’m going to stop comparing him to other artists.

1 – Forever Love – 4:38
2 – Brother, Brother – 5:20
3 – Peaceful – 6:16
4 – We Are The Young – 6:05
5 – River’s Edge – 5:32
6 – Everyday People – 7:29
7 – Heaven On Earth – 5:04
8 – Friends In High Places – 4:29
9 – Ready And Willing – 3:44
10 – Above It All – 4:21

Art Direction [Associate Art Director] – Roz
Art Direction, Design, Artwork [Logo] – F2 Design
Engineer – Paul Salveson, Ronnie Brookshire
Engineer [Overdub Engineer] – Jon Carey
Executive-Producer, Mixed By, Keyboards – Chris Christian
Guitar – Jerry McPherson
Mastered By – Steve Hall
Mixed By – Paul Salveson, Ronnie Brookshire
Photography By – Russ Harrington
Producer, Mixed By, Keyboards, Programmed By [Programming], Backing Vocals – Eric Champion
Production Manager [Production Coordinaton] – Michelle Hodges
Saxophone – Mark Douthit
Snare [Snare Fills] – John Hammond
Voice [Lord’s Prayer On] – Michelle Hodges
Voice [People Yelling And Screaming At Each Other On] – Michelle Hodges, Ronnie Brookshire, Tim Craft

Companies, etc.
Phonographic Copyright ℗ – Word, Inc.
Copyright © – Word, Inc.
Produced For – Home Sweet Home Records
Distributed By – Word (Uk) Ltd.
Pressed By – Disctronics S
Made By – Player Print & Design
Printed By – Player Print & Design
Recorded At – Gold Mine Studio
Mixed At – Gold Mine Studio, Dallas, TX
Mastered At – Future Disc

Q. Stone – Pink On Blue – 1990

Finland’s Q. Stone are back with their 2nd album or 3rd if you count their album with Larry Norman. It picks up where their debut left off. It’s a fantastic blues album and quite frankly other than Larry Howard no one touches these guys in the blues genre. The only change in line up was Max Tabell joining on keyboards. It does not appear this album was released outside of Europe and I’m completely mystified how these guys weren’t huge in North America. Oh well I long ago quit trying to figure out the record industry.

1 – Waiting For The Dawn – 4:43
2 – You Should Know – 3:49
3 – Shake The Tree – 4:01
4 – Walk In The Rain – 3:25
5 – Farewell Berlin – 3:43
6 – Freedom (Knocking On Your Door) – 2:47
7 – Rocking Chair – 3:56
8 – Western Paradise – 5:28
9 – Talking About Love – 5:02
10 – Air Pie – 4:49
11 – Get Up – 3:06
12 – Rusty Bells – 4:17
13 – Just Dust – 4:35
14 – One Moment – 5:25

Arranged By [Horns] – Max Tabell
Backing Vocals – Hessu Silvennoinen, Mikko Löytty, Sami Ruusukallio
Bass – Mikko Löytty
Design, Photography By – Stefan Bremer
Drums – Sakari Löytty
Engineer [Assistant] – Sakke Löytty, Timo Kuisma
Guitar, Vocals – Heikki Silvennoinen
Keyboards – Max Tabell
Mixed By – Peter Iversen
Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone [Solo] – Tom Timko
Baritone Saxophone – Stephen MacKenzie Kupka
Tenor Saxophone – Emilio Castillo
Trumpet – Greg Adams, Lee Thornburg
Percussion – Alex Acuña
Producer – Hessu Silvennoinen, Sakke Löytty
Recorded By [JJ-Studio] – Hessu Silvennoinen*, Juuso Nordlund, Sakke Löytty, Timo Kuisma
Recorded By [Royal Music Studio] – Benny Lundin, Hessu Silvennoinen, Timo Kuisma
Vocals – Mikko Kuustonen

Companies, etc.
Glass Mastered at – DADC Austria
Copyright © – CBS Records OY
Copyright © – CBS Inc.
Distributed By – CBS Records
Phonographic Copyright ℗ – CBS Records OY
Recorded At – Studio JJ
Recorded At – Royal Music Studio
Mixed At – Puk Recording Studios
Published By – Royal/Dale Music
Published By – Warner/Chappell Music Scandinavia AB

Tourniquet – Stop The Bleeding – 1990

This is the first album from Tourniquet who had just formed earlier in the year in Los Angeles. Intense records must have really seen something in the band as they got their first album out shortly after the band formed. The band consisted of Ted Kirkpatrick, Guy Ritter, and Gary Lenaire. Strangely studio musician Mark Lewis played several of the lead guitar tracks including solo’s. I find this a little odd as usually a band doesn’t run out and immediately hire someone to play lead guitar. Maybe this was something the label wanted and the band agreed to just to get published. Roger Martinez, of Vengeance Rising is given co-producer credit but according to Guy Ritter he had noting to do with the album which was actually produced by Bill Metoyer of Metal Blade Records’. The album is your usual thrash metal with perhaps better vocal tracks then most. HM Magazine described the album as “unlike anything else on the market at the time”. I have no idea what album they were listening to but there were other thrash albums out at this time and this one certainly didn’t stand out to me. Anyway of you’re a thrasher this is one for you.

1 – The Test For Leprosy – 4:39
2 – Ready Or Not – 3:31
3 – Ark Of Suffering – 4:16
4 – Tears Of Korah – 6:20
5 – The Threshing Floor – 4:13
6 – You Get What You Pray For – 3:23
7 – Swarming Spirits – 3:24
8 – Whitewashed Tomb – 4:22
9 – Somnambulism – 4:39
10 – Harlot Widow And The Virgin Bride – 7:46

Art Direction – Ed McTaggart
Artwork [Visual Performance Art] – Devino
Bass – Gary Lenaire, Ted Kirkpatrick
Bass [Additional] – Erik Jan James
Design Concept [Logo Concept] – Jim Martin, Tourniquet
Drums, Vocals – Ted Kirkpatrick
Engineer [Assistant] – Eric Kibbe
Engineer, Mixed By – Gordon Shumway
Guitar [Additional] – Mark Lewis
Guitar, Vocals – Gary Lenaire
Illustration – Ken Taufer
Layout – Joe Potter
Other [Hair Styles] – Charmeine Ellison, Cherie Sunn, Lisa Meloeny
Photography By – Jim Muth
Producer – Roger Martinez, Tourniquet
Vocals – Guy Ritter

Companies, etc.
Phonographic Copyright ℗ – Intense Records
Distributed By – Word (UK) Ltd.
Published By – Broken Songs

Eddie DeGarmo – Phase II (Afterlife Guarantee) – 1990

This was the second solo album from Eddie DeGarmo. I remember listening to his first one which was OK but didn’t strike me as any special but this album is different. This is a great rock/pop album with some rhythm and blues overtones and it is much better than his first effort. As I dug through the credits I discovered some pretty big names. Larry Howard contributed on guitar, and Russ Taff and Mark Farner contributed some back up vocals. The title track is the standout track in my opinion and I think this may be the closest CCM track ever to a ZZ-Top sound and it isn’t just good because of the imitation, it’s because this is a great track. Definitely going into my regular rotation.

1 – Fragile Heart – 4:15
2 – Can’t Stand Still – 4:09
3 – My Way Home – 3:58
4 – Phase II – 4:59
5 – There’s Something About That Name – 3:54
6 – Prayed For A Woman Like You – 4:45
7 – Make It Count – 4:17
8 – Profession Of Faith – 4:13
9 – Shoreline – 5:03
10 – Forgive Me For Doubting You – 4:06
11 – Beyond The Tears – 5:09

Dan Brock – Executive Producer
Commissioned – Background Vocals
Eddie DeGarmo – Producer, Engineer, Songwriter, Keyboards, Vocals
The Duncan Sisters – Background Vocals
Michael English – Background Vocals
Mark Farner – Vocals
Gloria Gaither – Songwriter
William Gaither – Songwriter, Piano
Joy Gardner – Background Vocals
Ron W. Griffin – Producer, Engineer, Mixed
Chris Harris – Background Vocals
Mark Heimermann – Background Vocals
Larry Howard – Guitars
Tom Laune – Additional Engineer, Mixed
Dennis Lolorriere – Background Vocals
Willy Lucius – Drums
Carl Marsh – Orchestra Arrangements, Keyboards
Rusty McFarland – Additional Engineer
Jerry McPherson – Guitars
Marty Paoletta – Saxophone
Warren Pease – Bass
Russ Taff – Vocals
Michael Tait – Background Vocals
Hank Williams – Mastered

Believer – Sanity Obscure – 1990

This is the second album from Believer and in my opinion shows some real maturity in the band. Now normally I’m not too quick to praise a thrash album but this one is actually pretty good. I mean musically it’s very good and in fact I think I would really like it with normal vocals. BUT this is not what the band is so I will evaluate the album for what it is. I will say this is the first Thrash album I have ever listened to more than once, yea really, it’s that good. The band claims they recorded the whole album in 2 weeks which I find quite surprising as the production is very good. Oh well if your not a thrash kind of person hey try listening to “Like A Song”, it’s actually a pretty cool cover of U2.

1 – Sanity Obscure – 6:08
2 – Wisdom’s Call – 3:44
3 – Nonpoint – 5:14
4 – Idols Of Ignorance – 4:39
5 – Stop The Madness – 3:56
6 – Dies Irae (Day Of Wrath) – 5:41
7 – Dust To Dust – 5:02
8 – Like A Song – 3:27

Art Direction – Jeff Spencer, Sudden Images
Artwork [Cover Art By] – David DeVries
Band – D. Baddorf, J. Daub, K. Bachman, W. Robertson
Composed By [Dies Irae Band Section Composed By] – Kurt Bachman
Composed By [Dies Irae Orchestration Composed By] – Scott Laird
Concept By [Dies Irae Concept And General Chaotic Madness] – Doug Mann
Crew [Crew Chief] – Eric “Cecil” Greenwalt
Engineer [Engineered By] – Paul Krueger, Ted Hermanson
Film Technician [Video Tech] – Robert Baddorf
Management [Managed By] – PGM Management
Management [Road Manager] – Deana Baddorf
Photography [Photos By] – Tom Storm
Producer [Produced By] – Doug Mann, Paul Krueger
Soprano Vocals [Dies Irae Soprano] – Julianne Laird Hoge
Written-By [All Songs Written By] – D. Baddorf, J. Daub, K. Bachman, W. Robertson

Companies, etc.
Phonographic Copyright ℗ – R.E.X. Records
Copyright © – R.E.X. Records
Copyright © – Jambox Music
Copyright © – Blue Mountain Music Ltd.
Published By – Island Music, Inc.
Recorded At – Morningstar Studios
Recorded At – HMS Productions
Mixed At – Morningstar Studios
Mastered At – The Hit Factory
Pressed By – DADC
Glass Mastered at – DADC – DIDX-009462

Crystavox – Crystavox – 1990

Formed in 1989 in San Diego, California Crystavox was quick into the studio to get this album out to us. Now keep in mind I’m not the biggest fan of Metal but this is an album I can listen to. Now it’s probably due to the commercial feel but this really is a good album and is probably one of my favourite metal albums. Of particular note is “It’s All Right (To Rock N’ Roll)”. There are so many bands that have done a song exactly along these lines but this is probably one of the best. It comes off as a real song and doesn’t have a cliché feel to it at all. It’s a great Rock & Roll track and made it right into my regular rotation. Given the quality of this album I can’t wait to hear their next one.

1 – Sacrifice – 3:49
2 – Power Games – 4:22
3 – Wear It Out – 2:41
4 – Turn It On – 4:15
5 – Home Again – 4:53
6 – All The Way – 4:07
7 – It’s All Right – 4:13
8 – All Around The World – 3:18
9 – Never Give In – 4:15
10 – Tough Boys – 4:27

Bass Guitar – Leo Correla
Drums – Fred Helm
Keyboards – Loren Holmquist
Lead Guitar – Tony Lopez
Rhythm Guitar – Loren Holmquist
Vocals – Adam Lee Kemp

Sacred Warrior – Wicked Generation – 1990

This is the third album from Sacred Warrior and perhaps their strangest. Not strange in musical style as it’s pretty well your standard late 80’s metal album but instead it’s the structure and message of the album that’s different. The songs follow a story of child abuse from the eyes of the abused. The tracks are structured to tell a story of abuse until both the abused and the abuser come to God in the end. I’ll give them and their label, Intense Records, credit. This is a touchy issue today never mind in 1990 so it was a pretty gutsy idea. That said the album should be listened to in the proper order of the tracks. The band obviously worked on this whole concept very hard but I feel they may not have worked as hard on the music. There isn’t really a standout track and they all kind of meld together. Then again that might be a good thing as it causes you to concentrate a little harder on the message.

1 – No Happy Endings – 5:09
2 – Little Secrets – 6:18
3 – Standing Free – 5:00
4 – Are You Ready – 3:05
5 – Minister By Night – 3:35
6 – Miss Linda – 4:51
7 – In The Night – 5:58
8 – Warriors – 3:13
9 – Wicked Generation – 4:44
10 – War Torn Hero – 4:57

Art Direction – Ed McTaggart
Bass – Steve Watkins
Drums – Tony Velazquez
Engineer [ADD] – Steve Weeder
Engineer, Mixed By – Harry Witz
Guitar – Bruce Swift
Keyboards – Rick Macias
Layout – Joe Potter
Photography By – Basement Art Inc.
Producer – Jim Homan
Vocals – Ray Parra
Vocals [Additional] – Alysha Villareal, Bruce Swift, Jim Homan, Kristi Pollock, Rey Parra, Steve Watkins, Steve Weeder
Written-By – Bruce Swift, Rey Parra, Rick Macias, Steve Watkins, Tony Velasquez

Companies, etc.
Phonographic Copyright ℗ – Intense Records (10)
Copyright © – Intense Records (10)
Distributed By – The Benson Company
Recorded At – River North Studios
Published By – Broken Songs
Glass Mastered at – Nimbus, Virginia

Daniel Amos – Live Bootleg ’82 – 1990

There are several recordings of DA live in the 80’s but this should be the definitive one. You can tell from the mix that they intended for this to be a recorded concert. Apparently we can attribute that excellent mix to Bruce Brown who is an obscure engineer from Australia but his work is excellent. Anyway, setting out to record a live album can be a complicated thing as you need to convert visual to audio. DA nailed it on this one and this may actually be one of the best concerts I have ever heard. Definitely top 10. Of real interest are 3 unreleased songs on the album “I’m On Your Team”, “Everyone’s Fallen Down”, and “Love Has Open Arms”. All 3 are excellent tunes. The album also has a version of their concert famous “Surf Suite” which is absolutely excellent. Think Devo meets the Beach Boys. No really. Apparently there was an “Uncut” version of the album released with additional tracks. We’re on the lookout for it already. This a is a top notch release and should be given the time it deserves for a listen.

1 – I Love You #19 – 3:15
2 – I’m On Your Team – 2:27
3 – Faces To The Window – 2:23
4 – Mall All Over The World – 3:05
5 – Everyone’s Fallen Down – 3:25
6 – Baby Game – 2:34
7 – Through The Speakers – 2:43
8 – ¡Alarma! – 2:41
9 – Love Has Open Arms – 3:25
10 – Hit Them (With Love) – 2:37
11 – Hound Of Heaven – 3:50
12 – Ghost Of The Heart – 2:32
13 – The Surf Suite – 8:37

Artwork, Layout – Court Patton, Tom Gulotta
Bass, Vocals – Tim Chandler
Coordinator [Project Coordinator] – Tom Gulotta
Drums, Vocals – Ed McTaggart
Engineer [Final Mix] – Gene Eugene
Lead Guitar, Vocals – Jerry Chamberlain
Lead Vocals, Guitar – Terry Taylor
Mastered By – Doug Doyle
Producer – Terry Taylor
Producer [Live Concert Production] – Bruce Brown
Recorded By, Mixed By – Bruce Brown, Tom Brooks
Written-By [All Songs Written By] – Terry Taylor

Companies, etc.
Copyright © – Stunt Records (2)
Distributed By – Spring Arbor Distribution – 0001502093
Recorded At – Neverland Studios
Mastered At – Digital Brothers
Glass Mastered at – Nimbus, Virginia

77’s – Sticks And Stones – 1990

How great of a band is The 77’s? Well, how many bands could release a collection of rejects, B-sides, cast-offs, demos and throw-aways and still have it be one of the best album released for that year and one of the best albums of all time? Pretty much only The 77’s. After the dissolving of Exit Records and the greatest shame in the history of CCM rock music (the Island 77’s not becoming the biggest album at the time), Mike Roe and mates moved to Broken Records, headed by Ojo Taylor of Undercover, released a bunch of demos and rejects and made one of the most enjoyable and listenable albums in their storied career. It is actually one of the most commercially pleasing and accessible albums Roe has been involved with. Great alternative pop with killer hooks and a ton of memorable songs. In fact, the lead track (MT) made its way onto popular teen television show, Beverly Hills, 90210. But that was not the only hit song from the album. Christian rock radio jumped all over Nowhere Else and the reworked “This Is the Way Love Is.” But it is the more self-indulgent songs that became long standing concert favorites and true 77’s classics. Perfect Blues had been a long standing live favorite that finally saw the light of day on this album and shows Roe’s mastery of guitar in all styles. “Don’t, This Way” is one of the most haunting and beautiful songs of Roe’s career and is also one of the best live songs the band performs. Here, it’s Roe’s subtlety as a musician that shines. Just stunning and mesmerizing. God Sends Quails is anything but subtle and shows Roe’s appreciation for the 60’s and 70’s psychedelic blues, jam bands and would even appeal to fans of Glass Harp and Blind Faith.

Contributor David Lowman –

1 – MT – 3:57
2 – Nowhere Else – 4:13
3 – This Is The Way Love Is – 5:11
4 – Perfect Blues – 6:10
5 – Don’t. This Way – 7:31
6 – You Walked In The Room – 4:23
7 – The Days To Come – 4:25
8 – The Loop – 3:54
9 – God Sends Quails – 6:34
10 – Love Without Dreams – 4:52
11 – Do It For Love – 3:14
12 – The Lust, The Flesh, The Eyes & The Pride Of Life – 3:23
13 – Pearls Before Swine – 8:18
14 – Bottom Line – 5:48

Bass – Jan Eric
Drums [Still More Pounding & Thrashing] – Aaron Smith
Guitar – Mark Toole, Michael Roe
Keyboards – Mark Toole
Mastered By – David Houston
Mixed By – Daryl Zachman, Steve Griffith
Producer – Michael Roe, Steve Griffith
Recorded By – Daryl Zachman, Steve Griffith
Voice – Jan Eric, Michael Roe

Companies, etc.
Mastered At – Moon Studios, Sacramento
Distributed By – Word Australia
Phonographic Copyright ℗ – TT’s Ltd
Copyright © – TT’s Ltd
Recorded At – The Late Great Exit Studio
Mixed At – The Late Great Exit Studio
Recorded At – The Music Annex
Mixed At – The Music Annex