Chuck Girard – Fire & Light – 1990

Chuck Girard’s Glow In The Dark album was one of the first CCM albums that my friends and I ever bought. We spent hours listening to Anthem and Somethin’ Supernatural. As such I always a special spot for Chuck but I’ll be honest, he lost me in the 80’s as his albums became meh. But this album is different. Though it’s in his usual style I really like this one. Perhaps it’s because Rob Watson was involved with the production but this album is actually a really good album. When I had to classify it into a style I actually chose Light Rock, up one level from Easy Listening where Chuck’s album normally reside. I really liked the drums on this album which were played by Burleigh Drummond of Ambrosia. So if you grew a little tired of Chuck through the 80’s take some time and listen to this one, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

1 – Set The Trumpet To Your Mouth – 5:26
2 – Walls Of Praise – 3:58
3 – Follow the Light – 4:11
4 – Blessed In The City – 4:09
5 – Fresh Bread – 3:54
6 – Fill My Cup – 3:44
7 – Lift My Hands – 3:22
8 – O Holy Night – 4:46
9 – Be Enthroned O God – 4:05
10 – Talk To Me – 3:50
11 – Hearts Of Fire – 4:37
12 – Jesus Is Standing Here – 6:08
13 – Enter In – 4:10
14 – Holy, Holy, Holy – 5:09

Arranged By [Vocal Arrangements] – Bill Batstone, Chuck Girard, John Barbour
Art Direction, Design – Antonio Lozano
Art Direction, Design, Layout – John Schaffer
Backing Vocals – Alisa Girard, Andy Allen, Bill Batstone, Chuck Girard, John Barbour
Bass – Tim Chandler
Drums, Percussion – Burleigh Drummond
Edited By [Mix Down] – Brian Davis, Chuck Girard
Engineer – Brian Davis
Engineer [Assistant] – Andy Allen
Engineer [Drums] – Doug Doyle
Executive-Producer – Lewis McVay
Guitar – Randy Mitchell
Keyboards, Programmed By, Arranged By [String Arrangements] – Rob Watson
Mixed By – Brian Davis, Chuck Girard, Rob Watson
Photography By – Dianne McVay
Producer, Arranged By – Chuck Girard, Rob Watson

Companies, etc.
Phonographic Copyright ℗ – Asaph Records
Copyright © – Asaph Records
Distributed By – Asaph Musik
Distributed By – Asaph AG
Manufactured By – P+O Pallas – 63486

Zion – Joyful Noiz – 1984

Awhile ago we uploaded the second Zion album but today we’ve got our hands on the first one. Just a reminder that there are a few “Zions” out there and this is the one out of Oregon. This is their first self released album and it’s even better than their second album in my opinion. I do apologize for the quality but the album was only released on cassette and copies are rare. Now back to the album. This album easily should have been on a label. There are hints here of early Rez and or Barnabas and it is a great Rock & Roll album. Easily the best track is Dragon Slayer and the sampling of Puff The Magic Dragon is absolutely spot on.

1 – New Creation – 1:35
2 – Joyful Noise – 4:00
3 – Dragon Slayer – 3:45
4 – Hold Tight – 5:15
5 – It Is Finished – 7:00
6 – Matter Of Time – 4:15
7 – Carry On – 4:10
8 – Joy Of The Lord – 6:25
9 – On That Day – 4:25

Bass, Vocals, Guitar – Larry Wick
Drums, Percussion – John Scott Armas
Guitar, Lead Vocals – Dave Day
Keyboards, Guitar, Vocals, Producer – Jeff Bates
Lead Vocals – Linda Holt Morrison

Hot Pink Turtle – Ticklewigglejigglepickle – 1993

Ok fair warning, I’m going to offer up some criticism of this album. But it’s not what you think because I do not fault the band. In fact the band is excellent. They have tons of talent and a sound that I can only describe as Funk Rock. Some of the tracks have a more mainstream 90’s sound but some of them are really creative. Now for my criticism all of which I lay clearly at the feet of the record company. R.E.X. Records was known as an artists record company in that they really catered to the artist. Unfortunately this is a recipe for disaster as a record company and yes R.E.X. did go bankrupt. This album is a prime example. Dumb band name and even stupider album name. Funny band names work in certain genres but this is not one of those genres. This band had a seriously good sound so the record company should have stepped in and been a record company and told them the goofy stuff was a poor choice. They also actually released the album with 7 tracks over 4 minutes long. Let’s be clear, it’s damn near impossible to get a radio station to play a song over 4 minutes and usually the producer of the album steps in and lays down the law on track length but again the record company supported the artist instead of being a record company. Okay I’ve been bashing pretty good but lets return to the album. It is excellent and the production is really good. I’m guessing you will enjoy it and put aside the problems the album has.

1 – Hideous – 3:25
2 – Fluorescent Funk – 5:06
3 – Myisci – 6:22
4 – A Lil’ Groove – 3:51
5 – A Boat And His Boy – 4:59
6 – Banana – 4:59
7 – In-Hair-Brain – 7:07
8 – Guntistha Garden – 6:01
9 – Pickin’ Berries – 5:38

Art Direction, Design – Jeff Spencer
Bass, Backing Vocals – Dion Tyler
Drums, Backing Vocals – James Cleem
Guitar, Backing Vocals – Dave Mora
Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals – Jamin Rathbun
Executive-Producer – P. Gavin Morkel, Tyler Bacon
Graphics [Digital Image Production] – David Arnold
Lyrics By [All Lyrics By] – Jamin Rathbun
Music By [All Music By] – Hot Pink Turtle
Producer [Produced By] – Armand John Petri

Companies, etc.
Phonographic Copyright ℗ – R.E.X. Music Inc.
Copyright © – R.E.X. Music Inc.
Published By – Sonic Chaos
Pressed By – Disc Manufacturing, Inc., Huntsville – 31237

Blue Trapeze – Mask & Marquee – 1986

There is very limited info out there about Blue Trapeze but they did have several EP’s and were a mainstay on the alternative Christian music scene in California in the 80’s. That said their work is all self released so they either didn’t want an album deal or were never offered one. The only member to have gone on with other work was Daniel Koenig who appeared as a studio musician on several projects. As for the album it has an alternative 80’s sound and is actually pretty well done. I listened to it three times and while I am usually a fan of alternative 80’s this one left me wanting for more for some reason. Good album but nothing here to go in my regular rotation.

1 – Mask & Marquee – 2:58
2 – Afraid Of Real – 2:57
3 – A Reason – 3:35
4 – See Them Turn – 2:55
5 – The Old Home – 3:34
6 – Midnight Sun – 2:41

Arranged By – Blue Trapeze
Bass, Vocals – Roger Arendse
Drums, Vocals, Keyboards – Lisa Kline – Koenig
Guitar, Vocals – Daniel Koenig
Lacquer Cut By – John Golden
Layout – Richard Beach
Producer – Daniel Koenig, Stephen Zepeda
Written-By – Dan Koenig

Companies, etc.
Phonographic Copyright ℗ – Blue Trapeze
Copyright © – Blue Trapeze
Mastered At – K Disc Mastering
Lacquer Cut At – K Disc Mastering

Parable – More Than Words – 1975

This is the first of 2 albums from Parable. While their second album was far better known this one is good as well but with a slightly more subdued and seventies feel and sound. In fact as I listened to both albums today I really couldn’t see many similarities. Vocals on this one were handles by Chuck Butler and Joy Strange. Joy’s vocal style is better suited to this style of music. While she left Parable after this album she contributed to several more seventies feel albums throughout the late seventies. So if you liked the 1977 offering from Parable you may not be as excited about this one but if you listen to it as an individual album it’s actually pretty good.

1 – More Than Words – 3:37
2 – All Alone – 3:24
3 – Sweet, Sweet Song – 2:50
4 – Maybe – 2:17
5 – Someone’s Callin’ – 3:17
6 – I Know What It’s Like – 3:17
7 – Peter, James & John – 3:07
8 – On Your Own – 2:50
9 – Let The Old Man Die – 2:52
10 – Friends – 2:31
11 – Song For The Church – 2:50
12 – Goodbye – 2:46
13 – 16 Petersham Place – 2:10

Acoustic Guitar, Lead Vocals – Chuck Butler, Joy Strange
Bass, Vocals – Pat Patton
Drums – Don Kobayashi
Engineer – Buddy King
Engineer, Mixed By – Jonathan David Brown
Graphics, Illustration – Kernie Erickson
Orchestrated By, Conductor – Jim Stipech
Photography By – Carmen Terrazas
Producer – Tom Coomes

Companies, etc.
Phonographic Copyright ℗ – Maranatha! Music
Copyright © – Maranatha! Music
Recorded At – Buddy King Studios, Huntington Beach, CA
Recorded At – Mama Jo’s
Mixed At – Buddy King Studios, Huntington Beach, CA

All Saved Freak Band – Sower – 1980

This is the final album form All Saved Freak Band. The band had actually split up before this release. The break up sounds like it was a bit of a mess as the band cited irreconcilable differences and their church had a scandal involving children. At this point the band had dwindled down a few members but the quality wasn’t effected. The album was again released on their own label which they had renamed “War Again Inc”. The album is more of their normal 70’s style but it doesn’t sound like the band was ready to evolve to an 80’s sound. The good news is that the band did come together in 2006 to regain control of their music which had been handed over to Hidden Vision Records. The band did not however release a new album but instead continued their individual ministries.

1 – Red Sea Rising – 5:46
2 – Inner Light – 3:16
3 – Peace Like A River – 3:27
4 – Beautiful Morning – 3:17
5 – Sower – 3:34
6 – Prince Of The International Kaleidoscope – 5:35
7 – All Across The Nation – 3:55
8 – Children Of The Day – 2:41
9 – Old Rugged Cross – 3:46

Acoustic Guitar, Strings – Kim Massmann
Artwork By – Charles Hooper, Mary Barnhard
Bass – Norris McClure
Drums, Percussion – Tim Hill, Tom Eritano
Keyboards – Carole King
Keyboards, Producer, Arranged By – Rob Galbraith
Keyboards, Producer, Arranged By, Artwork – Larry Hill
Lead Guitar – Glenn Schwartz
Producer, Arranged By – Joe Markko
Rhythm Guitar – Ed Durkos
Strings – Pam Massmann

Companies, etc.
Copyright © – War Again Inc
Phonographic Copyright ℗ – War Again Inc

Tamplin And Friends – An Axe To Grind – 1990

This was Ken Tamplin’s first solo album after the first dissolution of Shout. Many argued that it was Tamplin that was the blood of Shout and this album does showcase his excellent guitar work. Now I want to be clear, I am about to criticize this album BUT!!!! I like this album, my critiques are more of what I thought could have been done better. First of all Ken engineered and produced this album and this probably caused a few problems. Secondly I don’t like the production. The mix is very guitar heavy and other instruments seem to have been forgotten about. Thirdly many of the tracks simply weren’t album ready. Yes the guitar tracks are good but the rest of the supporting instruments simply weren’t ready to be recorded. A little more practice and direction was required. Fourthly the album has 4 novelty under 1 minute tracks. In my opinion an album shouldn’t have any more than 1 of these and that may be too many. Finally, and this is nitpicking, the album has several tracks that run together. This was out of style by this time as CD’s were the in thing and CD’s don’t deal with blended track very well. Now that said I like this album, in fact I love 2 tracks enough that they are on my regular rotation, Livin’ For My Lord, and Straight Between The Eyes. Oh and did you know that Ken is Sammy Hagar’s cousin?


1 – Livin’ For My Lord – 4:54
2 – The Continuing Saga Of Screwtape & Wormwood – 0:30
3 – Going All The Way – 4:08
4 – Never Give Up (A Wife’s Tribute) – 5:16
5 – Music Box – 0:58
6 – Not Alone – 3:51
7 – Goin’ Home – 5:27
8 – Bouree In E Minor – 0:44
9 – Straight Between The Eyes – 4:17
10 – I Hear Cryin’ – 4:49
11 – Armageddon 1:03
12 – Holdin’ On/The Chase – 3:44
13 – Take ‘Em Back – 3:22
14 – Believin’ (Is The Hardest Part) – 4:21
15 – All The Things You Are – 7:18

Art Direction – Ed McTaggart
Bass – Jeff Berlin
Co-producer – Lanny Cordola
Drums – Ken Mary
Engineer – Ken Tamplin, Roger Mielke
Layout – Joe Potter
Lead Guitar – Joe Diorio, Ken Tamplin
Mastered By – John Matousek
Mixed By – Dave Jahnsen
Photography By – Nigel Skeet
Producer – Ken Tamplin
Rhythm Guitar – Joe Diorio, Ken Tamplin

Companies, etc.
Phonographic Copyright (p) – Intense Records
Copyright (c) – Intense Records
Distributed By – Word (Uk) Ltd.
Recorded At – Micronote Studios
Mixed At – Mixing Lab A
Mastered At – Soundworks West


Kerry Livgren – One Of Several Possible Musiks – 1989

In 1989 Kerry took a break from AD and did this solo album and when I say solo I mean solo. He played each and every instrument on this instrumental album. It has a fairly progressive rock sound and really shows some of Kerry’s best guitar work. Personally nothing on the album jumps out at me but I am not a fan of instrumental songs. That said I am not disrespecting the album, it’s just not my genre but it is a great album. Track 10, “Tenth of Nisan”, has a footnote reading: “(The obvious debt to M.R. is acknowledged.)”. M.R. is Maurice Ravel a classical composer of the early 20th century. Kerry re-released this album in 1996 on his Numavox label and included a bonus track which we have included.

1 – Ancient Wing – 4:28
2 – And I Saw, As It Were… Konelrad – 4:57
3 – Colonnade Gardens – 4:10
4 – In The Sides Of The North – 4:26
5 – Alenna In The Sun – 4:23
6 – Tannin Dance – 3:37
7 – The Far Country – 3:46
8 – Diaspora – 3:36
9 – A Fistful Of Drachma – 4:11
10 – Tenth Of Nisan – 4:46
11 – Eerie Cove – 4:04

Instruments (All), Recorded By, Mixed By, Producer – Kerry Livgren
Mastered By – Glen Meadows

Companies, etc.
Mastered At – Masterfonics
Recorded At – The Peach, Covington, GA
Mixed At – The Peach, Covington, GA
Phonographic Copyright ℗ – Kerry Livgren Productions,Inc.
Copyright © – Kerry Livgren Productions,Inc.
Produced For – GrandyZine Productions Inc.
Glass Mastered At – Nimbus, Virginia

Michael Gleason – Children Of Choices – 1990

This is Michael’s second album and at this point Michael appears to have finished working with Kerry Livgren. Though he may be best remembered as a member of AD this solo album form him deserves to be remembered also. Unlike his work with AD this album has a late 80’s pop sound but occasionally you can here some influence from his years with Kansas/AD. If you have listened to his first solo album this one is nothing like it. Nothing at all. Interestingly at this time Michael was doing studio work with Steven Curtis Chapman, Wes King, Newsboys, Michael Card, Steve Green, Geoff Moore & The Distance, and many others. I don’t know if that influenced his pop sound on this album but I feel he may have really honed this sound while working with these bands. This is an album that is often overlooked but shouldn’t be because it’s a great album.

1 – Children Of Choices – 4:11
2 – Western World – 4:46
3 – Feeding The Fire – 4:29
4 – One Breath Away – 5:00
5 – Don’t Give In To The Night – 4:16
6 – True To Myself – 4:30
7 – Life On The Line – 4:29
8 – Nature Of The Beast – 4:24
9 – Front Page News – 3:44
10 – Heart Of Stone – 5:07

Art Direction, Design Concept, Design, Layout – Terry DeGraff
Backing Vocals – Terry Brock
Drums – Scott Meeder
Engineer – Jeff Simmons, Mike Mierau
Guitar, Mixed By, Engineer – Sonny Lallerstedt
Mastered By – Doug Sax
Producer – Dino Elefante
Producer, Backing Vocals, Engineer – John Elefante
Producer, Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals, Keyboards, Mixed By, Engineer – Michael Gleason

Companies, etc.
Phonographic Copyright ℗ – Pakaderm Records Inc
Copyright © – Pakaderm Records Inc.
Manufactured By – Word, Inc.
Distributed By – Word, Inc.
Recorded At – Twelve Oaks Studio
Recorded At – Pakaderm Studios
Mixed At – Twelve Oaks Studio
Mastered At – The Mastering Lab

Abraham & The Watchmen Band – Anti-Sin – 1985

This band were better known as Just the Watchmen in the 70’s and early 80’s. They had several albums though they all appear to have been self released. We have one that we’ll be uploading soon and it’s great. That said were talking about their 85 EP which is only 4 tracks but is great. Their previous work had a strong 70’s sound but this EP has a solid 80’s sound. These guys had at least 8 self released albums and you have to respect the effort. I really don’t know why they didn’t have an album deal but a part of me suspects that they chose the self released route intentionally. Anyway as I said this is a great little 80’s EP and the title track is fantastic. It was released on cassette with all 4 tracks on both sides.

1 – Seek His Kingdom – 3:36
2 – Anti-Sin – 4:31
3 – Midnight Dreams – 4:03
4 – Caught In The Undertow – 3:21

Booking – John H. Abraham
Producer, Composed By – Gary Sanford Paxton*
Written-By – Gary Sanford Paxton, Ken Abraham, Tink Abraham

Companies, etc.
Copyright © – M.U.D.A.S.A. International Evangelistic Association Inc.
Phonographic Copyright ℗ – M.U.D.A.S.A. International Evangelistic Association Inc.
Published By – Aimed At The Lost Music