Priority Paid – Image – 1988

This was the first album form Priority Paid. I still can’t find much info on this Australian band but I’m still enjoying their work. The album is a great 80’s Pop album with above average lyrics in my opinion. As this was only released in Australia many of you haven’t heard it so here’s your chance to catch up on an 80’s rarity.

1 – Night After Night – 5:11
2 – Can You Come Over Tonight – 4:50
3 – Going Home – 5:07
4 – Forever – 5:20
5 – Robin Hood – 3:20
6 – Do You Know – 4:17
7 – Voice – 4:00
8 – Shut Up And Dance – 3:03
9 – In Your Image – 4:03

Acoustic Guitar, Vocals – Peter Downey
Bass, Vocals – Owen Craig
Drums, Vocals – Rik Petereit
Electric Guitar – Iain McDonald
Percussion, Vocals – Bill Marsden
Vocals, Keyboards – John Burns

Companies, etc.
Engineered At – Rich Studios
Engineered At – Silver Wood Studios

Garth Hewitt – Scars – 1988

This is Garth’s offering for 1988 and this one like most of his albums in this period was only released in the U.K. I have heard that the few albums he did release in the U.S. just didn’t sell well but they sold well in the U.K. I don’t kind of understand why that would be but anyway lets get to the album. This album has several different styles. There’s some folk, some country, some pop, and even a Rock & Roll tune. This many different styles means the album doesn’t have a flow but they are well done and if you’re a fan of his I’m sure you don’t care about the flow of the album. This was the first album of his I listened too so the differing styles was a bit jarring.

1 – Namibia – 3:49
2 – Strange Weapons – 3:07
3 – Land Of Palestine – 3:11
4 – Johnny Cash – 2:55
5 – Our Silent Eyes – 3:22
6 – Tears Of God – 2:44
7 – Peace Like A Phoenix – 3:44
8 – Amusing Ourselves – 3:06
9 – 32 Years – 3:46
10 – The Sky That Wouldn’t Weep – 3:54
11 – Polish Winter – 4:30
12 – Get Up And Dance – 3:37
13 – Jesus Of The Scars – 2:54

Acoustic Guitar – Doyle Grisham, Tom Blades
Backing Vocals – Barb Smith, Billy Bob Shane, Craig Wiseman, Darryl Adams, Gilly Sue Blades, Jan Pulsford
Bass – Jimmy Carter
Design – James Kessell
Drums – Craig Wiseman
Electric Guitar – Tom ‘Razor’ Blades, Walt Houston
Engineer – Lori Larsen, Roger Holmes
Fiddle – Hank Singer
Harmonica – Garth Hewitt
Keyboards – Howard Duck
Keyboards [Additional] – Jan Pulsford
Lead Vocals – Garth Hewitt
Mandolin – Hank Singer
Photography – Michael Rock
Steel Guitar – Cal Freeman

Jeff Scheetz – Warp Speed – 1988

The story goes that Jeff cut this album/demo in 3 days to demo his guitar work. The story is that it was picked up by a Mexican label and then he got a record deal with Pure Metal records but in reality the timeline doesn’t work so I have no idea how that all worked. I do know that in 2005 this album along with his second album “Woodpecker Stomp” were released as a single CD. As for what we have here is some excellent heavy guitar work. The album is an instrumental which is a little disappointing because there’s some great tracks here but it was recorded as a demo so I understand why. Many people consider Jeff one of the best guitarists in the genre and I have to admit listening to this album will probably support that view.

1 – St. Valentine – 3:46
2 – Warp Speed – 3:44
3 – The Black Cat – 0:42
4 – Tornado Alley – 4:04
5 – Shark Attack – 3:32
6 – Lone Wolf – 5:46
7 – Amazing Grace – 3:38

Bass – Eddie Pruitt
Drums – Gabriel Anthony
Engineer – Alan Pangelinan
Guitar, Producer – Jeff Scheetz
Keyboards – Eric Greif
Producer – Eric Greif

Zipcodes – Sold Sight Unseen – 1988

While Andy Piercy was off recording his new album Peter Banks and Pete King went into the studio to record this rather excellent album. Even though it was recorded and mixed in Peter’s home studio it sounds radio ready to me. I am assuming they shopped the album around but like all things After The Fire the record labels didn’t want it. I will try to not go off on a tangent again about how After The Fire and subsequent member recordings were treated but I just simply can’t understand how this didn’t get picked up. Anyway it lived on a shelf until Pete King’s death in 1987 when Peter took it back out to try to get it released in memory of Pete. Lucky for us Christian label Plankton Records picked up the ball and released the album. Unfortunately it looks like it was only released on cassette and of course it had a tiny distribution so most of us never heard it but here it is. This is yet another excellent 80’s sounding album that we should have been able to hear at the time.

1 – Got My Reasons – 3:46
2 – Making It Tougher – 2:58
3 – I Won’t Go Home – 2:34
4 – Hold Me Tight – 3:38
5 – Where Are You Now – 3:36
6 – Let It Go – 3:38
7 – Hold On – 2:53
8 – Never Let It Be Said – 3:37
9 – Nothing You Can Say – 3:22
10 – Found You Out – 3:04
11 – Call Me Up – 4:22
12 – Something special – 3:28

Peter Banks
Peter King
Stewart Van Blandameyer
Elana Harris
Mark Pearson
Colin Pye
Keith Smith
Dave West
Simon Wilkinson

Companies, etc.
Copyright © – Rondor Music (London) Ltd.
Phonographic Copyright ℗ – Plankton Records

Prism – Green – 1988

Usually I bash Chris Harris and Mark Heimermann and their Prism projects but not this time. As I’ve been processing CCM artist’s Christmas albums this week more and more of them sounded like the record company recorded a bunch of Christmas carol arrangements and then invited a CCM artist in to sing them. None of these albums had a feel of the artist and quite frankly the arrangements sound like any album I could buy at Walmart for 99¢ in December. But not this album. Chris and Mark actually sat down and wrote some excellent arrangements for these tracks and did some great vocals. I have no idea who else was involved with this project but it is great as far as Christmas albums go. Many of these tracks will go on my Christmas playlist this year.

1 – Joy To The World – 3:41
2 – O Holy Night – 4:05
3 – Snowdrift / Silent Night – 5:09
4 – White Christmas – 4:22
5 – It Came Upon A Midnight Clear – 2:01
6 – Away In A Manager – 4:33
7 – O Come All Ye Faithful – 4:52
8 – The First Noel – 3:25
9 – Angels We Have Heard On High – 3:16
10 – Only Love (Will Last Forever) – 4:09

Prism – Red – 1988

This is the final album in the Prism series. I’ll be honest I still don’t understand what the project was really all about. Again there are children on the cover of the album that have nothing to do with the album. I truly believe the original idea was Kidz Bop idea but in the end it just turned into Chris Harris and Mark Heimermann doing an album. I actually find it a bit disingenuous to have a bunch of kids on the album cover when they have nothing to do with the album. Very strange. Now that aside these were a series of very successful albums because they are very good. These guys knew how to make music and I am totally baffled at why they didn’t want to do it using their own names. Thy did have First Call do the track “If You’re Happy And You Know It”. Bottom line is I really like the whole project, the results were fantastic I’m just not sure the path they took to get there.

1 – Amazing Grace – 3:37
2 – Kum-Ba-Yah – 4:49
3 – He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands – 4:54
4 – If You’re Happy And You Know It/I’m Happy Today – 2:25
5 – Love Him In The Morning – 3:39
6 – Seek Ye First – 3:15
7 – Sure Shot – 3:48
8 – Count Your Many Blessings/Can You Count The Stars – 3:01
9 – Big Enough – 3:43
10 – The Lord Bless You And Keep You – 2:03

Steve Forbert – Streets Of This Town – 1988

This is an interesting album that swirled just outside the periphery of Christian music in the late 80’s. We carried it at Maranatha Village and several Christian music publications positively reviewed it and ran stories on Forbert. A brilliant singer/songwriter, Steve Forbert started his lengthy career in the late 70’s recording his only real radio hit, “Romeo Tune” on his second release in 1979, “Jackrabbit Slim.” (Highly recommend) But with “Streets of this Town,” The Christian market began to take notice. Songs like “Hope, Faith and Love,” “As We Live and Breathe” and “Search Your Heart” seemed to deal honestly with spiritual ideas and faith questions. One song from this album was covered by a pretty major CCM artist at the time (bonus points if you know the artist and song). Forberts easy going Americana Rock style is immediately likeable and would appeal to fans of John Hiatt, Jackson Browne, Julie Miller, etc.

Contributor David Lowman –

1 – Running On Love – 3:32
2 – Don’t Tell Me (I Know) – 3:33
3 – I Blinked Once – 4:45
4 – Mexico – 3:30
5 – As We Live And Breathe – 3:18
6 – On The Streets Of This Town – 3:39
7 – Hope, Faith And Love – 3:41
8 – Perfect Stranger – 3:33
9 – Wait A Little Longer – 3:45
10 – Search Your Heart – 4:38

Bass – Danny Counts
Coordinator – Tom Zutaut
Design – Jeff Morris
Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocals – Bobby Lloyd Hicks
Keyboards, Backing Vocals – Paul Errico
Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals – Clay Barnes
Management – Praxis International
Mastered By – George Marino
Mixed By – Michael Frondelli
Mixed By [Assisted] – Gary Solomon
Photography By – Jeff Morris, Lee Thomas
Producer – Garry Tallent
Recorded By – Jan Topoleski
Songwriter [All Songs] – Steve Forbert
Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Harmonica – Steve Forbert

Companies, etc.
Copyright © – The David Geffen Company
Phonographic Copyright ℗ – The David Geffen Company
Manufactured By – Columbia House
Mastered At – Sterling Sound
Recorded At – Shorefire Recording Studios
Mixed At – Power Station
Mixed At – The Hit Factory
Mixed At – Shorefire Recording Studios
Licensed To – Columbia House

The Predators – Offensive – 1988

This is the final album from The Predators (they did come back together in 2011 for a modern release). It was self released and only available on Cassette as far as I can tell. By this album all that was left from the original band was drummer Francis Johnson and of course lead vocalist Kevin Smith. This album drifts away from their new wave pop sound to pretty strait up AOR pop album. At the urging of Kevin Smith’s daughter the band came back together in Sept. 2008 and had a private night of playing their oldies. Subsequently a version of the band did come back together to record a new album which was independently released in 2011. I look forward to giving it a listen but today I’m going to give this album another listen. If you want to read a definitive interview with the band head over to

1 – Your World – 3:57
2 – No Connection – 3:03
3 – Fallen Angel – 4:07
4 – Nothing At All – 3:05
5 – Built On Sand – 6:27
6 – Love You To Death – 3:23
7 – Dead On Arrival – 3:56
8 – Lies (The Human Jungle) – 5:05
9 – Don’t Laugh At Me Now – 4:08
10 – Rescue Me – 4:17

Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Backing Vocals, Producer – Andy Rayner
Drums, Percussion – Francis Johnson
Engineer – Lol Cooper
Guitar – Paul Truswell
Lead Vocals, Percussion – Kevin Smith

4•4•1 – Sacrifice – 1988

There is kind of an interesting story behind this album. The band actually split in 1987 but John McNamara and Glenn Holland continued writing material. With the blessing of the departed members they came to an agreement with Ojo Taylor and Gene Eugene at Broken Records for a third album. Gene Eugene produced (assisted), mixed, and engineered the album. The new version of the band even did a small tour with Glenn’s brother Kenny on drums and John Gaudesi on guitar. As for the album well quite frankly it just isn’t the original version of the band. I did not know about all the personnel changes in the band before I listened to the album and thought it just didn’t sound right and after some research I discovered why. Really this album should be evaluated as a stand alone group. It’s a lot darker then their previous work but is a solid new wave album. I think it should definitely be given a listen but remember your listening to a very modified version of the band.

1 – Judas Kisses – 4:48
2 – Oh No – 4:33
3 – Push (These Walls Down) – 3:59
4 – Sacrifice – 3:58
5 – Beautiful Places – 3:10
6 – This Is Love – 3:16
7 – Death Of Innocence – 4:31
8 – Pray For Rain – 4:50
9 – Don’t Make Me Cry – 3:40
10 – What Am I To Do? – 3:20
11 – Standing On The Edge – 4:44
12 – Push (Reprise) – 1:39
13 – Untitled Hidden Track – 0:30

Arranged By [Additional Arrangement Ideas] – Gene Eugene
Art Direction, Design – Norman Fog
Bass, Keyboards – Glenn Holland
Drums – Kenny Holland
Mastered By – John Matousek
Photography By – Brian Ray
Producer [Produced By] – Gene Eugene, Glenn Holland, John McNamara
Recorded By [Additional Recording By] – Dave Hackbarth
Recorded By, Mixed By – Gene Eugene, Glenn Holland
Songwriter [All Songs Written By], Arranged By [All Songs Arranged By] – Glenn Holland, John McNamara
Vocals, Acoustic Guitar – John McNamara

Companies, etc.
Phonographic Copyright ℗ – Brainstorm Artists International Inc.
Copyright © – Brainstorm Artists International Inc.
Manufactured By – Word, Inc.
Distributed By – Word, Inc.
Distributed By – Word Records Limited
Recorded At – Neverland
Mixed At – Neverland
Mastered At – Motown/Hitsville U.S.A. Recording Studios
Published By – Brainstorm Artists
Published By – Leisure Boys Music
Published By – Maranatha! Music

Whitecross – Love On The Line – 1988

Whitecross released this EP shortly after releasing their first album. I’m not entirely sure what the strategy was here as 2 of the tracks from this EP are actually on that first album. If I had to guess I think they probably wanted this to be released before their first album but something went wrong along the way and it was delayed but that is strictly a guess. As I said the album contained 2 tracks from their first album the other 2 tracks wouldn’t appear on an album until much later. Anyway this must have been a treat for Whitecross fans and with 2 unreleased tracks it must have been a must own. Interestingly it was only released on vinyl and cassette with the same four tracks simply repeated on the flip side.

1 – Love On The Line – 6:00
2 – I Believe – 3:52
3 – No Way I’m Going Down – 4:12
4 – Enough Is Enough – 4:04

Bass – Jon Sproule
Drums – Mark Hedl
Engineer – Dan Rudin
Executive Producer – Gavin Morkel
Guitar – Rex Carroll
Producer – Rex Carroll
Vocals – Scott Wenzel

Companies, etc.
Recorded At – Grand Slam Studios