Rock & Religion Radio Special – 1980 – Daniel Amos

This is a 1980 episode of Rock & Religion Radio featuring Daniel Amos. It features tracks from their Horrendous Disc album.

00:00 – I Love You #19
06:33 – I Believe In You
12:03 – Hound Of Heaven
16:51 – Tidal Wave
22:51 – On The Line

Jane Edward – Hunger for Reality – 1980

This is the one and only album we got from Jane. It is on New Born records which is the sister label of legendary Canadian label Tunesmith. Being on a label in the Tunesmith family can be a blessing or a curse. A few great bands were able to get exposure on Tunesmith to real record companies while others had their album released and not even distributed properly. I believe this album falls in the cursed category as it is very very rare and I have no memory of it and my friends and I were constantly monitoring this label for hidden gems. Anyway on the internet it says she was a Canadian artist but I think people are just saying that because this is a Canadian label. The album was recorded in Nashville and Jane currently lives in Nashville so I doubt she is a Canadian artist. As for the album it’s pretty good. It has a light rock feel and I enjoyed it. It was produced by Al Perkins and Greg Nelson so there’s nothing wrong with the mix or the feel. Whoever picked the track order however did a disservice to the album by putting the best track last. Just my opinion.

1 – Down On My Knees – 2:50
2 – Happy Song – 3:08
3 – Drink Of Jesus Love (Prov. 25:25) – 3:45
4 – Deep Magic – 2:30
5 – I Wanna Testify – 3:45
6 – Hey There Stranger – 3:38
7 – Dedication Blues – 2:35
8 – Isaiah 33: 15 – 17 – 2:58
9 – Searchin’ – 2:46
10 – Follow His Calling – 2:58

Arranged By – Greg Nelson, Richard Souther
Backing Vocals – Bili Thedford, Dona Thedford, Donna McElroy, Jane Edward, Venetta Fields, Vicki Hampton, Yvonne Hodges
Bass – David McKay, Ernie Collins
Drums – Bob Mater, James Kehn
Engineer – Scott Hendricks, Tom Trefethen
Guitar – Brent Rowan, Peter York, Randy Mitchell
Harmonica – Terry McMillan
Keyboards – Mitch Humphries, Richard Souther
Percussion – James Kehn
Photography – Deberah Perkins, John Holcomb, John Holcomb
Producer – Al Perkins, Greg Nelson
Saxophone – Donald Sanders

Companies, etc.
Recorded At – Peace In The Valley Recording
Engineered At – Peace In The Valley Recording
Mixed At – Peace In The Valley Recording
Mastered At – Peace In The Valley Recording
Recorded At – Glaser Bros. Studio, Nashville
Engineered At – Glaser Bros. Studio, Nashville
Mixed At – Glaser Bros. Studio, Nashville
Mastered At – Glaser Bros. Studio, Nashville

All Saved Freak Band – Sower – 1980

This is the final album form All Saved Freak Band. The band had actually split up before this release. The break up sounds like it was a bit of a mess as the band cited irreconcilable differences and their church had a scandal involving children. At this point the band had dwindled down a few members but the quality wasn’t effected. The album was again released on their own label which they had renamed “War Again Inc”. The album is more of their normal 70’s style but it doesn’t sound like the band was ready to evolve to an 80’s sound. The good news is that the band did come together in 2006 to regain control of their music which had been handed over to Hidden Vision Records. The band did not however release a new album but instead continued their individual ministries.

1 – Red Sea Rising – 5:46
2 – Inner Light – 3:16
3 – Peace Like A River – 3:27
4 – Beautiful Morning – 3:17
5 – Sower – 3:34
6 – Prince Of The International Kaleidoscope – 5:35
7 – All Across The Nation – 3:55
8 – Children Of The Day – 2:41
9 – Old Rugged Cross – 3:46

Acoustic Guitar, Strings – Kim Massmann
Artwork By – Charles Hooper, Mary Barnhard
Bass – Norris McClure
Drums, Percussion – Tim Hill, Tom Eritano
Keyboards – Carole King
Keyboards, Producer, Arranged By – Rob Galbraith
Keyboards, Producer, Arranged By, Artwork – Larry Hill
Lead Guitar – Glenn Schwartz
Producer, Arranged By – Joe Markko
Rhythm Guitar – Ed Durkos
Strings – Pam Massmann

Companies, etc.
Copyright © – War Again Inc
Phonographic Copyright ℗ – War Again Inc

Fireworks – Live Fireworks – 1980

Awhile ago I reviewed a Fireworks album and I was whining how easy listening it was. Someone challenged me to listen to this album if I wanted some Rock & Roll. So here it is and yes there is definitely some great Rock & Roll here. Marty was sure on his game this day. Recorded live at the Lord’s Chapel-Nashville in Tennessee this one took me totally by surprise. I must admit I have a whole new opinion of Fireworks now and I will definitely be enjoying this album in the future.

1 – Rescued – 3:25
2 – Listen – 4:30
3 – Target Practice – 2:48
4 – Someone’s Got A Hold On Me – 3:30
5 – Toll Free – 3:25
6 – Good Thing – 3:09
7 – Rusty Burdens – 3:31
8 – It All Comes Down To You – 3:37
9 – Ready For The Best Of You – 3:46

Bass – Bob Sinkovic
Coordinator – Vickie McCall
Drums, Percussion, Engineer – Lanny Avery
Engineer – Bill Deaton, Jimmy Burch, Joe Wilson
Executive Producer – Chris Christian
Guitar, Harmony Vocals – Jerry Gaston
Harmony Vocals – Mary Avery
Lead Vocals, Piano, Percussion – Marty McCall
Mastered By – Jim Loyd
Producer – Fireworks

Companies, etc.
Pressed By – MCA Pressing Plant, Pinckneyville
Mastered At – Masterfonics
Recorded At – The Lord’s Chapel
Recorded By – Fanta Professional Services
Marketed By – Sparrow Records

After the Fire – 80f – Original Mix Version – Acetate – 1980

I’ll start off by explaining what this is. It is taken from the original acetate recording/mix for the 80-f album. This is the version that was produced by Tony Mansfield (no relation) and ultimately rejected by CBS records. CBS had the band go to Germany with ex-Fly’s drummer Peter King, to re-record the album. It was remixed and reproduced by Reinhold Mack. Three songs were killed (Another World / Operator / Satellite In Orbit) and three new songs were added (Wild West Show / Why Can’t We Be Friends / Joanne). I am guessing that some of you are intentionally reading this review just to hear me lose my mind and I will not disappoint. Exactly what the suits at CBS were thinking completely mystifies me. I mean had they even listened to the 2 Cars albums that had come out at this point and were dominating the charts. ATF were exactly as good if not better than The Cars and this mix was exactly that sound that was dominating the charts. Furthermore what was wrong with Nick Brotherwood’s drumming? The drum track on this album is dead on and absolutely perfect. Tony nailed this mix and we had a 3 or 4 single album here. In the end we are blessed that this version leaked and we want to thank friend of the channel Randy Layton (Alternative Records) for getting us a copy of what was probably going to be one of the top albums of 1980. Instead CBS dumbed it down and destroyed it. SIGH

1 – Starlight – 4:24
2 – High Fashion – 3:18
3 – Another World – 3:36
4 – Can You face It? – 3:20
5 – Operator – 3:45
6 – Love Will Always Make You Cry – 4:00
7 – 1980-F – 2:37
8 – Satellite In Orbit – 3:18
9 – Who’s Gonna Love You – 4:21
10 – Billy, Billy – 4:30

Bass, Lead Vocals – Andy Piercy
Drums – Nick Brotherwood
Keyboards – Peter Memory Banks
Lead Guitar – John Russell
Producer, Engineer – Tony Mansfield

Companies, etc.
Lacquer Cut At – Tape One

James Felix – White As Snow – 1980

James was a member of supergroup Psalm 150. Of course that supergroup only had one album so to keep the numbers similar this is James only album also. But that said James’s fingerprints are all over the CCM industry. After Psalm 150 he played on several Andrae Crouch albums as well as a studio musician on several other albums. In fact he was very busy throughout the 70’s. He has also written many hit’s for artists and is still working in the industry as recently as 2019 at the age of 68. James really is one of the unsung hero’s of the CCM industry. As for this album it’s a great soul album and very well produced. To be honest I’m very surprised this was his only album as he obviously has a ton of talent.

1 – I Really Love You – 4:05
2 – That’s What It Takes – 3:41
3 – White As Snow – 5:10
4 – Open Up – 4:18
5 – He Is Coming Back Again – 4:15
6 – The Light Of His Love – 5:17
7 – I Don’t Want Much – 4:43
8 – I’ve Been Runnin’ Too Long – 5:10
9 – He’s All That – 3:56
10 – Let’s Reach Out – 3:52

Backing Vocals – Charity McCrary, Howard McCrary, Kristle Murden, Linda McCrary
Bass, Guitar – Hadley Hockensmith
Bass, Guitar, Backing Vocals, Arranged By – James Felix
Drums, Producer, Arranged By – Bill Maxwell
Organ – Mike Escalante
Percussion – Alex Acuña
Piano, Arranged By – Lou Pardini
Saxophone – Steve Tavaglione
Synthesizer – Larry Williams
Trumpet – Allen Gregory, Fletch Wiley

Companies, etc.
Record Company – Lexicon Music, Inc.

Famous Names – Venetian Blinds – 1980

The band here is actually Writz but they had to do a name change for their U.S. release due to a conflicting band name. Now everything after this is up for debate as I’ve read a few different stories of how this album came to be. Apparently some time in 1981 Bev Sage and Steve Fairnie joined up with David Hewson to form the Techno Twins. Apparently this album had been recorded but not mixed or even accepted by the record company. There’s some back biting and accusations involved but I’m not going to repeat them. Simply enough I will explain it as, it’s Rock & Roll. Anyway apparently Steve Rowles had possession of the album and it found it’s way on to the internet. I tend to believe that this is a pre-production mix as it just has that feel. Anyway if you liked Writz then this should be a treat for you. I really liked it but it does suffer from a poor mix but who cares, it’s bonus music.

1 – Muscle Culture II – 4:11
2 – Observation – 3:58
3 – Techno Refugee – 4:18
4 – Blind Girl – 6:37
5 – Jack’s Party – 3:19
6 – Change – 3:43
7 – Venetian Blinds – 4:54
8 – Dance On – 3:21
9 – Boy – 4:10
10 – Pain – 3:57

Donn Thomas – Live Wires – 1980

I really can’t find much about Donn. This was his first album but he had to have done some work before this. His singing style is very similar to Andraé Crouch and he would have fit in perfectly with that group of singers but I can’t find any record of him working with them. So that leaves us with this his first album and what a great album it is. Soul is not really my preferred genre but even I can appreciate how great this album is. The album contains the song “A Shield About Me” which has been covered many times but probably the most significant a cover by Tom Howard in 1985. Something rather odd is that we were searching for this album and we found several copies. They were all in horrible condition. I suspect that is was a poor pressing as that’s a little too coincidental.

1 – Live Wires – 3:57
2 – God’s Love (Is What The World Needs) – 4:04
3 – Not Now Doesn’t Mean Never – 4:17
4 – Walking With My Father – 4:32
5 – Oh My Livin’ Brother – 5:14
6 – Soul’d Out – 3:13
7 – A Shield About Me – 2:19
8 – Can’t Make It Without You, Lord – 4:34
9 – You Got Me Through – 4:22
10 – Soul’d Out – Reprise – 1:23

Alto Saxophone – Dave Boruff
Backing Vocals – Bob Carlisle, Carol Rogers, Denise Hunt, Donn Thomas, Elicesia Wright, Lillian Tynes, Steve Hunt
Design Concept [Cover Concept] – Garry Whitlock, Harry Langdon
Design, Layout – Dennis Hill
Engineer [2nd] [Davlen] – Ernie Sheesley, Jeff Borgeson, Steve Crimmel
Flute – Dave Boruff, Jim Coile
Lead Vocals – Donn Thomas
Mastered By – Steve Hall
Mixed By – Bill Bottrell
Photography By – Harry Langdon
Producer, Arranged By – David Diggs
Recorded By – Christopher Banninger
Strings – Doug Cameron String Section
Tenor Saxophone – Gary Herbig, Jim Coile
Trombone – Alan Kaplan, Bill Reichenbach
Trumpet – Charles Davis, Danny Ackerman, Jerry Hey, Terry Winch

Companies, etc.
Phonographic Copyright ℗ – Word, Inc.
Copyright © – Word, Inc.
Published By – Spoone Music Corp.
Published By – Word Music (2)
Recorded At – Davlen Sound Studios
Mixed At – Sound Castle Recorders, Los Angeles
Mastered At – MCA Whitney Recording Studios

Solid Air – Take A Little Interest – 1980

In my quest to find all things Iva Twydell I stumbled across this album that he produced. This is essentially the band that backed Iva on his “Secret Service” album. This is the only album we got from these guys though there was another UK band with the same name who released another album in 1986 but none of the members were the same. Anyway this is a great Pop album that definitely feels like ATF and or Iva Twydell in many spots. It’s another one I would have loved to have heard in the 80’s but I missed it due to it’s UK only release.

1 – King’s Business
2 – Open Door
3 – Misty Skies
4 – Smiling People
5 – Speak To Me
6 – Prayer
7 – Feet On Solid Ground
8 – City Of Gold
9 – Sleep In Your Eyes
10 – What Can I Do For You?
11 – Countdown
12 – Take A Little Interest

Backing Vocals, Producer – Iva Twydell
Guitar, Vocals – Andy Balmer
Synthesizer, Piano, Vocals – Dave Balmer
Drums, Backin]g Vocals, Art – Tim Burgess
Bass, Crowd Vocals – Pete Dillet
Engineer – Bryan Smith

Companies, etc.
Label – Rio Records, BANANA 500, Banana Records

After The Fire – 80-f – 1980

This album has a bit of an interesting backstory. Before this album Ivor Twidell left the band to work on a solo project and the band had Nick Brotherwood (Alwyn Wall Band) step in on drums. They recorded it at Utopia Studios and Tony Mansfield mixed and produced the album. It was presented and subsequently rejected by CBS records. CBS sent them back to a studio in Germany with ex-Fly’s drummer Peter King and producer Reinhold Mack. They reworked the album dropping 4 tracks and added 3, Wild West Show, Why Can’t We Be Friends, and Joanne. Somehow in all this confusion Epic Records ended up releasing the newly recorded album. Now here’s where it gets really interesting. In 1982 after the band had split Epic released a compilation album but used the Nick Brotherwood versions of Love Will Always Make You Cry, Starflight, and 1980-F. Anyway now I’ll give my opinion of the album. Bottom line CBS wrecked it. The 3 tracks they added are the 3 weakest tracks on the album. I have heard bits and pieces of Tony Mansfield’s production it was far superior. Tony knew the sound the band was trying to achieve and was able to mix it to that sound. Instead this album is poorly mixed and produced by Reinhold Mack and completely misses what the band was trying to record. Unfortunately I can only assume this didn’t help the morale of the band and probably contributed to the band splitting in 1982. ON a high note the album has one of the greatest songs of all time “Who’s Gonna Love You When You’re Old And Fat And Ugly?”

1 – 1980-F – 2:32
2 – Love Will Always Make You Cry – 3:30
3 – Can You Face It? – 3:15
4 – Who’s Gonna Love You (When You’re Old And Fat And Ugly?) – 4:05
5 – Starflight – 4:13
6 – Wild West Show – 3:30
7 – Billy, Billy – 4:40
8 – It’s High Fashion – 3:07
9 – Why Can’t We Be Friends? – 2:46
10 – Joanne – 4:10

Bass, Vocals – Andy Piercy
Drums – Pete King
Engineer – Pete Hammond
Guitar, Backing Vocals – John Russell
Mastered By – Kevin Metcalf
Producer [Backing Track] – Tony Mansfield
Producer, Mixed By, Engineer – Reinhold Mack
Synthesizer, Backing Vocals – Peter “Memory” Banks

Companies, etc.
Phonographic Copyright ℗ – CBS Records
Produced At – Utopia Studios
Mixed At – Utopia Studios
Engineered At – Utopia Studios
Published By – Heath Levy Music Co. Ltd.