Amaziah – Straight Talker – 1980

Amaziah were a late 70’s hard rock band out of the UK. The album was first released in a very short run in the UK. It was then picked up by Tunesmith records in Canada and released in North America. I would describe the album as having a seventies hard rock sound but it did have some progressions into 80’s rock. What’s most notable about this album is it’s history. The UK release is very rare as has been rumoured to sell for over $1000. The Canadian version had a different cover and was initially pressed on red vinyl by Tunesmith for reasons unknown. Later a regular black vinyl was released. The band represented on the Canadian cover was not actually the format that recorded the album. This was attributed to the band having a heavy turnover. In 2011 Born Twice records re-released the album on CD along with 4 Demo tracks.

1 – Way, Truth, Life
2 – Say Goodnight
3 – No 1
4 – All Is Peace
5 – Night Walker
6 – Slowly
7 – Peace
8 – He Is Lord

Bass Guitar, Vocals – Paul Loader
Drums, Vocals – Phil Williams
Keyboards – Dave Steel
Lead Guitar, Vocals – Jeremy Coad
Lead Vocals – Derek Elliott
Producer – Eric Cribb
Producer, Vocals [Additional] – Keith Loring
Rhythm Guitar, Vocals – Richard Grinter

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Carson Cole – Cure For The World – 1980

Carson Cole was only 15 when he released this album. Not many people get an album deal at 15 but Cole had something New Born Records (Tunesmith under another name) were looking for. I think the album is fantastic for someone his age and it shows real maturity. Now I think the album is a little scattered with different styles and sounds, but it really is a pretty good album. I am begging someone in current country music to cover the tune “Slow Down” which is even more relevant today as it was in 1980.In my research of Carson Cole I found a mention in one of his Bio’s that lists a 1982 or 1984 album “The Disguise” on Frontline Records. Frontline did not release any albums until 1986 so I am a little confused at this release which I can’t find anywhere. If you want to learn more about Carson read my review of his next album “Mainstreet” when I release it.

1 – Take It Or Leave It – 4:30
2 – The Answers – 5:30
3 – Cure For The World – 5:50
4 – Slow Down – 2:11
5 – Thank You – 3:50
6 – Let Your Yes Be Yes – 4:00
7 – Refine Me – 3:45
8 – I’ve Been Mistaken – 3:10
9 – Strengthen Me – 6:22
10 – I’ve Heard Them Say – 2:55

Arranged By, Producer, Songwriter, Guitar, Drums – Carson Cole
Backing Vocals – Faye Webber, Neil Hanson (2)
Bass – Terry Collison
Co-producer, Keyboards – Dwayne Harder
Concept By [Album Concept] – Curtis Baron
Cover – Kathy Malanovich
Engineer – Don Soucy, Gerry Golla
Guitar – Doug Scarrow, Tom Chunick
Orchestra – Saskatoon Street Symphony

Companies, etc.
Recorded At – Studio West Canada Ltd.
Mixed At – Damon Sound Studios
Copyright (c) – Innovative Music Publishing

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Larry Norman – (almost) So Long Ago The Garden (but not quite) and the MGM Singles – 1980

So Long Ago The garden was part 2 of Larry’s famous trilogy, set between Only Visiting This Planet and In Another Land.

In 1980, Phydeaux released something called “(almost) So Long Ago The Garden and the MGM singles”

This pressing has most of the same tracks as the original 1973 album, but there are a few differences:
1. “Up In Canada” is included, which was a radio single, but not part of the original album
2. “Christmastime” incldues a short intro by some sort of circus entertainer from the sound of it
3. The order of various tracks is changed. “Christmastime” leads of the album instead of “Fly Fly Fly”
3. “Peacepollutionrevolution” is included, which was not on the original album
4. “It’s The Same Old Story” is called “The Same Old Story” on this version
5. “The Same Old Story” is on both records, but with different lyrics
6. “Meet Me At The Airport (Fly Fly Fly)” is just called “Fly Fly Fly” on this version


1 – Christmastime
2 – Fly Fly Fly
3 – She’s A Dancer
4 – The Same Old Story
5 – Baroquen Spirits
6 – Up In Canada
7 – Be Careful What You Sign
8 – Lonely By Myself
9 – Peacepollutionrevolution
10 – Nightmare

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Charles McPheeters and the Bible Belt Boogie Band – Faces – 1980

Charles McPheeters was better known for starting the Holy Ghost Repair Service Street Ministry in Hollywood than he was his music. He did have an album in 1971 that was a little more serious but this one is just a fun album. This album is a collection of different style ranging from Lounge to fifties but mostly it’s just fun. Unfortunately Charles left this world in the early 80’s but it’s nice we have this collection to remember him by. Randy Matthews is thanked in the liner notes but I have no idea if he was involved in the album. This is the CD copy of the album with the Bonus Track “Eagles Fly”

1 – I Tried To Tell You – 2:26
2 – Practice What You Preach – 2:31
3 – Greasy Truth – 3:14
4 – More Than The Music – 3:06
5 – We Need Each Other (Love Song For The Church) – 3:42
6 – Ain’t Got No Time – 2:59
7 – Where Is The Love – 3:21
8 – There Ain’t Nobody – 2:48
9 – No More Tears At Night – 3:49
10 – First Church Of The Frigid-Air – 4:48
11- Eagles Fly – 4:29

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Imperials – Priority – 1980

This was the final album from the Imperials with Russ Taff leading the group. A lot of fans believe he was the best the Imperials had to offer and among those people this album is generally thought to be his best. This album was actually fairly uptempo for the Imperials and personally I hadn’t listened to this album in 30 years so I was pleasantly surprised how good it actually was. It’s not my style but this is a good album. Most of the songs were written by the Omartians and Taff. Strangely the track “Into My Life” was written by Beeb Birtles (Little River Band) and appeared on his album released the same year.

1 – The Trumpet Of Jesus – 3:46
2 – Finish What You Started – 4:05
3 – I’d Rather Believe In You – 3:37
4 – Any Good Time At All – 4:02
5 – Be Still My Soul – 3:51
6 – There’s No Time Till You Take It – 4:09
7 – Pieces – 4:06
8 – Into My Life – 4:42
9 – Seek Ye First – 5:00

Artwork By [Layout] – Bob Anderson
Backing Vocals [Additional] – Marti McCall, Myrna Matthews, Stormie Omartian
Bass – Abraham Laboriel
Congas – Alex Acuña
Drums – Paul Leim
Engineer, Remix – John Guess
Guitar – Martin K. Walsh
Keyboards – Michael Omartian
Leader [Concertmaster] – Assa Drori
Mastered By [Mastering Engineer] – Ken Perry
Other [Production Coordinator] – Yvonne Garcia
Photography – Bob Anderson
Producer, Arranged By – Michael Omartian
Saxophone – Jackie Kelso, Kim Hutchcroft
Trombone – Dick Hyde, Lew McCreary
Trumpet – Chuck Findley, Steve Madaio
Vocals – Russ Taff
Written By [Lyrics] – Stormie Omartian (tracks: A1 to A4, B1, B2, B4)
Written By [Music] – Michael Omartian (tracks: A1 to A4, B1, B2, B4)

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The Servant Band – The Sounds of Praises – 1980

This is not Servant (Oregon/Vancouver) nor is it Servant (Chicago). This is Servant Band from Asheville, North Carolina. This was their only release and I struggles to find out anything about the band. It is a 1980 release but doesn’t have that left over Jesus Music band sound. It has a heavy edge on several tracks and an easy listening sound on some. It’s actually a very good album and it’s a pity this was it from them. I can’t help but to wonder if they went on to produce other music using a different name due to the Servant name conflict. If you know anything more about them feel free to let me know.

1 – Sound of Praises – 5:45
2 – On the Horizon – 3:48
3 – The Mime – 5:09
4 – What A Difference Mercy Makes – 3:03
5 – Household of Fear – 3:18
6 – Strength to My Soul – 5:28
7 – Turn Back – 6:18
8 – The Visitation – 4:19
9 – Just Praise His Name – 1:17

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Silverwind – Silverwind- 1980

Silverwind’s self-titled debut album in 1980 was sometimes billed as “the Christian Abba” due to the sound they put out on the lead track “Taking The Narrow Street” and several of the others. The distinctive sound of two female lead singers in harmony is what makes it for Silverwind. John Rosasco helped ensure success for this album by producing the band’s debut. John also made records with City Limits, Rick Cua, Joe English, Stormie Omartian, Steve Camp and others.


1 – Taking The Narrow Street – 2:35
2 – When I Looked Into Your Eyes – 3:42
3 – Your Love – 2:43
4 – Give Him Your Heart, Child – 3:11
5 – I Don’t Worry – 2:20
6 – I Am In Love – 2:42
7 – Ode To A Lost Innocence – 4:02
8 – Never Had A Reason – 3:08
9 – Walking This Road – 2:58
10 – I Will Bless The Lord – 4:24

Bass – Leon Gaer
Drums – Paul Leim
Guitar – Bill Walker, Hadley Hockensmith
Keyboards, Synthesizer – John Rosasco, Larry Muhoberac
Percussion, Steel Drums – Vince Charles
Piano – Larry Muhoberac
Producer – John Rosasco, Tony Salerno

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Bruce Hibbard – Never Turnin’ Back – 1980

This was Bruce’s second album and perhaps his most popular. It has that West Coast Easy Listening sound that was/is referred to as Adult Oriented Rock (AOR). It has a jazz/funk feel and the vocals are excellent with Bryan Duncan and Randy Thomas from Sweet Comfort Band providing harmonies. The single was “Never Turnin’ Back” which peaked at #14 with 25 weeks on the CCM charts. That said the real single should have been “Straight And Narrow” which had apparently played well on Christian Radio but was way to uptempo for the CCM charts in 1980.

1 – Never Turnin’ Back – 3:14
2 – Calling – 4:21
3 – You’ll Never Let Me Go – 4:17
4 – It’s A Shame – 3:18
5 – You’re So Good To Me – 4:36
6 – Forgiven – 3:07
7 – Straight And Narrow – 3:15
8 – All Of Me – 3:44
9 – Love Will Always Make A Way – 4:13
10 – We Are All His Children – 4:34

Backing Vocals – Bryan Duncan, Judy Cotton, Kelly Willard, Randy Thomas
Backing Vocals, Bass, Guitar, Producer – Hadley Hockensmith
Bass – Chuck Fiore
Drums – Bill Maxwell, Keith Edwards
Guitar – Dean Charts
Keyboards – Harlan Rogers
Lead Vocals – Bruce Hibbard
Percussion – Alex MacDougall
Saxophone – Glen Myerscough

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John Michael Talbot And Terry Talbot – The Painter – 1980

John Michael is joined by his brother Terry on this album along with The London Chamber Orchestra. It is in the usual Talbot style but with some great harmonies between the brothers. It has a Gothic feel at time which fits with art on the Jacket. If you’re a usual fan of John Michael this album won’t disappoint, you’ll find it to be excellent.

1 – Greeting – 1:44
2 – Wonderful Counselor – 2:37
3 – Advent Suite – Part 1 – 3:00
4 – Advent Suite – Part 2 – 2:22
5 – Behold Now The Kingdom – 3:55
6 – Create In Me A Clean Heart – 2:32
7 – Paint My Life – 1:51
8 – The Mystery – 2:24
9 – Jesus Has Come – 4:15
10 – The Empty Canvas – 3:50

Arranged By, Conductor – Lee Holdridge
Bass – Leland Sklar
Composed By – John Michael Talbot (tracks: A1-A5, B2-B5), Terry Talbot (tracks: B1)
Design – Stan Evenson Design Inc.
Engineer [@ CTS] – John Richards
Engineer [@ Monterey], Remix [@ Buckskin] – Wally Duguid
Engineer [@ TRC] – Mark Clevenger
Guitar – John Michael Talbot
Lacquer Cut By – Sh*
Photography By – Gary Heery
Producer – Dan Collins, Irving Martin, The Talbot Brothers*
Vocals – The Talbot Brothers*

Companies, etc.
Phonographic Copyright (p) – Sparrow Records, Inc.
Copyright (c) – Cherry Lane Music Co.
Copyright (c) – Birdwing Music
Recorded At – TRC Studios
Recorded At – Monterey Sound Studios
Recorded At – CTS Studios
Remixed At – Buckskin Studio
Remixed At – Smoketree Ranch
Mastered At – MCA Recording Studios

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Chuck Girard – The Stand – 1980

Chuck Girard says about this album, “Most of the songs from this album were written and recorded during my downslide into the depths of the final stage of my alcohol addiction.” The album has a bit of a dark feel due to this and was not as well received as his previous work. His previous albums had sold around 100,000 copies but this album only fared 30,000. Part of those poor sales though was because of Word records (the distributor) tanked the album because Stan Moser (Word CEO) hated it. Quite frankly I think the album is pretty good especially for Chuck Girard. While known for this easy listening style this album was much more upbeat. The lyrics were a little deeper and thought provoking which of course was a recipe for disaster in Christian music at the time.

1 – Soldier – 4:34
2 – Home For Good – 3:20
3 – Busy Day – 5:01
4 – Border Town – 3:22
5 – Witness – 2:39
6 – The Fold – 3:56
7 – The Stand – 3:26
8 – Racin’ Like The Wind – 4:22
9 – Child Come Home – 2:53

Bass – Joe Puerta (tracks: A1, B4), Skipper Wise (tracks: A2 to B3, B5)
Coordinator [Production Coordinator] – Teri Piro
Design, Layout – Art Hotel
Drums – Burleigh Drummond
Engineer [Engineered By], Co-producer [Associate Producer], Mixed By – Bill Taylor
Guitar – Chuck Girard (tracks: B5)
Guitar [Guitar Solo] – Gary Falcone (tracks: A4)
Guitar [Guitars] – Daryl Caraco
Photography By [Photographer] – Ron Slenzak
Producer, Arranged By – Bob Rose (4)
Rhythm Guitar [Additional Rhythm Guitar] – Gary Falcone (tracks: A1)

Companies, etc.
Phonographic Copyright (p) – Good News Records
Copyright (c) – Good News Records
Distributed By – Word, Inc.
Recorded At – Soundcastle
Recorded At – Salty Dog Recording
Recorded At – Mama Jo’s
Mixed At – Mama Jo’s
Mastered At – The Mastering Lab
Copyright (c) – Dunamis Music
Published By – Dunamis Music

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