Jamboree – Melt Down – 1985

Before there was Hoi Polloi there was Jamboree which was a version of the band without Jenny. Otherwise looks identical with future Hoi Polloi producer Dave Steunebrink standing in on guitar. Only one of these tracks would get the Jenny treatment, Spin Me showed up in 1993 as the title track of the same name album. The rest of the tracks were lost to time which is a pity because these tracks are really good. In fact as a whole I preferred this sound than their Hoi Polli sound but I was heavily into this style of Alternative New Wave in the 80’s and their sound with Jenny not so much. Anyway this self released EP was only around in New Zealand so you probably never heard it but here it is.

1 – Melt Down – 3:47
2 – A Familiar Quietness – 3:35
3 – Cold – 3:57
4 – Out Of Season – 4:47
5 – Spin Me – 4:41

Bass – Andrew Horst
Drums – Jozsef Fityus
Guitar – Dave Steunebrink
Guitar, Keyboards – David Ball
Producer, Engineer – Phil Yule
Vocals – Brent Tasker

Companies, etc.
Recorded At – Mascot Studios

Abraham & The Watchmen Band – Anti-Sin – 1985

This band were better known as Just the Watchmen in the 70’s and early 80’s. They had several albums though they all appear to have been self released. We have one that we’ll be uploading soon and it’s great. That said were talking about their 85 EP which is only 4 tracks but is great. Their previous work had a strong 70’s sound but this EP has a solid 80’s sound. These guys had at least 8 self released albums and you have to respect the effort. I really don’t know why they didn’t have an album deal but a part of me suspects that they chose the self released route intentionally. Anyway as I said this is a great little 80’s EP and the title track is fantastic. It was released on cassette with all 4 tracks on both sides.

1 – Seek His Kingdom – 3:36
2 – Anti-Sin – 4:31
3 – Midnight Dreams – 4:03
4 – Caught In The Undertow – 3:21

Booking – John H. Abraham
Producer, Composed By – Gary Sanford Paxton*
Written-By – Gary Sanford Paxton, Ken Abraham, Tink Abraham

Companies, etc.
Copyright © – M.U.D.A.S.A. International Evangelistic Association Inc.
Phonographic Copyright ℗ – M.U.D.A.S.A. International Evangelistic Association Inc.
Published By – Aimed At The Lost Music

Solid Rock – Real 2 Reel – 1985

Third and final LP from Oklahoma group Solid Rock. They are best known for their progressive 70’s rock sound and this album they continue that but give their music a more 80’s sound and feel. They did a great job of adjusting their music to changing times. The problem of course is that niche CCN bands had an even smaller audience. Too bad because these guys were very good and did this style very very well. Only time for one track? Check out “Time Goes By”.

1 – Uncommon Valor – 3:38
2 – Plastic Love Affair – 3:36
3 – Open Your Eyes – 3:30
4 – No Substitute – 2:48
5 – Time Goes By – 4:08
6 – Blind Lead The Blind – 2:45
7 – Wheel Of Fortune – 2:35
8 – Alien – 4:46
9 – Where Are The Banners – 4:16
10 – Right Road – 3:09

Bass, Vocals – Kevin Bartel
Drums, Percussion, Vocals – Larry Percy
Guitar, Vocals – Stan Mathis
Keyboards, Vocals – Scott Jay
Lead Vocals, Keyboards – Jerry Johnson

Companies, etc.
Copyright © – Interdesign Music

First Call – An Evening In December – 1985

A selection of Christmas songs from First Call featuring David Maddux done in A Cappella. Nothing outstanding here except for the fact that it was done A Cappella.

1 – An Evening In December – 4:53
2 – Christmas Medley – 4:15
3 – Starlight – 3:06
4 – How Great Our Joy! – 1:45
5 – O Come, O Come Emmanuel – 3:05
6 – The First Noel – 2:33
7 – One Small Child – 3:02
8 – When Jesus Was A Tiny Baby – 3:07
9 – Lo! How A Rose E’re Blooming – 1:16
10 – Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas – 3:43
11 – The New Twelve Days Of Christmas/We Wish You A Merry Christmas – 5:02

Arranged By – D. Maddux
Art Direction, Illustration – McConnell Graphics
Co-producer – David Maddux
Engineer [Sound] – Lynn Fuston, Tom Harding
Engineer, Mixed By – Ed Seay
Executive-Producer – Don Cason, Neal Joseph
Mastered By – Hank Williams
Performer – David Maddux, First Call
Performer [First Call Is] – Bonnie Keen, Marty McCall, Melodie Tunney
Producer – Steven V. Taylor

Companies, etc.
Recorded At – Treasure Isle Recorders
Mastered At – Mastermix
Phonographic Copyright ℗ – Word, Inc.
Copyright © – Word, Inc.
Manufactured By – Epic
Distributed By – Epic

Bobby Michaels – I Have A Reason – 1985

So often when a new album wanders into the studio I do some research on it before processing it. I saw that someone in authority, looking at you Word Records, had categorized it as Ballad, Vocal, Synth-pop, That’s not a common classification so I was thinking maybe something like David Meece. The album cover said worship but I have learnt a long time ago not to trust album covers on this genre. Anyway came time to process it and surprise, it’s actually Easy Listening/Worship just like the cover implied. Of course that first listening didn’t go well because I was expecting something else. So I gave it a few days and came back to it today with no illusions on what I was going to hear. Now that I had that out of the way I was surprised how good this album is. Yes it’s not my style but I know good music when I hear it and this is a good album. I doubt any of it will end up in my regular rotation but I will say that this is a pretty darn good Easy Listening/Worship album.

1 – Shepherd Of My Heart – 3:45
2 – I Have A Reason – 2:45
3 – Celebrate The Lord – 2:58
4 – May I Call You Jesus – 4:10
5 – Messiah – 2:58
6 – Seek The Blesser, Not The Blessing – 2:22
7 – I Can – 3:04
8 – Praise Him Now – 3:51
9 – That’s Something Else – 3:46
10 – You Are Most Blest – 6:23

Arranged By – David Diggs
Backing Vocals – First Call Singers
Conductor, Producer – Kurt Kaiser
Design [Cover Design] – Dennis Hill
Engineer [Recording Engineer] – Eric Tomlinson
Engineer [Recording Engineer], Mixed By [Mixdown Engineer] – Bob Clark
Liner Notes – Kurt Kaiser
Photography By [Cover Photos] – Kenn Duncan

Companies, etc.
Phonographic Copyright ℗ – Word, Inc.
Copyright © – Word, Inc.
Recorded At – Olympic Studios
Recorded At – EMI Studios
Recorded At – Great Circle Sound
Mixed At – Great Circle Sound
Published By – Manna Music
Published By – Coronation Music
Published By – Charlie Monk Music
Published By – Laurel Press
Published By – Yellow House Music
Published By – Word Music
Published By – Paragon Music
Published By – First Monday Music
Pressed By – Electrosound Los Angeles – △27033

Talking Drums – Reassembly – 1985

I have a rather strange relationship with Talking Drums. I was a fan of theirs and played several tracks of theirs while I was a Disc Jockey outside of the Christina industry. Their albums were only available as imports but I fell in love with them. I had no idea they were a Christian band or band of Christians if you prefer. This is their first full length album and built on the success of their EP Courage. Between Courage and this album they actually released a very well produced demo that was very popular in the underground scene. Two tracks from that demo, Reassembly Of The Heart, and What Do You Want? were rerecorded (or possible just remixed) for this album.

1 – Pretend A Stranger – 3:34
2 – I Do Not Fret – 4:10
3 – You Do Cry A Lot – 3:13
4 – Reassembly Of The Heart – 4:13
5 – What Do You Want? – 2:16
6 – Tell Me – 3:37
7 – Much Too Much – 3:41
8 – Sweet July – 3:20
9 – Grown-Up Children – 3:33
10 – Innocent Love – 4:04

Engineer [Creative Engineering] – Rico Conning
Performer [Talking Drums:] – Carol Moore, Charlie Irvine, Dot Irvine
Producer [Production] – Steve Butler
Sleeve – Box
Written-By – Charlie Irvine

Companies, etc.
Phonographic Copyright ℗ – Illegal Music Ltd.
Copyright © – Illegal Music Ltd.
Recorded At – Guerilla Studios
Recorded At – Utopia Studios

Angie Lewis – Heart Dance – 1985

Angie set out to have a career in music and this, her first album, is the result of that work. After high school she enrolled at the University of South Alabama as a vocal performance major and graduated with a Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance. She moved to Nashville after college and soon captured the attention of Power Discs/Benson and recorded this EP. It was an immediate success and the track “Silent Weeper” climbed to #6 on the CCM charts. The album is full of great talent including Steve Taylor. It was produced by Billy Smiley of White Heart and he really nailed it in my opinion. If you like female pop music this album is a must listen. Even though this isn’t my favourite genre of music I really liked this album and listened to it a few times.

1 – Heartdance – 3:10
2 – Lonely Warrior – 4:16
3 – O Lord Your Love – 4:58
4 – Silent Weeper – 5:43
5 – High Rise – 3:47
6 – Be Still – 3:13

Jeff Balding – Recorded, Mixed
Mike Brignardello – Bass
Jackie Cusic – Background Vocals
Mark Gersmehl – Songwriter, Arrangements
Mark Hammond – Drums
Gary Janney – Background Vocals
Greg Jennings – Guitars
Bonnie Keen – Background Vocals
Shane Keister – Synthesizers, Percussion, Vocoder
Gordon Kennedy – Guitar Solos
Brent King – Recorded, Mixed
Angie Lewis – Songwriter, Vocals
Gary Lunn – Bass
Donna McElroy – Background Vocals
Farrell Morris – Percussion
Phil Naish – Keyboards, Synthesizer
Gary Pigg – Background Vocals
Brent Rowan – Guitars
Billy Smiley – Producer, Songwriter, Arrangements
James Stroud – Drums
Steve Taylor – Arrangements, Background Vocals
Hank Williams – Mastered

Morningstar – Heart Of A Servant – 1985

Here’s another rarity from the 80’s. It’s a great AOR album but was released on tiny label Straight Ahead Records and I can’t see if it had a distribution deal. As such it isn’t very well known. I find this quite odd because John Andrew Schreiner is in the lineup and he was legendary. You may not recognize the name but he wrote many of the hits you know from CCM and worked in the studio with many many bands you are familiar with. I would have figured with a name like that on the album some larger label would have wanted this release but nope. Furthermore it was co-produced by Tim Archer. It’s actually the second album from Morningstar and by the way don’t confuse them with Morning Star who were a different band. Anyway you probably missed this one in the 80 so you should give it a listen if you like your music a little mellower.

1 – Where Could I Go – 4:07
2 – You’ve Got To Love Somebody – 4:01
3 – Read It For Yourself – 2:32
4 – Time’s A Wastin’ – 4:22
5 – In The World – 2:48
6 – Heart Of A Servant – 3:26
7 – Friend Of A Friend – 3:40
8 – Angel Of Light – 3:00
9 – Move On Up The Mountain – 3:34
10 – Serving You – 3:07

Backing Vocals – Denise Graves, Gary Floyd, Gene Miller, Steve Archer
Backing Vocals, Producer, Executive Producer – Tim Archer
Bass – Keith Nelson, Tim Jaquette
Drums, Percussion – Dave Spurr
Guitar – Prince Robinson
Guitar, Percussion – Bob Somma
Keyboards – John Andrew Schreiner
Performer – Al Ray Hebert, Chris Springer, Jeff Meador, Jesse Conte, Juddy Harris, Lee Matthews, Rickey Baxley
Producer – Dan Cutrona

Semaja – Semaja Live – 1985

This is the last stuff we would get from Semaja as they unfortunately split up even before this album was released. If you were a fan of theirs then this was certainly a nice way for them to go out as many artists in this genre never even put out live albums. As for the band, Markus Egger has become leader of a missions society in Germany called Inter-mission, Claus Feldmann has got an recording studio, and Ulrich Plinke is working in the addictions field. The other members have moved on with normal jobs and from what I understand most of the members are involved in a church called Koinonia Calvary Chapel in Hannover.

1 – Dawning – 4:40
2 – Pilo – 5:03
3 – Wilderness – 6:00
4 – Baby Huey – 4:45
5 – Jesaja 53 – 6:00
6 – Come To Jesus – 4:50
7 – Big Noise – 10:50

Bass, Vocals – Wilfried Herrmann
Drums – Harald Nagel
Guitar, Vocals – Ulrich Plinke
Keyboards – Claus Feldmann
Lead Vocals – Markus Egger

Michael W. Smith – Friends Tour Concert – 1985

Recorded live at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta, GA for Michael W. Smith’s 1985 Friends Tour featuring Gary Chapman, Amy Grant and Kathy Triccoli

0:00 – Intro
2:23 – I’m Up
5:32 – Restless Heart
10:13 – Nothin’ But The Blood
13:11 – Could He Be The Messiah
18:25 – Love In The Light
25:27 – A Way with Gary Chapman
29:54 – Wings Of The Wind
35:12 – Psalm 139
38:55 – Thy Word
41:57 – Friends with Amy Grant
45:58 – Find A Way with Amy Grant and Gary Chapman
50:21 – I Know
55:09 – Musical Instruments
57:33 – Sonata in D Major
58:09 – Emmanuel
1:01:50 – Be Strong And Courageous
1:05:30 – You Need A Saviour
1:10:29 – The Race Is On

Cameraman – Danny Ross, Larry Boothby, Mark Sedgwick, Mark Van Loon, Peter Petro, Ron Kirk
Coordinator [Production] – Debbie Pfaelzer
Crew [Driver] – Dan Dalton, David Alvey, Dennis Mallatt, Glenn Morris
Crew [Maintenance] – Kevin Ossenfort
Crew [Production Assistant] – Denise Smith
Crew [Road Manager] – Jeff Durham
Directed By [Technical Director] – Joe Askins
Directed By [Tour Director] – Malcom Greenwood
Engineer [Audio Assistant] – Michael Figlio, Jr., Mike Copeland
Engineer [In-Charge] – Mike Arnold
Engineer [Remote], Crew [Remote Supervisor] – Dan Crouch
Engineer [Videotape] – Elaine Eliah, Gary Conn, Mike Copeland
Executive-Producer – Dan Harrell, Kitty Moon, Michael Blanton
Film Director – Marc W. Ball
Film Director [Assistant] – Ralph Walker, Jr.
Film Editor – Joe Askins, Larry Boothby, Ralph Walker, Jr., Terry Dull
Film Producer – Kitty Moon
Grip – Melissa Tolle, Melvin Glaize, Michael Moore
Grip [Key] – Steve Beeson
Lighting – Eric Shafferman, Ken Rumgay
Management – Blanton/Harrell, Inc., Dan Harrell, Michael Blanton
Mixed By [Monitor] – Stan Horne
Mixed By [Tour Sound Mix] – Bob Weibel
Performer – Chris Harris, Chris Rodrigues, David Huff, Ed Smartt, Mark Heimerman, Michael W. Smith, Wayne Kirkpatrick
Production Manager [Assistant] – Nyle Wood
Production Manager, Stage Manager – James Taylor
Recorded By, Mixed By – Nick Palladino
Technician [Instrument] – Chris Boland

Companies, etc.
Copyright © – Reunion Records
Copyright © – Scene Three, Inc.