David Meece – 7 – 1985

I’ll just get this out of the way right away. I detest this “numbering” of an album. I think producers think it’s neat and cool but in reality it’s shortsighted, lazy, and it’s been done way too many times. That said lets get onto the album. By this point in David’s career he was mastering the pop sound that would work so well for him. This album while good doesn’t really have anything that says “listen to me again and again”. Instead it’s a good album with some good songs that I enjoyed listening to but will I put it on repeat? Not likely. I do however think you should give the album a listen, it is good but just not memorable.

1 – You Can Go – 3:13
2 – Tumblin’ Down – 3:33
3 – Forgiven – 4:08
4 – The Ladder – 3:44
5 – The Alien – 4:33
6 – We Can Overcome It All – 3:32
7 – The Unknown Soldier – 4:43
8 – Lean On Each Other – 3:49
9 – I Can See (On The Emmaus Road) – 5:34

Arranged By [Arrangements], Synthesizer [Lynn Synthesizer Programs], Keyboards – John Schreiner* (tracks: B1)
Art Direction – Buddy Jackson
Backing Band – First Call (tracks: B3)
Backing Vocals – Biff Vincent (tracks: B1), Bonnie Keen (tracks: B3), Chris Harris (2) (tracks: A1, A2), Dana Hiett (tracks: B1), David Meece (tracks: A1, B1, B2), Denny Henson (tracks: A4, A5), Gary Pigg (tracks: A1, A2), Allen Green* (tracks: A4, A5), Greg Guidry (tracks: A4, A5), Keith Thomas (tracks: A5), Marty McCall (tracks: B3), Melodie Tunney* (tracks: B3)
Bass – Mike Brignardello (tracks: A1 to A3, B3), Nathan East (tracks: A4, A5)
Co-producer – David Meece (tracks: B3, B4)
Co-producer [Assistants To The Producer] – Lori Loving* (tracks: A4, A5)
Co-producer [Assistants To The Producer], Recorded By, Mixed By – Jeff Balding (tracks: A4, A5)
Drums – Carlos Vega (tracks: A4, A5), Lee Kix (tracks: B1), Mark Hammond (tracks: B3), Paul Leim (tracks: A2, A3)
Drums, Drum Programming – Paul Leim (tracks: A1)
Electric Guitar – Dann Huff (tracks: A3), Marty Walsh (tracks: B2)
Engineer – Jack Joseph Puig (tracks: A1 to A3)
Engineer [Additional Engineer] – Gene Eichelberger (tracks: A4, A5), Joe Bogan (tracks: A4, A5)
Engineer [Assistant Engineer] – Bob Lockhart (2) (tracks: B2), Terry Lang (tracks: B2), Todd Van Etten (tracks: B2), Tom Harding (2) (tracks: B3, B4)
Engineer [Engineered By] – Ed Seay (tracks: B3, B4)
Executive Producer – Dan Harrell (tracks: A1 to A3), Lynn Nichols (tracks: A4 to B4), Michael Blanton (tracks: A1 to A3)
Guest, Vocals, Backing Vocals – Twila Paris (tracks: B2)
Guitar – Dann Huff (tracks: A4, A5), Jon Goin (tracks: B3), Michael Thompson (tracks: B1)
Keyboards – Shane Keister (tracks: B3)
Musical Assistance [Assisted By] – Allan Henry* (tracks: A1 to A3), Dan Garcia (tracks: A1 to A3), Steve Ford (tracks: A1 to A3)
Orchestrated By [Orchestration] – Alan Moore (3) (tracks: B4)
Percussion – Farrell Morris (tracks: B3), Lenny Castro (tracks: A1, A2)
Photography – Mark Tucker (7)
Piano – David Meece (tracks: B4)
Piano [Acoustic] – Robbie Buchanan (tracks: A3)
Piano [Fairlight & Acoustic], Acoustic Guitar – Shane Keister (tracks: A1)
Producer – Brown Bannister (tracks: A1 to A3), David Meece, Greg Nelson (tracks: B3, B4), Skip Konte (tracks: B1)
Producer, Arranged By, Backing Vocals – Jonathan David Brown (tracks: B2)
Producer, Arranged By, Keyboards – Keith Thomas (tracks: A4, A5)
Production Manager [Production Coordinator And Consultant] – Bubba Smith (2)
Production Manager, Coordinator – Gloria Cox (tracks: B3, B4)
Programmed By [Additional Fairlight Programming] – Rhett Lawrence (tracks: B2)
Programmed By [Fairlight Programming] – Carl Marsh (2) (tracks: B2)
Rhythm Guitar [& Solo] – Dann Huff (tracks: A2)
Saxophone [Sax] – Mark Douthit (tracks: A5)
Score [Musical Score Prepared By] – Eberhard Ramm (tracks: B4)
Sequencer [, GS-1 &], Effects [Sound Effects] – Shane Keister (tracks: A2)
Strings – Nashville String Machine* (tracks: B4)
Strings, Conductor [Conducted By] – Greg Nelson (tracks: B4)
Synthesizer – Robbie Buchanan (tracks: A1, A2)
Synthesizer, Effects [Sound Effects] – Rhett Lawrence (tracks: A3)
Vocoder – Shane Keister (tracks: A2, A3)

Companies, etc.
Recorded At – Bill Schnee Studios
Recorded At – Bullet Recording
Recorded At – Mama Jo’s
Recorded At – Ocean Way Nashville
Recorded At – Rumbo Recorders
Recorded At – Emerald Sound Studios
Recorded At – Hummingbird Studio, Nashville, TN
Recorded At – Goldmine Studio
Recorded At – Front Page Recording
Recorded At – Weddington Studios
Recorded At – Treasure Isle Recorders
Mixed At – Mastermix
Copyright (c) – Meece Music
Copyright (c) – StraightWay Music
Copyright (c) – Mole End Music
Copyright (c) – Word Music UK
Copyright (c) – Gaither Music
Copyright (c) – Word, Inc.
Phonographic Copyright (p) – Word, Inc.
Distributed By – Word (Uk) Ltd.
Produced For – David Meece Productions
Mastered At – Future Disc
Designed At – Jackson Design
Printed By – Shorewood Packaging
Made By – Shorewood Packaging

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Leviticus – The Strongest Power – 1985

The third album from Leviticus pretty well carried on from their previous albums. At this point Björn and the guys had their sound mastered. This album displayed that experience with well written songs with catchy riffs. I think the production was a little underwhelming but then again some die hard metal fans prefer the raw sound. There were actually 2 different covers for this album but unfortunately both were horrible.

1 – The Winner – 4:04
2 – Deborah And Barak – 3:24
3 – On The Rocks – 2:56
4 – King Of Kings – 5:16
5 – Stay With Us – 3:52
6 – I Got Power – 3:57
7 – Look Around – 4:29
8 – I Love You – 3:14
9 – A New Day – 4:11
10 – Light For The World – 5:06

Kjell Andersson – Drums, Percussion, Vocals
Björn Stigsson – Guitars, Vocals, Synth, Organ
Håkan Andersson – Vocals (lead), Bass, Moog-Taurus bass pedal

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Terms of Peace – Thunder Cracks – 1985

Terms of Peace is another band I can’t really find any information on. This was their only album which I find surprising because it is a very good album. It has that mid eighties new wave sound with strong U2 like guitar riffs. So as I have no info I guess you’ll just have to listen and enjoy the album.

1 – On My Way
2 – Rise Up
3 – I Think I Know
4 – Valley Of The Souls
5 – Greater Love
6 – Thunder Cracks
7 – Every Day
8 – Your Love
9 – Live Now Live

Keith Moore – Bass, Songwriter
Mark Case – Guitar, Songwriter
Paul Case – Vocals, Songwriter
Mark Snell – Drums
Knight Bruce – Keyboards
James A. Griffin – Producer, Engineer, Mixed

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Bryan Duncan – Have Yourself Committed – 1985

This was Bryan’s first solo album after the dissolution of Sweet Comfort Band. Fans who expected that SCB sound were let down by Bryan’s new sound. That said I believe most were thrilled with this new sound as well. The album has a strong Rock Pop sound that was perfectly timed in the industry. The album sold well and was very well received. The lead/title track has a great 50’s/60’s sound and feel. All in all an excellent album that was perfect for the time.

1 – Have Yourself Committed – 3:27
2 – Darkness Is Falling – 4:05
3 – Maybe This Time – 2:57
4 – A Child’s Love – 3:57
5 – Come To Find Out – 3:55
6 – Livin’ On The Bright Side – 4:21
7 – Sweep Me Away – 2:56
8 – Talk To Me Gently – 4:19
9 – Last Graduation – 4:50

Backing Vocals – Bob Carlisle, Tim Miner
Bass – Jimmy Johnson
Drums, Guitar – Dennis Brown
Guitar – Randy Thomas (tracks: B2, B4)
Horns – Emilio Castillo, Greg Adams, Marc Russo, Mike Chichowicz, Stephen “Doc” Kupka, Tower Of Power
Keyboards – Larry Brown, Tim Heintz
Saxophone – Marc Russo (tracks: A5, B1)

Companies, etc.
Phonographic Copyright (p) – Lexicon Music, Inc.
Copyright (c) – Lexicon Music, Inc.

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Checo Tohomaso – Keep In Touch – 1985

Checo Tohomaso was a studio and touring musician for several R&B stars throughout the 70’s and 80’s. He has worked with the likes of Marvin Gaye, The Commodores, and Lionel Ritchie. He was in the band “Nova” who had a successful non gospel album in 1980. In 1985 Checo decided to release his own gospel album. Chico performed all the instruments on the album making it truly a solo effort. The album was well received and in his travels after putting out the album he ended up in Vancouver Canada for Expo 86. He continues his ministry in Vancouver Canada doing both music teaching as well as preaching the gospel.

1 – Come On Children,Let’s Praise The Lord – 3:35
2 – Magnify The Lord – 3:56
3 – If You Ask Anything – 3:46
4 – Love,Joy,Peace,Kindness – 2:40
5 – Keep In Touch – 4:50
6 – True Love – 3:58
7 – Sing Hallelujah,Praise The Lord – 3:02
8 – Psalm 121 – 4:21
9 – Don’t Let The Devil Rip You Off – 3:50
10 – Thank You Jesus,I’m Free – 3:00

Bass – Checo Tohomaso
Co-producer – Robert Benson
Engineer – Robert Benson
Lead Vocals – Checo Tohomaso
Percussion – Checo Tohomaso
Photography – Rob D’Estrubé
Piano – Checo Tohomaso
Producer – Checo Tohomaso
Synth – Checo Tohomaso

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Covenant – Traps – 1985

Covenant is another band I know nothing about. Usually I try to avoid releasing bands I don’t know until I know something about them but in this case I wanted to get this album out there. I love this album. It has that early 80’s raw feel like a Servant or Barnabas. The album is well produced but the raw sound comes through and I love it. I’m sure this description will be updated once someone tells me about the band. Do you know them?

1 – Ending Of Time
2 – Traps
3 – Don’t Give Up
4 – He’s There
5 – Out From The Dark
6 – Hustler
7 – A Special Friend
8 – Tough Guy
9 – Give Your Life To The Lord
10 – It’s All Gonna Burn

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Darrell Mansfield Band – Revelation [Expanded Edition] 1985 / 2012

This 1985 release from Darrell is probably one of if not his best album. This album definitely had a hard rock feel that made it stand out from his previous albums. While it is difficult to name singles on any christian album this album had plenty. Darrell brought in some outside talent for this album. Guitarist Paul Gilbert joins the band for two tracks, “After The Storm” and “Jesus Will Reign”. Harmonica player Rod Piazza joins in on “Don’t Let Them Stand In Your Way”. I always found it interesting that one of the greatest harmonica players in the world would invite another harmonica player to work on his album. The album was re-released in 1987 on CD but does not appear to have been remastered as I found a noise that is both on the vinyl and CD release. As it is on a silent section it would have been removed in a remaster. The album was yet again re-released in 2012 but this time as an Expanded Edition. It includes 7 bonus live tracks recorded at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa California in 1988. These tracks appear all be from Darrell’s 1988 “Live” release which is an album I’ve never even seen for sale.

1 – Thunder ‘N Lightning – 4:46
2 – After The Storm – 4:42
3 – Runnin’ – 2:57
4 – Give It Up – 3:41
5 – Bible Study – 4:21
6 – Jesus Will Reign – 4:29
7 – Tokyo – 3:46
8 – Don’t Let Them Stand In Your Way – 3:46
9 – Waiting – 6:02
Expanded Edition Bonus Tracks
10 – Lay Down This World – 3:31
11 – No More Blues – 4:08
12 – Runnin’ – 2:45
13 – Thunder ‘N Lightning – 5:22
14 – Heaven Southwestern – 9:14
15 – Jesus Will Reign – 4:31
16 – Bible Study – 8:41

Backing Vocals [Additional] – Kenny Samuels*
Bass – Darrel Cooke*
Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals – Jeff Nicholson (4)
Drums, Backing Vocals – Greg Eckler
Drums, Percussion – Terl Bryant
Guitar, Backing Vocals – Bob Anglin, Eric Turner (2)
Harmonica – Rod Piazza (tracks: B3)
Lead Guitar – Paul Gilbert (tracks: A2, B1)
Lead Vocals, Harmonica – Darrell Mansfield
Mastered By [Runout Etching] – JM*
Painting – Rick Griffin (2)
Producer – Darrell Mansfield, Doug Doyle, Eric Turner (2)
Producer, Engineer – Wally Grant

Companies, etc.
Recorded At – 3-D Studios, Costa Mesa CA.
Mixed At – 3-D Studios, Costa Mesa CA.
Mastered At – Motown Recording Studios

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Axia – Charge It Up & Blast It Out! – 1985

Axia was a great Swedish metal band and this EP was their entry into the market. The EP was released in very limited numbers but the band re-released it in 2009 on CD. If you liked their 1988 self titled release you’ll like this EP. It has a bit of a rawer sound but it suits the band well.

1 – Increasing Action – 2:29
2 – Forced Into Darkness – 4:38
3 – Never Ending Love – 3:33
4 – The Savage Ramblers – 3:07

Peo Pettersson – Vocals
Morgan Blomquist – Guitars
Niclas Ericson – Bass
Michael Alexandersen – Drums

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Modern Mission – Modern Mission – 1985

Modern Mission was a little known mid 80’s New Wave band. The album is very strong lyrically with some very “challenging” lyrics. Brian Quincy Newcomb of CCM wrote that the band “may only do one thing, but they do it quite well.” The members of the band are somewhat cryptic as only one member was identified by his real name. The album credits state that John Mehler was involved in the project.

1 – The Race
2 – Time Is Running Out
3 – Stick To Your Guns
4 – Through The Fire
5 – Hide My Heart
6 – Never Let Me Go
7 – Magazine
8 – Time To Fight
9 – When Heaven’s Crying
10 – Believe In You

Arranged By – John Mehler, Modern Mission
Producer – Gord Driver*
Recorded By, Mixed By – Gord Driver*

Arranged By – John Mehler, Modern Mission
Producer – Gord Driver
Recorded By, Mixed By – Gord Driver
Vocals – Iggy
Guitar – Dave Newman
Bass – Sugarbear
Drums – Zac

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Carman – The Champion – 1985

This Carman release from 1985 is one of his albums that stands out. Not so much because of the music but because of one song. The title track is more of a spoken word story than a song that people either loved or hated. Personally I was neither here nor there on it. The track did single at #28 but only stayed on the charts for 8weeks. The real single was Revive Us, Oh Lord which actually climbed to #2 and was on the charts for 24 weeks. Fear Not My Child also singled climbing to #24. There were a couple names on the backing vocals, Marty McCall from Fireworks and Paul Smith of the Imperials. The CD has a bonus track “Love Can” (included here). It was put as the second last track of the CD as I’m guessing they wanted the title track as the last track on both the CD and the Vinyl.

1 – Prepare To Die – 5:20
2 – Abundance Of Rain – 3:36
3 – Revive Us, Oh Lord – 3:47
4 – A Little Bit More Conviction – 4:34
5 – It Happened To Me – 3:24
6 – The Destination Is There – 3:57
7 – Fear Not My Child – 4:55
8 – Love Can – 5:40
9 – The Champion – 8:39

Arranged By [Strings] – Bruce Koblish (tracks: 7), Ronn Huff (tracks: 5, 9)
Art Direction, Design – Joan Tankersley
Backing Vocals – Bonnie Keen, Marty McCall, Melody Tunney*, Patti Morris, Paul Smith (22)
Bass – Jimmie Lee Sloas (tracks: 1), Mike Brignardello (tracks: 2 to 9)
Coordinator [Choir] – Dan Jones (tracks: 9)
Coordinator [Producer’s Assistant] – Brett Perry
Drum Programming [Linn Drum] – Mark Hammond
Drums – Mark Hammond
Engineer [Assistant] – Allan Henry, Bill Heath, Danny Mundhenk, Jeff Coppage, Ken Criblez
Executive-Producer – Lynn Nichols
Graphics – Lori Cooper
Guitar – Greg Jennings, Jon Goin
Guitar [Solos] – Jon Goin
Keyboards, Programmed By [Synth Programming] – Keith Thomas
Percussion – Terry McMillan
Photography By – Aaron Rapoport Photography
Producer, Arranged By – Keith Thomas
Programmed By [Emulator] – Neal Merick
Recorded By, Mixed By – Jeff Balding
Saxophone – Mark Douthit
Sleeve [Logo Design] – Patrick Pollei
Strings – The Nashville String Machine

Companies, etc.
Phonographic Copyright (p) – Word, Inc.
Copyright (c) – Word, Inc.
Manufactured By – Word, Inc.
Manufactured By – Word Communications Ltd.
Manufactured By – Word (Uk) Ltd.
Made By – JVC
Recorded At – Emerald Sound Studios
Recorded At – Bullet Recording
Recorded At – Goldmine East, Brentwood, TN
Recorded At – Hummingbird Studio, Nashville, TN
Mixed At – Bullet Recording
Published By – Some-O-Dat Music
Published By – Dayspring Music
Published By – Birdwing Music
Published By – Word Music

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