Robin Crow – Seven Seventy-Seven – 1985

This is Robin’s 3rd album and his first on a larger label. Robin was well known for his heavy touring schedule and I’m pretty sure this album increased that schedule. This is a great 80’s pop album but I haven’t heard his previous 2 albums yet so I don’t know if this is the style he was previously doing. The only strange this about the album is that there are 3 instrumental tracks which is rather odd for a pop album. While a lesser known album this is one that deserves a listen.

1 – Titanic – 3:28
2 – God So Loved – 3:04
3 – Starting Over – 3:50
4 – Let The Truth Come Out – 4:32
5 – Lift Up Your Voices – 3:17
6 – Beatitudes – 2:55
7 – Seven Seventy-Seven – 3:15
8 – Quiet Times – 4:26
9 – Third World – 3:05

Acoustic Guitar, Vocals, Producer, Music By, Lyrics By – Robin Crow
Bass – Michael Rhodes
Design [Cover] – Jeff Spencer
Drums – David Lawbaugh
Electric Guitar, Co-producer – George Cocchini
Engineer – Dave Perkins, Doug Sarrett
Engineer, Mixed By – Chris McCollum
Executive-Producer – Ray Nenow
Mastered By – Benny Quinn
Mixed By – Brent King
Photography By – Clark Thomas
Synthesizer – Shane Keister

Companies, etc.
Phonographic Copyright ℗ – Fortress Records
Copyright © – Fortress Records
Distributed By – The Benson Company, Inc.
Published By – Snellsong
Published By – Banamax Publishing
Produced For – Sherwood Productions Inc.
Recorded At – Great Circle Sound
Recorded At – Sound Stage Studios
Recorded By – The Reelsound Remote Bus
Mastered At – Masterfonics

Leon Patillo – Love Around The World – 1985

This is Leon’s 6th solo album and in my opinion his best up to this point. The album has a strong soul pop fell and sound. Leon perfected this very narrow sound as far as CCM music was concerned and his sales numbers showed this. Again Leon essentially played all the instruments though John Robinson did provide a few drum tracks and Leon also wrote all the tracks except one. I have great respect for Leon as he was able to get albums out almost every year. Considering he played most the instruments, did the production and wrote the tracks you simply have to respect that.

1 – Love Around The World – 4:49
2 – Up And Over – 5:59
3 – One Thing Leads To Another – 4:06
4 – Magic Man – 5:14
5 – Fire – 3:19
6 – Friends In High Places – 3:35
7 – I’ll Be With You – 5:11
8 – Treat Her Like A Lady – 4:16
9 – Safe Delivery – 3:29
10 – The Lord’s Prayer – 5:07

Executive-Producer – George Duke
Mixed By – Raymond Jones
Producer, String Arranger, Songwriter, Guitar, Synthesizer, Drums, Drums Synthesizer, Fender Rhodes, Bass, Horns, Lead and Background Vocals – Leon Patillo
Drums – John Robinson

Companies, etc.
Copyright © – Word, Inc.
Phonographic Copyright ℗ – Word, Inc.
Produced For – George Duke Enterprises, Inc.
Pressed By – Electrosound Los Angeles – △27177

Terry Talbot – Face To Face – 1985

I find it so difficult to review Terry’s albums. To me they all sound very similar as I just don’t love his style of music. That said I have great respect for Terry as an artist. He put out an album almost every year through the 80’s which is a lot of work considering he writes almost all of his songs. HIs guitar work is also very good so I really hate saying “Here’s another Terry album ……” He really deserves more of my respect but I just struggle with his style but that’s a personal problem. There are a few upbeat tracks on this album that I thought were pretty good but his vocals just don’t suit them in my opinion. Anyway Here’s another Terry album for his fans and I know he has lots of them.

1 – Face To Face – 3:40
2 – Mighty Rushing Wind – 4:14
3 – So As You’ve Done – 4:18
4 – I Have Overcome – 4:17
5 – The Christ – 4:22
6 – Lay Down The Stones – 3:56
7 – Father’s House – 4:06
8 – Narrow Is The Gate – 4:20
9 – Greater Things – 4:49

Acoustic Guitar – Terry Talbot
Bass – Abraham Laboriel
Design – Jim Shanman (tracks: Lyric Sheet), Stan Evenson (tracks: Album Jacket)
Design [Album Jacket Design By] – Stan Evenson Design, Inc.*
Drums – Bill Maxwell
Dulcimer – Carol Koening
Engineer – Mike Ross-Trevor, Ron Capone, Win Kutz
Executive-Producer – John Michael Talbot
Mastered By – Herb Melton, Steve Hall
Orchestrated By – Denney Bouchard
Percussion – Alex Acuña
Photography By – Raul Vega
Producer – Terry Talbot
Songwriter – Terry Talbot
Synthesizer – Denney Bouchard
Twelve-String Guitar – John Michael Talbot (tracks: A1, B2), Terry Talbot
Vocals – Howard Smith, Karla Thibodeau, Steve Amerson, Tata Vega, Terry Talbot, Wendy Talbot

Companies, etc.
Recorded At – Westwind Studio
Recorded At – CBS Studios, London
Remixed At – Mama Jo’s
Mastered At – Future Disc
Manufactured By – Word Records Limited
Copyright © – Birdwing Music
Published By – The Sparrow Corporation
Phonographic Copyright ℗ – The Sparrow Corporation

Steve Green – He Holds The Keys – 1985

This is Steve’s second solo album and it follows along with his previous album. Quite frankly it’s hard to believe he was a member of White Heart at one point. I say this because Steve turned to a very Easy Listening style. Now let’s be fair, he’s very good at this style and he was very popular in that genre. This is the album that made him very well know and he actually received the Dove Award for Male Vocalist of the Year in the CCM category. So if you like your CCM music in the worship style this album is for you.

1 – Praise To The King – 2:30
2 – Celebrate His Good Life – 3:18
3 – He Holds The Keys – 5:25
4 – The Lord Is Lifted Up – 3:11
5 – That’s Where The Joy Comes From – 3:12
6 – I Can See (On The Emmaus Road) – 5:30
7 – Honor The Lord – 2:26
8 – When His Kingdom Comes – 5:42
9 – Touch Your People Once Again – 3:58

Bass – Craig E. Nelson
Conductor [Strings] – Alan Moore, Greg Nelson
Drums – James Stroud, Mark Hammond
Engineer – Ed Seay
Engineer [Assistant] – Tom Harding
Guitar – Jon Goin, Pete Bordonali
Keyboards [Synthesizers] – David Innis, Shane Keister
Mastered By – Herb Melton, Steve Hall
Orchestrated By – Alan Moore
Percussion – Farrell Morris
Piano – Bill George, David Huntsinger
Producer – Greg Nelson
Strings – Carl Gorodetzky, The Nashville String Machine

Steve Arrington – Dancin’ In The Key Of Life – 1985

After spending several years as vocalist and drummer with the popular funk/soul act, Slave, Steve Arrington left for a solo career. His debut is filled with infectious, danceable and gospel centric songs. The first time I heard this album was at a Christian nightclub that was popular in orange Country, CA during the mid-80’s called The Lighthouse. They played the first cut, “Feel So Real” with its infectious Latin rhythms and non-stop groove. I bought it the next day at Maranatha village, the only bookstore in the country that was carrying it at the time. This is by no means an asterisk (*) release as it pure Gospel throughout. The title track continues the driving rhythm and dance beats. This love song is as infectious as they come. Here Arrington compares the loving human relationship to the never-ending dance and worship before the Lord. He is blatant about his love for God and the need to worship. The music is non-stop and completely authentic to the era. In all honesty, this is the album I wish Phillip Bailey would have recorded. Of all of the musical genres, legitimate dance/funk/soul was sorely lacking in Christian music then and now. Only Jon Gibson came KYMS radio jumped all over this album at the time and played several cuts. Not only the two previously mentioned hits, but also the Holy Ghost driven, “Turn Up the Love.” Arrington would later go on to become a Pastor. He still dabbles occasionally in funk and soul music, doing occasional shows with friends and former music associates.

Contributor David Lowman –

1 – Feel So Real – 5:08
2 – Dancin’ In The Key Of Life – 4:55
3 – She Just Don’t Know – 5:16
4 – Willie Mae – 6:00
5 – Gasoline – 6:09
6 – Stand With Me – 4:43
7 – Brown Baby Boy – 4:50
8 – Turn Up The Love – 4:34

Steve Arrington – Main Vocal, Vocal Backing, Keyboards
India Arrington, Dani Johnson, Marti McCall, Pattie Brooks, Michael Terry, Wilmer Raglin – Vocal Backing
George Johnson – Guitars and Electric Bass
Eric Williams – Guitars
Anthony Johnson, Carlos Murguia, William F. Zimmerman, Joey Gallo, Ramsey Embick – Keyboards
Paulinho Da Costa – Percussion
Freddie Hubbard – Trumpet
Stella Castellucci – Harp

Companies, etc.
Manufactured By – Atlantic Recording Corporation
Phonographic Copyright ℗ – Atlantic Records
Published By – Konglather Publishing
Published By – Motor Music Co.
Published By – Cheyenne Publishing
Published By – Secret Agent Man Music
Published By – JRG Music
Published By – Aurora Borealis Music
Published By – Polyglot Music
Published By – Aris Music
Recorded At – Devonshire Studios
Recorded At – Dawnbreakers Recording Studios
Mixed At – Dawnbreakers Recording Studios
Mastered At – Bernie Grundman Mastering
Produced For – Producers Alliance

Silverwind – By His Spirit – 1985

The third album from Silverwind takes up where the first album left off. Yes I know that’s not the correct order but I feel this album fit’s in better there. Their second album was far better than this one. Yes there’s still the ABBA sound that so many bought the album for but it’s just not as good as A Song In The Night. As I’ve said before these albums were not geared to me so my opinion is a bit jaded over all. Other than that I don’t really have much to say about the album. Unfortunately with the exception of their ABBA sound I don’t really feel there was much here to make the album stand out.

1 – Go Tell The World – 4:07
2 – By His Spirit – 3:20
3 – I’m Gonna Follow You – 2:59
4 – Thank You Lord – 2:42
5 – Breaking Through – 3:08
6 – Heaven Is Being With You – 3:56
7 – Only Jesus – 3:29
8 – I Will Give Him Glory – 3:37
9 – Praise Anthem – 2:02
10 – Shout Hosanna – 3:31

Arranged By – Georgian Banov, John Schreiner
Backing Vocals – Frank Hernandez, Georgian Banov, John Schreiner, Sue Ellen Jacobson, Winnie Banov
Bass – Leon Gaer
Cover [Album Cover Design] – Stan Evenson Design Inc.
Drums [Programmed By] – John Schreiner
Engineer – Biff Vincent, Skip Konte
Executive-Producer – Tony Salerno
Guitar – Hadley Hockensmith, Martin Resch, Prince Robinson
Keyboards – John Schreiner
Photography By – Mark Hanauer
Producer – John Schreiner
Producer [Assistant] – Georgian Banov
Tom Tom, Cymbal – Paul Baun
Vocals – Betsy Hernandez, Georgian Banov, Patty Gramling

Companies, etc.
Phonographic Copyright ℗ – The Sparrow Corporation
Copyright © – The Sparrow Corporation
Made By – Shorewood Packaging
Printed By – Shorewood Packaging

Phil Driscoll – Power Of Praise – 1985

I’m probably going to infuriate Phil Driscoll fans when I say this but I really wish he would have done a Rock & Roll album. To be clear Phil is probably one of my favourite vocalists of the CCM genre but his voice is just screaming for a Rock and Roll album. That said I haven’t listened to all his albums yet so maybe he did one and I just haven’t listened to it yet. To be clear there are a few upbeat tracks on this album but it they really don’t highlight his vocals all that much. Maybe the reason I love his voice is due to the ballads anyway. One quirk of this album is that it appears that part way through the pressings on this album Sparrow replaced the album cover which was a huge improvement. No disrespect to the picture of him with his signature trumpet but it was a horrible cover.

1 – All Hail The Power Of Jesus’ Name – 4:20
2 – He’s Alive Again – 4:06
3 – Jesus I Love You – 4:34
4 – Worthy Is The Lamb – 5:52
5 – Doxology – 3:20
6 – Messiah – 2:50
7 – People Of God – 3:42
8 – I Will Celebrate – 4:36
9 – Every Knee Shall Bow – 4:12
10 – Fallin’ In Love With You – 5:22
11 – The Rest Of My Days – 4:30

Alternate Cover

John Michael Talbot – Songs For Worship Volume II – 1985

I assume John’s Songs For Worship Volume I sold pretty well so they did a Songs For Worship Volume II. Of course as the first one was actually name Volume I they probably had plans for this one all along. There isn’t really too much I can say about this album because it’s just a collection of worship songs and as such there really isn’t any stand out tracks. That’s not a bad thing for a worship album so it’s not a criticism. I suspect the album was met with a bit of a yawn however as it didn’t even garner a CCM single. Oh well this is a great Sunday worship album if you like that kind of thing.

1 – Taste And See – 2:31
2 – Lord, Every Nation On Earth Shall Adore You – 4:13
3 – Jesus Prayer – 2:44
4 – Lord Have Mercy – 1:46
5 – Glory To God – 3:06
6 – Holy, Holy, Holy – 2:35
7 – The Spirit Of The Lord – 3:18
8 – Father, I Put My Life In Your Hands – 3:47
9 – Lamb Of God – 2:23
10 – I Am The Ressurection – 4:18
11 – Let Us Sing To The Lord – 2:51

Design [Lyric Sheet Design] – Steve Cox
Engineer [Orchestra Recorded And Mixed] – Mike Ross-Trevor
Engineer [Solos And Guitar] – Ron Capone
Engineer [Vocals] – Bill Cobb
Photography By [Cover] – Edd Anthony
Producer, Arranged By, Orchestrated By, Conductor – Phil Perkins
Producer, Written By, Guitar, Vocals – John Michael Talbot
Vocals – Bekah Crabb, Carole Butler, Craig Smith, Ed Koharchick, Irene Davis, Jeanne Mitchell, Jo McGinty, John Peter Slauson, Kemper Crabb, Ken Pennell

Companies, etc.
Phonographic Copyright ℗ – The Sparrow Corporation
Copyright © – Word Music (UK)
Distributed By – Word Records

Rick Cua – You’re My Road – 1985

This is the third album from Rick and his first with Sparrow records. We get a hint of bad things to come from Ric as he transitioned to a more Easy Listening sound. I’m not saying Easy Listening is bad, I’m just saying if you were a fan of Rick’s at this point you probably weren’t a fan of his later work. That said there are still some great Rock & Roll tunes on this album. Probably the best track on the album is “Don’t Say Suicide” as it was a bit of a touchy subject and I’ll be honest I loved songs that talked to their listeners. Maybe just maybe this song prevented a self deletion. Relatively unknown guitarist Jock Guthrie does a great job on the track. I also quite liked the title track as it had a more of a early 80’s rock feel. anyway this is a good Pop Rock album with some good guitar work. Definitely a must listen to from the era.

1 – Don’t Say Suicide – 3:30
2 – You’re My Road – 3:54
3 – One Child In Pain – 3:40
4 – We Are The Chosen – 3:51
5 – You’ve Only Got One Life – 3:40
6 – House Calls – 3:14
7 – Runaway – 3:33
8 – We Are Yours – 3:22
9 – The Old Man – 4:12
10 – Cant’ Stop – 3:07

Jeff Balding – Engineer
Niles Borop – Songwriter
Barbara Catanzaro – Background Vocals
Lisa Cates – Percussion
Buz Cua – Guitar
Diane Cua – Songwriter
Rick Cua – Producer, Songwriter, Bass, Vocals
Ron DeRollo – Guitar
David Dix – Drums
Rob Frazier – Background Vocals
Jock Guthrie – Guitar, Background Vocals
Bob Halligan, Jr. – Producer, Songwriter, Keyboards, Guitars, Background Vocals
Jim Horn – Saxophone
Richard Langford – Background Vocals
Dwight Liles – Songwriter
Chris McCollum – Engineer
Mike Mead – Drums, Background Vocals
Dino Pastin – Synthesizer Programming
Janna Pastin – Background Vocals
Dave Perkins – Songwriter, Engineer, Guitar, Background Vocals
Brett Perry – Assistant Engineer
Sam Tritico – Synthesizer Programming
Wendy Waldman – Duet (We Are Yours)
Peter York – Guitar

Companies, etc.
Produced For – Koo-Ah Productions
Recorded At – Gold Mine Studio
Recorded At – Oak Hill Assembly

Wendy & Mary – Battle Of The Heart – 1985

This was the fourth and final album from Wendy and Mary who were Mary Rice Hopkins and Wendy Hofheimer. Well actually at the time of this album Wendy was going by Wendy Talbot as she was married to their producer and well known CCM artist Terry Talbot. That said sometime in 1985 Wendy divorced Terry and actually married Don Francisco. You just know there’s a great gossip story there. Anyway I’m just speculating but as they broke up as a duo right around this time I can’t help but to think it was a factor. That said they did get back together in 1995 to record together again. As for Mary she went on to write several children’s songs and books. Both apparently attempted solo careers but neither were very successful with the only album produced by Wendy in 2001. I will admit I had never heard of these ladies in the 80’s but I am now fascinated by the whole drama of their undoing. I bet it’s a great story.

1 – Battle Of The Heart – 3:31
2 – Around The Walls – 3:19
3 – No Other Name – 2:36
4 – I Am My Beloved’s – 2:58
5 – In Your Footsteps – 2:58
6 – Lullaby For Grown-Ups – 2:40
7 – If I Could Love You Better – 3:36
8 – You Are My Righteousness – 2:52
9 – Sword And Shield – 3:43
10 – He Who Dwells – 3:43
11 – Sing Alleluia – 2:15

Arranged By, Synthesizer, Programmed By [Synthesizers] – Denny Bouchard
Bass – Abraham Laboriel
Design [Album Jacket] – Stan Evenson Design Inc.
Drums – Billy Maxwell
Mastered By – Herb Melton, Steve Hall
Photography By – Edward Alfano
Producer, Arranged By [Additional], Engineer [Additional] – Terry Talbot
Programmed By [Fairlight] – Rhett Lawrence
Recorded By, Remix – Ron Capone
Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Arranged By [Additional] – Mary Hopkins (2), Wendy Talbot

Companies, etc.
Record Company – Sparrow Records, Inc.
Phonographic Copyright ℗ – The Sparrow Corporation
Copyright © – Birdwing Music
Recorded At – Westwind Studio
Remixed At – Westwind Studio
Mastered At – Future Disc