Elim Hall – Things Break – 1986

Elim Hall was a Canadian band that was a bit of a surprise in 1986.

There debut and only commercial release album. Things Break, was more in tune with secular music at the time.

Most compared their sound to the Police and I can definitely hear the similarities. I don’t believe they were a Police wannabe band however. I believe the style of guitar playing was similar, leading to the similarities.

They did self produce a second album, but as far as I can tell it never had a retail release. All in all this is without a doubt one of the best mid 80’s CCM releases. Oh and the cut Things Break is supposed to end like that.

1 – Hypothermia – 3:15
2 – Erosion – 3:12
3 – The Park In Spring – 3:00
4 – At The Falls – 3:55
5 – Things Break – 3:27
6 – Inside Out – 3:26
7 – Let’s Play Science Says – 3:00
8 – Moved – 3:31
9 – Testimony – 4:15
10 – My Flag Always Fades – 3:47

Backing Vocals – Glenn Teeple, Steve Marsh
Bass – Ross Teeple
Drums – Steve Marsh
Guitar – Glenn Teeple
Keyboards – Glenn Teeple
Lead Vocals – Ross Teeple
Performer [Elim Hall Is] – Glenn Teeple, Ross Teeple, Steve Marsh
Producer – Gary Chapman, Tim Marsh

Companies, etc.
Manufactured By – Word
Distributed By – Word

Geoff Moore – The Distance – 1987

This was Geoff’s last solo album before putting together a band and being Geoff Moore and the Distance. There must be some correlation between this album being call The Distance and his subsequent band being named The Distance but I don’t know what it was. The band for this album consisted of Dan Huff, Gary Lunn and Mark Gersmehl all from Whiteheart along with Bill Smiley doing some backup vocals and producing the album. This album has an excellent pop/rock sound and it was another album I missed in the 80’s but love it now. The CD version of this album had a bonus track Duet with Larry Norman doing a rocking version of Larry’s “Why Should The Devil Have All The Good Music”.

This was Geoff’s last solo album before putting together a band and being Geoff Moore and the Distance. There must be some correlation between this album being call The Distance and his subsequent band being named The Distance but I don’t know what it was. The band for this album consisted of Dan Huff, Gary Lunn and Mark Gersmehl all from Whteheart along with Bill Smiley doing some backup vocals and producing the album. This album has an excellent pop/rock sound and it was another album I missed in the 80’s but love it now. The CD version of this album had a bonus track Duet with Larry Norman doing a rocking version of Larry’s “Why Should The Devil Have All The Good Music”. There is actually a music video for that track also and we have it here;

1 – Winning Back The Rock – 3:19
2 – Never Wanna Go Back – 3:44
3 – Familiar Stranger – 3:17
4 – Tomorrow – 4:00
5 – Didn’t He – 5:47
6 – Face The Music – 4:31
7 – Trouble Tonight – 3:46
8 – Sooner Or Later – 3:27
9 – Obey – 4:42
10 – Inside Out – 3:55
CD Bonus Track
11 – Why Should The Devil Have All The Good Music – 4:03

Steven Curtis Chapman – Composer
Tommy Dorsey – Horn, Keyboards
Ric Florian – Vocals
Mark Gersmehl – Composer
Pam Mark Hall – Composer
Dann Huff – Guitar
Gordon Kennedy – Composer, Guitar
Brent King – Percussion
Gary Lunn – Bass
Randy Matthews – Composer
Marty McCall – Vocals
Chris McHugh – Drums
Geoff Moore – Composer, Primary Artist, Vocals
Farrell Morris – Percussion
Phil Naish – Keyboards
Dale Oliver – Composer, Slide Guitar
Gary Pigg – Vocals
John Slick – Organ
Billy Smiley – Composer, Producer, Vocals
James Stroud – Drums
Arlin Troyer – Composer
Mark Tucker – Photography

Stryper – Second Coming – 2013

In 2012 the original studio version of the band came back into the studio to re-record some of their greatest hits from 1984 to 1986 as well as a few new tracks. The recording and production quality is very high and it is obvious the band put in a real effort. Often these reunion albums smell of “please buy this” but I didn’t get that feeling from this album. It really sounds like a great effort was put in to release a quality product. There were a few versions of this CD released in different countries. This is the Japanese version with a bonus track (Together As One).

1 – Loud N’ Clear – 3:46
2 – Loving You – 4:27
3 – Soldiers Under Command – 5:08
4 – Makes Me Wanna Sing – 2:50
5 – First Love – 5:22
6 – The Rock That Makes Me Roll – 4:53
7 – Reach Out – 5:24
8 – Surrender – 4:19
9 – To Hell With The Devil – 4:06
10 – Calling On You – 3:41
11 – Free – 3:41
12 – The Way – 3:37
13 – Sing Along Song – 4:23
14 – More Than A Man – 4:43
15 – Bleeding From Inside Out – 3:44
16 – Blackened – 3:08
17 – Together As One – 4:45

Artwork, Layout – Stan-W D
Bass, Vocals – Timothy Gaines
Drums – Robert Sweet
Engineer, Mixed By, Mastered By – Danny Bernini
Keyboards, Vocals – Charles Foley
Lead Guitar, Vocals – Oz Fox
Lead Vocals, Lead Guitar, Producer – Michael Sweet
Photography By – Tina Enos
Photography By [Assistant] – Marilyn Becrelis
Piano, Keyboards – Paul McNamara
Recorded By, Edited By – Kenny Lewis

Companies, etc.
Licensed From – Frontiers Records
Manufactured By – Marquee Inc.
Produced For – Michael Sweet Productions, Inc.
Phonographic Copyright (p) – Frontiers Records
Copyright (c) – Frontiers Records
Published By – Songs Acquisitions Co. LLC
Published By – Songs MP
Published By – Bug Music
Published By – Sweet Milena Music
Recorded At – Spirit House
Recorded At – Mixed Emotions
Recorded At – Mixed Emotions
Mastered At – Spirit House

Idle Cure – 2nd Avenue – 1990

The 3rd studio album from Idle Cure continued their arena rock sound that was so successful for them. Producer Bill Baumgart returns with Mark, Pete, and Steve for another successful album. I was doing a but of research on this album and I found some spirited conversations discussing whether not not this was their best album. Like I say they didn’t always agree but I think generally Idle Cure fans do consider this their best album. Now keeping in mind I did not hear any of their music until just the last few years I think their debut was the best. If I had to pick a favourite track for this album there’s no doubt for me that it’s “Talk It Out”.

1 – Pray – 4:38
2 – It’s No Fun Anymore – 4:01
3 – Human Solution – 4:58
4 – Picture Of Love – 3:49
5 – Contend For The Faith – 4:07
6 – Talk It Out – 4:28
7 – Don’t Turn Away – 4:04
8 – If You Mean It – 3:30
9 – Dead Or Alive – 3:58
10 – Ordinary Man – 4:07

Art Direction – Ed McTaggart
Drums – Clark Edmond
Engineer, Mixed By – Dave Jahnsen
Guitar, Vocals – Mark Ambrose
Keyboards, Vocals – Pete Lomakin
Layout – Joe Potter
Lead Vocals – Steve Shannon
Photography By – Scott Lockwood
Producer [Production Assistant] – Beth Wisner
Producer, Engineer – Bill Baumgart

Companies, etc.
Phonographic Copyright (p) – Frontline Records
Copyright (c) – Frontline Records
Recorded At – The Mixing Lab
Mixed At – The Mixing Lab
Recorded At – Jedi Masters
Mixed At – Jedi Masters

Amy Grant – Unguarded – 1985

Unguarded is the sixth studio album from Amy and was release by both Myrrh and A&M records. The Wiki entry for this album is incorrect as it states “It is Grant’s first album released by A&M”. Her previous album “Straight Ahead” had been released on both Myrrh and A&M and several previous albums were later re-released by A&M. Now it is true on this release that A&M was able to get this album a lot of secular play at record companies which is probable another fine example of payola. If you don’t know what that was look it up and yes it did exist well in to 80’s, I witnessed it. That said this is probably my favourite Amy album which is no small feat considering my musical taste. I do remember this album in our music room and even remember a tune or two making it onto a mixed tape though likely the emergency glove box tape. If you were a player in the 80’s you know what I mean. It was the #1 Contemporary Christian album of 1985 and spawned singles on both secular and Christian radio. I was surprised when researching this album that it never actually had a #1 single. It had two #2’s and was a very successful album but strangely no #1 hit. Anyway, sit back and enjoy Amy’s best pop album, at least that’s my opinion.

1 – Love Of Another Kind – 3:22
2 – Find A Way – 3:28
3 – Everywhere I Go – 4:12
4 – I Love You – 4:25
5 – Stepping In Your Shoes – 4:37
6 – Fight – 4:42
7 – Wise Up – 3:51
8 – Who To Listen To – 4:22
9 – Sharayah – 4:53
10 – The Prodigal (I’ll Be Waiting) – 5:10

Acoustic Guitar – Jon Goin (tracks: B5)
Backing Vocals – Amy Grant (tracks: A2, A3), Bill Champlin (tracks: A1, B2), Chris Eaton (tracks: A5), Chris Harris (2) (tracks: B3), Diana Hanna* (tracks: A1, A3, B3), Donna McElroy (tracks: B3), Gary Chapman (tracks: A1, A3, B1, B3), Gary Pigg (tracks: B3), Kim Fleming (tracks: B3), Richard Page (tracks: A4, B4), Steve George (tracks: A4, B4), Tom Kelly (tracks: A2, A4, B1, B4), Tommy Funderburk (tracks: A1, A2, B1, B2)
Bass – Mike Brignardello (tracks: A2 to A5, B1 to B4)
Drums – Paul Leim
Electric Guitar – Dan Huff, Jon Goin (tracks: A2, A3, A5, B1, B3, B4), Michael Landau (tracks: A2, A4, B2, B4), Paul Jackson, Jr. (tracks: B2)
Engineer – Jack Joseph Puig
Executive Producer – Dan Harrell, Gary Chapman, Michael Blanton
Keyboards – Shane Keister (tracks: A5)
Other [Explosion] – Shane Keister (tracks: A2)
Other [Music Stand] – Gary Pigg (tracks: B3)
Other [Scream] – Chris Harris (tracks: A1), Gary Pigg (tracks: A1), Kathy Burdick (tracks: A1)
Percussion – Lenny Castro (tracks: A2, B1, B3, B5)
Piano – Robbie Buchanan (tracks: B5), Shane Keister (tracks: A1)
Producer – Brown Bannister
Synthesizer – Michael W. Smith (tracks: A2, A3, B3), Robbie Buchanan (tracks: A1, A2, A4, A5, B1 to B3, B5), Shane Keister (tracks: A1, A3, B1 to B4)
Synthesizer, Saxophone – Larry Williams (tracks: B2)

Companies, etc.
Phonographic Copyright (p) – Word, Inc.
Copyright (c) – Word, Inc.
Phonographic Copyright (p) – Word Records Limited
Copyright (c) – Word Records Limited
Phonographic Copyright (p) – Word (Uk) Ltd.
Copyright (c) – Word (Uk) Ltd.
Record Company – Word, Inc.
Distributed By – A&M Records, Inc.
Manufactured By – A&M Records, Inc.

Honeytree – Maranatha Marathon – 1979

Honeytree (was was actually just Nancy Henigbaum) decided to turn it up a notch for this album. Don’t be expecting any Rez covers but given her previous work she really did turn it up for this albums. Peter York, Richard Souther, and Herb Melton from “A Band Called David” provided the musician work for the album and you can hear their influence. There is a track on the album called “Righteous Rock And Roll”. Do not accidentally listen to this song expecting an actual Rock song. I’m not saying it’s bad, just saying it ain’t my version of Rock & Roll. In a sign of things to come in the industry Al Perkins contributed some steel guitar. If you’re a fan of Nancy you’ll like this album but beware it is decidedly easy listening 70’s.

1 – Maranatha Marathon
2 – The Pilgrim
3 – Live For Jesus
4 – That’s When We Learn To Fly
5 – Father Lift Me Up
6 – Righteous Rock And Roll
7 – Psalm 57
8 – Bethel
9 – Go To Church
10 – Do You Love Me

Engineer, Mixed By – Jack Joseph Puig
Executive-Producer – Buddy Huey
Mastered By – Kevin Gray
Producer, Arranged By – Jim Stipech
Recorded By – Rick Donaldson

Companies, etc.
Mastered At – Location Recording Service
Engineered At – Martinsound
Mixed At – Martinsound
Recorded At – Soundcastle

The DeGarmo & Key Band – No Turning Back – Live – 1982

This 1982 release from The Degarmo & Key Band was required listening in the early 80’s. Recorded in Oklahoma City, OK, this album sold very well and was a must have in every CCM listener’s library. The album is a great representation of their first 4 studio albums and ranges from an acoustic guitar cut or two, a strong blues song, a rather odd bass solo cut, and lots of Rock and Roll. I actually was able to attend one of the concerts on this tour and I remember really enjoying it. Perhaps one of the most Rock & Roll shows I had seen to that point.

1 – Light Of The World – 3:58
2 – Go Tell Them – 3:52
3 – Stella, This Ain’t Hollywood – 3:21
4 – When He Comes Back – 3:01
5 – Jericho – 4:44
6 – Alleyways Of Strife – 4:06
7 – Mary – 2:54
8 – Wayfaring Stranger – 3:40
9 – Bass Solo – 3:00
10 – Enchiridion – 1:50
11 – Long Distance Runner – 4:30
12 – Matter Of Time – 4:55
13 – Emmanuel – 7:27
14 – Oklahoma Blues – 6:08
15 – Preacher I’ll Need A Friend – 5:56
16 – Over And Over – 3:45
17 – Let Him Help You Today – 9:25
18 – Love One Another – 3:50
19 – I Have Decided – 3:20

Art Direction, Design – Bill Brunt
Bass, Vocals – Tommy Cathey
Drums – Greg Morrow
Engineer – Malcolm H. Harper Jr.
Engineer [Road Engineer] – Chris Taylor
Guitar, Vocals – Tony Pilcher
Illustration – Tracy Britt
Lighting Director – Jimmy Taylor
Management – Dan Brock Associates
Mastered By – Larry Nix
Mixed By [Monitor Mix] – David Knight
Photography By [Backcover] – Vernon L. Gowdy III
Photography By [Inside] – Larry Dixon
Producer, Keyboards, Vocals, Mixed By – Ed DeGarmo
Producer, Lead Vocals, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Mixed By – Dana Key
Producer, Mixed By – Dan Brock
Production Manager [Concert Productions By] – Darlene Brock
Recorded By [Recording Crew] – Mason Harlow, Paul Stutz
Stage Manager – Terry Mackie

Companies, etc.
Distributed By – The Benson Company, Inc.
Phonographic Copyright (p) – Lamb & Lion Records
Copyright (c) – Lamb & Lion Records
Produced For – Mint Productions (2)
Mixed At – Ardent Studios
Mastered At – Ardent Mastering

Russ Taff – Russ Taff – 1987

Now I will admit that I didn’t listen to this album in the 80’s because I didn’t really like Russ Taff. Boy did I miss a great album because this is a strong pop album with some fantastic hits. The opening tune “Shake” is a great Rock & Roll song and the album also has a very good cover of “I Still Believe” by The Call. I don’t know for sure but this has to be one of Russ Taff’s most successful albums. It spawned 5 singles with “Walk Between The Lines” making it to #1 and even pushing The Call cover “I Still Believe” up to #5 which is quite surprising given that this is a straight out Rock & Roll cut. Dann Huff (White Heart) joins in on guitar on a few tracks and you hear his influence. Mark Williamson (Mark Williamson Band & Lyrix) sings backup on a few tracks as does Charlie Peacock. Great bunch of artists to push this album pretty high on my liked list.

1 – Shake – 4:21
2 – Walk Between The Lines – 5:33
3 – Believe In Love – 5:03
4 – Down In The Lowlands – 5:08
5 – This Love Is Strong – 4:59
6 – I Still Believe – 4:31
7 – Steal Away – 0:43
8 – (Living On The) Edge Of Time – 3:41
9 – Higher – 4:54
10 – Breathe Life Into Me – 4:24
11 – Healing Touch – 4:42

Harry Browning – Vocals (Background)
Robbie Buchanan – Synthesizer
Lenny Castro – Percussion
Bill Champlin – Vocals (Background)
Tamara Champlin – Vocals (Background)
Nathan East – Bass
Chris Eaton – Composer
Tommy Funderburk – Vocals (Background)
James Hollihan, Jr. – Composer
James Newton Howard – Composer, Synthesizer
Dann Huff – Guitar (Electric)
Paul Jackson, Jr. – Guitar (Electric)
Michael Landau – Composer, Guitar (Electric)
Paul Leim – Drums
Lynn Nichols – Vocals (Background)
Jack Joseph Puig – Producer
Neil Stubenhaus – Bass
Russ Taff – Primary Artist, Producer, Vocals (Background)
Carmen Twitty – Vocals (Background)
Tata Vega – Vocals (Background)
Larry Williams – Saxophone

Art Direction – Joan Tankersley
Cover, Design [Logo Design] – Joan Tankersley, Patrick Pollei
Crew [Studio Crew] – Bernadette B., Deborah Klein, Leeza Jillian Tender
Design Concept [Cover Concept] – Joan Tankersley, Lynn Nichols
Engineer [Assisted By] – Bart Stevens, Billy Whittington*, Julie Last, Koji, Steve Ford, Wade Jaynes
Executive-Producer – Lynn Nichols
Management – Zach Glickman
Mastered By – Doug Sax
Photography By – Phillip Dixon
Producer [Produced By] – Jack Joseph Puig
Recorded By, Mixed By – Jack Joseph Puig
Technician [Technical Assistants] – Mike Wambsgans, Steve Hazelton

Companies, etc.
Phonographic Copyright (p) – Word, Inc.
Copyright (c) – Word, Inc.
Manufactured By – A&M Records, Inc.
Distributed By – A&M Records, Inc.
Made By – Digital Audio Disc Corp.
Manufactured By – DADC – DIDX-2775
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Recorded At – Ocean Way Recording
Engineered At – The Hop
Engineered At – Studio 55, Los Angeles
Engineered At – Wayne Cook Studios
Engineered At – Mama Jo’s
Mastered At – The Mastering Lab

Boys Club – Demo 2 – 1987

In 1987 when their Branded tour was over Gym and Sim from Undercover decided to form a new project and cut a couple demo’s. Ojo was off doing is own thing and took Gary with him. Gym and Sim were joined on Drums by Rod Learned (Berlin, yes that Berlin “Sex”) on Drums, Jeff Sheets (Dead Artist Syndrome) on Keyboards, and Fred MacGregor (no idea who he is) on Bass. This is the second of these 2 demos. It has 3 tracks that would make it oneto the Undercover album “Balance Of Power”. Land of Luxury, Time, and Love Me Dangerously which is a really great tune. Also strangely there is a cover of Clapton’s “White Room”.This is all I know about this project. The demo itself has an excellent new wave feel and sound. I don’t understand why someone didn’t pick this album up and release it. The quality of the mix/production is as good as anything else that came out at the time. Maybe it was legal issues due to two members being signed to Broken Records but that’s just a guess. Anyway it’s a great demo and a treat for Undercover fans who want a little more.

1 – You And I – 3:01
2 – Love Game – 4:14
3 – Land Of Luxury – 5:49
4 – Hope It Never Comes To This Again – 3:49
5 – Here Comes The Fire – 4:42
6 – Time – 7:47
7 – Used To Be – 4:11
8 – White Room – 4:14
9 – Once Is Never Enough – 3:34
10 – We Ride – 3:37
11 – Love Me Dangerously – 3:00
12 – Crazy – 3:28

Bass – Fred MacGregor
Drums – Rod Learned
Keyboards – Jeff Sheets
Vocals, Guitar – Gym Nicholson
Vocals – Sim Wilson

Sacred Warrior – Master’s Command – 1989

This was the second album from Sacred Warrior and the same line up gave us another album much like their first one. The band decided to produce this one themselves and did a pretty good job. I can hear a few spots where I think they could have done better but over all they did a good job. The album takes up where the last one left off and if you liked the first one you’ll like this one. Vocals from Rey Parra are excellent and Bruce Swift’s guitar screams. If I did have to pick out an improvement after the first album I would say it’s the drumming. I don’t know if Tony Velasquez’s drumming improved or if it was a result of the self production but the drumming is excellent where on their first album it was just good.

1 – Master’s Command – 4:53
2 – Beyond The Mountain – 4:25
3 – Evil Lurks – 4:26
4 – Bound In Chains – 3:45
5 – Unfailing Love – 5:31
6 – Paradise – 5:21
7 – Uncontrolled – 3:47
8 – Many Will Come – 3:53
9 – Onward Warriors – 3:13
10 – The Flood – 4:15
11 – Holy, Holy, Holy – 4:27

Art Direction – Ed McTaggart
Bass – Steve Watkins
Drums – Tony Velasquez
Engineer – Dave Jahnsen
Guitar – Bruce Swift
Illustration – John Dickenson
Keyboards – Rick Macias
Photography By – Michael Seeley
Producer – Dave Jahnsen, Sacred Warrior
Vocals – Rey Parra
Written-By [All Songs By] – Bruce Swift, Rey Parra, Rick Macias, Steve Watkins (2), Tony Velasquez

Companies, etc.
Phonographic Copyright (p) – Intense Records (10)
Copyright (c) – Intense Records (10)
Distributed By – The Benson Company
Recorded At – Mixing Lab A
Recorded At – Mixing Lab B
Published By – Broken Songs
Glass Mastered At – Nimbus, Virginia