The 77’s – All Fall Down – 1984

All Fall Down was the second album by The 77s.

Produced by Charlie Peacock it had a very well produced sound. The style of the band did fluctuate in different songs but I could make out the continuity and that fluctuation was by design in my opinion.

The single “Mercy Mercy” had a music video release and did get some airplay on MTV. If you only have time for one song to listen to I do suggest “Mercy Mercy”.

Point of trivia on this album is that producer Charlie Peacock recorded his own album at the same time as producing this one.


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Malcolm & The Mirrors – Red Alert – 1982

This was the only full length album from Malcolm (of Malcolm and Alwyn fame) and the Mirrors.

The album had a strong anti nuclear warfare theme which was quite common in the 80’s given the era. This album had several strong new wave songs but others were compared to the Knack at the time.

Personally I never really heard the connection. My personal favourite pick was ” She’s Gonna Go Through Changes”.


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Idle Cure – (self titled) – 1986

This self titled premier from Idle Cure filled a gap in Christian Music at the time.

With some songs sounding like Kiss and or Def Leopard it was a newer sound for the period. There are however several pop tracks so there’s a little bit for everyone on this album.

Strangely the band never had a regular drummer and on many drum tracks the drums are in fact keyboard produced.


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Ishmael United – If You Can’t Shout Saved – 1979

This quirky album from British band Ishmael United is difficult to categorize.

The recipe is one part punk, one part new wave, one part pop, and 3 parts fun. This album was very well received and is popular to this day.

There are many differing styles on this album but they mostly all share a common theme of fun. It’s impossible to pick a “single” for the album but for me Don’t Rock De Boat is my favourite track. Quick piece of trivia, Ishmael United went on to produce several children’s albums.


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Ed Raetzloff – It Took A Long Time To Get To You – 1980

The first christian album from Ed Raetzloff brought a southern rock sound to christian music. Raetzloff had success in the 70’s in a secular band that had opened for several big name southern rock bands.

In 1980 he brought us “ It Took A Long Time To Get To You” which was a much more refined sound than his secular work. Great guitar rifts and great lyrics makes this rather obscure album a must listen.


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Sweet Comfort Band – Perfect Timing – 1984

The 1984 album “Perfect Timing” was a shift in style for Sweet Comfort Band. Previously known as an easy listening band this album struck a departure from that style.

Perfect Timing move more to light/medium rock. The album also featured a few tracks in a new wave/pop style and even a track with more of a 70’s funk feeling.

This was the last studio album for Sweet Comfort Band with the exception of a reunion album released in 2013. All in all “Perfect Timing” did indeed have perfect timing and was an excellent album for the time period.


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Andy McCarroll & Moral Support – Zionic Bonds – 1981

Zionic Bonds was one of the most important CCM albums ever released. While a few small bands had been working in this style Andy McCarroll and Moral Support brought punk/new wave into the mainstream CCM music scene.

It was exactly what CCM listeners were waiting for whether they knew it or not. Historically Andy McCarroll had released 2 previous albums that are not in the style of Zionic Bonds and there are 2 very rare previous Eps using the name of Moral Support.

The use of this style of music with some very strong social commentary lyrics makes this album one of the best and most important CCM albums ever.


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Amy Grant – Age to Age – 1982

The 1982 release of Age to Age by artist Amy Grant was a defining moment in Contemporary Christian Music.

It was the first CCM album to go gold in Canada and Platinum in the United States. While the album is extreme easy listening by today’s standard in 1982 CCM it had a slight edge to it though admittedly not very much. I suspect this album is in most of the 80’s CCM collector libraries even if it is not listened to very often.


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Darrell Mansfield – Revelation – 1985

This 1985 release from Darrell Mansfield, the godfather of the microphone, was a bit if a departure from his previous albums. It has a far more hard rock feel but does still have a few bluesy feeling tunes.

One interesting point of trivia on the album is that Rod Piazza , another famous harmonica player, plays harmonica on “Don’t Let Um Stand in Your Way. Everyone has their own opinion of what the album single was but my choice was Bible Study


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