Bryn Haworth – Sunny Side of the Street – 1975

This is the second solo album from Bryn. He and his wife became Christians in 1974 and his subsequent albums reflected that in some way. This album was on a secular labels so it is not all in Christian content but there are Christian songs on the album. I had never heard any of Bryn’s work before “The Gap” so I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the sound I had heard that I liked so much was present here on his earlier work. This is a great album and I think if you like “The Gap” you’ll love this earlier work of his.

1 – Good Job – 5:00
2 – Pick Me Up – 3:22
3 – Darlin’ Cory – 3:22
4 – Dance – 3:02
5 – Peace Of Mind – 2:55
6 – Give All You’ve Got To Give – 5:10
7 – Heaven Knows – 5:28
8 – The Sunny Side Of The Street – 2:30
9 – Used – 5:17
10 – Thank The Lord – 4:45

Bryn Haworth – Guitars, Vocals
Bruce Rowland – Drums
Alan Spenner – Bass
Chris Stainton – Piano, Organ
Dave Pegg – Bass
Dave Mattacks – Drums
Pete Wingfield – Piano
Pat Donaldson – Bass
Terry Stannard – Drums
Dave Swarbrick – Fiddle
Alan Munde – Banjo
Jimmy Mullen – Guitar
Tony O’malley – Piano

Arlen Salte – Great Big Noise – 1991

Arlen Salte is a fantastic Canadian artist. He took a break between albums and it worked well for him. This album is a great Rock/Pop album and Arlen’s ability of writing catch lines that you remember is he greatest musical skill. A quick listen to the opening of “Great Big Noise” will cause it stay with you for the better part of a week lol. If you’re tired of that one rattling around in your head try “Watch What You’re Doing” which is an excellent Larry Norman cover. That one will take a week to forget. I’m not too sure what the distribution numbers were on this album but if you haven’t heard it and you like Rock that pops, this is one you should listen to. Interestingly some other great Canadian artists helped out with backing vocals including, Carson Cole, Connie Scott, and Bob Hanson. The album was produced by Roy Salmond of Salmond & Mulder.

1 – I Don’t Want To Dance – 3:08
2 – She’s So Easy To Use – 3:06
3 – Another Heart Breaks – 4:24
4 – Take Me Through The Fire – 3:40
5 – What About You – 4:13
6 – Great Big Noise – 3:31
7 – Dancing While The House Is Burning – 4:08
8 – Second Wind – 4:15
9 – In The Power Of Love – 3:26
10 – Watch What You’re Doin’ – 5:19

Arranged By, Guitar, Backing Vocals, Lead Vocals – Arlen Salte
Backing Vocals – Carson Cole, Connie Scott, Joani Bye, Carson’s Friend John, Marc LaFrance, Peter Wisstoff Bass – Miles Hill Booking – Dorothy A. Hirch
Design [Cover Design] – Brian Ritchie (3)
Drums – Daryl Bennett
Engineer, Mixed By – Dave Slagter
Guitar – Dane DeViller, Scotti Hall*, Tim Olsen (5)
Mastered By – Tom Baker (3)
Organ, Backing Vocals – Richard Sera
Photography By [Band Shots] – Glenn Sitler
Piano – Dave Pickell
Producer, Arranged By, Engineer, Keyboards, Guitar, Backing Vocals – Roy Salmond

Companies, etc.
Distributed By – Word, Inc.
Phonographic Copyright (p) – Image 7 Records Inc
Copyright (c) – Image 7 Records Inc
Recorded At – Whitewater Productions, Richmond, B.C.
Recorded At – Mushroom Studios, Vancouver
Mixed At – Whitewater Productions, Richmond, B.C.
Mastered At – Future Disc
Manufactured By – Image 7 Music Inc.

Allies – Man With A Mission – 1992

The final album from Allies was a very confusing album. The intro track “In My Life” almost has a 60’s feel. Then we get to a couple of Rockin tunes which are some of the best CCM songs available in 1992. Both “Man With A Mission” and “Feather In Your Cap” are excellent Rock tunes with a blues feel. From there however the album starts to go downhill. Actually it might be uphill depending on what you were looking for when listening to this album. After the first 3 tracks the album takes a turn to AOR and even makes it to straight out easy listening at times. I guess the album is good in that it can appeal to such a diverse audience. That said it’s a good album but just a little confusing.

1 – In My Life – 3:28
2 – Man With A Mission – 3:57
3 – Feather In Your Cap – 4:55
4 – Grand Facade – 4:18
5 – Devoted To You – 5:24
6 – The Deepest Part Of Me – 3:23
7 – Heaven – 6:32
8 – Just Like A Father To Me – 3:31
9 – I’m Crying – 4:40
10 – Last Chance Cafe – 6:05

Art Direction – Amy Linde, Ed Goble
Bass, Vocals – Mark Hill (2)
Design – Tufts Design Studio
Drums, Percussion, Programmed By [Programming] – “Shoeless” Brian Fullen*
Edited By [Digital Editing] – Carlos Grier
Executive-Producer – Bubba Smith (2)
Guitar, Soloist [Guitar Solos], Vocals – Randy Thomas (2)
Keyboards, Vocals – Scott Sheriff
Lead Vocals – Randy Thomas (2) (tracks: 8)
Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals, Guitar – Bob Carlisle (2)
Mastered By – Denny Purcell
Mixed By – Rodney Good
Mixed By [Assistant] – Steve Ledet
Photography By – Russ Harrington
Producer, Arranged By [Vocal & String Arrangements] – Bob Carlisle (2)
Producer, Recorded By – Randy Thomas (2)
Recorded By [Assistant] – Kirk Eberhard
Soloist [Solo Violin] – Chris Fullen (tracks: 9)
Vocals [Choir On] – Bob Carlisle (2) (tracks: 7), Dawn Thomas (4) (tracks: 7), Londell Ivan Alvestad (tracks: 7), Lori Cotton Thomas (tracks: 7), Scott Sheriff (tracks: 7)
Vocals [Co-Vocal] – Randy Thomas (2) (tracks: 6)

The 77’s – Ping Pong Over The Abyss – 1982/1995

This was the introductory album from The 77s and many consider it to be one of the most important albums in the history of CCM music. This album premiered a new wave sound listeners were waiting for though there are a couple songs that lean more to Rock and Roll. Lyrically this album was way ahead of the curve in CCM music which I believe was one of the reasons it was so well received. In 1995 the album was re-released on CD with 6 bonus tracks. Those tracks are represented here.

1 – A Different Kind Of Light – 4:17
2 – How Can You Love – 4:38
3 – It’s So Sad – 5:04
4 – Falling Down A Hole – 4:18
5 – Someone New – 4:21
6 – Renaissance Man – 3:35
7 – Ping Pong Over The Abyss – 4:13
8 – Time Is Slipping Away – 5:04
9 – Denomination Blues – 4:54
1995 CD Bonus Material
10 – A Different Kind Of Light (Live) – 3:25
11 – How Can You Love (Demo) – 4:33
12 – It’s So Sad (Live) – 5:04
13 – Falling Down A Hole (Live) – 3:53
14 – Ping Pong Over The Abyss (Demo) – 4:17
15 – Denomination Blues (Live) – 5:05

Backing Vocals – Jan Eric Volz
Bass – Jan Eric Volz
Drums – Mark Proctor
Engineer – Daryl Zachman, Larry Hirsch
Guitar – Jan Eric Volz, Mark Tootle, Mike Roe
Keyboards – Mark Tootle
Mastered By – John Golden
Mixed By – Larry Hirsch
Producer – Steven Soles
Vocals – Mark Proctor, Mark Tootle, Mike Roe

Sacrament – Presumed Dead – 1989

Sacrament were one of the original Christian Thrash Metal bands. This was the demo that started it all for them. It was sold at their shows and apparently had pretty broad distribution. As for the music, I have no idea if it’s any good. I know nothing about thrash metal and can’t stand listening to it. If you like thrash metal this is probably a pretty good album judging from the positive reviews of it. The quality is a little off which is kind of strange for 1989 as technology was pretty advanced for producing demos. That said it just may be the copy I got. The original might be much better.

1 – Separate From Iniquity
2 – Assault (Satan’s Doom)
3 – Lies of The Blind
4 – Face Reality
5 – Presumed Dead

Bass – Eric Ney
Drums – Paul Graham
Producer – Frank Thompson
Guitar – Brian Toy, Mike Didonato
Vocals – Mike Torone

Lex Rex – The Devil’s Nightmare – 1990

This is a rather mysterious release from Lex Rex. While researching this album I found a variety of stories behind this album. Some said it was a copy of a demo and some say it was recorded but not released and someone found a cassette. Yet another story is that Pantrax Records released it in 1990 on CD from a cassette copy. Also apparently there are another 3 tracks out there somewhere. I have no idea what version of these stories is the truth. Here’s what I do know. It’s a great album with some more great Rock & Roll. To me the album sounds like it was recorded before their “Beat The Heat” but who knows. It has a more raw sound and I can hear some early Van Halen vibes. If you liked “Beat The Heat” you’ll love this one.

1 – The Physician
2 – Gotta Friend
3 – Love King
4 – Run Horse Run
5 – Bad Blood
6 – Ya Gotta Move
7 – Heart Soul and Mind
8 – Black Day
9 – Another Son

Imperials – Live – 1978

This Live album features the most recent hits (in 1978) from the Imperials. Some of the versions were spruced up for the concert and some of them tamed down. The selection of songs and styles didn’t really work well in my opinion but I wasn’t at the concert so maybe it worked better in person. There’s one thing on the album that annoyed me. They introduce the song “Your First Day In Heaven” as being how they sounded in 1964. The song however is not from 1964 and appears to have been released the same year at this album (feel free to correct me). Why do a song in the old style when you could just pick and old song and do it the way it was originally done. This moment was just sort of strange to me. All that said if you love the early Imperials this live album is for you. The production quality is excellent and the song choices were overall good choices.

1 – Sonshine Day – 2:34
2 – Bread Upon The Water – 3:16
3 – Bread Upon The Water (Reprise) – 0:52
4 – New Creation – 5:47
5 – Your First Day In Heaven – 1:39
6 – Lead Me Gently Home Father – 3:17
7 – I Love The Way You Love – 4:09
8 – He Touched Me – 3:53
9 – Sail On – 5:03
10 – How Great Thou Art – 2:40
11 – The Old Gospel Ship – 3:07
12 – The Old Gospel Ship (Reprise) – 1:42

Bass, Electric Guitar – Dave Hollihand, John Lutz
Drums – Mike Kinard
Engineer – Gaston Nichols, Max Moseley
Piano, Electric Piano – Bill George
Producer – Armond Morales, Buddy Huey, Chris Christian
Trumpet – John Lutz
Recorded Live: First Baptist Church, Waco, Texas The Kingsland Theatre, St. Louis, Missouri.

Return Ticket – Return Ticket – 1978

I’ve found another band that I don’t know anything about. This is a strange one in that apparently this is a German band but the album has a soul sound. Not saying there wasn’t soul music in Germany but I never heard of it. Anyway as I said this is a soul band out of Germany and that’s all I know. The album is pretty good and was a little ahead of it’s 1978 time period. Album would have fit in nicely in the early 80’s. This was their only release I can find so if you know anything about this band feel free to let me know about it.

1 – Return Ticket – 3:44
2 – Heaven Bound – 4:22
3 – A Song for R & B – 5:15
4 – Feelin’ Down – 2:20
5 – To My Brother – 5:18
6 – Sorrow Begins With Joy – 4:05
7 – Direct Line – 3:46
8 – J. B.’s Song – 5:10
9 – Hallelujah Jive – 3:20
10 – God Gave So Much – 4:23

Produced and arranged by Mike Weller
Associate Producer: Gerd Rautenbach
Engineered by Gerd Rautenbach
Mixed by Gerd Rautenbach and Berthold Kraus
Recorded and Mixed at DIERKX Studios, Cologne October an november 1978
Cover design and painting by Lucky Hettler
Photography by Margot Knappe

Covenant – Traps – 1985

Covenant is another band I know nothing about. Usually I try to avoid releasing bands I don’t know until I know something about them but in this case I wanted to get this album out there. I love this album. It has that early 80’s raw feel like a Servant or Barnabas. The album is well produced but the raw sound comes through and I love it. I’m sure this description will be updated once someone tells me about the band. Do you know them?

1 – Ending Of Time
2 – Traps
3 – Don’t Give Up
4 – He’s There
5 – Out From The Dark
6 – Hustler
7 – A Special Friend
8 – Tough Guy
9 – Give Your Life To The Lord
10 – It’s All Gonna Burn

Walk On Water – Walk On Water – 1989

The story of this album is somewhat interesting. The band won a Swedish national music contest with their song “What’s The Noise?”. In the process of recording the support album for the song. While recording the album the band became Christians and the album took on a while new light. Several songs were rewritten to have Christian lyrics and the original record deal died. Luckily the brand new label “Alarma Records” (a division of Frontline records picked up the album and released it. The album has a strong keyboard based New Wave feel with a few tracks having a heavier guitar track. “What’s the Noise” continues on as the single and is still the stand out song on the album. The CD had a rather odd aditional track that is 17 minutes long and is just chriping bird nature sounds. That one leaves me rather confused.

1 – To Walk On Water – 3:42
2 – What’s The Noise? – 4:07
3 – Call My Name – 4:05
4 – Prayer – 5:00
5 – Yeah Yeah Yeah – 3:51
6 – North Sea Town – 4:35
7 – Time – 3:25
8 – Someone – 3:35
9 – When The Serpent Rules – 4:00
10 – There Is A Morning – 4:27
11 – Bird-Song – 17:48

Art Direction – Ed McTaggart
Band [Walk On Water], Bass – Magnus Wahl
Band [Walk On Water], Guitar [Guitars] – Flord
Band [Walk On Water], Keyboards – Erik Strömblad
Band [Walk On Water], Vocals – Tot
Guest, Acoustic Guitar – Kaj Erixon (tracks: 8)
Guest, Backing Vocals – Sollentuna Gospel (tracks: 10), Titiyo Jah (tracks: 1, 7)
Guest, Dhol – Lambodhar Kalindi (tracks: 2)
Guest, Drums [Additional Drums] – Magnus Frykberg (tracks: 1, 7), Magnus Persson (7) (tracks: 2, 6)
Guest, Musician [Nagra] – Ananta Mahato (tracks: 2)
Guest, Musician [Sanax] – Dharani Kalindi (tracks: 2)
Guest, Sounds [Birds] – Ingemar Persson
Guest, Synthesizer [Mini Moog] – Kaj Erixon (tracks: 9)
Photography By [Clouds Photographed By] – Kent Nyberg
Photography By [WOW Photographed By] – Ewa-Marie Wernersson
Producer [Produced By], Arranged By – Kaj Erixon, Walk On Water
Sleeve – Kent Nyberg
Words By, Music By – Erik Strömblad*, Flord, Magnus Wahl, Tot

Companies, etc.
Phonographic Copyright (p) – Alarma World Music
Copyright (c) – Alarma World Music
Record Company – Frontline Music Group
Distributed By – The Benson Company, Inc.
Recorded At – B3B Studios
Mixed At – B3B Studios
Glass Mastered At – Nimbus, Virginia
Published By – Broken Songs