David Eastman – The Hands of God – 1985

Here’s another one I found while rooting around through the Refuge Records library. I have never heard of Eastman and really can’t find much info on him. This appears to have been his only album. I do know that he is a keyboard player and that he has appeared on a few (very few) albums as a studio musician. So lets talk about the album. It’s actually a really good album. It is keyboard heavy but good keyboards. some of the tracks have a bit of a funk feel to them but essentially this is a Pop album. It’s actually really good production and I’m somewhat surprised it didn’t do better. Give a listen for a fun 45 min’s of Pop.

1 – The Hands Of God – 3:35
2 – Remember I’m Coming Back Soon – 5:11
3 – Something To Believe In – 5:55
4 – Let All Israel Rejoice – 3:41
5 – The Power Of Love – 3:49
6 – Don’t Stop Don’t Give Up – 4:19
7 – Time Steals By – 3:13
8 – Resurrection Day – 4:11
9 – You Came Along – 3:25
10 – I’m Forgiven – 5:15
11 – The Hands Of God (Reprise) – 1:10

Artwork – Specs Art Agency
Engineer – Dave Aston, Derek Murray, Neil Costello
Engineer [Assistant] – Peter ‘Masher’ Morgan
Engineer [Mixdown] – Andy Kidd
Executive-Producer, Artwork [Sleeve Concept] – John Paculabo
Illustration – Peter Geissler
Producer – Les Moir
Producer, Artwork [Sleeve Concept] – David Eastman
Written-By, Arranged By – David Eastman

Companies, etc.
Phonographic Copyright (p) – Window Records
Copyright (c) – Window Records
Recorded At – ICC Studios
Recorded At – Chapel Lane Studios
Mixed At – Secret Studios, Belfast
Designed At – Specs Art Agency

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Lust Control – This Is A Condom Nation – 1988

Lust Control was formed by Doug Van Pelt. He brought together Maury Millican, Philip Owens, and Paul Q-Pek into the project. Strangely Owens and Q’Pek are from One Bad Pig. Lust Control were doing something different in singing (I use that term loosely) about very controversial topics. They maintained an anonymous identity by using pseudonyms on the albums and even more strangely wearing ski masks while performing. This was their demo and was also put on cassette and CD for sale. They quickly developed a cult following however their controversial (read bizarre) nature pretty well terrified most the record companies so no record deal was gong to happen obviously. As for my opinion? I hate thrash, not just dislike, I actually hate it. That said I found the album humorous and fun and I really don’t think they were taking themselves too serious which isn’t a bad thing. I understand why they do have fans though because no one was doing anything this controversial.

1 – Grace – 1:43
2 – Rude Awakening – 0:43
3 – Madolyn Murray O’Hair – 2:07
4 – Wretched – 0:14
5 – Apocalyptic Nightmare – 2:56
6 – I Want To Die – 1:22
7 – Mad At The Girls – 1:54
8 – The Big ‘M’ – 3:49
9 – You Make Me Puke – 1:37
10 – There Is A Fountain/Grace Reprise – 2:42

Doug Van Pelt – Vocals
Maury Millican – Bass
Philip Owens – Drums
Paul Q-Pek – Guitar
Steve Allen – Producer, Engineer
Paul Lamond – Engineer

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Malachia – Red Sunrise – 1987

While Malachia had a very limited short run no label release in 1986 this is essentially their first release. The California band came together in 1984 when Bassist Wade Little put it together. They played the usual California Christian circuit and went into the studio in 1986 to cut a demo. This album featured several tracks from that demo but of course rerecorded. If you want to see where ths album is headed just listen to the horrible clicheic title track “In Christ We Rock” While ther song may be a cliche the band were not. There was some real talent here and I thik Ken Pike’s vocals are very high quality in the Christin metal scene. The band changed their name to Vision sometime in 1988 and had a track on the California Metal Volume II release.

1 – In Christ We Rock – 3:59
2 – Red Sunrise – 3:51
3 – Lonely Is The Night – 4:45
4 – Let It Go – 3:08
5 – Sightless Eyes – 3:07
6 – Heaven Or Hell – 3:20
7 – Mark Of The Beast – 3:37
8 – Master’s Call – 4:50

Ken Pike – Vocals, guitar
Jeffery James – Lead guitar
Wade A. Little – Bass
Chima Ayola – Keyboards
Dave Devaughn – Drums

Companies, etc.
Recorded At – The Music Box, New York, NY
Mastered At – K Disc Mastering

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Imperials – Free The Fire – 1988

This was the Imperials album for 1988. They didn’t put out an album every year but almost. They toured so heavy that they missed the occasional year. After the shock of their previous album, “This Year’s Model”, this one wasn’t quite as rock and leaned back to Pop. Not that that album was rock but it was Rock for them. This is a solid Pop album and the vocals are even better than “This Years Model” in my opinion. This album is probably my second most liked from them and it’s a solid Pop effort. The album had an awesome 2 #2 singles, “Free The Fire”, and “The Boss”. “You” also made it to #24. I really like Dann Huff’s guitar work on the intro to “Higher Things” though that’s where I end liking the song. The intro doesn’t fit the song and they did one of those stupid abrupt ends. Not a producing masterpiece that one. That said this is a pretty good album and one of their best in my opinion.

1 – Free The Fire – 5:11
2 – Wild Geese – 4:08
3 – City In The Sky – 4:56
4 – You – 4:55
5 – The Boss – 5:17
6 – Higher Things – 5:11
7 – Rest In Your Arms – 4:16
8 – Let It Go – 4:15
9 – Better Than I Know Myself – 4:08
10 – Touchin’ Me – 4:03
11 – I Just Came To Praise The Lord – 1:59

A&R – Lynn Nichols, Mark Maxwell
Art Direction, Design – Roland Young
Band [The Imperials Are] – Armond Morales, David Will, Jimmie Lee, Ron Hemby
Engineer – Bart Stevens, Wade Jaynes
Mastered By – Doug Sax
Bass – Jimmie Lee Sloas
Drums – Paul Leim
Guitar – Dann Huff
Keyboards – Robbie Buchanan
Percussion – Lenny Castro
Piano, Synthesizer – Michael Omartian
Photography By – Howard Rosenberg
Producer, Engineer – Bill Schnee
Producer – Deborah Klein

Companies, etc.
Phonographic Copyright (p) – Word, Inc.
Copyright (c) – Word, Inc.
Manufactured By – Word, Inc.
Pressed By – Discovery Systems
Recorded At – Bill Schnee Studios
Recorded At – The Bunny Hop
Recorded At – 41B Studios
Recorded At – O’Henry Sound Studios
Mixed At – Bill Schnee Studios
Mastered At – The Mastering Lab
Published By – See This House Music
Published By – Swot Patch Music
Published By – Marquis III
Published By – Word Music
Published By – Martin Noyes Publishing
Published By – Todah Music
Published By – Nanacub Music
Published By – California Phase Music
Published By – Whitney Katherine Music, Inc.
Published By – Birdwing Music
Published By – Waif Productions Ltd.
Published By – ATV Music Ltd.
Published By – Paragon Music Corp.

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D.O.X. – Through The Fire – 1989

This is the second and last album from D.O.X. For this album they moved over to Nikolai Pankratz’s Pan-Trax Records. This also marked the departure of the involvement of Rob Watson, Terry Taylor, and Tim Chandler. I have no idea what the story behind the first album was but it appears the band were doing their own thing for this album. They also changed drummers with Dave Fiorazo replacing Robert Foster. This album was produced by Bill Baumgart who I usually really like but I don’t think he did a great job with this album. It’s not the quality of the music that I have an issue with as the album is very well done. My small criticism is the varying styles on the album. There’s Pop, Rock, and even a metal tune (R U Runnin’). The album just doesn’t flow but it is a great album. The songs are great and the band is defiantly good. Too bad they came to an end after this album, there was a lot of talent here.

1 – Cutting Edge – 3:34
2 – I See A Day – 3:34
3 – Through The Fire – 4:36
4 – Don’t Look Back – 4:45
5 – Can’t You See – 3:50
6 – R U Runnin’ – 3:16
7 – Hearts On Fire – 3:16
8 – The Love That I Needed – 3:11
9 – Faces In The Wall – 3:40

Art Direction, Illustration [Cover Illustration & Logo] – Jeff Foster
Backing Vocals [Background Vocals] – Allison Beech, Bill Baumgart, Bob Carlisle
Bass Guitar, Chapman Stick – Jeff Foster
Booking – Frontrunner Agency, Stan Gill
Drums, Percussion – Dave Fiorazo
Engineer – Dan Abernathy, Dave Jahnsen
Engineer [Mastering Engineer] – John Matousek
Keyboards – Tim Heintz
Lead Guitar – Dennis Verner, Rick Lane
Lead Vocals, Words By – Mark de la Bretonne
Music By – Mark de la Bretonne, Rick Lane
Photography By – Bridgewater Photography
Producer – Bill Baumgart
Rhythm Guitar – Rick Lane
Saxophone – Eric Marienthal
Sound Designer [Live Sound], Tour Manager [Road Support] – Dave Wagner

Companies, etc.
Phonographic Copyright (p) – Pan-Trax Records
Phonographic Copyright (p) – Pan-Trax Records, Inc.
Copyright (c) – Pan-Trax Records
Copyright (c) – Pan-Trax Records, Inc.
Manufactured By – Pan-Trax Records, Inc.
Pressed By – Discovery Systems
Recorded At – Asylomar Studios
Recorded At – Studio West, San Diego
Mastered At – Hitsville

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Halo – Heaven Calling – 1991

This was the second and final studio album from Halo though there would be a release in 2020. The album was again produced by the Elefante brothers but they did turn it back a notch on the Rock & Roll meter and slightly towards the Pop meter. As with almost all Elefante projects the production is excellent and this is one of the best albums of 1991. Personnel changes had Barry Graul replacing Keith Mims on guitar which sounds like an even trade to me. There was another album being recorded after this one but it waited until 2020 with some effort by Girder Records to get it released. Lead singer Scott Springer did go on to release an album in 1993 though I will admit I haven’t listened to it yet. Anyway if you missed this one in the 90’s give it a listen now, it really was and is a great album.

1 – Jacob’s Dream – 4:36
2 – It’s Your Decision – 4:20
3 – Saved By Grace – 4:19
4 – Heaven Calling – 4:40
5 – Thy Will Be Done – 4:03
6 – Secret To Love – 4:38
7 – Climb The Mountain – 3:59
8 – Eye Of The Storm – 4:48
9 – Man From Galilee – 4:03
10 – My Buddy – 4:16

Backing Vocals, Engineer, Mixed By – Doug Beiden
Bass Guitar, Lead Vocals – Scott Springer
Drums, Keyboards, Vocals – Mike Graham
Engineer [Assistant] – J.R. McNeely
Guitar [Additional] – Glen Pearce
Guitar, Vocals – Barry Graul
Lap Steel Guitar – Ron Eglett
Mandolin – Larry Meyers
Mastered By – Chris Bellman
Producer, Backing Vocals, Keyboards, Engineer, Mixed By – John Elefante
Producer, Engineer, Mixed By – Dino Elefante
Voice [“My Buddy” Prayer] – Wesley Springer (tracks: 10)

Companies, etc.
Phonographic Copyright (p) – Word Music, Inc.
Copyright (c) – Word Music, Inc.
Manufactured By – Word Music, Inc.
Distributed By – Word Music, Inc.
Recorded At – Pakaderm Studios
Mastered At – Bernie Grundman Mastering
Published By – Dayspring Music
Published By – Uncle Pitts Publishing
Published By – Nimbus Music

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Sweet Comfort Band – Cutting Edge – 1982

As the 70’s turned the corner into the 80’s, the “last band” of the Jesus Music era morphed from a funky, groovy and R&B driven unit into a full-fledged commercial and corporate rock quartet. And one of the very best CCM ever produced. With only six albums to their credit, the band will have landed four of those titles on this list when all is said and done. Two albums come from the first half of their career with the more R&B style while the final two on the list will come from the “rock trilogy” that closed out their career. Both of those two will be included in the Top 100. Those three albums would be noted not only for the obvious change in musical direction, but also for the fact that Bryan Duncan all but completely took over the lead vocals exclusively and played the part of front man in concert as well. This would be helped by the inclusion of the amazing John Andrew Schreiner on keyboards, both on the recording as well as in live concert support. One other difference were the fabulous brush art album cover artwork. The first two (Hearts of Fire, Cutting Edge) featured a “Spiritual Warfare” theme to the artwork with swords and battle appearance. Cutting Edge artwork shows a glistening sword with a warrior battling a serpent in the sward’s reflection. This warfare theme would also educate the lyrics at times as well. Cutting Edge is a really odd album in that, for some reason, even fans of hard rock and metal seem to like the album with several “heavy music” publications giving the album a great review. perhaps it was the artwork and themes, but no matter, the album is one for the ages.

Contributor David Lowman – https://ccms500bestalbums.wordpress.com/

1 – Runnin’ To Win – 4:06
2 – What Have You Got? – 3:10
3 – Falling In Love With You – 3:34
4 – Haven’t Seen You – 4:47
5 – Breakdown Love – 3:12
6 – Valerie – 3:23
7 – Changed Hearts – 3:40
8 – Live It – 4:03
9 – What Did It Mean? – 3:31
10 – Armed And Ready – 4:47

Bass – Kevin Thomson
Drums, Vocals – Rick Thomson
Engineer [Second @ Bill Schnee] – David Shober
Engineer [Second @ Mama Jo’s] – Steve Ford
Guitar, Vocals – Randy Thomas
Illustration, Design – Kernie Erickson
Keyboards – John Schreiner
Keyboards, Vocals – Brian Duncan
Management – David Bendett Artists, Inc.
Mastered By – Doug Sax
Percussion – Victor Feldman
Photography By [Back Cover] – David Randle
Producer – Jack Joseph Puig
Soprano Saxophone – David Hlebo
Tenor Saxophone – John Phillips
Vocals – Bob Carlisle

Companies, etc.
Record Company – Lexicon Music, Inc.
Phonographic Copyright (p) – Lexicon Music, Inc.
Copyright (c) – Lexicon Music, Inc.
Recorded At – Bill Schnee Studios
Recorded At – Mama Jo’s
Mixed At – Mama Jo’s
Mastered At – The Mastering Lab
Pressed By – Electrosound Group Midwest, Inc.

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Truth – Makin’ It Matter – 1987

Truth released an album almost every year and this is that yearly release for 1987. It continues with their normal trend of Easy listening adult oriented pop albums. This album did garner them one of their very few (relative to their number of albums) CCM singles. “You’ll Still Be Lord Of All” made it to #25. I am actually quite surprised they didn’t have more singles on the CCM charts as they optimize the style those charts were looking for. This album had the band at 22 people in size so about average for them. Yes that was the size of the band. I can only assume the shared revenue from each album was inconsequential to the members.


1 – Makin’ It Matter – 3:26
2 – Walls Come Down – 3:09
3 – You’ll Still Be Lord Of All – 4:52
4 – Higher Ground – 3:43
5 – It Is Well With My Soul – 4:02
6 – I’ve Just Begun To Fight – 3:50
7 – Like Father, Like Son – 3:57
8 – All Rise – 4:13
9 – There Is A Hope – 4:58

Arranged By [Strings And Brass Arrangements Written And Played On The Synclavier System By] – Reed Arvin
Arranged By [Vocal Arrangements] – Steven V. Taylor
Bass – Gary Lunn
Directed By – Roger Breland
Drums – Mark Hammond
Engineer – Brent King, Doug Sarrett, Nicky Michaels
Guitar – Jon Goin
Horns – Brian Smith, Ken Reich, Michael Walker, Robbie Mattix, Ross Walters
Keyboards – David Huntsinger
Mixed By – Brent King, Steven V. Taylor
Performer [Member] – Alicia Williamson, Andy Chrisman, Berneé Tuttle, Brian Smith, David Cleveland, Ed Seidenkranz, Gina Walker, Ken Reich, Kevin Anthony, Kevin Newton, Lisa Pieper, Mark Harris, Marty Magehee, Michael Walker, Paul Glasgow, Phil Peters, Robbie Mattix, Ross Walters, Shari Beeman, Tim Ranson, Travis Laws, Wes Tuttle
Producer – Steven V. Taylor
Producer [Vocal Production Assistance] – Gordon Twist
Programmed By [Synth Programming] – John Slick
Saxophone [Solo] – Ross Walters

Companies, etc.
Phonographic Copyright (p) – Benson Records
Copyright (c) – Benson Records
Distributed By – The Benson Company, Inc.
Recorded At – The Sound Shop
Recorded At – Tree International Studio
Recorded At – Downstage Studio
Mastered At – MasterMix

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Daniel Amos – The Revelation – 1986

It’s actually a little tough to classify this album. What we have here is a complete remix of side 2 of DA’s 2nd album, Shotgun Angel with one additional track, “Soon”. In between and mixed into the tracks are readings of the Book of Revelation by Calvary Chapel (Costa Mesa) Pastor Chuck Smith. I guess you could say this is a bit of a conceptual album. Because of this I actually chose to upload the album as Side 1 and Side 2 as I felt breaking up the individual tracks actually interfered with the flow of the narration and as such the album. I think it’s best enjoyed as a whole rather than it’s parts. The remixes are actually very good but as a whole the idea didn’t work for me. I enjoyed listening to it once but found I didn’t want a round 2. That said it definitely deserves at least a one time listen through.



Finale: Bereshith Overture – 6:03
Lady Goodbye – 3:59
The Whistler – 5:23
He’s Gonna Do A Number On You – 2:29
Better – 6:49

Side 2
Sail Me Away – 6:28
Posse In The Sky – 6:23
Soon – 11:03

Accordion – Frank Marocco
Art Direction – Ed McTaggart
Artwork – Jon Fraze
Backing Vocals – Ed McTaggart, Jerry Chamberlain, Mark Cook, Marty Dieckmeyer, Terry Taylor
Bass Guitar – Marty Dieckmeyer
Compilation Producer – Terry Scott Taylor
Conductor – Jim Stipech
Drums – Ed McTaggart
Guitar – Jerry Chamberlain, Terry Taylor
Keyboards – Mark Cook
Keyboards [Album Segways] – Terry Taylor
Layout – Ed McTaggart
Lead Vocals – Jerry Chamberlain (tracks: A2), Mark Cook (tracks: A4), Terry Taylor
Mastered By – John Matousek
Narrator – Pastor Chuck Smith
Orchestrated By – Jim Stipech
Pedal Steel Guitar – Dom Franco
Percussion – Ed McTaggart
Percussion [Additional] – Alex MacDougall
Producer – Daniel Amos, Jonathan David Brown
Remix – Doug Doyle, Terry Taylor

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One Bad Pig – I Scream Sunday – 1991

This is the fourth studio album for the Pigs. At this point I think the style was starting to wear a bit thin on some fans judging from what I have read. I was never a big fan of their style so I can’t really judge. That said this album has a highlight of a cover of a Johnny Cash song with Johnny Cash on vocals. Pretty cool actually. I am not really a fan of their style but I was able to enjoy “For A Good Man” which is a real song. Well my definition of a real song, your mileage may vary. But the bottom line on this album is that if your a fan of their quirky thrash style this album should satisfy your listening yearnings.

1 – Take A Look At Yourself – 4:22
2 – You’re A Pagan – 2:18
3 – I Scream Sunday – 3:14
4 – Man In Black – 3:00
5 – Not Love Money – 4:18
6 – Cut Your Hair – 5:11
7 – For A Good Man – 4:05
8 – Ice Cream Sundae – 2:03
9 – Bird Nest – 3:06
10 – Up The Nose – 0:55
11 – Spirit Of Murder – 4:58
12 – Sober Up – 2:42
13 – Pad Thai – 0:20
14 – Never Forget The Cross – 4:22
15 – Wholly My Lord – 3:50

A&R – Mark Maxwell
Bass, Vocals – Daniel Tucek
Drums, Vocals – Philip Owens
Engineer [Second Engineer] – Pasquale DelViaggio, Roy Gamble, Shawn McLean
Engineer, Mixed By, Mastered By – Lee Groitzsch
Guitar, Vocals – Paul Q-Pek
Lead Vocals [Lead Screamer Vocals] – Carey “Kosher” Womack
Mastered By – Denny Purcell
Producer, Mixed By – Billy Smiley

Companies, etc.
Phonographic Copyright (p) – Word, Inc.
Copyright (c) – Word, Inc.
Mastered At – Georgetown Masters

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