Ron Moore – Dauntless – 1983

Ron Moore is not an artist I was familiar with in the 80’s which is a bit surprising as he has 8 albums in the 70’s to early 90’s time period. Now after listening to the album it is unlikely I would have purchased the album as it was not my style of music but I still should have been aware of him. Even though it’s not my style it’s very well done which is all the more reason I should have heard of him. It is a mix of AOR and Easy Listening and Ron’s guitar work and vocals are excellent. It almost has a folk sound in places and his style could have compared to Cat Stevens (your mileage may vary). One final reason I should have heard of this album/artist is that it was released on blue vinyl. While this was a gimmick in the 80’s, it’s a gimmick that drew me like a moth to a light. All in all it’s a great album from a great artist and I look forward to listening to some of his other work. By the way if you’re interested in getting a copy of his music most of it is available for purchase on Bandcamp.

1 – Sarasota – 4:18
2 – Master Plan – 2:23
3 – Deep Magic – 2:34
4 – Givers And Takers – 3:57
5 – Forgiving – 2:22
6 – The Road Forever – 3:53
7 – Waiting – 4:04
8 – Faith In Action – 2:23
9 – Stand Your Ground – 2:57
10 – Star Chasers All – 4:51
11 – Don’t Take Long – 2:34
12 – Champion – 3:27

Vocals – Ron Moore
Acoustic Guitar – Ron Moore
Electric Guitar – Ron Moore, Jim Thomas, Charlie Swanogon
Bass – Ron Moore
Synthesizer – Ron Moore, Kerry Moore, John Lawry, Dennis Ikler, Howard Eddy
Percussion – Ron Moore, Michael Addison
Drums – Walter Martin, Dennis Holt
Background Vocals – Albrecht, Roley & Moore, Ron & Kerry Moore, Scott Roley, Pat Quinn, Michael and Audrey Henderson, Sandy Wynn, Jim Thomas, Kerri Evans
Graphics – Kerry Moore
Back cover photo – Kerry Moore
Cover concept – Ron Moore, Dennis Preston, Kerry Moore
Cover illustration – Dennis Preston
Mastered by – George Graves
Producer – Ron Moore
Engineer – Bill Deaton, Bob Dennis, Ron Moore
Horse Rider – Pauly Hubbard

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Randy Matthews – Plugged In – 1981

This 1981 offering from Randy showcases his ability to stay relevant in the 80’s. Randy was an artist throughout the 70’s releasing 8 albums. This is his second album in the 80’s and his style was evolving without doing anything that would qualify him as a sellout. I compared his previous album as having a Joe Cocker sound and Scott commented that it also had a Bob Seger feel. This album has a strong Seger sound with a lot less of a Cocker sound. All in all an excellent album and if you can only listen to one song on the album I suggest the title track Plugged In. Point of trivia, Steve Scruggs engineered this album and his brother Randy played guitar on the album. They were the sons of the legendary Earl Scruggs.

Track Listing:
1 – Plugged In – 3:42
2 – Ball & Chain – 3:50
3 – Can’t They See – 3:51
4 – Sooner Or Later – 3:21
5 – Hold Fast, Hold Tight – 4:04
6 – Over & Over – 2:43
7 – Prodigal Son – 3:13
8 – Loud Shroud – 3:44
9 – White Boat – 4:10
10 – Praise These Days – 3:41

Acoustic Guitar – Randy Matthews
Backing Vocals – Bonnie D. Hatcher, Francine Belcher, Gary Scruggs, Kimberly D. Fleming
Bass, Backing Vocals – David McCaskell
Drums, Backing Vocals – Louie Weaver
Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar – Randy Scruggs
Electric Guitar, Backing Vocals – Allen Holmes
Engineer – Steve Scruggs
Engineer, Mixed By – Tom Semmes
Executive Producer – Kent Washburn
Keyboards, Backing Vocals – Gene Sisk
Producer – John Thompson

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Deliverance – Deliverance – 1989/2008

Deliverance was another band coming out of the California metal scene in the mid 80’s. They had a demo in 1987 that was very well received and then got two tracks on the first California Metal compilation. Then they got a deal in 1988 with Intense Records for this 1989 release. Though they are usually better known for their second album this album was well received but there was only a short pressing so there wasn’t as much promotion. The album ranked at No. 3 on Heaven’s Metal fanzine Top 100 Christian metal albums of all-time. The album was also well received in the secular metal community though I think it could be better referenced as having a secret secular fan club. The album was produced by Bill Metoyer who was working with top secular metal bands of the period. The album was re-issued by Retroactive Records in November of 2008 with new album artwork and “Attack” and “A Space Called Your” as bonus tracks. This playlist includes those two tracks. It was again re-issued in 2017 by Roxx Records & No Life ’til Metal Records with the same two bonus tracks.

1 – Victory – 3:44
2 – No Time – 4:28
3 – Deliverance – 3:03
4 – If You Will – 3:03
5 – The Call – 3:40
6 – No Love – 3:30
7 – Blood of the Covenant – 4:50
8 – Jehovah Jireh – 3:35
9 – Temporary Insanity – 5:25
10 – Awake – 6:03

2008 Bonus Tracks
11 – Attack – 3:54
12 – Space Called You – 3:45

Art Direction – Ed Taggart
Bass – Brian Khairullah
Cover [Cover Concept By] – Deliverance
Drums – Chris Hyde
Executive-Producer – Caesar Kalinowski
Guitar – Glenn Rogers
Music By [All Songs By], Vocals, Guitar – Jimmy P. Brown II
Producer – Bill Metoyer
Remastered By – Rob Colwell

Companies, etc.
Phonographic Copyright (p) – Intense Records
Copyright (c) – Intense Records
Distributed By – The Benson Company, Inc.
Distributed By – Mainroads Music Group
Recorded At – Mixing Lab A
Recorded At – Mixing Lab B
Published By – Broken Songs
Glass Mastered At – Nimbus, Virginia

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Love Chapter Band – Livin’ In The Sonshine – 1978

This was the first of 3 albums from Love Chapter Band. Again I am having a difficult time finding out anything about the band. I do know they were from British Columbia Canada and the album was released on New Born Records, a sister label to Tunesmith. Of note on the album is the title track which is a cover of 1976 Gentle Faith (Darrell Mansfield) song “Livin in the Sonshine”. Other than that I have nothing I can tell you about them or the album.

1 – Where Will You Go – 4:48
2 – The Sacrificed Lamb – 4:56
3 – Joy Comes – 3:34
4 – No More Reasons – 5:01
5 – Jump In – 1:53
6 – Just A Prayer Away – 3:00
7 – God’s Will – 3:21
8 – Make Me An Instrument – 4:11
9 – Livin’ In The Sonshine – 2:39

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Larry Bryant – Silent Movies – 1988

This was Larry’s second and last album. He turned it way up for this album from his previous AOR release. This is a solid Pop/Rock album and is very well done. It was produced by Joe Huffman and this may be the most Rock & Roll album he ever produced as he regularly produced Jimmy Swaggart albums. The memorable track on this album is “Frog In A Box” and while a very quirky name it’s actually a pretty good song. I kind of wonder why I hadn’t heard it before listening to this album just recently. This is another one I missed in the 80’s but I’m very happy I discovered it now.

1 – Frog In A Box – 5:42
2 – Once You Give Your Heart Away – 4:11
3 – Mighty Love – 4:09
4 – Silent Movies – 5:22
5 – Life Goes On – 3:55
6 – Won By One – 3:14
7 – Let The Praise Begin – 3:10
8 – Sometimes I’m Samson – 3:40
9 – East and West – 3:53
10 – My Soul Waits In Silence – 5:05

Reed Arvin – Synclavier/Extra Keyboards, String and Horn Arrangements
Larry Bryant – Songwriter, Vocals, Piano, Background Vocals
John Bryant – Background Vocals
Kimber D. Cherry – Songwriter
Jon Goin – Guitars
Mark Hammond – Drums
Joe Huffman – Producer
Gary Lunn – Bass
Marty McCall – Background Vocals
Niki Mikals – Engineer
Phil Naish – Keyboards
Mike Psanos – Re-mix Engineer
Lisa Whitford – Songwriter

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The Newsboys – Read All About It – 1988

This was the first studio album from The Newsboys. They had got a deal from Refuge records but it would end up being a one album deal as this album was not well received. Lucky for the band Star Song picked them up so their career could continue. I’m actually quite surprised this album didn’t do better. It’s a pretty good pop album and certainly as good as most of the CCM stuff at the time. I suspect this may have been more of a problem with distribution and/or promotion. Like I say the talent was there and these guys went on to be one of the top CCM bands of all times as far as sold albums is concerned and they are still going strong today. This album included 4 tracks from their demo so if you had their demo this album wasn’t really a good deal but the songs were reworked.

1 – I Got Your Number – 4:45
2 – Listen For The Shout – 3:20
3 – Lighthouse – 3:16
4 – It’s Joy – 3:48
5 – You’re Still There – 3:06
6 – Read All About It – 4:46
7 – Hold On Tight – 3:57
8 – Never Surrender – 4:09
9 – The Big Time – 3:56
10 – He’s Coming Back – 3:48

Bass Guitar – Sean Taylor
Drums – Peter Furler
Guitar – Phil Yates
Lead Vocals – John James
Producer – Tommy Sims

Companies, etc.
Copyright (c) – Rock Of Refuge

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Philadelphia – Search And Destroy – 1985/2000

Philadelphia were one of the early Christian metal acts starting out in 1982 though they had been together previously as a secular band called Survivor. This is their second album and was about as poorly as their first which wasn’t good. That reception was not due to the quality of the music, it was due to the early fear of heavy metal music in the Christian genre. Personally I think the album was perfect for the era and I’m surprised it wasn’t better accepted. The original vinyl and cassette are very rare but no numbers were published. Lucky for Philadelphia fans the album was re-released for the first time in 2000 by Millenium Eight Records. This release was limited to only 1500 copies and included 5 new tracks. “Please My Love” and “Kids in America” were recorded during a reunion in 1999, while the 3 live songs, “Warlord”, “Razor’s Edge”, and “One Way Out” were recorded at the Cornerstone Christian music festival in 1986. This playlist includes those tracks. The album was again re-released in 2019 on Roxx Records. This release had reworked album art which is a huge improvement over the original poor art.

1 – Search And Destroy – 6:02
2 – Bobby’s Song – 3:51
3 – Oh My Boy – 5:10
4 – Judgement Day – 3:51
5 – Mirror Man – 3:08
6 – Fastrack – 4:32
7 – Showdown – 4:27
8 – Decision Time – 5:56

2000 CD Release Bonus Tracks
9 – Please My Love – 5:22
10 – Kids In America – 3:55
11 – Warlord – 7:26
12 – Razor’s Edge – 5:57
13 – One Way Out – 5:06

Bass, Vocals – Brian Clark
Drums – Brian Martini
Executive Producer – Bill Bafford
Guitar – Paul Scholling, Ronn Flowers
Layout, Design – Scott Waters
Mastered By – Rob Colwell

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Imperials – One More Song For You – 1979

At this point in time the Imperials had the whole hit album thing down to a fine art and Dayspring/Word Records was in full profit mode even getting 2 albums out in 1979. The Russ Taff legacy was taking a strong foothold and they were churning out the radio hits. This album had 3 singles. The big one was “I’m Forgiven” which got stuck at #1 for an amazing 13 weeks. “What I Can Do For You” and “One More Song For You” peaked at #12 and #10 respectively. Of real note on this album is Michael Omartian coming on as producer and song writer. Personally this album just wasn’t that impressive to me. I really shouldn’t argue with radio success but at this point the guys could have put out an album of them all snoring and it would have been a #1 hit. CCM radio was only interested in playing tried and true performers and no one was more tried and true than the Imperials. That said I admit there was some good stuff coming on future albums when luckily they had to compete with up and coming acts that turned the electric guitar up past 3. That said to the normal Imperials fan this is a good album and I am sure they quite enjoyed it.

1 – What I Can Do For You – 2:59
2 – I’m Forgiven – 3:54
3 – All My Life – 3:24
4 – Living Without Your Love – 3:27
5 – Eagle Song – 3:14
6 – Closer Than Ever – 4:23
7 – One More Song For You – 4:38
8 – Higher Power – 4:20
9 – More Like You – 3:30

Backing Vocals [Additional] – Marti McCall, Myrna Matthews, Stormie Omartian
Bass – Abraham Laboriel
Concertmaster – Assa Drori
Congas – Victor Feldman
Design [Album Design], Photography By – Bob Anderson
Drums – Paul Leim
Engineer [Additional] – Jack Lees, John Banuelos
Engineer, Remix – John Guess
Guitar – Marty Walsh
Horns – Chuck Findley, Dick Hyde, Jackie Kelso, Steve Madaio
Horns, Soloist [Saxophone] – Kim Hutchcroft
Mastered By – Bernie Grundman
Performer – Armond Morales, David Will, Jim Murray, Russell Taff
Producer, Arranged By, Keyboards, Percussion – Michael Omartian

Companies, etc.
Phonographic Copyright (p) – Word, Inc.
Copyright (c) – Word, Inc.
Published By – See This House Music
Published By – Word Music, Inc.
Published By – Norman Clayton Publishing
Published By – I.A.M. Music
Recorded At – Jennifudy Studios
Recorded At – Hollywood Central Recorders
Mastered At – A&M Mastering Studios
Pressed By – Monarch Record Mfg. Co.

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Bryan Duncan – Strong Medicine – 1989

This was Bryan’s last album on Modern Art Records which I think was his own label as he is pretty well the only artist on it. This is another strong pop album from him and falls in line with this album’s predecessors. I liked most the tracks but was a bit taken aback by “Don’t Ya Wanna Rap”. It reminded me of a Jazzy Jeff Rap song but after listening to it a few times I came to think it’s just a fun silly song and now I kind of like it. The album did very well on the charts with 4 singles. Strong Medicine made it to #2, Let Me Be Broken to #3, Stand In My Place to #5, and Wonderful barely edged on at #30. Pretty successful album which probably helped lead Bryan to a record deal with Word/Myrrh Records.

1 – Let Me Be Broken – 4:13
2 – Recognize A Lover From A Thief – 4:20
3 – Stand In My Place – 4:19
4 – Strong Medicine – 5:07
5 – Don’t Ya Wanna Rap – 3:55
6 – Inside Out – 4:25
7 – Lies Upon Lies – 3:00
8 – Hand It Over – 4:14
9 – Wonderful – 3:52

Backing Vocals [Obvious Female Vocals With Phyllis] – Edna Wright
Backing Vocals [Obvious Female Vocals] – Phyllis St. James
Co-producer, Keyboards, Bass, Drums, Percussion, Songwriter [Songwriting], Arranged By [Arrangements], Engineer [Additional Engineering “the Executioner”] – Chuck Barth
Creative Director [Creative Direction] – Jim Fitzgerald
Creative Director [Creative Direction], Art Direction – Gary Whitlock
Engineer [Additional Engineering] – Jeff Park
Graphics – Gina Phelps
Management [Personal Management] – Ray Ware Artists
Mastered By – Bernie Grundman
Other [Stunt Double For Bryan] – Brad Duncan
Percussion – Dave Romero
Photography By – Stew Ivester
Producer, Engineer, Arranged By [Arrangements], Recorded By, Mixed By – Larry Brown
Programmed By [Additional Programming] – John Stenstrom
Songwriter [Songwriting], Arranged By [Arrangements], Other [Direction], Concept By [Album Concept], Keyboards – Bryan Duncan

Companies, etc.
Phonographic Copyright (p) – Modern Art Records, Inc.
Copyright (c) – Modern Art Records, Inc.
Manufactured By – Word, Inc.
Distributed By – Word, Inc.
Recorded At – 440 Sound Recorders
Mixed At – 440 Sound Recorders

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Hope Sterling – The Way Things Are – 1988

I really can’t find much on Hope but I will summarize what I did find but with no claim of it’s accuracy. Hope was a Canadian artist who went into the studio in 1987 or 1988 to record this excellent album. It has a great female pop sound and quite frankly I am surprised I can’t find out more about it. The album was produced by Roy Salmond who produced some of the best Canadian artists at the time and had some good albums of his own. Apparently Hope toured with Sheila Walsh in on Walsh’s Canadian tour as well as African Sonrise and Connie Scott on various dates. That’s about all I can find but this is an excellent album so give it the love it deserved in 1988 when it came out.

1 – Love Comes Along – 3:52
2 – Can’t Give It (If You Don’t Have It) – 3:59
3 – Standing In The Shadows – 3:59
4 – You Will Not Leave Me – 3:08
5 – I Remember – 6:37
6 – Oh The Distance – 3:10
7 – The Way Things Are – 4:12
8 – Arms Up – 5:17
9 – Don’t Keep On Running – 4:37
10 – Never Let Us Go – 4:28

Backing Vocals – Hope, Roy
Backing Vocals [Additional] – Donny Hackett (tracks: 6), Gayle Salmond (tracks: 6)
Bass – Miles Hill (tracks: 7)
Design, Layout – Nancy Yeasting
Drums, Percussion – Daryl Bennett
Engineer – Gary Tole
Engineer, Mixed By – Dave Slagter
Executive-Producer – Bill Sterling, Mark Sterling
Guitar – Dane DeViller
Keyboards, Bass, Drum Programming [Drum And Percussion Programming], Guitar – Roy Salmond
Mastered By – Bernie Grundman
Photography By – Francis Cheng
Producer, Arranged By – Roy Salmond

Companies, etc.
Recorded At – Inside Trak Studios
Mastered At – Bernie Grundman Mastering

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