MRC Sampler – What’s Shakin – 1984

This album was a sampler from the record label “Ministry Resource Center”.

It features some known bands but there are a few bands on the album which never released an album. There are also some songs that were previously unreleased. All in all a must have album.

Track Listing:
1 – Undercover – One Of These Days – 2:24
2 – The Proclaimers – Rejoice – 2:10
3 – Stephen Crumbächer – It Don’t Matter – 4:00
4 – Youth Choir – It’s So Wonderful – 1:56
5 – Altar Boys – Go For It – 2:14
6 – The Lifters – Listen Children – 2:15
7 – The Omega Band – Idols – 2:43
8 – Sharon McCall – From The Grave – 3:50
9 – Malcolm And The Mirrors – Apathy – 4:00
10 – CIA – Your Choice – 2:30
11 – Stephen Crumbächer – It Don’t Matter (Reprise) – 1:02

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Author: Ray Mansfield

One of the founding cowboys of Real 80s CCM. Been listening to this stuff since 1978.

4 thoughts on “MRC Sampler – What’s Shakin – 1984”

  1. Hey Ray,

    Great to see this ! I am the songwriter and lead vocalist/ bass of The Proclaimers out of OC in California. It was great to have been part of this Christian music period and saw how God worked.

    I have been songwriting and working in the music business since that period. My band is Phonoville.

    Thanks for including this bit of history.


    Brian Waters

  2. Thank you Ray!!!LOL! So did I. I have a lot of live recordings of The Proclaimers during those years. I have thought about releasing them, if there was an interest, I would release a record with the two original players and the those songs. I plan on doing a follow up record that will be current soon, with new music. I always felt like, I wanted to do a follow up to the MRC What’s Shakin! If you hear some interest , I am ready!!! God Bless, and “Rejoice” in the Lord always!

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