Matthew Ward – Point Of View – 1992

This was Matthew’s first and only album on Benson Records after the untimely closing of Live Oak Records. I’m not really too sure how much effort he put into this album as quite frankly it’s a little dull. It leans to easy listening and quite frankly there aren’t many tunes that caught my attention though “Talk About” did interest me. I’m not saying it’s a bad album it’s just kind of dull. It only had one charting single, “Forever Stay” which made it to #10 but don’t expect much it is a frightfully easy listening track. Snooping through the credits I found that the drummer for the album was Dean Castronovo who is better known as the drummer for Bad English. Strangely I can only find that he ever appeared on 2 Christian albums, both by Ward. Also it was interesting to see Phil Keaggy played guitar on “Waterfall”. The song doesn’t have a guitar solo and I’m not really too sure why Keaggy was on the track as you can barely even make out the guitar track. All that said I am glad I have listened to the album for at least the historical value.

1 – Point Of View – 3:12
2 – Black And Blue – 3:25
3 – Waterfall – 3:48
4 – Too Late – 4:03
5 – Forever Stay – 4:14
6 – Teach My Heart – 3:40
7 – Faces Once More – 3:14
8 – Talk About – 3:43
9 – Sin For A Season – 4:17
10 – I Will Bless The Lord – 2:18

Art Direction – Connie Harrington
Backing Vocals – Bob Carlisle (tracks: 1, 2, 4 to 6, 8, 9), Debi Lee (tracks: 1, 4 to 6, 8, 9), Matthew Ward (tracks: 1, 4 to 6, 8 to 10), Nelly Greisen (tracks: 3, 7)
Bass – Leon Gaer
Design – The Riordon Design Group Inc.
Drums – Dean Castronovo
Engineer, Arranged By – Greg Hunt
Guitar – Martin Walsh, Phil Keaggy (tracks: 3)
Keyboards, Arranged By – Gary Leach
Mastered By – Denny Purcell
Photography – Russ Harrington
Producer, Arranged By – Matthew Ward

Companies, etc.
Phonographic Copyright (p) – Benson Music Group, Inc.
Copyright (c) – Benson Music Group, Inc.
Recorded At – Rosewood Studio
Mixed At – Rosewood Studio
Mastered At – Georgetown Masters

Matthew Ward – Fortress – 1990

Matthew Wards 4th solo album actually turns up the Rock factor compared to previous work. I discovered why on Ward’s website where he says this about the album. “Normally, I write around keyboards. This was the first, and only, CD I have recorded that was written and arranged mostly on and for the electric guitar. I simply did what I wanted and let it rock.” He left that guitar work to James Dillingham who is a relatively little known guitarist but he handled the duties very well. I wouldn’t say this album is Rock & Roll gold but it’s definitely worth a listen. The one thing about Matthew Ward that has always kind of surprised me is that normally I wouldn’t really like his style of music but I always enjoy his albums and several of his songs are in my regular rotation. Of interest on this album is that he closes it out with a guitar heavy Rock version of Martin Luther’s “A Mighty Fortress Is Our God”. I’ve heard several rock versions of this song and this one ranks right up there in terms of quality, especially the guitar work.

1 – Warrior – 4:13
2 – Heaven Is Calling – 4:09
3 – Since I Found You – 4:18
4 – Faithful And True – 4:10
5 – Psalm 33:3 – 4:18
6 – You – 3:51
7 – Indecision – 4:26
8 – God Of All – 3:35
9 – Mixed Emotions – 3:26
10 – Fortress – 5:02

Arranged By [Arrangements] – Gary Leach, Matthew Ward
Art Direction [Assistant] – David Reid
Art Direction, Design – Bradley Grose
Backing Vocals [All Background Vocals] – Matthew Ward
Bass – Bob Gentry
Drums – Dean Castronovo
Engineer – Greg Hunt
Engineer [Second Engineer] – Gary Leach
Guitar – James Dillingham
Jew’s Harp – Greg Hunt
Keyboards – Gary Leach
Lyrics By [All Lyrics By] – Matthew Ward (tracks: 1 to 9)
Mastered By – Doug Sax
Music By [All Music Written By] – Gary Leach (tracks: 1 to 6, 8, 9), Matthew Ward (tracks: 1 to 6, 8, 9)
Other [Make Up/Hair] – Susan Grose
Photography By – Alan Dockery
Producer [Produced By] – Matthew Ward
Programmed By [Synth Programming] – Gary Leach

Companies, etc.
Phonographic Copyright (p) – Matthew Ward Productions
Copyright (c) – Matthew Ward Productions
Distributed By – Benson Music Group
Distributed By – R.G. Mitchell Family Books, Inc.
Recorded At – Rosewood Studio
Mastered At – The Mastering Lab
Published By – Megan’s College Fund Music

CD Case Front
CD Case Back

Matthew Ward – Toward Eternity – 1979

I have heard from different sources that Matthew Ward’s “Toward Eternity” is either the last Jesus Music album or the first CCM album. Released right around the turn of the decade that many define as the historical marker for the two genres. Produced and written by many that were the founder and stalwarts of the Jesus Music era (Randy Stonehill, Phil Keaggy, Keith Green, Michael Omartian), but decidedly more polished, rock and pop driven than anything released previously.

I simply call it a classic that is clearly the center of a musical paradigm shirt in CCM. Production was stellar, performances spotless and Ward’s vocals soar. This is not a solo project from 1/3 of 2nd Chapter of Acts, it is a brilliant rock album conceived and released by an utterly unique and engaging artist in his own right. These are not left-overs from his group, but rather songs that far exceed much of what his siblings were releasing at the time.

Musicians on the album included those mentioned above along with Abraham Laboriel, David Kemper, Ray Parker Jr. and many more studio pros. The album is nearly flawless and many aficionados will list it in their all time Top 10. It was also released at a time when many Christian Music buffs were cutting their teeth on the genre and this album proved to be a revelation to many. I would not be surprised to find many of the “older” readers complaining on its placement in the countdown, and I will not disagree; I understand their reasoning.

Oddly enough, even fans of hard rock love the album despite its general lack of anything leaning in that direction. Much has to do with the great songs and Keaggy’s outrageous guitar work. It is always odd that Keaggy will often lend some of his best work on projects for other artists. But ultimately it comes down to the fact that Ward possesses one of the greatest voices on the planet. Period!

The album kicks off with the funky rock number “It’s Alright” lead by Keaggy’s great guitar work. This is a fearless rock groove with a monster bass line driving the low-end. The song is built around a particular end times expectation complete with money system, beast and mark. That notwithstanding, the song is just so good. The great vocal bridge leads to Keaggy’s driving rhythm guitar work.

Limited breaks between songs leads the starter right into a great Keith green piano driven song, “Soft Spot.” The Beatlesque (Penny Lane) sound of the chorus complete with a great string arrangement softens what could have been a much heavier song, and it actually works in the artists favor given the content of the song.

The acoustic “Noah” immediately sounds like a Phil Keaggy song. And it is. Written by Keaggy, Ward recorded it and someone once mentioned that Keaggy didn’t want to record it after hearing Ward’s masterful vocals. I don’t know if it’s one of those popular urban legends as Keaggy eventually would record his own version.

A personal favorite is the rocker, “Till the Walls Come Down.” Like the lead track, the song is one of the heavier musically and features Keaggy’s awesome guitar work, especially the solo. Written by Ward, Keaggy and Green (wow, just think about that for a moment), the song is most noted for the Michael Omartian lead “killer bees.” One must listen to truly understand the bees reference.

Returning to the most pop oriented piano sound with Green’s “Better Than This,” Ward let’s the vocals go on a few bright moments when he hits some unreal notes. The song has a great hook, but the same can be said for the entire album. I can go years in between listens and still never miss a note when singing along.

What would be initially the start of side two, “Your Love Came Over Me” is great Doobie Brothers (China Grove) type riff that never quits throughout. I know it may be hard for readers today to understand just how rare it was for a “safe” artist to deliver such a rock oriented album. The industry at the time would allow for the occasional pop rock riff, but rarely an album that rocked from start to finish.

The song was written by Keith Green and a gentlemen named Todd Fishkind. Fishkind may be one of the most important songwriters and musicians from the era that no one really knows about. He was very close to Green and they wrote quite a bit together, including the classic “Your Love Broke Through.” Fishkind would also wrote a book about Keith. He was also considered quite the musician.

“Hold On” follows and sounds like something off pop radio at the time. If not for Ward’s distinctive vocals I would swear it could have been a single off of Chicago 13. In fact, it would have been the best song off of Chicago 13.

The borderline “world music” influenced “Angels Unaware” is the only truly dated song from the project. The lyrics about guardian angels at times are silly (something about the “honkin’ flu”) but no more silly than what Amy Grant would record nearly a decade later.

The hiccup of “Angels Unaware” is immediately forgotten with the stunning and emotionally driving ballad, “Summer Snow.” The simple song of faith and God’s timing is exclusively driven by piano and strings. Tom Keene’s great string arrangement supports Green’s beautiful playing. Matthew shows the range both vocally and emotionally here. It ranks amongst the true classic from the era.

The “much too short” album closes with an Anne Herring tune, “The Vineyard.” It is all but an instrumental, as the only vocals are “ooh’s” playing the part of strings on top of Tom Keene’s beautiful piano work. It is a contemplative ending to an utterly brilliant and timeless classic album.

Whether it ended one or era or started another is not of consequence and the debate shall continue. What is of consequence is how truly revelatory and ground breaking the album was and how, over 30 years later, it is still a brilliant masterpiece by a wonderful artist.


Track Listing:
1 – It’s All Right – 2:34
2 – Soft Spot – 3:42
3 – Noah’s Song – 3:56
4 – Till The Walls Fall Down – 2:29
5 – Gotta Do Better Than This – 3:23
6 – Your Love Came Over Me – 4:07
7 – Hold On – 3:10
8 – Angels Unaware – 2:26
9 – Summer Snow – 3:36
10 – The Vineyard – 2:18

Scotty Edwards – Bass
Todd Fishkind – Songwriter
Jay Graydon – Guitars
Keith Green – Songwriter, Piano
Melody Green – Songwriter
Annie Herring – Songwriter
Buck Herring – Producer, Engineer, Songwriter
Phil Keaggy – Songwriter, Guitars
Tom Keene – String Arranger, Piano
David Kemper – Drums
Abraham Laboriel – Bass
Michael Omartian – Horn Arranger, Songwriter, Synthesizer, Piano, Fender Rhodes, Percussion
Ray Parker, Jr. – Guitars
Matthew Ward – Songwriter, Vocal Arranger, Vocals

Companies, etc.
Phonographic Copyright (p) – Sparrow Records, Inc.
Recorded At – Buckskin Studio
Recorded At – Sunwest Recording Studios

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Side 2

Dennis Agajanian – Where Are The Heroes – 1984

Produced by Terry Talbot, this 1984 outing from Dennis is a different sort of foray into Country music. It includes two songs written by Steve Camp, and one co-written by Dennis and Terry Talbot. There is also a pseudo-country version of Bach’s Jesu Joy Of Man’s Desiring. Dennis has been referred to as a “guitar virtuoso” and this is a demonstration of why. In general, this album has a lot more prominent guitar work than earlier releases like Rebel To The Wrong. Backing vocalists on this album include Dennis Agajanian, Julie Miller, Matthew Ward, and Terry Talbot. Over a career spanning around 30 years, Dennis released over a dozen albums and spent some significant time contributing to Billy Graham crusades. This record has all the polish you would expect from a Terry Talbot project, and a smooth sounding Nashville country sound.

1 – If You Say – 2:37
2 – Via Dolorosa – 4:36
3 – Where Are The Heroes – 4:20
4 – The Tongue Is A Fire – 4:32
5 – Jesu Joy Of Man’s Desiring – 2:54
6 – She’s A Servant (Single And Living Alone) – 2:55
7 – Goodbye Old Man – 3:32
8 – Colleen’s Pirouette – 2:48
9 – I Will Never Leave You – 3:36
10 – All That I Am – 2:52

Acoustic Guitar, Vocals, Backing Vocals – Dennis Agajanian
Backing Vocals – Julie Miller, Matthew Ward
Bass – Abraham Laboriel, Scott Parish (tracks: A5)
Drums – Bill Maxwell
Electric Guitar – Michael Thompson
Keyboards – Dennis Bouchard*
Mastered By – Ken Pennell, Steve Hall
Mixed By – Ron Capone
Producer, Backing Vocals, Mixed By, Acoustic Guitar – Terry Talbot
Recorded By [@ Poiema] – Bill Cobb
Recorded By [@ Westwind] – Ron Capone

Companies, etc.
Copyright (c) – The Sparrow Corporation
Phonographic Copyright (p) – The Sparrow Corporation
Record Company – Sparrow Records, Inc.
Copyright (c) – Birdwing Music
Copyright (c) – Cherry Lane Music Publishing Company Inc.
Copyright (c) – Paragon Music Corp.
Recorded At – Poiema Studios
Recorded At – Westwind Studio
Mastered At – Future Disc

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Matthew Ward – Armed & Dangerous – 1986

This was Ward’s second solo album. All songs were written by Ward and keyboard player, Jim Tenneboe. The album definitely has a more rock feel than his work with 2nd Chapter of Acts or his previous solo album. Supporting that Rock sound and partly responsible for it is guitarist Dann Huff (White Heart). The album only had one single however which was “Love” which made it to #14. The album is pretty good with strong keyboards and guitar but was a little thrifty on the content with only 8 tracks. Personally at times I don’t think Ward’s voice matches the songs but I’m nitpicking because it’s a really good album.

1 – Red And Yellow, Black And White – 3:38
2 – Trust In You – 4:18
3 – By Your Side – 4:26
4 – Armed And Dangerous – 4:12
5 – Glory To God – 3:44
6 – Moment By Moment – 3:53
7 – Put On The Armour – 4:01
8 – Love – 4:58

Arranged By – Jim Tenneboe, Matthew Ward
Art Direction, Design – Bradley Grose
Artwork By [Cover Concept] – Bradley Grose, Buddy Owens
Backing Vocals – Eric Tagg, Matthew Ward
Bass – Lee Jones
Drums – Mike Baird
Engineer – Greg Hunt
Engineer [2nd] – Daffydd Morgan
Guitar – Dann Huff
Horns – Chuck Smith, Keith Jourdan, Kim Hutchcroft, René Saenz
Keyboards, Programmed By [Keyboard Programming] – Jim Tenneboe
Mastered By – Bernie Grundman
Photography By – Constance Ashley
Photography By [Back Cover Photo] – Marty Justice
Producer – Matthew Ward
Saxophone [Sax Solos] – Kim Hutchcroft

Companies, etc.
Phonographic Copyright (p) – Live Oak Records
Copyright (c) – Live Oak Records
Manufactured By – Word, Inc.
Distributed By – Word, Inc.
Pressed By – ElectroSound Los Angeles – ∆ 27319
Recorded At – Rosewood Studio
Recorded At – Easter Song Studios
Mastered At – Bernie Grundman Mastering
Copyright (c) – Megin’s College Fund Music
Copyright (c) – Midi Mouse Music
Published By – Megin’s College Fund Music
Published By – Midi Mouse Music

Matthew Ward – Fade To White – 1988

By this point 2nd Chapter Of Acts was all done with studio work so Ward could concentrate on his solo career. Annie Herring from 2nd Chapter however does join Ward on the album. The album continues his more upbeat style and really several tracks on this album could easily be classified as Pop. The album had 3 singles. Far Behind made it to #10, Perfect Union to #3, and You Alone to #21. All in all a pretty successful album though it seems to get lost sometimes as his previous album, Armed & Dangerous, made quite a splash but this one didn’t seem as good of an album.

1 – Then I Realized – 4:32
2 – Racing For The Goal – 4:21
3 – You Alone – 3:42
4 – Show Them – 3:53
5 – Heart – 3:25
6 – So Many Are Lookin’ – 3:10
7 – Time Will Tell – 4:25
8 – Far Behind – 3:30
9 – Perfect Union – 4:38
10 – Fade To White – 4:26

Arranged By [Musical Arrangements] – John Andrew Schreiner
Art Direction, Design – Bradley Grose
Backing Vocals – Annie Herring, Interdenominational Youth Choir Of Nachodoches, Kelly Willard (tracks: 5), Nelly Greisen
Bass – Leon Gaer
Classical Guitar – Frank Kimlico
Drums – Mike Baird
Engineer [Engineered By] – Greg Hunt
Guitar – Michael Thompson
Keyboards – John Andrew Schreiner
Lyrics By – Matthew Ward
Mastered By – Doug Saax
Music By – Jim Tenneboe (tracks: 5, 6), John Andrew Schreiner (tracks: 1 to 10), Matthew Ward (tracks: 1 to 4, 6 to 10)
Other [Make Up] – Ken Gonzales
Photography By – Aaron Rapoport
Photography By [Assistant] – Tracy Lamonica
Producer [Produced By] – John Andrew Schreiner
Programmed By [Synthesizer] – Gary Leach, John Andrew Schreiner

Companies, etc.
Phonographic Copyright (p) – Live Oak Records
Copyright (c) – Live Oak Records
Manufactured By – Word, Inc.
Distributed By – Word, Inc.
Recorded At – Rosewood Studio
Mixed At – Rosewood Studio
Mastered At – The Mastering Lab
Published By – Megin’s College Fund Music
Published By – JAS Music
Published By – MIDI Mouse Music

2nd Chapter of Acts – Far Away Places – 1987

This was the last album from 2nd Chapter of Acts that featured original material. The supporting tour for this album was also their last live performance. That performance was on August 12th of 1988. There were quite a few comments at the time of release that it was a final album only recorded to finish out a contract, i.e. mailed it in. I don’t think so, the album has a bit more upbeat than their previous albums and felt fairly progressive for them. I almost wonder if this more upbeat sound would have been a great direction for them which could have provided a but more life for the band. Matthew Wards solo career was well under way at this point and maybe he found it all just too overwhelming to be in both bands. Anyway give this one a listen if you like your easy listening with some keyboards.

1 – Humble Yourself – 3:57
2 – It’s No Masquerade – 3:30
3 – Sing Over Me – 4:05
4 – You Are All In All – 4:59
5 – A Tender Heart – 2:21
6 – I Reach Out – 3:43
7 – Fallin’ In On You – 4:25
8 – Maybe Some Other Day – 3:45
9 – Take It To All The World – 3:03
10 – Far Away Places – 3:44

Art Direction – Bradley Grose
Bass – Lee Jones (tracks: 1), Leon Gaer
Creative Director [Set Direction] – Buddy Owens
Design Concept [Cover Concept], Design – Bradley Grose, Buddy Owens
Drums – Jack Kelly (tracks: 5, 6), Michael Celenza (tracks: 1), Mike Baird
Engineer – Buck Herring, Greg Hunt
Guitar – Dann Huff (tracks: 4), Marty Walsh, Michael Thompson (tracks: 5, 6)
Keyboards, Arranged By [Instruments] – John Andrew Schreiner (tracks: 5, 6), Smitty Price
Percussion – Charles Barnett (tracks: 1, 3)
Photography By – Mark Engbrecht
Producer – Buck Herring

Companies, etc.
Phonographic Copyright (p) – Live Oak Records
Copyright (c) – Live Oak Records
Manufactured By – Word, Inc.
Distributed By – Word, Inc.
Made By – Discovery Systems – 1760100A
Recorded At – Easter Song Studios
Recorded At – Rosewood Studio

Mylon Lefevre – Live Forever – 1983

This live album was recorded in Mylon’s hometown of Atlanta, and it was a rock’n’roll homecoming. The crowd sounds great, and the band is working them. This is a great example of a live record. Interesting inclusion is the second track “It’s Alright” which appeared on Matthew Ward’s landmark album “Toward Eternity.” Mylon’s version is a different take and it works well for him.

1 – Introduction Jesus Is A Waymaker – 3:29
2 – It’s Alright – 5:14
3 – Free Rap & Freedom – 6:31
4 – Relationships Rap & Child Of The Father – 4:44
5 – Workin’ On A Building / Jesus Is The Rock – 13:42
6 – Jesus Loves Me – 1:58
7 – The Invitation – 7:20
8 – Coming Back Again – 1:43

Bass, Vocals – Kenny Bentley
Design – Mike McCarty
Drums, Percussion – Ben Hewitt
Engineer [Live] – Joe Neil, Larry Goode
Keyboards, Synthesizer, Vocals – Stan Coates
Lead Guitar, Vocals, Photography By [Inner Sleeve] – Dean Harrington
Mastered By – Larry Nix
Producer, Engineer [Live], Mixed By – Joe Hardy
Producer, Vocals, Guitar – Mylon LeFevre
Rhythm Guitar, Vocals – Scott Allen

Companies, etc.
Phonographic Copyright (p) – Word, Inc.
Copyright (c) – Word, Inc.
Produced For – Broken Heart Productions
Published By – Angel Band Music
Published By – Dayspring Music
Published By – Latter Rain Music
Published By – Rainy Now Music
Published By – Cherry Lane Music Publishing Company Inc.
Mastered At – Ardent Mastering

Various – Voices – 1987

This was a sampler from Myrrh that featured known and unknown artists. Here is a bit about these artists and their respective tracks;

Tata Vega – “In Your Light” – Tata Vega is a secular artist who had great success in the 70’s with stage musicals. As far as I can tell she never released a Christian album. The track appears to be unreleased.

Bob Carlisle – “Heaven Is Waiting” & “Teach Me How” – Bob Carlisle is best known for being in the band Allies in the 80’s and had several solo projects in the 90’s. Both tracks appears to be unreleased.

Bryan Duncan – “Come As You Are” – Bryan is well known for being in Sweet Comfort Band and then a very successful solo career. The track appears to be unreleased.

Matthew Ward – “Light Of The World” – Matthew is well known for being in
2nd Chapter Of Acts and then a very successful solo career. The track appears to be unreleased.

Howard McCrary – “In Your Presence” – Howard released a solo album in 1985 but is better known for being a member of The California Raisins. This track Appears to be unreleased.

Kim Boyce/John Elefante – “Helpless” – Kim Boyce had several Pop Christian albums in the 80’s. John Elefante is well known as a member of Kansas and as a very successful producer in the Christian music scene. The track appears to be unreleased.

Rick Riso – “Heaven Must Have Sent You” – Rick has released 3 Christian albums and this track appeared on “Shouting At The Walls” as a CD Bonus Track.

Benny Hester – “Then You Call My Name” – Benny is a well known solo Christian artist. This track Appears to be unreleased.

Tommy Funderburk – “Lift Up My Voice” – Tommy is best known for being one of the members of The Front. He did also have a solo album in 2005. This track Appears to be unreleased.

1 – Tata Vega – In Your Light – 3:50
2 – Bob Carlisle – Heaven Is Waiting – 4:29
3 – Bryan Duncan – Come As You Are – 4:32
4 – Matthew Ward – Light Of The World – 4:30
5 – Howard McCrary – In Your Presence – 4:23
6 – Kim Boyce, John Elefante – Helpless – 3:28
7 – Rick Riso – Heaven Must Have Sent You – 3:48
8 – Bob Carlisle – Teach Me How – 4:29
9 – Benny Hester – Then You Call My Name – 3:19
10 – Tommy Funderburk – Lift Up My Voice – 4:14

2nd Chapter Of Acts & Michael & Stormie Omartian – Together Live – 1983

This concert was recorded at Church On The Way, Van Nuys, CA. This is certainly not a Rock & Roll concert and though all we have is audio I think we can rest assured there wasn’t a light show or pyrotechnics. But seriously this is a decidedly easy listening and praise oriented album. The one exception was the one Matthew Ward song which even I found to be a little on the Rock and Roll side for a church concert in 1983. Nowadays it wouldn’t be an issue but in 1983 I’m betting there were some odd looks at the opening guitar riffs. Good version of the song however. Anyway, if you’re a fan of either of the headliners your gonna love this album, the songs are very well done and there is good testimony on a lot of the tracks.

1 – Rejoice – 3:05
2 – I Fall In Love / Change – 4:20
3 – Lightning Flash – 2:52
4 – Bread Of Life – 2:14
5 – Come Holy Spirit – 2:45
6 – Easter Song – 3:15
7 – Here I Go – 2:30
8 – ‘Til The Walls Fall Down – 2:53
9 – Nobody Can Take My Life – 3:24
10 – Mainstream – 4:33
11 – See This House – 3:04
12 – Believing For The Best In You – 3:27
13 – Dr. Jesus – 3:28
14 – Praise His Name And See It Happen – 3:07
15 – Which Way The Wind Blows – 4:22
16 – Killing Thousands – 4:12
17 – Mansion Builder – 3:23
18 – Haven’t You Heard – 3:37

Backing Vocals – 2nd Chapter Of Acts (tracks: B4 to C4)
Bass – Herb Melton
Cover [Cover Coordination] – B. Charlyne Hinesley
Design – Stan Evenson Design
Drums – Jack Kelly
Engineer – Buck Herring
Guitar – Peter York
Photography By – Mark Hanauer
Piano – Michael Omartian (tracks: B4 to C4)
Piano, Vocals – Annie Herring (tracks: A1 to B3, D1 to D4)
Producer – Buck Herring
Synthesizer – Greg Springer
Vocals – Matthew Ward (tracks: A1 to B3, D1, D3, D4), Nelly Greisen (tracks: A1 to B3, D1, D3, D4)
Vocals, Written-By – Michael And Stormie Omartian (tracks: B4 to C4)
Written-By – Anne Herring (tracks: A1 to A3, A5 to B1, B3, D2 to D4)

Companies, etc.
Record Company – Sparrow Records, Inc.
Distributed By – Word Records
Phonographic Copyright (p) – Sparrow Records, Inc.
Published By – Birdwing Music
Published By – Cherry Lane Music Pub. Co.
Published By – Ears To Hear Music
Published By – Holicanthus Music
Published By – Latter Rain Music
Published By – MCA Music
Published By – See This House Music
Published By – Word Music
Recorded At – The Church On The Way
Edited At – Weddington Studios
Remixed At – Weddington Studios
Recorded live at Church On The Way, Van Nuys, CA.