Pete Carlson – Hideaway – 1977

This is Pete’s second album and his first with small label Chrism. There’s not really much to say about this album. It is the standard easy listening/AOR album of the time but I’m not denigrating Pete at all. He does what he does well but with most albums of this style it’s hard to make them stand out. One stand out though is the song Up And Down. It was well ahead of it’s time and I would have loved to hear someone cover it in the 80’s. Imagine a DA version, would have loved that.

1 – Loving The Lonely Nights
2 – Praise Song
3 – Heavenly Places
4 – I’m So Glad That You Waited
5 – Did You Ever Want To Fly
6 – Up And Down
7 – It Took Only Once
8 – The Call
9 – Someday Soon
10 – I’m Gonna Live Forever

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Author: Ray Mansfield

One of the founding cowboys of Real 80s CCM. Been listening to this stuff since 1978.

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