Hank Laake – In The Spirit Of The King – 1982

This is the one that started it out for The Hank Laake Band though at this point they were playing as Hank Laake. This album had one major fault, the album cover. The picture of Hanke is very very 70’s and at first glance you might be expecting a Randy Matthews like album but this is no Randy Matthews style album. This is a Rock & Roll album and a good one at that. I think most of us only bought this album after hearing his follow up album which had a Rock & Roll cover (one of the best ones in CCM music). I was saddened to learn that Hanke has left the faith and is very disillusioned with the Christian Music Industry. Unfortunately we are hearing this more and more often now.

1 – Questions of the Seeker – 4:12
2 – Check It Out – 3:35
3 – Rock & Roll Away My Stone – 3:31
4 – The Man Behind the Name – 3:40
5 – Tonight’s The Night – 3:57
6 – In the Spirit of the King – 4:06
7 – All I Want is You – 5:11
8 – Return – 4:31
9 – Serve to Lead – 4:37

Bass – Carl Gauger
Engineer – Rick Condon
Harmonica – Dean Stokka
Harmony Vocals – Dean Stokka (tracks: B3,), Terry Fitzsimmons (2) (tracks: B3, )
Layout – Dave Nadler
Lead Guitar – Brian McVey (tracks: A1,A3, ), Terry Fitzsimmons (2) (tracks: A1,A4,A5,B1,)
Maracas – Diane Stokka
Photography – Brent Larson (3), Sandy Kavanagh
Rhythm Guitar – Terry Fitzsimmons (2) (tracks: A5)
Rhythm Guitar, Electric Guitar, Lead Guitar – Dan Brown (13)
Synthesizer – Joannie Larson (tracks: B4,), Phil Bair (2) (tracks: A1)
Written By, Arranged By, Producer, Drums, Vocals, Harmony Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Lead Vocals – Hank Laake

Companies, etc.
Recorded At – Triad Studios, Des Moines
Published By – Noteworthy Publishing
Record Company – Praise Industries Corp.

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Author: Ray Mansfield

One of the founding cowboys of Real 80s CCM. Been listening to this stuff since 1978.

One thought on “Hank Laake – In The Spirit Of The King – 1982”

  1. Yeah, i read an interview or news article on Hank Laake – it was really weird – it seemed as if he was in some strange crazy cult. Clearly, he was no longer a Christian.

    It is too bad that so many from the 80s, imo the ‘golden age’ of ‘Jesus Music’, when so many bands sprung up with a strong desire to proclaim Jesus & were not ashamed to do so (unlike so many so-called ‘christian’ bands (don’t call us that!!!)) became disillusioned with the whole CCM scene – burned by broken promises of record companies & some by their own follies – giving in to the various & myriad temptations that come with being a Christian music ‘superstar’.

    Still, it was a blast to be a ‘metalhead’ for Jesus during that time – much fruit came from that decade & that fruit has produced more fruit unto this day!

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