Ben Antell Band – Waters – 1982

Ben Antell Put together this Finnish band in 1980 and they set to learning and rehearsing several songs Ben had written. In 1981 they went into Rexi studio where they recorded this album. As they were paying for the studio time they kept it to two days but this meant that many songs had to be completely recorded “Live”. The album “Waters” was subsequently released in Sweden, Finland, and Canada. Unfortunately the studio burnt down so the only remaining copy of the studio recording was on 1/4 inch tape. They were able to remix it as best they could do and it has been re-released on Spotify and other locations. I would describe it as having a late 70’s sound with very strong lead guitars. This was all we got from them apart from a 2006 release but it’s worth taking the time to listen to.

1 – You’re So Real – 3:50
2 – Au 24 – 3:18
3 – Nardus Op2 – 7:42
4 – Waters – 6:39
5 – Quo – 4:31
6 – Always One – 4:38
7 – The Calling Of The Night-Bird – 7:21
8 – Mountain “I Am” – 6:04

Mikko Rintanen – Keyboards
Sixten Sandvik – Drums / Percussion
Henrik Berg – Bass
Heikki Koivisto – Lead Guitar
Ben Antell – Lead and Rhythm Guitar, Vocals

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Author: Ray Mansfield

One of the founding cowboys of Real 80s CCM. Been listening to this stuff since 1978.

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