The Steven Prince Band – You Can Fly – 1989

I don’t really know much about Steven Prince but I do know he was an artist is Australia. This year he re-released this 1989 album with new and improved audio. It is very sad that we didn’t get to hear more about these Australian artists in North America. For some reason the music industry chose not to share them with us. This actually continues to this day as there are several country stars in Australia that don’t get released in America. Anyway Steven re-released this album this year and it’s lucky for us because it deserved a chance to be listened to again. It is a little conceptual in places and is without a doubt has the closest track to Pink Floyd in “Forrest Fear”. Overall a fantastic album.

1 – Keep On Trying – 4:06
2 – Hurting Me – 5:03
3 – A Friend Beside You – 6:50
4 – Looking Out From Circles – 4:43
5 – Invader-Crusader – 4:18
6 – You Can Fly – 5:00
7 – Wintertime – 5:53
8 – Forest Fear – 5:59
9 – Lifetime – 7:12
10 – Old Timer – 4:39
11 – The Next Plateau – 3:58

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