Phil Driscoll – Power Of Praise – 1985

I’m probably going to infuriate Phil Driscoll fans when I say this but I really wish he would have done a Rock & Roll album. To be clear Phil is probably one of my favourite vocalists of the CCM genre but his voice is just screaming for a Rock and Roll album. That said I haven’t listened to all his albums yet so maybe he did one and I just haven’t listened to it yet. To be clear there are a few upbeat tracks on this album but it they really don’t highlight his vocals all that much. Maybe the reason I love his voice is due to the ballads anyway. One quirk of this album is that it appears that part way through the pressings on this album Sparrow replaced the album cover which was a huge improvement. No disrespect to the picture of him with his signature trumpet but it was a horrible cover.

1 – All Hail The Power Of Jesus’ Name – 4:20
2 – He’s Alive Again – 4:06
3 – Jesus I Love You – 4:34
4 – Worthy Is The Lamb – 5:52
5 – Doxology – 3:20
6 – Messiah – 2:50
7 – People Of God – 3:42
8 – I Will Celebrate – 4:36
9 – Every Knee Shall Bow – 4:12
10 – Fallin’ In Love With You – 5:22
11 – The Rest Of My Days – 4:30

Alternate Cover
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Author: Ray Mansfield

One of the founding cowboys of Real 80s CCM. Been listening to this stuff since 1978.

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