The Eli Band – Sunday Drivers – 1979

This is another one of those oddball Canadian bands on the Praise Label (Tunesmith, New Born etc…). It has an excellent seventies sound and would probably done pretty good but unfortunately it was stuck in the Praise records group who, well, I’ll just say weren’t always such a great friend of the bands they signed. Most tracks were written by Ron Badger who is still active in the music industry from his home in Regina Saskatchewan. Only have time for one track? “Victory Road” is the track for you. If you like the 70’s sound this is definitely one you need to listen to as I am willing to bet very few people have heard this one.

1 – Intro – 0:46
2 – It’s Real – 4:30
3 – Victory Road – 2:59
4 – I Gave To You – 4:29
5 – He’s Coming Back – 4:32
6 – Lord Of Lords – 4:07
7 – You’re Always Around – 5:33
8 – Whatr’e You Gonna Do? – 3:20
9 – God Bless You God – 3:35
10 – Joyful Blues – 3:35
11 – Outro – 0:35

Jim Reid – Lead Vocalist
Lori Anderson – Back-up Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Ron Badger – Guitars, Back-up Vocals
Don McAreavy – Keyboards
Brian Clark – Electric Bass
Blaine Bonner – Drums

Companies, etc.
Label – New Born Records

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Author: Ray Mansfield

One of the founding cowboys of Real 80s CCM. Been listening to this stuff since 1978.

2 thoughts on “The Eli Band – Sunday Drivers – 1979”

  1. This a band I played in a circa 1975 and wrote 8 songs with Lord Of Lords as my first and what’re you going do on the flip of the first 45rpm recorded in New westminister B.C.

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