Famous Names – Venetian Blinds – 1980

The band here is actually Writz but they had to do a name change for their U.S. release due to a conflicting band name. Now everything after this is up for debate as I’ve read a few different stories of how this album came to be. Apparently some time in 1981 Bev Sage and Steve Fairnie joined up with David Hewson to form the Techno Twins. Apparently this album had been recorded but not mixed or even accepted by the record company. There’s some back biting and accusations involved but I’m not going to repeat them. Simply enough I will explain it as, it’s Rock & Roll. Anyway apparently Steve Rowles had possession of the album and it found it’s way on to the internet. I tend to believe that this is a pre-production mix as it just has that feel. Anyway if you liked Writz then this should be a treat for you. I really liked it but it does suffer from a poor mix but who cares, it’s bonus music.

1 – Muscle Culture II – 4:11
2 – Observation – 3:58
3 – Techno Refugee – 4:18
4 – Blind Girl – 6:37
5 – Jack’s Party – 3:19
6 – Change – 3:43
7 – Venetian Blinds – 4:54
8 – Dance On – 3:21
9 – Boy – 4:10
10 – Pain – 3:57

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Author: Ray Mansfield

One of the founding cowboys of Real 80s CCM. Been listening to this stuff since 1978.

2 thoughts on “Famous Names – Venetian Blinds – 1980”

  1. Thanks for sharing! I just joined this channel and am impressed by all the obscure material you are releasing. Really cool stuff! I did not know that this one existed – I thought I had all of the Steve Fairnie/Bev Sage stuff…. Is there anyway to obtain the audio files only (i.e. something I could burn to a CD and listen to in the car)?

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