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You already know we’re uploading music from the greatest decade in CCM music. BUT (there’s always a but) we need your help. We have been paying for albums out of our own pockets both physical and digital and quite frankly the cost has become a bit prohibitive. So help us out by participating is a little crowd funding. Also in the near future we are going to be going beyond YouTube and we want you to be a part of that. But we’re not just gonna take your money and run. We’re gonna send you swag, Merch, whatever you want to call it. Once certain dollar levels have been reached we’ll reach out and give you something in return. Everything we send you will be specifically for you our Patreon supporters and will be distinctive from Merch offered in our online store (coming soon). There are more benefits too, just check the tiers to see what you will get. So join up and be a part of our future where together we can keep uploading the best music we think there is.

Join by the end of October to get an exclusive bumper sticker!!!

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