Sheila Walsh – Don’t Hide Your Heart – 1985

This was Sheila’s 6th studio album and by this time she knew what she was doing. This album has a very pop sound and her vocals are very strong. One of my favorite things about Walsh’s work was that she did not try to sound like Amy Grant. I won’t go into any names but so many female artists in this time were just trying to sound like Amy in a reach for her success. In all fairness this was probably pushed by the record companies too. But not Sheila, you could never mistake her vocals for anyone else. The CCM magazine single was “Jesus Call Your Lambs” which is actually a duet with Cliff Richards. It reached #9 on their charts but the real single was “We’re All One” which did very well on the radio charts. It is actually a cover of a 1978 Bryn Haworth song and it was also released on Steve Taylor’s Transatlantic Remixes project. For that release it was heavily remixed by Michael Omartian and that version remains one of my favourite songs of the 80’s. This probably comes in as my favorite Walsh album but most fans don’t rank it that high.

1 – Don’t Hide Your Heart – 4:04
2 – Under The Gun – 3:58
3 – Jesus Call Your Lambs – 4:05
4 – Alpha Omega – 3:20
5 – You’ll Never Be The Same – 4:22
6 – Light Across The World – 3:27
7 – We’re All One – 3:28
8 – It’s All For You – 4:44
9 – Not Guilty – 4:55
10 – Thief In The Night – 4:19

Backing Vocals – Annie McCaig, Chris Eaton, Cliff Richard, Joe Chemay, Kin Bassey, London Community Gospel Choir, Mark Williamson, Mo Turner, Sheila Walsh, Terry Williams
Bass – Abraham Laboriel, Andy Pask
Brass, Percussion – Craig Pruess
Drums – Graham Jarvis, Paul Leim
Guitar – Michael Landau, Phil Manzanera, Rick Fenn
Keyboards – Craig Pruess
Keyboards, Backing Vocals – Michael Omartian
Percussion – Dave Mattacks
Saxophone – Gary Herbig, Mel Collins
Strings – Trevor Smith

Companies, etc.
Phonographic Copyright (p) – The Sparrow Corporation
Recorded At – Gallery Studios
Recorded At – Lion Share Recording Studios
Mixed At – Gallery Studios
Mixed At – Lion Share Recording Studios
Mastered At – Future Disc

Jacket Front
Jacket Back
Sleeve Front
Sleeve Back
Side 1
Side 2

Steve Taylor & Sheila Walsh – Transatlantic Remixes – 1985

This is/was a fascinating little surprise that appeared in 1985. I’m not really too sure what transpired for this little gem to be recorded/mixed but it’s one of my favourite EP’s from the 80’s. It only has three tracks. The first track is a duet with Steve Taylor & Sheila Walsh covering the David Edwards song “Not Going To Fall Away”. Full disclaimer this is one of my all time favourite songs and this version is fantastic. If I had to make a list of my favourite songs from the 80’s this would be in the top 10. In fact it would probably be #1 or #2. It would have to fight it out with Dylan’s “Saved”. The second track is a remix of Sheila Walsh’s “We’re All One”. Michael Omartian did the remix and did a darn good job. This came off of what I think was Sheila’s best album “Don’t Hide Your Heart” and this remix of “We’re All One” is just excellent. Finally we get a remix of the Steve Taylor favourite “This Disco (Used To Be A Cute Cathedral)”. Another great tune and an excellent remix. This EP was a real treat and I still remember the first time we dropped the needle on it many years ago.

1 – Not Going To Fall Away – 8:05
2 – We’re All One (Extended Version) – 5:48
3 – This Disco (Used To Be A Cute Cathedral) (Extended Version) – 5:15

Sheila Walsh – Shadowlands – 1986

This was Sheila’s 7th album and her first after fleeing Sparrow Records for Myrrh Records. She definitely upped her Pop sound for this album and it’s actually a great album. The record company may have changed but the different tracks for the UK vs US releases continued. The UK version contained “I Hope And I Pray” instead of “Christian”. That said both tracks were included on the CD release and we are using that CD release. I have never understood why this occurred so frequently on her albums compared to others. The album was very well received receiving a Grammy nomination for Best Gospel Performance by a Female but unfortunately Sandi Patti won the category with an easy listening album, no surprise there. The album spawned 4 singles with “Christian” doing the best peaking at #4. Reading through the comments I noticed that Mark Williamson from the Mark Williamson Band/Lyrix sang some background vocals.

1 – Sand in the Hand – 3:43
2 – Ship of Love – 3:59
3 – Keeper of the Key – 3:49
4 – The Hungry Night – 4:13
5 – Valley of Tears – 4:35
6 – Christian – 4:17
7 – Big Boy Now – 4:48
8 – Last Word in Love – 4:13
9 – What Do You Know (That I Don’t) – 5:29
10 – Never Give It Up – 4:05
11 – I Hope and I Pray – 3:46

Barry Blue – Producer
Simon Brenner – Songwriter
Matthew Cang – Guitar, Bass
Mel Collins – Saxophone
Lance Demers – Songwriter
Gavin Harrison – Drums
Sheelagh Lippell – Songwriter
London Community – Gospel Choir
Annie McCaig – Background Vocals
Jon Moss – Songwriter
Lynn Arthur Nichols – Executive Producer
Richard Osborne – Producer, Arrangements, Programming, Guitars
Mick Parker – Keyboards
Don Snow – Background Vocals
Alvin Stardust – Duet Vocal
Jon Sweet – Producer, Songwriter, Arrangements
Rod Trott – Songwriter
Sheila Walsh – Vocals
Mark Williamson – Background Vocals

Companies, etc.
Phonographic Copyright (p) – Word, Inc.
Copyright (c) – Word, Inc.
Produced For – Swot Productions
Recorded At – Swot Studios
Mixed At – Swot Studios
Recorded At – Aosis Studios
Mixed At – Aosis Studios
Distributed By – Word (Uk) Ltd.

Sheila Walsh – War Of Love – 1983

In my opinion this was the best album from Sheila. Keep in mind I am very Rock/Pop oriented. This album was much more pop than her previous work and after this album she seemed to settle into the easy listening category. As I sat down to re-listen to this album for the first time in probably 35 years I was quite surprised how poppy this album was. For some reason her easy listening albums stick out in my head but really it should have been this one. The album did spawned two singles. Mystery peaked at #19 and, Star Song made it to # 21. Really this album deserved to do better.

1 – Turn, Turn, Turn, – 3:59
2 – Mystery – 3:26
3 – Sunset Skies – 4:36
4 – Private Life – 3:28
5 – Yes He Lives – 4:05
6 – Fooled By A Feelin’ – 3:45
7 – Star Song – 3:40
8 – Sleepwalking – 4:01
9 – Lonely When The Lights Go On – 3:10
10 – Fighter – 5:08

Kirk Allen – Songwriter
Keith Bessey – Engineer
Terry Britten – Songwriter
Sammy Brown – Background Vocals
Vicki Brown – Background Vocals
John Clark – Guitar
Clem Clemson – Guitar
Mel Collins – Sax
David P. Cook – Songwriter
Costa Coulouris – Songwriter
Chris Eaton – Songwriter
Paul Field – Songwriter
Graham Jarvis – Drums
Mart Jenner – Guitar
Graham Kendrick – Songwriter
Scott McClung – Songwriter
Jamie Owens-Collins – Songwriter
Craig Pruess – Producer, Arrangements, Synthesizers, Brass, Percussion, Background Vocals
Cliff Richard – Producer, Background Vocals
Pete Seeger – Songwriter
Sheila Walsh – Vocals
John Woodfield – Songwriter

Sheila Walsh – Future Eyes – 1981

This is the first solo album from Sheila Walsh. She had previously in a band called “Oasis” who had 4 albums in the 70’s. The UK release was on Chapel Records in 81 with 9 tracks. The US version was released in 1993 with some changes. On the US version Several tracks were remixed by adding more guitar, removing some synthesizers, and adding some different background vocals. Also “Breaking the Ice” and “He Weeps for Our Tears” were removed while “Burn On” was added. Larry Norman was given co-credit on the US version as producer and did some backgroud vocals. Strangely in 1984 another UK version was released which included “Burn On” which gave the album 11 tracks. The strange part is that it was released on Word records while she was signed to Sparrow records. Anyway, Sheila went on the a long career and I would boldly say she was the UK Amy Grant.

US Version;

UK Version;

1 – Here With Me – 3:37
2 – Burn On – 4:05
3 – Love In My Life – 3:28
4 – Eyes Of A Different Kind – 4:46
5 – You’re So Important To Me – 4:00
6 – Future Eyes – 3:20
7 – Fear Of Silence – 3:40
8 – Back Into The Old Routine – 2:32
9 – Mona Lisa – 3:42

Vocals – Sheila Walsh
Keyboards, Piano & Arrangements – Chris Rolinson
Drums – Ray Goudie, Colin Vallance, Dave Charles
Bass – Paul Cobbold,
Guitar, Rob Marshal, Norman Barratt, Pete Brooks, Dave Kasak
Piano and Keyboards – Dave Morris
Strings – B Askey, G York, D Haime, CW Green
Producer – Paul Cobbold
Engineer – Paul Cobbold
Executive Producer – Ray Goudie
Arrangment – Chris Rolinson
Recorded at Chapel Lane Studios, Hereford

US Version Additions
Bass – Mark Williamson
Harmonies – Sarah Finch, Larry Norman
Producer – Larry Norman, Norman Miller

Sheila Walsh – Triumph In The Air – 1984

This was Sheila’s 5th album as she kept up her rapid pace of releasing albums. Unfortunately, this pace would come back to haunt her health. This album has a strong Pop feel and sound. The songwriting from Graham Kendrick compliment this style and this album is regarded as one of her most lyrically strong albums. As good as the album is it only had one single on the CCM charts. “Surrendering” only peaked at #21 but it was on the charts for 22 weeks, which is usually a strong start for a single. Helping Sheila with backing vocals on the album were artists Cliff Richards and Mark Williamson.

1 – Triumph In The Air – 4:36
2 – Don’t Turn Your Back On Jesus – 3:07
3 – Deeper Meaning – 3:58
4 – Stealin’ The Feeling – 3:12
5 – Surrendering – 4:30
6 – Somebody – 4:12
7 – No Alibi – 4:20
8 – Growing Up To Be A Child – 3:48
9 – Golden Rule – 4:15
10 – Children Of The King – 4:48

Keith Bessey – Assistant Producer, Engineer
Mel Collins – Saxophone
Teri DeSario – Songwriter
Chris Eaton – Songwriter, Background Vocals
Rick Fenn – Guitar
Graham Jarvis – Drums
Graham Kendrick – Songwriter
Judd Lander – Mouth Harp
Annie McCaig – Background Vocals
Craig Pruess – Producer, Rhythm Orchestral and Electronic Arranger, Keyboards, Electronics, Brass, Percussion
Bill Purse – Songwriter
Cliff Richard – Background Vocals
Mo Turner – Background Vocals
Sheila Walsh – Songwriter, Lead and Background Vocals
Mark Williamson – Background Vocals

Various – Adventures in the Land of Big Beats & Happy Feets – 1989

This has to be the worst sampler in the history of Christian music. It’s not the songs that are bad, they are great songs from great artists. It’s what they did with them that is the problem. Let me explain. This album is constructed as follows. The opening, ending, and all odd number songs are studio dance beats attributed to non existent bands. All of the even songs are well known songs by well known artists BUT they have been “remixed and extended”. Now first of all this album came out in 1989 and the secular music scene was done with cheesy two bit extended dance tracks. But for whatever reason Word Records chose at this late time to jump on a bandwagon that had already left the building. So here we go. Every song we have heard of before on this album is an “extended remix”. I use the term “extended remix” term loosely as these are without a doubt the worst remixes I have ever heard. So what we have here is the business idea of re releasing the same content over and over again only this time they pretended to dress it up as something new. What a disaster. OK listen to the album once and forget about it, that’s what I did.

1 – Rakim D. & The Garden Beats – Prologue – 2:03
2 – Imperials – Fallin’ – 4:18
3 – Bunny Whop And The Hip Hop – Baow Baow Baow – 1:06
4 – Philip Bailey – Thank You – 5:29
5 – Randy McNally & The Road Dogz – Rappin’ Detail – 1:12
6 – Amy Grant – Wise Up – 6:28
7 – Billy B. & The Beez Nees – No Bout Adoubt It – 1:11
8 – Steve Taylor – Svengali – 5:46
9 – Billy B. & The Beez Nees – Doutout – 0:57
10 – Kim Boyce – I Just Want To Celebrate – 5:16
11 – The Nerf Wilson Ensemble – Tee Vee Whiz – 0:51
12 – Ideola – Jericho – 4:28
13 – The Nerf Wilson Ensemble – Gee Tee Vee – 1:12
14 – Russ Taff – I’ve Come Too Far – 5:39
15 – Snappo Schultz – BBBBBeatitudinal – 1:16
16 – Sheila Walsh – Ship Of Love – 7:00
17 – Snappo Schultz – BBBBBeatitudinal – Part II – 1:01
18 – Randy Stonehill Cold Rock The Groove – 4:35
19 – Rakim D. & The Garden Beats – Epilogue – 0:42

Art Direction, Design – Bradley Grose
Compilation Producer – Leon Mulczk
Coordinator [Cover] – Laurie Fink (2)
Executive-Producer – Tom Willett
Music By [Link Music By] – Lee Cahuenga (tracks: 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 17, 19)
Remix [Re-mixes], Edited By [Edits] – Lee Cahuenga
Written-By [Links Written By], Producer [Links Produced By] – Linx, Inc. (tracks: 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 17, 19)

Companies, etc.
Record Company – Word, Inc.
Phonographic Copyright (p) – Word, Inc.
Copyright (c) – Word, Inc.
Distributed By – Word Records Limited
Distributed By – Word (UK) Ltd.
Manufactured By – Word, Inc.

Larry Norman – Barking At The Ants – 1981

This rather odd release from Larry Norman features 4 tracks of his own work on side 1 including a cover of Bob Dylan’s “Just Like a Woman”.

Side 2 is a sampler of British acts signed to Solid Rock records. This album was not licensed so it received no airplay and I’m mystified about the legalities of covering a Bob Dylan song.

If you only have time for one song I would suggest Alwyn Wall’s “Doctor Doctor”.

Track Listing:
1 – Larry Norman – The Tune (Almost)
2 – Larry Norman – Why Can’t You Be Good
3 – Larry Norman – Just Like A Woman
4 – Larry Norman – Deep Blue
5 – Various – The British Invasion (Medley With Cliff Richard, Lyrix, Sheila Walsh, Bryn Haworth, Steve Scott, Alwyn Wall, Barratt Band)
6 – Lyrix – Don’t Turn Your Back On Jesus
7 – Alwyn Wall – Doctor Doctor
8 – Sheila Walsh – Love In My Life