Bill Price – Brave The Proud The Few – 1986

This is the second album from Bill but I really can’t find out very much about him. I found that there are quite a few copies of this album for sale and it’s on almost all the streaming sites but that’s all I could find. I did find him on Facebook and he seems to have had a long career in the radio business and still performs mainly at his church. He might be doing more than that musically but like I said it was difficult to put the pieces together. Anyway the album is a really good pop album and the production is fantastic. It’s one that should be listened to.

1 – His Love Has Carried Me Away
2 – The Brave, The Proud, The Few
3 – Jesus You’re The One
4 – I Want To Thank You Lord
5 – Great Is The God Of Heaven
6 – He Takes Care Of Me
7 – Walkin’ Down The Street
8 – We’ve Got To Tell Them
9 – Steppin’ In The Shadows

Drums – Brian Willis, Brian Brickley
Bass – Rich Gooch, Mark KIngen, Bill Price
Keyboards — Gary Hemenway, Rob Farley, Scott James
Guitars, Procussion – Bill Price
Saxophone – Susie May
Background Vocals – Dave Bray, Russ Finley, Scott James, Curt Cassingham, Jeff Michel, Linda Price, Melani Bray, Laura Evitt, Martin Woodrow, Bill Price
Engineers – Scott James, Curt Cassingham
Mix – Scott James
Produced by – Scott James and Bill Price

Companies, etc.
Recorded at – Northstar Recording Studio