Danny Plett – You’re The One – 1983

Recently this album wandered into our studio and I was quite surprised by it. I was surprised because it a local guy from my home city of Winnipeg Manitoba Canada. I have never seen this album, I have never heard this album, and I have never heard of this performer. It was recorded about 5 blocks from where I currently live. Now the style of the album is decidedly AOR so I probably wouldn’t have listened to it much I definitely would have had it in my collection to support a local artist. One would have also thought I might have seen him in concert opening for bands. But no I never heard of him. Danny lives in my home city today and is still involved in the ministry. He had several albums after this one but they were released in Germany where Danny lived for several years. This however is his only 80’s CCM album.

1 – Hallowed Be – 3:00
2 – Halleluia – 3:20
3 – Water Of Life – 1:20
4 – Love That Is Pure – 2:27
5 – You Know What To Do – 4:38
6 – You’re The One – 3:30
7 – Oh For A Thousand Tongues To Sing – 2:24
8 – Willing Now To Die – 2:54
9 – Oh Sacred Head – 3:04
10 – Yo Te Amo (I Love You) – 3:32
11 – We Stand United – 5:17

Produced by Gary Brenner
Lead vocals : Danny Plett
Keyboards : Danny Plett, Gary Brenner
Electric Guitar : Randy Hiebert
Acoustic Guitar : Ari Lahdekorpi
Bass Guitar : Paul Kelly
Drums : Greg Black
Percussion : Glen Matthews
Background vocals : Danny Plett, Steve Bell, Dodi Bell, Paul Kelly, Angela Kelman
Recorded & Mixed at Century 21 Recording Studios, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Engineered by Ralph Watts