David Meece – Everybody Needs A Little Help – 1978

This was David’s 3rd album and really it was his breakthrough album as it had his first 2 CCM singles. “I Can’t Believe It’s True” made it to #2 and “Never Gonna Serve Anyone Else” made it to #9. The album relies a little less on David’s piano and uses quite a lot of keyboards with Bobby Ogdin, and Shane Keister joining David on keyboards. While having a little less piano makes the album more likeable for me I have to admit that his piano is so good I found myself missing it. Strangely the UK release of the album had a completely different and better cover in my opinion.

1 – I Can’t Believe It’s True – 2:59
2 – God Holds The Future – 3:56
3 – Never Gonna Serve Anyone Else – 3:16
4 – Everybody Needs A Little Help – 3:52
5 – All The Time – 4:26
6 – Love Is The Reason (We’re Here Tonight) – 3:58
7 – All I Can Do – 3:00
8 – Sunshine Jesus – 2:53
9 – Oh So Wonderful – 3:42
10 – He’ll Take Care Of You – 2:55

Arranged By [Horns] – Buddy Skipper
Arranged By [Strings] – Bergen White
Bass – Jack Williams, Steve Schaffer
Drums – Kenny Buttrey, Kenny Malone, Roger Clark
Executive-Producer – Michael Blanton
Guitar – Chris Smith, Jon Goin, Larry Byram
Keyboards – Bobby Ogdin, David Meece, Shane Keister
Percussion – Farrell Morris, Terry McMillian
Producer – Brown Bannister
Saxophone – Quittman Dennis

Companies, etc.
Phonographic Copyright ℗ – Word, Inc.
Produced For – Chris Christian Productions
Published By – Word Music
Published By – Bug & Bear Music
Mastered At – Masterfonics

David Meece – Learning To Trust – 1989

This is David’s 10th album and his first with Star Song/Sparrow and that’s the reason I dislike this excellent album. Okay let me explain. It is obvious that Star Song threw a TON of money at this album. The production list is like something from a mainstream platinum album. So what’s the problem you ask. The album is way way over produced. I mean there are some great tracks on this album. “When I Was Seventeen” is an excellent track with an excellent guitar track BUT it is just too smooth. It needs to be rough with a Bryan Adams feel not the smooth calculated and way over mixed version we get. Another example of what’s wrong with this album is that David, one of the best pianists in the world, only plays keyboards on 2 tracks. What? The album instead chooses to center around his vocals which quite frankly are secondary to his keyboard skills. Okay but is it a good album? Yes it’s a very good album and there are some timeless tracks but I just wish it was a little more raw.

1 – Prelude (Instrumental) – 0:34
2 – When I Was Seventeen – 4:26
3 – Learning To Trust – 4:59
4 – To Know Him – 3:48
5 – To The Glory Of God – 4:01
6 – The Man With The Nail Scars – 4:47
7 – Interlude In B Minor (Instrumental) – 0:55
8 – This Time – 4:43
9 – When All Colors Turn To Love – 4:11
10 – Somebody’s Calling Your Name – 5:05
11 – The Rest Of My Life – 3:56

Backing Vocals – Chris Eaton, Chris Rodriguez, Donna McElroy, Gordon Kennedy, Jimmie Lee Sloas, Vickie Hampton, Wayne Kirkpatrick
Bass – Jimmie Lee Sloas, Mike Brignardello, Tommy Sims
Bass [Programming] – Shane Keister
Design – Janice Watson
Director Of Photography – Joan Tankersley
Drum Programming – Shane Keister
Drums – Chris McHugh, Paul Leim
Engineer – Jeff Balding
Engineer [Assistant] – Byron House, Carry Summers, Jeff Borders, Roy Gamble, Shawn McLean, Steve Bishir
Engineer [Overdubs] – Brown Bannister
Guitar – Gordon Kennedy, Jerry McPherson, Tom Hemby, Wayne Scott Farley
Keyboards – David Meece, Phil Naish, Shane Keister, Tommy Dorsey
Keyboards [Additional] – David Meece
Mastered By – Doug Sax
Mixed By – Billy Whittington, Jeff Balding, Nick Fromme
Mixed By [Assistant] – John David Parker
Percussion – Chris McHugh, Paul Leim, Terry McMillan
Photography By – Eika Aoshima
Producer – Brown Bannister, Shane Keister
Production Manager [Production Coordinator] – Richard Headen
Tom Tom, Cymbal – Chris McHugh

Companies, etc.
Produced For – RBI Productions
Recorded At – The Bennett House
Recorded At – OmniSound Studios
Recorded At – The Castle Recording Studios
Mixed At – Sixteenth Avenue Sound
Mastered At – The Mastering Lab
Glass Mastered at – Nimbus, Virginia
Distributed By – Sparrow/Star Song Distribution
Copyright © – Star Song
Phonographic Copyright ℗ – Star Song
Published By – Meece Music
Published By – Arose Music

David Meece – I Just Call On You – 1977

This is David’s second album and I totally missed this one back when it came out. I wasn’t the biggest fan of David but I thought I had heard all his work but somehow I had no knowledge of this album. It might be in part because this album didn’t have a charting single. His streak of singles did not start until his next album. The reason I keep pointing out I haven’t heard this album is because it is so good. Again I am not the biggest fan of Meece but I know good music when I hear it. I find his piano work on this album to be some of his best. There certainly isn’t any spectacular orchestral movements here but there are excellent piano melodies. How this album didn’t have a charting single is beyond me. Yet another example of CCM magazine being on another planet at times. The album is strongly easy listening and there’s very little hint of David’s future pop offerings but if you missed this album like I did, take the time to give it a listen.

1 – It’s Gonna Be So Lovely – 2:46
2 – I Just Call On You – 2:37
3 – With Tears In My Eyes – 4:05
4 – God’s Love – 3:01
5 – The Man Who Saved The Fool – 2:45
6 – Follow Me (I’ll Lead You Home) – 3:10
7 – In The Morning – 3:20
8 – Cold October Rain – 3:10
9 – Love Your Brother – 2:33
10 – Do You Know What It’s Like? – 2:50

Arranged By – Archie P. “Buggs” Jordan
Artwork [Cover] – Dennis Hill
Backing Vocals – Gary Pigg, Gwen Moore, Marty McCall
Bass – Jerry Carrigan, Steve Schaffer
Drums – Jerry Carrigan, Jimmy Isbell
Electric Guitar – Steve Gibson
Illustration [Back Cover] – Charles Wallis Inc., Pat Pollei
Keyboards – Bobby Ogdin, David Meece, Shane Keister
Mastered By – Denny Purcell
Photography By – J. T. Morrow
Producer, Recorded By, Remix, Electric Guitar, Drums, Backing Vocals – Chris Christian
Recorded By, Remix, Backing Vocals – Brown Bannister
Saxophone – Denis Solee
Strings – The Shelly Kurland Strings

Companies, etc.
Phonographic Copyright ℗ – Word, Inc.
Recorded At – Gold Mine Studio
Remixed At – Gold Mine Studio
Mastered At – Woodland Studios

David Meece – Candle In The Rain – 1987

David continues his Pop dominance of the charts with Candle In The Rain. It had 4 top 10 singles which is a pretty darn successful album. I do have some problems with this album however. Quite simply it is completely over produced. The album had 6 producers and countless mixers and engineers. This is a recipe for success for making hit singles but in my opinion a recipe for disaster for an album. Now I certainly can’t argue with the success of this album but when you listen to the whole album it is disjointed and has no flow. I am not actually a fan of David’s earlier work but it is much better than this. The songs are pop songs with very poor lyrics which I guess doesn’t matter as you can’t hear them properly over the drum and keyboard tracks. But what do I know, the album was a huge success and sold lots of copies. It dominated the charts and I’m sure people of all ages ran right out and bought it. But lets be clear, this is a collection of great singles and not a great album, there is a difference.

1 – All Is God’s Creation – 3:42
2 – Nothing To Forgive – 4:27
3 – God Only Knows – 4:53
4 – The Water Is Fine – 5:40
5 – His Love Was Reaching – 3:29
6 – Amor Conquesta Todo (Love Conquers All) – 4:24
7 – Higher Ground – 3:40
8 – Candle In The Rain – 4:16
9 – Hold On – 3:54

Jeff Balding – Engineer, Mixed
Brown Bannister – Producer, Mixed, Arranger
Lynn Barrington – Production Coordination, Songwriter
Jonathan David Brown – Producer, Engineer, Mixed, Arranger, Songwriter
Lenny Castro – Percussion
Kevin Clark – 2nd Engineer
Paul Delph – Songwriter
Roy Freeland – Songwriter
David Garibaldi – Drums, Percussion, Drum Programming
Linda Green – Background Vocals
Bernie Grundman – Mastered
Tom Hemby – Guitars
Dann Huff – Guitar
Danny Johnson – 2nd Engineer
Jean Johnson – Background Vocals
Shane Keister – Arranger, Keyboards, Synthesizers
Marva King – Background Vocals
Rhett Lawrence – Producer, Arranger, Keyboards, Synthesizers
Maxayne Lewis – Background Vocals
Carl Marsh – Arranger, Fairlight, Bass, Keyboards, Drums
Debbie McClendon – Background Vocals
Howard McCrary – Arranger, Background Vocals
Steve McMillan – Engineer
David Meece – Songwriter, Acoustic Piano, Vocals
Michael Miller – Electric Guitar, Bass
Paul Mills – Acoustic Piano
Marc Russo – Saxophone
Alfie Silas – Background Vocals
Brian Tankersley – Producer, Engineer, Mixed, Arranger
Keith Thomas – Arranger, Keyboards, Synthesizers
Gino Vannelli – Producer, Engineer, Arranger, Songwriter
Joe Vannelli – Producer, Engineer, Arranger, Songwriter, Keyboards, Sequencer Programming
Bill Whittington – 2nd Engineer

Companies, etc.
Phonographic Copyright (p) – Word, Inc.
Copyright (c) – Word, Inc.
Manufactured By – Word, Inc.
Recorded At – Blue Moon Studio
Recorded At – Ocean Way Recording
Recorded At – Weddington Studios
Recorded At – OmniSound Studios
Recorded At – Mama Jo’s
Mixed At – Blue Moon Studio
Mixed At – Rivendell Recorders
Mixed At – Mama Jo’s
Mastered At – Bernie Grundman Mastering

CD Case Front
CD Case Back
Inside 1
Inside 2
Inside 3

David Meece – Are You Ready? – 1980

The term “classic” gets thrown around a lot, both here and elsewhere, when trying to discuss the world of music. Often it’s a term meant to designate a song that’s just really good, but it should be used to describe something with true lasting value. A song the remains viable and important decades later. When one uses the latter, more significant definition, the number of truly “classic” songs becomes much more limited. Very few artists have ever truly written a “classic” song. But in 1980 one young singer-songwriter did just that. David Meece was a popular late comer to the Jesus Music movement and is more closely associated with the burgeoning CCM world. His high pitched voice (think a Gibb brother) and stylized pop (think ABBA) made him a safe and family friendly CCM music star. Sometime after 1980’s “Are You Ready” the term would be superstar. After 9 very strong pop (disco even) songs and great and memorable ballads came the albums finale, “We Are The Reason.” The song would become on of the most popular songs in CCM history and would easily rank in the Top 5 of all time classic songs. There has yet to be a Christmas or Easter when the song is not reprised somewhere and some way. It really is a beautiful and well written song. Feeling a little like a Barry Manilow ballad with the key change and all, the song is dynamic and emotional. Starting slow and building into a great crescendo, it has struck a musical and emotional core for over three decades now. Great song and closes a great album, the best in Meece’s career.

Contributor David Lowman – https://ccms500bestalbums.wordpress.com/

1 – Follow You – 2:55
2 – Peace In My Heart – 2:50
3 – Comin’ Back – 3:02
4 – Gospel Train – 2:48
5 – Love One Another – 5:18
6 – Are You Ready? – 3:59
7 – Just A Little More Time – 4:07
8 – Have A Little Talk – 3:39
9 – Satan, Just Leave Me Alone – 2:48
10 – We Are The Reason – 4:43

Brown Bannister – Producer
Kathleen E. Berk – Bagpipe
Michael Blanton – Executive Producer
Mike Brignardello – Bass
Clay Caire – Drum Overdubs
Eddie DeGarmo – Piano, Rhodes, Synthesizers
Diana DeWitt Hanna – Background Vocals
Becky Foster – Background Vocals
Leon Gaer – Bass
Bob Gelotte – Drums
Jon Goin – Electric Guitar
John Hampton – Drums
Ron Huff – String Arranger
Greg Huffman – Drum Corp
Shane Keister – Piano, Organ, Rhodes, Special Effects
Dana Key – Guitars
Patti Leatherwood – Background Vocals
Paul Leim – Drums
Terry McMillan – Percussion
David Meece – Songwriter, Keyboards, Percussion, Vocals
Gary Pigg – Background Vocals
Harlan Rogers – Piano, Synthesizers
Buddy Skipper – Horn Arranger
Denis Solee – Saxophone, Lyricon, Flute
Keith Thomas – Background Vocals
Billy Walker – Electric Guitar
Jack Williams – Bass

Companies, etc.
Published By – Word Music (2)
Phonographic Copyright (p) – Word, Inc.
Copyright (c) – Word, Inc.
Mastered At – Masterfonics
Pressed By – Monarch Record Mfg. Co.

David Meece – Count The Cost – 1983

While I was researching this album I discovered that very few people were discussing this album. It’s almost as if people are saying “This is his 6th album” and that’s it. I’m kind of surprised because personally I think it’s probably his second best album (I think “Are You Ready?” was his best). The album is keyboard/Piano heavy which is to be expected as David Meece is a classically trained concert pianist. That said I don’t think David was comfortable with synth at this time as he had Michael W. Smith and Shane Keister step in to help in that area. The track that stands out to me is the title track. I absolutely love studio musician Jon Goin’s guitar riffs on this track. I think it would have been fun if David and Jon had tried a real Rock & Roll song as it really does sound like Jon could have handled that role. I also think David could have written some real Rock & Roll as he was an excellent songwriter and I get the feeling he enjoyed a good rock song.

1 – Gloria – 3:59
2 – Making My Life Brand New – 4:19
3 – Falling Down – 3:04
4 – Pressing On – 3:46
5 – Some People They Never Believe – 3:22
6 – Count The Cost – 2:51
7 – I Don’t Know What I’d Do Without You – 5:10
8 – Today Is The Day – 2:29
9 – And You Know It’s Right – 4:25
10 – Replace It With Your Love – 4:00

Arranged By – Alan Moore
Backing Vocals – Diana DeWitt, Donna McElroy, Gary Pigg, Jackie Cusic, Kim Fleming
Bass – Mike Brignardello
Drums – Paul Leim
Engineer – Jack Joseph Puig
Engineer [Assistant] – Don Cobb
English Horn – Bobby Taylor
Executive-Producer – Dan Harrell, Michael Blanton
Flugelhorn, Trumpet [Piccolo Trumpet] – John Rommel
Guitar – Jon Goin
Keyboards, Synthesizer – Michael W. Smith, Shane Keister
Percussion – Farrell Morris
Photography By [Album Photo] – Michael Borum
Producer – Brown Bannister

Companies, etc.
Record Company – Myrrh Records
Phonographic Copyright (p) – Word, Inc.
Copyright (c) – Word, Inc.
Pressed By – Monarch Record Mfg. Co. – Δ 26087
Published By – Meece Music
Published By – Full Armor Publishing Co
Published By – Whole Armor Publishing Co.
Published By – Handrail Music
Published By – Meadowgreen Music Co.
Recorded At – Caribou Ranch
Recorded At – Bullet Recording
Recorded At – Sound Stage Studios
Remixed At – The Bennett House
Mastered At – The Mastering Lab

David Meece – David – 1976

David Meece was a child prodigy piano player. He started touring at the age of 10 and at 14 he played with the Houston Chamber Orchestra. At sixteen he was a soloist with the Houston Symphony and was touring the world and received a full scholarship for the Peabody Conservatory in Baltimore, MD. Word records discovered David in 1976 and released this his first album. They may have discovered him but I don’t think they really understood what they had found. They gave David a group of no name studio musicians and a first time producer. Lucky for them the support band was excellent and David’s piano was unstoppable. Word got lucky on this one and has a storied relationship with David who without a doubt is one of the biggest CCM artists of all time.

1 – I’ll Sing This Song For You – 3:38
2 – Come Home America – 2:46
3 – Jesus – 3:16
4 – I Love The Way He Smiles At Me – 4:11
5 – I Love You, Lord – 3:26
6 – Touch My Hand – 3:30
7 – Take Me Together – 4:53
8 – Got To Know You’re There (Dave’s Prayer) – 3:41
9 – Imagine What It’d Be Like – 3:28
10 – I’ll Sing This Song For You (Reprise) (Instrumental) – 2:36

Acoustic Guitar – Bob Thomas, Mack Dougherty
Arranged By – Bob Piper
Bass – Lou Fischer
Conductor – Bob Piper
Drums – Paul Leim
Engineer – Dan Peterson
Guitar – Mack Dougherty
Photography – George J. Sevra Jr
Piano – David Meece
Producer – Paul Baker
Vocals – David Meece
Written-By – David Meece

Companies, etc.
Phonographic Copyright (p) – Word, Inc.
Copyright (c) – Word, Inc.
Copyright (c) – Word Music, Inc.

David Meece – 7 – 1985

I’ll just get this out of the way right away. I detest this “numbering” of an album. I think producers think it’s neat and cool but in reality it’s shortsighted, lazy, and it’s been done way too many times. That said lets get onto the album. By this point in David’s career he was mastering the pop sound that would work so well for him. This album while good doesn’t really have anything that says “listen to me again and again”. Instead it’s a good album with some good songs that I enjoyed listening to but will I put it on repeat? Not likely. I do however think you should give the album a listen, it is good but just not memorable.

1 – You Can Go – 3:13
2 – Tumblin’ Down – 3:33
3 – Forgiven – 4:08
4 – The Ladder – 3:44
5 – The Alien – 4:33
6 – We Can Overcome It All – 3:32
7 – The Unknown Soldier – 4:43
8 – Lean On Each Other – 3:49
9 – I Can See (On The Emmaus Road) – 5:34

Arranged By [Arrangements], Synthesizer [Lynn Synthesizer Programs], Keyboards – John Schreiner* (tracks: B1)
Art Direction – Buddy Jackson
Backing Band – First Call (tracks: B3)
Backing Vocals – Biff Vincent (tracks: B1), Bonnie Keen (tracks: B3), Chris Harris (2) (tracks: A1, A2), Dana Hiett (tracks: B1), David Meece (tracks: A1, B1, B2), Denny Henson (tracks: A4, A5), Gary Pigg (tracks: A1, A2), Allen Green* (tracks: A4, A5), Greg Guidry (tracks: A4, A5), Keith Thomas (tracks: A5), Marty McCall (tracks: B3), Melodie Tunney* (tracks: B3)
Bass – Mike Brignardello (tracks: A1 to A3, B3), Nathan East (tracks: A4, A5)
Co-producer – David Meece (tracks: B3, B4)
Co-producer [Assistants To The Producer] – Lori Loving* (tracks: A4, A5)
Co-producer [Assistants To The Producer], Recorded By, Mixed By – Jeff Balding (tracks: A4, A5)
Drums – Carlos Vega (tracks: A4, A5), Lee Kix (tracks: B1), Mark Hammond (tracks: B3), Paul Leim (tracks: A2, A3)
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Electric Guitar – Dann Huff (tracks: A3), Marty Walsh (tracks: B2)
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Guest, Vocals, Backing Vocals – Twila Paris (tracks: B2)
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Keyboards – Shane Keister (tracks: B3)
Musical Assistance [Assisted By] – Allan Henry* (tracks: A1 to A3), Dan Garcia (tracks: A1 to A3), Steve Ford (tracks: A1 to A3)
Orchestrated By [Orchestration] – Alan Moore (3) (tracks: B4)
Percussion – Farrell Morris (tracks: B3), Lenny Castro (tracks: A1, A2)
Photography – Mark Tucker (7)
Piano – David Meece (tracks: B4)
Piano [Acoustic] – Robbie Buchanan (tracks: A3)
Piano [Fairlight & Acoustic], Acoustic Guitar – Shane Keister (tracks: A1)
Producer – Brown Bannister (tracks: A1 to A3), David Meece, Greg Nelson (tracks: B3, B4), Skip Konte (tracks: B1)
Producer, Arranged By, Backing Vocals – Jonathan David Brown (tracks: B2)
Producer, Arranged By, Keyboards – Keith Thomas (tracks: A4, A5)
Production Manager [Production Coordinator And Consultant] – Bubba Smith (2)
Production Manager, Coordinator – Gloria Cox (tracks: B3, B4)
Programmed By [Additional Fairlight Programming] – Rhett Lawrence (tracks: B2)
Programmed By [Fairlight Programming] – Carl Marsh (2) (tracks: B2)
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Saxophone [Sax] – Mark Douthit (tracks: A5)
Score [Musical Score Prepared By] – Eberhard Ramm (tracks: B4)
Sequencer [, GS-1 &], Effects [Sound Effects] – Shane Keister (tracks: A2)
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Strings, Conductor [Conducted By] – Greg Nelson (tracks: B4)
Synthesizer – Robbie Buchanan (tracks: A1, A2)
Synthesizer, Effects [Sound Effects] – Rhett Lawrence (tracks: A3)
Vocoder – Shane Keister (tracks: A2, A3)

Companies, etc.
Recorded At – Bill Schnee Studios
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Distributed By – Word (Uk) Ltd.
Produced For – David Meece Productions
Mastered At – Future Disc
Designed At – Jackson Design
Printed By – Shorewood Packaging
Made By – Shorewood Packaging

David Meece – Front Row – 1982

You would swear this was going to be David’s pivot into a comedy career. David is a great entertainer, and as talented as he is musically he obviously loves to tell stories.

This is his 6th of 12 albums and it is an enduring one just for the fun it comes with. The epic story of “Mother, Muffler, Mozart & The Beatles” was one I heard at more than 1 or 2 youth group nights.

Even with all the story telling and entertaining, he manages to fit in 8 of his biggest songs up to that point. The live energy he brings to this performance brings all of them to an even higher level than the original studio recordings.

Track Listing:
Heaven Knows 2:35
Jesus 4:31
Rattle Me, Shake Me 4:30
Mother, Muffler, Mozart & The Beatles (6:28)
(Mozart Sonata A Minor 1st Movement)
(Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band)
All The Time 4:14
Never Gonna Serve Anyone Else But You 2:40
Gospel Train 3:05
Comin’ Back 3:12
Crucifixion (15:56)
(There Once Lived A Man)
(Ten Thousand Angels)
(The Bystander)
(Were You There)
(We Are The Reason)

Backing Vocals – Donna McElroy, Glenda Smith White, Kim Flemming
Bass – Craig Nelson
Design [Album Design] – Barnes & Company
Drums – Keith Edwards
Engineer – Jack Joseph Puig
Engineer [Remix Engineer] – Bob Clark
Executive-Producer – Mike Blanton
Guitar – Brent Rowan, Jon Goin
Horns – Billy Puett, Buddy Skipper, Dennis Solee, George Tidwell, The Nashville Hornworks, Roger Bissell
Keyboards, Synthesizer – Shane Keisten
Percussion – Farrell Morris, Mark Morris
Photography By – Larry Dixon
Piano – David Meece
Producer – Brown Bannister
Recorded By – Malcolm Harper

Companies, etc.
Phonographic Copyright (p) – Word, Inc.
Copyright (c) – Word, Inc.
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Published By – Word Music (2)
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Recorded At – Lincoln Center, Fort Collins, CO
Remixed At – Great Circle Sound
Mastered At – Masterfonics
Pressed By – Monarch Record Mfg. Co.

Various – The Rock of Gospel – 1987

This is a fascinating sampler album (CD). It came out on Arrival Records, which is a Sublabel of K-Tel International. I had no idea until I found this album that K-Tel had distributed Christian albums. Even more of a surprise for me is that there were several of these albums. The quality of the CD is horrible, but I’ve cleaned up the recordings as best I could. K-Tel’s vinyl releases were well known for their horrible quality which was a result of cheap vinyl and cheap pressing. This album was released on CD so there was no need for the poor quality. I’ve always suspected that the licensing agreements for these songs included a stipulation that the quality be horrible in hopes people would buy the original album.

Include below is the info on which album the songs were released on

1 – Michael W. Smith – You’re Alright – 4:39 – The Big Picture
2 – Petra – Back To The Street – 4:17 – Back To The Street
3 – Leslie Phillips – Love Is Not Lost – 4:03 – Black And White In A Grey World
4 – White Heart – The Beat Of A Different Drum – 4:17 – Don’t Wait For The Movie
5 – David Meece – All Is God’s Creation – 3:48 – Candle In The Rain
6 – Kim Boyce – Love Resurrection – 4:11 – Kim Boyce
7 – Randy Stonehill – Defender – 3:02 – The Wild Frontier
8 – Mylon LeFevre & Broken Heart – Crack The Sky – 3:59 – Crack The Sky
9 – Rick Cua – This Raging Fire – 3:53 – Wear Your Colors
10 – Steve Camp – Cheap Grace – 5:11 – One On One
11 – David & The Giants – Cold Lonely Nights – 3:37 – Magnificat
12 – Margaret Becker – Fight For God – 4:06 – Never For Nothing

Companies, etc.
Copyright (c) – K-Tel International (USA), Inc.
Distributed By – K-Tel International (USA), Inc.
Phonographic Copyright (p) – K-Tel International (USA), Inc.