First Degree – Youth – 1987

While some will probably say this is a Metal album I respectfully disagree. In my opinion it’s a straight up Rock & Roll album. This is one that I just recently discovered and wow do I like it. No one I know even knew these guys existed so this is probably going to be one of those oddball albums no one ever heard of but I could be mistaken. I can’t find anything about the band or any f the members. So this is one of those mystery albums but this one is a little different as it is really really good. Right from the opening riff (which is great) you know you are in for a good Rock & Roll album and the rest of it doesn’t let you down. I think my favourite track is Jenni, Jenni which personally I think could have easily played on secular radio. Anyway I’ll say it again, if you missed this one in 1987 be sure to give it a listen now.

1 – Youth – 3:43
2 – Last Forever – 4:27
3 – Every Time – 3:50
4 – Turning Point – 4:31
5 – Don’t You Know – 4:31
6 – Don’t Be Afraid – 3:28
7 – Jenni, Jenni – 4:11
8 – True Love – 4:11
9 – Don’t Do It – 4:24

Kent Bradley – Guitar, Keyboards
Howard Conder – Producer, Engineer
Dan Kilbourne – Drums
Lance Rowland – Bass, Vocals
Paul Sisemore – Guitars, Vocals