Gogo Street – Gogo Street – 1988

I know nothing about this band. Nothing! Except I love every single song. I have no idea when I acquired this cassette as it was never released in the United States. It was imported from the UK and what little I have been able to discover about the band is that they hailed from Glasgow, Scotland. When one things of pop/new wave from the 1980’s, the musical styling of Gogo Street is exactly what they think of. Ranging from keyboard driven soulful new wave akin to General Public and to anthemic dance grooved new wave like Men Without Hats. There is really no CCM comparison outside of maybe 441, Kaja or Crumbacher. It’s really an album with listening to to discover for yourself. The album kicks off with “Prisoner of Conscience,” sounding most like General Public of a more keyboard driven Duran Duran. Music and melody is immediately likeable with vocals reminiscent of Spandau Ballet. “Turn to Gold” follows with the most interesting musical composition on the album. Though driven by the danceable beat that flourishes on the entire album, the guitar and keyboard interplay really sets this one apart. That as well as the great vocals. The favorite on the album is “Never Ending Love” that always reminds of Dexy’s Midnight Runners. Must be that Celtic riff that runs throughout the background while a more sustained driving keyboard leads the song along. It’s really one of the saddest testaments of the 1980’s CCM scene that bands like this simply disappeared and never made their way to the states. They would have immediately found an audience and would have fit nicely into the Southern California alternative/new wave scene of bands like Undercover, Crumbacher and Modern Mission.

Contributor David Lowman – https://legacyccmsgreatestalbums.wordpress.com/

1 – Prisoner Of Conscience – 3:18
2 – Fools Gold – 2:53
3 – Never Ending Love – 3:18
4 – Song Of The Vineyard – 2:43
5 – Journey (To The Centre Of Your Heart) – 3:19
6 – Tale Of Two – 3:04
7 – Dreaming Of Neverland – 2:31
8 – Uncrossable Miles – 3:06
9 – Paradise Found – 3:21
10 – 2000 Years – 3:32
11 – Words From Numbers – 3:27
12 – World Without End – 3:32
13 – Cross My Heart – 3:22