Jeff Scheetz – Warp Speed – 1988

The story goes that Jeff cut this album/demo in 3 days to demo his guitar work. The story is that it was picked up by a Mexican label and then he got a record deal with Pure Metal records but in reality the timeline doesn’t work so I have no idea how that all worked. I do know that in 2005 this album along with his second album “Woodpecker Stomp” were released as a single CD. As for what we have here is some excellent heavy guitar work. The album is an instrumental which is a little disappointing because there’s some great tracks here but it was recorded as a demo so I understand why. Many people consider Jeff one of the best guitarists in the genre and I have to admit listening to this album will probably support that view.

1 – St. Valentine – 3:46
2 – Warp Speed – 3:44
3 – The Black Cat – 0:42
4 – Tornado Alley – 4:04
5 – Shark Attack – 3:32
6 – Lone Wolf – 5:46
7 – Amazing Grace – 3:38

Bass – Eddie Pruitt
Drums – Gabriel Anthony
Engineer – Alan Pangelinan
Guitar, Producer – Jeff Scheetz
Keyboards – Eric Greif
Producer – Eric Greif