Manna – Calling You – 1983

Manna started out as a successful secular band called The Wilton Brothers but in 1981 they changed genre to Christian music and changed their name to Manna. Though original the band consisted of the 4 Wilton brothers they were joined by Wilf Truchon on guitar and Jeff Chaignon on bass to round out Manna. Out of Edmonton Alberta Canada they stated touring the local Alberta and British Columbia area. In 1982 or 83 they went into the studio and recorded this album. I have spoken with lead singer Dennis Wilton and he wasn’t really that impressed with the engineering/production on the album. He feels that the album didn’t truly capture the sound of the band. I would have to agree after listening to some of their live recordings which are available on Dennis’s soundcloud’s channel. The band was far more Rock oriented than this album represents and I think we can blame this on Tunesmith Records who unfortunately often thought they knew better than the band. Unfortunately this was all we got from the band which was also fairly common with Tunesmith records. Pity really as I feel they were headed in a good direction judging from their live work.

1 – Calling You – 4:33
2 – Eyes To See – 3:10
3 – Stand Up – 5:00
4 – Worthy Is The Lamb – 5:49
5 – Choose Today – 4:31
6 – Devotion Song – 3:00
7 – Open Your Heart – 4:36
8 – Greater Is He – 3:37
9 – Be Still…Be Silent – 3:20

Lead Vocals – Dennis Wilton
Lead, Rhythm Guitars, Vocals – Wilf Truchon
Keyboards, Vocals – Rick Wilton
Keyboards, Vocals – John Wilton
Drums, Vocals, Birdcalls – Paul Wilton
Bass Guitar, Co-Producer – Jeff Chaignon
Concert Engineer – Kevin Phelps
Executive Producer Charles H. Clements II
Producer – Rob Hewes
Engineers – Dean McElwaine, Rob Hewes
Mixed & Remixed – Dean McElwaine

Recorded At – Zone Five Studio, Edmonton
Record Company – Tunesmith