The Reapers – Star Of The Morning – 1982

When I receive albums for upload I normally don’t look at the album cover right away. When this album appeared on my desktop I figured here’s a metal band I’ve never heard of. With a name like “The Reapers” you really can’t blame me. It took exactly one second for me to realize this is not a metal band, in fact quite the opposite. What we have here is a group out of “The Ministry of Good News Crusade” in the UK. This album is a bunch of covers of more popular CCM songs. I can only imagine this album was a licensing nightmare but I suspect that licensing might have been an afterthought because I personally don’t believe you could have gotten the legal permission to cover all these songs. Anyway lets put that aside and talk about the album. The songs are actually well done and well worth listening to. The stand out track to me is Amy Grant’s “Too Late” which I think is a better version. The guitar work is excellent. It’s too bad I can’t find anything else Derek Bond has done as I suspect he is an excellent guitarist. The only artist of any familiarity is Kerry Minnear of the 70’s band “Gentle Giant”.

1 – We Are Persuaded
2 – Do Your Heart A Favour
3 – Too Late
4 – I Am
5 – Star Of The Morning
6 – Praise The Lord
7 – Just Want To Know
8 – I’m Yours
9 – Better Than I Know Myself
10 – Give Me The Love

Robert Newey – Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Derek Bond – Vocals, Acoustic & Electric Guitar
Jeannie Lowe – Vocals
Tony Mettrick – Keyboards
Kerry Minnear – Drums, Percussion, Keyboards, Bass
Kerry Minnear – Procucer
Rob Andrews – Engineer
Mark Williamson – Engineer
Phil Thomson – Sleeve Design
Bryan – Dahlberg – Photography