Tom Karlson – Living on the Edge – 1980

I seriously can not find a single piece of information about Tom Karlson. I can honestly say that this is the first time I have found absolutely nothing about an artist. So all we can talk about is the album itself. It’s a seventies style light rock album with a couple real rock tunes on it. I can hear a little early Larry on a few tracks but for the main part Tom makes this album his own. The album does have help from Benny Hester and Rick Crawford so this wasn’t a completely unknown project. The jacket is horrendous and does not let you know in any way that this is a rock album. There is zero chance we would have bought this in the day with that cover unless it was promoted as a rock album. It would appear it wasn’t promoted because I’ve never heard of it and I can’t find anyone else that ever heard of it either. That said it’s a pretty good album and I fully suggest giving it a listen.

1 – Take ‘Em – 3:52
2 – Questions – 3:53
3 – Look For Love – 4:07
4 – Yesterday, Today, Forever – 4:54
5 – Living On The Edge – 3:40
6 – Service To The Son – 3:24
7 – Dead End Street – 3:55
8 – If I Love You – 3:18
9 – Right Thru The Heart – 3:21

Gary Arthur – Bass
Bubba Chambers – Background Vocals
Rick Crawford – Background Vocals
Benny Hester – Arrangements, Background Vocals
Greg Jerden – Engineer
Tom Karlson – Songwriter, Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
Jeff Lams – Keyboards
Jerry McPherson – Electric Guitar
Paul Mills – Assistant Engineer, Synthesizer
John Parenti – Percussion
Brian Tankersley – Producer, Engineer, Electric Guitar, Background Vocals
Rick Thigpen – Assistant Engineer
Bobby Walzel – Saxaphone
John Wickham – Electric Guitar