Jerusalem – Volume 1 – 1978

Beakthrough Swedish rock reached North America in 1978 thanks to Jerusalem and the vision of Ulf Christiansson. At that time there was precious little rock’n’roll available in the CCM scene, as the metal breakout of the late 80s was still a decade away.

Jerusalem are the Swedish pioneers of hard rock that parallel what Resurrection Band were doing in Chicago, but with a European stamp.

Everything about this band and this debut album is pure fun, pure rock, and pure CCM. They could have been a Swedish April Wine or some other band. The fact that they chose record a separate English version of their albums was a bit of a struggle for them, but it was a choice that allowed them to become a worldwide sensation over the next few years.

Track Listing:
1 – Noa – 3:30
2 – Jesus Is The Most Fantastic – 2:23
3 – Maybe – 4:22
4 – Daddy Who Has Made – 3:50
5 – Mr. Ego – 3:22
6 – Come To Me – 3:40
7 – If You Only Care To Listen – 4:08
8 – Neutral – 2:42
9 – Days Passing By – 4:54
10 – What If Jesus Is Right – 3:34
11 – High Tide – 5:26

Bass – Bertil Sörensson
Drums – Danne Gansmoe
Keyboards – Dan Tibell
Vocals, Guitar – Ulf Christiansson

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