After The Fire – ATF – 1982

After The Fire has a bit of an odd story. By the time this album charted in the U.S. the band had broken up.

Interestingly the album charted in Canada quicker so the band was still together. The album is actually a “Greatest Hits” package and includes the best songs from 3 albums only released in the U.K.

Now that the history lesson is done let’s discuss the album. The album has a strong synth sound but I would describe it as a techno/new wave hybrid.

Of course we all know about the Der Kommissar cover but hey there’s other hits on this album. Checkout “Sometimes” for an upbeat fun song. The band has resurrected itself a few times with different members to tour and cut a few tracks.

Track Listing:
1 – Laser Love – 3:28
2 – One Rule For You – 3:24
3 – Dancing In The Shadows – 3:01
4 – Sometimes – 3:07
5 – Sailing Ship – 3:55
6 – Carry Me Home – 3:22
7 – Frozen Rivers – 3:33
8 – Love Will Always Make You Cry – 3:32
9 – Starflight – 3:46
10 – Der Kommissar – 5:43
11 – 1980-F – 2:32

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